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 Love Never Dies

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Night's Sweet Caress

Night's Sweet Caress

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PostSubject: Love Never Dies   Tue 13 Oct 2009, 7:21 pm

Authors: Voice in the Darkness & Night’s Sweet Caress

Rating: Mainly "R", but will notify if it gets more explicit.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, neither myself nor Night's Sweet Caress own Kellie Pickler, Chris Daughtry, Katharine McPhee, Ace Young or any other Idol who may show up in this story. The people and places are real, but the events displayed in this story are purely fictional.

Summary: Kellie Dawn ( Pickler ) Reid is a woman who is living the life dreams are made of. She's successful, beautiful, intelligent, and married to the love of her life. Everything is fine. Until fate intervenes. Moving to a new city deep in the south, she takes residence in a restored plantation house. The place is beautiful and full of tranquility. Or is it? Walk in her footsteps, as she uncovers a secret so mysterious that it will take everything she has to survive.


Tonight is a night; a night like all the others. A lavender scented candle burns slowly on the Balinese nightstand, a glass of Cognac sits nearby; as rain soaked trees and limbs fall on power lines causing another outage throughout much of upstate New York. Hour after hour the wind vanquished through the trees, thunder rumbles unhindered, as lightning off in the distance intermittently lights up the sky.

In these ambiguous times, indigenous beauty, peace and solitude live on for one very happily married couple. It was always nice to escape the bright lights of the city. The sun shines brightly, warmly, descending on the horizon, as the sky changes shades. Amidst mountains, green forests, waterfalls, and clear streams of rushing water. Situated high on a beautiful plateau between two scenic river valleys is a spacious mountainside, custom country estate belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Reid. The two young lovers spend many countless days and nights, wrapped in one another’s arms, enjoying the comforts of a pleasant relaxing environment. Visualize a rustic home with encompassing vistas that stretch the imagination or the unspoiled beauty of a hardwood forest teeming with wildlife. Surrounded by maple, beech and spruce woods, old apple orchards, cascading mountain creeks, streams, cold, fast flowing rivers, and spring fed ponds.

Envision enjoying the crisp fresh air, waking up to breathtaking crimson sunrises cascading over the mountains, after an exasperating day savoring the essence of a rich balanced life, sipping wine out on the redwood deck while enjoying an astonishing collection of nightly sunsets. Or gazing up at the rays of sun, extending above the clouds, in remembrance there are no limits to anything in life, even when it looks as if something might stand in the way. Sitting for hours, watching the weather as it changes, letting it soothe your soul, and making you feel more alive and vibrant. At night the sky was always lit up with a multitude of stars as a mesquite fire burns close by. Walking hand in hand on the trails, watching shooting stars, looking up at the full moon, as stars light up the entire sky. Tender and close, gentle and passionate, staying up all night, just talking, surprised many times to see the sun coming up. Listening to the night sounds as owls hoot nearby, calling to their mates, in the distance, or watching gentle does stepping out of the woods, nuzzling their fawn nearby, before returning to their grazing. Watching critters; birds landing and chirping in the cool gentle breeze, squirrels standing up on their hind legs, paws in a begging position, in search of food, others scurrying up the trees. In dark, defensible areas they enjoyed watching wild, omnivorous skunks. Nocturnal, foraging at sunset in search of field mice, lizards, frogs, and fallen fruit. Further away are the sounds of wolves singing to the moon. Eagles soar high above. Everything is flawless; nonpareil, almost too perfect. Always left breathless at the captivating panorama, a place where everything is so peaceful and surreal … a place called home!

Inside, acquisitive, thirty year old, Kellie Dawn Pickler-Reid enthusiastically sequesters herself to her very own private sanctuary, drowning out all outside civilization. Through French doors, a luxurious master suite awaits; empowering her ability to proliferate a relaxing environment to support her emotions. Complacent and beautifully decorated; offering requiescence, and quiet restrained elegance; giving this aspiring author, with an illustrious career, all the comfort she wants, needs and truly desires in order to complete her most current literacy project.

In one corner of the bedroom an Art Nouveau cast iron fireplace is lit; displaying a vast array of ambrosial colors. Adding a delectable ambience and satiety of sensual warmth. Adjacent is a Jacuzzi tub, candles at the edges release a pleasant fragrance of lilies. Freshly painted, oyster white walls, proudly illustrate a sequence of Thomas Kincaid and Marc Chagall autographed murals; a large Millay landscape painting manifesting a beautiful sunset, warm autumnal orange skies, painted with accents of deep red. Subtle, golden yellows and restful shades of muted lilac, warm browns of the setting sun, pairing with the smoky blue of the sea. A wonderful palette to access their newly remodeled home. Synthesize these elements with tropical foliage to bring nature indoors, offering warmth, comfort and tranquility.

Light tan Berber carpet lines the room, complete with over-scale office furniture, a large brown leather sofa, and matching chairs. A cherry finished desk, featuring antiqued brass hardware, hammered metal accents and rounded bun feet; hutch and book shelves delineate one wall. Containing a LC Smith circa 1920‘s, antique typewriter that belonged to Kellie’s great grandmother, Anna Maye, an HP desktop computer as well as laptop, and compilation of manuscripts. Numerous unfinished ones she attempted to write over the years, as well as books by highly respected authors, Stephen King, Danielle Steele, Rhonda Britten and newcomers, Night’s Sweet Caress, Silent Noise and Unwritten Humor. Each serving as constant inspiration during this struggling time. Amongst these, untidy piles of papers, mostly receipts and a few unpaid bills that still needed the blonde’s attention. A plasma big screen TV, complete with surround sound, and hundreds of CD’s, ranging from Martina McBride to Lynyrd Skynyrd, and DVD’s fill the excess space to full capacity.

Various credentials are displayed honorably on the wall beside the desk. Several framed photographs of Mr. and Mrs. Reid, taken in the Bahamas, sit on the corner of the desk, along with some family photos.

Apoplectically Kel, clad in a sexy, embellished, black lace Point d’esprit camisole, puts her hair up in a messy bun. Latterly, indolently burrows in her king size waterbed. Smiling abetly, partaking in the warmth of the heated bed, and complacency of the luxurious, sleek texture of the burgundy satin sheets encircling her. “Awe, this feels heavenly.” Stretching her tired achy body languidly, draping her left arm behind her head, she lies back leisurely against the pillow, resting comfortably.

Atramentous and warm her sparkling blue eyes remain fixated on the large bay window, gazing eagerly into the frigid, aphetic, dreary night. Recumbent, in relative silence, observing the coastal storm that is pounding New York’s densely populated and highly developed coastline.

Pretentiously, she stretches and yawns, taking a glance at the clock, 12:28 a.m. shimmers brightly on the led screen. Restless, lying in a mess of tousled sheets the 5’5” thin, auricomous beauty sits up solemnly in bed. Taking a deep breath, and a few sips of cognac, wayward in her thoughts. Letting her hair down, soon rustling her long slender fingers swiftly throughout, as her tired eyes grow weary. Assuredly, anger and frustration was escalating, her disposition slowly triggers a change. Sighing heavily, she buries her sullen face into her hands. Consumed by her emotions, silent tears begin to cascade down her cheeks, as she reminisces over times past.

Her autobiography was anything but insipid growing up in beautiful, Southern California. Located just over the bridge from downtown San Diego is her hometown, Coronado. Commonly referred to as Crown City, this tree-lined beach haven is a tourist trap, an island rich in history, surrounded by sunshine, wide open beaches, home of some of the most luxurious resorts in the world, and a plethora of family attractions. With soothing onshore breezes and incredible ocean vistas, Coronado is a small friendly town of wide umbrageous streets, lined with a vast array of distinctive and diverse Victorian homes and California bungalows. Exclusively combining to create a unique and charming waterfront ambience that can only be found on the island. Whether you arrive by car, ferry or water taxi this is an extravagant place to savor an unprecedented living experience, carefree lifestyle with panoramic views of sunsets over the Pacific, sailboats along Glorietta Bay and the night lighted San Diego skyline. Just south lay the rugged terrain and timeless culture of Baja, California, including Tijuana and Rosarito Beach. To the north lay the exhilarating theme parks of Los Angeles, inclusive Disneyland, Lego Land and Universal Studios. Combine Southern California’s natural beauty with these parks, museums, zoos and heritage sites and you will unquestionably see why Kellie Dawn Pickler adored growing up here.

Looking back on her younger days, she chuckles to herself. Memories overflow her mind, tugging at her heartstrings. Tearing up a bit she recalls a silly poem Grandpa Clyde told every time she got too big for her britches and started acting prissy.

To her, being a child meant one thing … genuine happiness. Sharing a significant bond with everyone around her; loving parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors. Her home was always welcoming, an indicator of the happiness within. Cultivating nice memories with an abundance of BBQ’s, flag football games in the small park in front of her house, and long walks under the moonlit sky. Whether Kellie was swimming in the ocean, sailing with her best friend Melissa McGhee, playing tennis at the country club with Ayla Brown, building sand castles and bonfires or competing in a game of monopoly on a cold rainy day, there were always good friends and family to be had, and pleasant memories to be made. Special times spent together, opening their homes and hearts to one another; warm and meaningful, memories to be cherished for all eternity. Forever grateful for her wonderful childhood and for the loving family they were, and sorry that everyone cannot partake in a similar experience.

An affectionate, whimsical, big hearted smile emerges as her tears slowly begin to fade. A constant reminder that the little moments in life are in actuality the substantial ones that matter the most. She was taught early on to share her stories, hopes and dreams. To always take heart in the way they make her feel, and how they bring her one step closer to others. Key elements that will make her a little stronger, and a lot happier, ready to embark on new adventures, and to face each challenge with a smile. But the most valuable lesson was taught by Mr. and Mrs. Pickler. “Love is the most important thing.” They both wanted to furnish Kellie with a happy childhood as much as they did a loved childhood. Striving to administer the ingredients of a happy home filled with love. For them that meant having a convivial marriage. That was heart filling for Kellie, watching her parents love each other deeply, committed, honestly. With love, affection and stability.

Uniquely empowering, the key component of Kellie’s happiness was that she was deeply and unconditionally liked, loved and respected by both her Mom and Dad. Her upbringing was a time of limited obligations, a chance to explore the world with passion and joy. They helped make her believe wholeheartedly she was an interesting person, worthy and well deserving of love.

In this day and age so many of us are suffering from overload and all of a sudden we seem to be going full speed ahead. Always rushing around trying to cram as much into the day as possible Resorting oftentimes to email, text messages and busy schedules, longing for a depth of energetic exchanges. Clyde Jr. and Cynthia frequently gave freely of their love and time, offering little tokens of ardency and the feeling of togetherness. Never was there a time she felt lonely or unloved. Always taking pride in all her achievements, very permissive as they passed on wise words of wisdom to Kellie; a definite source of happiness.

Kellie Dawn oftentimes wondered if she had a less than perfect childhood would she be a different person. Perhaps a person like Lily Grace Pickler?

The blonde smiles, remembering the day she met the little girl. Twenty two years may have passed but it sure felt as if it was just yesterday. Essentially important to both Clyde and Cynthia for Kellie to grow up with a sibling rather than be an only child. After numerous miscarriages and failed attempts to conceive the choice to adopt became less of a pro-active decision than it was a resignation to the fact that their bodies weren’t cooperative with their family planning. It was exasperation more than enthusiasm that motivated them to finally stop being victims of fertility humility and explore the world through the eyes of an adopted child.

After all the necessary paperwork, background checks, drug testing and extensive requirements were met they made several visits to the Coronado Orphanage and began looking closely at kids. Seeing the innocence in newborns, teething babies sucking on pacifiers, toddlers with runny noses, and teenagers with gruesome attitudes. Each demanding of their attention; the entire process was a bit overwhelming. “How do we choose just one?” Asking one another on several occasions. The saying and songs about the beauty of all children was definitely metaphorical, impossible to tune into the inner beauty when many were drooling, screaming, or calling one another names.

Opting to let Kellie express her opinion, Mr. and Mrs. Pickler surprised her with a trip to the orphanage. Hesitantly looking around, a bit overwhelmed at first. She clutched her mother’s hand tightly, as her eyes swarmed the room. Even at a mere eight years old Kellie could feel the sadness, as innocent faces stared at her, each expressing the emptiness their little hearts felt. Having a fairly normal childhood and no prior knowledge of orphans, this was an eye awakening experience for her. She was unable to fathom these emotions, envisioning what these children face daily.

Her blue orbs gazed amongst the children. One little girl in particular stood out from the rest. She was sitting in the corner all by her lonesome, scribbling in a coloring book. The blonde curly haired girl, appearing relatively close to kindergarten age, clad in jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes sat lost in her thoughts. The moment she looked up, her beautiful deep blue eyes connected with Kellie’s. Unforgettable eyes, deep blue like the ocean, not filled with love, but pain. Kellie Dawn smiled … the little girl smiled back, something she very seldom did. A single tear trickled down her cheek. Kellie sauntered closer, taking her hand, hugging her tightly. “Don’t cry.” She said, as her fingertips wiped away her tears. “I’m Kellie Dawn, what’s your name?” Smiling, reassuring her of her concern and kindness. “I’m Lily Grace.”

To her dismay Kellie fell in love with little Lily Grace instantly and knew she was hers. Clyde and Cynthia were informed that instantaneous connections do not happen easily and most sequester delayed passion. Her feelings exploded into the fiercest of passions … little did she know, Lily’s did too.

“Mommy, Daddy … I want Lily Grace to be my little sister!” Shrieked eight year old Kellie, excitedly. Entwining hands, “She’s mine … my little sister.” On that afternoon, in late December, she became a very proud big sister. Although things at first were a bit unsettling for two young children, this was the happiest day of Kellie’s life … and most definitely one for a very special little girl by the name of Lily … Lily Grace Pickler.

From that day forth her life changed drastically. She was one of those beaming, brand new big sisters, swelling with pride and blinded by love. Quickly learning that adoption is just as bitter as it is sweet. Maybe more so.

Lily Grace came with so much emotional baggage packed away in one small body. From her identity struggle to an ongoing journey to find a place where she belongs, navigating the complexity of her new surroundings. The bonds and definition of family were strained during times. Yet the more Kellie and Lily bonded, her story conveys powerful lessons about unconditional sisterly love, acceptance and healing.

Lily Grace oftentimes found herself feeing bewildered, guilty, and depleted by her angry feelings, which simmered beneath the surface, oftentimes exploding uncontrollably at random moments. Her anger helped clarify objectives and propels her to safety, but also managed to take its toll on her heath, happiness and loved ones. Grateful as she should be, she found this experience anything but easy. There were numerous days filled with temper tantrums; throwing stuffed animals, dolls, and even food at Kellie in a rage of fury. Other days that generalized anxiety blossomed into episodes of full-blown panic attacks or phobia during times of psychological stress. A knot of emotions and physiology, an outward sign of repressed negative feelings and inner conflict. The blonde smirks, remembering countless times her mind were filled with horrible thoughts. Asking herself questions like “Who’s this kid?” “Where did she come from?” and “Can we return her?” She asked her parents repeatedly with a grin and undisguised sarcasm.

Each of these vignettes offer a looking glass into Lily’s life, a past that has been brightened by the Picklers’ love, yet a prism of light could never reflect the adoption journey as a whole. Two loving parents, and a big sister; compiled with a heartwarming collection of love that weaves a rich tapestry from many different perspectives.

Even at the young age of five, Lily Grace, faced many struggles in her quest to accept love from the Pickler Family, and put an agonizing past behind her. Continually striving for acceptance and a release from the misery cast upon her. Her physical scars would heal over time, but the deep emotional ones unfortunately would last forever.

Kellie Dawn clutches her eyes shut tightly, fighting back the onrush of tears that threaten to seep from the corners. She misses Lily terribly, acknowledging even at twenty seven years old, her little sister is persistently haunted by memories she retained from the first five years of her life. What few good memories she does have are overshadowed by anguish and pain, misery and wretchedness that never subsides only intensifies with each passing day. Her infant and toddler days should have been filled with an abundance of I love you’s, hugs and kisses, yet they were obscure by broken promises and many shattered dreams.

Night falls, Kellie holds Lily Grace tightly as the little girl trembles, envisioning her mother’s face. Then her father’s as she stares at a photograph. The only memento she has. A keepsake of a time that scarred her little heart, offering little to no reassurance life would ever be the same. Scrutinizing, profoundly into the hazel orbs of her mother, a prostitute, drug addict, and tattooed convicted felon. A heartless, wretched woman who one day took two and a half year old Lily Grace for a ride, to an undisclosed location. Clutching the little girl’s hand, Rebecca Ann Morton led her daughter away from the car and into a nearby public restroom that sat amidst a beautiful park. One minute she was there, and gone the next. Leaving her standing there all alone, with nothing more than shattered images of a childhood that would never be the same. Recollecting no memories of her father, she knew nothing more than his name was Jeffrey Scott Antonetti and he abandoned Lily’s mother when she was three months pregnant. Rumor has it he spent much of his life in and out of jail and is currently serving a life sentence in San Quentin for murder.

Consumed by bitterness and emptiness, a void no soul can fill. Monopolized by utter humiliation, mulling over many questions, encountering uncertainties, trepidations; apprehension, discovering very few answers.

As the years passed the realization settled in that Lily Grace was an orphan, belonging to the State of California. Going from one foster home to another, before finding her permanent residency at the Coronado Orphanage. It was every little girls dream to be Mommy and Daddy’s little girl. Yet for her every single expectation and dream slowly diminished, providing nothing but disappointment and heartache. Each and every painful encounter intensified the suffering, cutting deep into her heart and soul, right down to her very essence.

Inquisitive and communicative, Lily’s mind seems to be a lot like Kellie‘s, “on” all of the time. Always thinking, forever gathering information and sharing ideas, desiring to sort out her emotions. Oftentimes secretive and inclined to brooding silences, seldom letting others really know her inner core, trusting and opening up to very few. Allowing herself to be vulnerable and to relinquish control in relationships is not easy for her. Having an intense, passionate loves and hates, a jealousy loyal and protective friend, or fearsome foe. Holding on to past hurts, resentments and guilt, keeping such feelings to herself. Unable and willing to express these feelings openly and directly, rather hiding and repressing them. Yet for Lily Grace, even to this day there were so many things in her life that she still cannot bare to talk about. Buried so far into her psyche that she is incapable of sorting them out. Little did anyone know on inside she was bitter, resentful, angry, and hurt. Always keeping all her emotions bottled up, while maintaining a happy go lucky façade on the outside. She cries alone, while laughing with everyone else. Preferring to cry in the dark, rather than in the light. Very introverted … but that’s the way life has made her.

Unconventional and innovative, both were sometimes seen as rebels, and highly unusual in their manners, appearance and attitude. Oftentimes seeming completely unpredictable. Getting along with, and pleasing her big sister sometimes was too important to Lily, for she became much too dependent on her approval and opinions to make her own decisions. Rarely acting without getting the counsel and feedback from Kellie. Preferable sharing and doing things together rather than on her own. Being alone was oftentimes a reminder of her past, and feels very unnatural to her, having a strong need for friendship and sisterly love.

Her intricate, emotional story is as courageous as it is compelling. The crucial times when Kellie needed to understand, love and support her little sister, every part of her; even the parts she didn’t know at her young age existed. This was an ongoing necessity, continuing beyond childhood. Important for strong sisterly communication, the need to grieve the unconventional losses in adoption, the right to know their new beginnings.

Creative, unique, stable and oftentimes compulsive, Kellie unflinchingly examines every situation. Squirming with discomfort at the ignorance and intolerance of many in Lily Grace’s past. Serving as a reminder that some of the deepest hurts come form those closest. Revealing the challenges and joys of the lifelong journey, and bonding when becoming a family.

Overwhelmed with more than just feelings of happy and sad. The whole process was almost surreal. Funny at times, scary in others, familiar in some ways, and alienated in others. The emotions conveyed are universal to those who have been touched by the love, hope and joy of being blessed by a child who was “born into their hearts.”

This was a time of growth, a time that separates, binds, and exemplifies the precarious act of balancing between individuation. The cutting of the umbilical chord, and the ties of mother and child. The bonding in relationships of love … between a daughter and her loving parents.

Kellie leans back further into the pillows, as a tiresome yawn escapes her lips.
Taking a sip of cognac, she lets the liquor swirl around in her mouth; savoring the sensation. Meditating on some words spoken to Lily just days prior,

"Lily Grace, my wishes every night, when I look out at the stars, is that you figure things out in your life, and get it back on track. Never losing sight that sometimes life gets away from us, and does spiral out of control, but it’s never too far out of our reach to get hold of it again. There is a hint of magic in the stars, and I can only hope that it works in your favor.

Fear of the unknown, of change, abandonment and death plaques Lily Grace. Strongly resistant to changes and transitions, unable to greet them with curiosity and spirit of adventure. Always tempted to be less than completely straightforward about her intentions or desires, enmeshed in a swamp of little white lies and evasions. With each passing day she was becoming more and more like Kellie. Realizing that radical honesty with her and others is the only way out. This however led her to confront some of her most deeply ingrained fears. The largest one being something both girls ask themselves quite often, “What if I have to go it alone? “

No matter what each has been through, going through now, or would in the future, it was always their voice within and upbringing that has helped them through the toughest of all times. Kellie was teaching Lily Grace to reach for the stars; to never stop dreaming, because when you stop dreaming, you stop living.

With the support of her big sister, she received the gift of compassion, unconditional love, honesty and detachment. She therefore was able to overcome adversity and personal struggles. The laughter that she found in tomorrow wiped away the pain she found in her yesterdays.

Retrospectively, each individual in society has an ensemble of childhood dreams. Kellie is undoubtedly no exception. Unmistakably, a young woman with an abundance of hopes and dreams. Timid about expressing too much sentiment or emotion, underestimating her abilities at times. Some days she wished on the stars to be a celebrity, a successful singer going deep into the roots of country music. Playing her guitar, singing her favorite songs and dancing around the house for hours on end. Only stopping because she grew hoarse and exhaustion overtook her little body. Other days she was infatuated with ballerinas, but after a trip to the ballet and several strenuous lessons those absurd ideas was laid to rest. One summer she volunteered at the Humane Society with her mother, but within the first week discovered that perhaps cleaning up after cats and dogs was not as fulfilling as it once seemed. At one time she was extremely creative and talented at art, and considered pursuing that avenue, but then it all seemed to die. Never fully understanding why it happened. Later she figured that cold hard reality affected her imagination.

With an ample interest to use her mind, in an imaginative creative way, without uncertainty she knew she would become a successful writer someday. Delving into the fictional roots of paranormal supernatural genres. Dry facts and cold logic bored her, holding no appeal, unless she could find a colorful, personally inspiring element. A gentle passive dreamer, with a sensitive intuitive soul. The blonde was very much attuned to the world of imagination and fantasy, having a very intense psychic sensitivity and imagination. Attracted to the strange, weird and unusual. Perpetually reading voraciously at a ridiculously young age. She was in love with words and stories. She did crossword puzzles and collected vocabulary words like other kids collect baseball cards and Barbie dolls. Much of the time was kept spent to herself. Always having a rich imaginary life. Constantly asking “what if” which has served her well as an author. Yet it’s a lifelong struggle against the learned pessimism.

Always receiving exactly the kind of support she needed when she was growing up. Every time she found a new passion her parents were there to encourage her and Lily Grace and give them the resources to flourish the passion. As Kellie grew older she started to believe in order to succeed in life she must follow the rules and measure up to her parent’s standards. Forgetting that her life was about learning and expressing who she, Kellie Dawn Pickler, truly was.

Clyde Jr. and Cynthia may have been considerably strict with both girls and overprotective at times, however both were always allowed to voice their opinions. Even when it might not agree with theirs. Searching for her voice, Kellie said what needed to be said, sometimes complicating matters. While Lily remained timid and reserve with her ability to speak freely. Kellie took advantage of this, given the ample freedom to do things badly, unblocking all creative energy, to learn what works and what doesn’t; at all costs. Always remaining true to herself and her ambitions for a prosperous future.

Told repeatedly she possessed a gift, a natural born talent to write, she desired to pursue this opportunity. Wishing to use this in the best ways possible, impacting people. The sense of the macabre and bizarre is strong, reflected in many novels with mystery and chilling suspense. This was her passion, desire, one of her lifelong dreams, as her words became her newfound best friends. In her late teens she began to retreat into her inner world, escaping the harshness of everyday living in the “real world”. Enjoying vast fantasies about erotic and amorous romances. Always keeping her expectations more realistic, longing for love with physical fulfillment. Daydreaming, lack of concentration and inattention to her surroundings caused a problem at times. Living in a world of illusion, oftentimes finding it hard to accept reality. Modest, unobtrusive and oftentimes rather quiet and shy, very content being in the background rather than the limelight. A very intense person at times, she resorted to never speaking unless she was spoken to. Inclining to be wholeheartedly and passionately involved, choosing her words very carefully; powerful emotional ones. Desiring to make it count … to be heard, and taken seriously. At times going very deep, to all extremes, making more moderate, easy going souls feel comfortable. Sharing words that make you think, ones that pierce the heart and touch the soul. Displaying every single heartfelt emotion, offering words of inspiration and encouragement, while telling a story through her vast array of characters and words on a page.

Keenly observant, intelligent, and having a great desire for learning and for self improvement, the blonde was oftentimes not especially ambitious, and remained satisfied in a rather simple, unglamorous position in life. Quite humble in her own assessment of herself, always seeking perfection with a tendency to be overly self critical. It’s that harsh critic we have inside us that constantly was telling Kellie no matter how well she does something, she always sees the flaws in it and how it can be improved. Writing was no different. It was the one thing that gives her the ample opportunity to express ever deep, dark, hidden emotion; unscathed words. Ones that cannot hurt, abandon, or break her down like many things in life can. Merely the lone entity she can faithfully fall back upon, authentically her very own; something no one can ever take away from her.

Whether her words reach one person, twenty or twenty-million she wants them to matter. At times apt to feel that she must stifle certain thoughts and opinions in order to succeed in reaching her goals. Mostly though, learning to be shrewd, tactical and conscious of how her words will affect such fickle readers. Able to tell a story; offer a bit of hope in a time where the world was growing darker and darker. To immerse herself in surroundings that will not hurt her, beat her up like the real world is capable of at times. To provide a safe place for her readers to fall; a place where they can escape, and feel the voice within. It was a combination of her emotional collaboration of sentences, an inner yearning, and a natural propensity to express herself, clearly, passionately with deep fulfilling words so people will listen. For all the pain others oftentimes endure if she can only reach out and touch one heart, one life, making a difference, this journey will be worthwhile.

Despite having written a multitude of short stories over the years, readers were becoming very fickle and even Kellie Dawn Pickler-Reid was only as good as her last story. She was consistently awaiting the one consequential opportunity that will bring success. Forevermore writing because she finds pleasure in doing so, remaining unquestionably optimistic people will read, enjoy and appreciate her stories. Compelled, in search of an intriguing, challenging story line, precisely a plot she can connect with. Able to visualize, organize, outline and write, losing herself in her words. Particularly offering her endless possibilities and fruition. Dissent and very reluctant to relinquish herself in her husband’s success, unequivocally striving for independence and self preservation. Undeniably, yearning for something more … veritably for herself.

Now well into adulthood nothing much has changed. There was a substantial amount of things she may not have understood as a young child, but now that she is older, married, and hoping to someday have children of her own, her perception has changed. Knowing in her heart that her parents really are plenty smart, adequately resourceful, and just plain good enough to tackle one of the most important jobs in the world … being a parent. An ample amount of true stories from their younger days are filtered through their innocent but inevitably wiser eyes. From friendship to cliques, first jobs to first loves, happiness to sadness. Some will make you laugh out loud and others will make you shed a few tears. Regardless they are exclusive reflections, and entirely about life.

The most memorable part of growing up in Coronado was that her hometown is the neighbor of Naval Base Coronado which includes Naval Air Station North Island, home port for two aircraft carriers and the Naval Amphibious Base where the elite SEALS are trained. Two sites Kellie frequented quite often as a child. Located just across the bay from San Diego, the base is situated on the Silver Strand, between the San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean. A major shore command, supporting twenty seven tenant commands, and is the West Coast focal point for special and expeditionary warfare training and operations. With each passing day her growing interest in the United States Navy intensified and she was no longer just a child with a dream … but a young woman on a mission.

Various talks around the dinner table always included one dream that consistently stayed the same. To follow in the footsteps of Clyde Sr. and Clyde Jr. Consumed by the ample opportunity to eat, drink, sleep, talk and dream … of flying a plane for the U.S. Navy.

Prior to enrollment she knew one of two things would happen. She might make a spectacular ass out of herself, or surprise everyone and do something truly inspiring with her life. The child in her harbored this dream for years, pushing her towards excellence, and accomplishing the goal later in life. Kellie knew she could not go back and change things but she always tried her best to regain bits and pieces of what she lost, and open her mind up to the possibilities again. Mr. and Mrs. Pickler raised her in such a way that she became a happy adult. Able to leave the nest and thrive on her own, remaining extremely close to both parents. Kellie Dawn Pickler felt ready for anything.

Women flew planes before they could vote, but never allowed to in the United States military. American women pilots volunteered, but none were taken seriously. By virtue of policies their flying was limited to non-combat. Although the military trained women pilots the services still played games with gender quotas, the pilot slots, combat exclusion laws and the type of aircraft women were allowed to fly. In 1999 Major Kellie Dawn Pickler became the United States Navy’s first fully qualified female fleet pilot to carrier-qualify in the two engine, supersonic weapon loaded F-14 joining a pioneering elite cadre of Navy pilots.

She was a product of a society infused with conservative values. Oftentimes opening up deep wounds, and stirring up painful bitter memories and anger for many. A place where girls were encouraged to be more into hair and make up, where everyone wanted to become a model, excelling in the world of glamour. Society views women pilots as some kind of macho, burly, girly-man, but that was only a cautionary tale, for women who dare to soar too high in a man’s world.

She began her academic studies at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. With her excellent grades, at service selection she made it into flight school, one of the most desired career paths in the Navy. With her degree in engineering, graduating second in her class, and being a self proclaimed speed freak, she decided to try her hand at furthering her career as a fighter pilot, fulfilling her lifelong dream.

Pickler; from a family of prominent pilots could have done any number of things in the Navy. Opting to serve her country and spread her wings, she was cleared to fly a forty million dollar aircraft that could soar at speeds up to fifteen hundred miles per hour.

This beautiful, adventuresome young woman with her fierce warplane packed her bags and headed back to Coronado to begin what was to be an intense year of training. With her shortcomings and strengths, the ups and downs of her personal life, and professional career, her ambition to fly combat aircraft kept her soaring high. Also going on to become a professor of aerospace engineering, finishing her Ph.D.

It helped that she looked and acted every inch of the part, fitting the traditional mold of fighter pilots; brash, smart, super confident, aggressive, and fearless to the point of ignorant at times. Becoming cocky and just as arrogant as the male pilots, she was branded a feminist and not a team player. Assertive and vibrant like the rest, she made mistakes but also performed well. The only thing that distinguished her from her fellow pilots was her gender. But it was Kellie’s determination and perseverance that helped her, and become an inspiration to people everywhere.

A strong woman with an infectious smile, daring with incredible drive, Kellie was the happiest when she was soaring in the sky. Optimistic, a happy spirit, along with a passion for flying was what she was all about. Never giving up she directs controls through a brisk wind chill. Softhearted and sensitive, she patiently waits to be catapulted, literally, into the sky along with the nation’s best and boldest pilots. Starting up the jet next to an S-3, two inches away there is an F-18, and inches away from him is an A-6. Kellie takes off, flying her F-14 Tomcat; other times her A-6 Intruders above the Pacific Ocean off the California coast.

The social aspect was brutal and although she loved flying the technologically superior F-18’s she was continually ostracized. After 6 long years in the Navy she was worn down, and turned in her resignation papers. For the remaining time on her contract she was a ROTC instructor at San Diego State University.

Holding on tightly to the wise words of Maya Angelou, “The most important thing for children is that your eyes light up when they come into the room.” This quote really rang true for her. Recalling how her mom still sounds absolutely delighted every time she calls home, even if she called one minute prior, lost the connection and has to call back. And her Daddy smiles proudly every time he sees his daughter in her uniform, wearing her flight jacket and helmet, knowing she has accomplished every dream she set out to.

After the September 11th attacks, Kellie opted for a complete change of scenery and was ready to pack her bags and leave California. Relocating to upstate New York in hopes of a chance to celebrate her positive exuberant life, shining legacy, and an ample opportunity to begin work on a new inspiring masterpiece.

Lying beside her is thirty two year old, Dr. Bradley Alexander Reid, Jr., her husband of five years. Highly regarded by many as one of New York’s utmost, prominent venerated doctors. Tall, dark, handsome and wealthy; he was infatuated at a young age with pediatrics. Having more ambition and drive than most he cheerfully ministers to the needs of his community, accommodating impromptu care wherever needed. This young doctor was not entranced by fame and fortune; in fact he was a little less infatuated with the big city. Peripherally, speculated as self absorbed, seeming to some as presumptuous and obstinate. Yet those who took the time to acknowledge the real Dr. Bradley Reid soon discovered he was articulate, intelligent, and his personality was flawless. In the cynical world we live in; many found his sense of humor, passion and bedside manner quite refreshing. Knowledgeable and communicative; quite curious and interested in the people and events in his hometown, he played an active role in making the city of New York a much better place to live. Feeling most comfortable in an elegant, beautiful atmosphere, asceticism is not for Bradley Alexander Reid. Gracious and charitable, he enjoyed sponsoring social events and cultural activities. Always maintaining an optimistic, friendly attitude towards the people of New York. Successful, noble and idealistic, driven to find an ethical standard and a clear sense of what is right and wrong. Officiating as an inspiration and role model, subconsciously driven to straighten out the world‘s evils and create a world of perfect order for future generations. Having an unusual charisma, profoundly influenced by a powerful, charismatic figure that he models himself after. Predestine to follow in the footsteps of his late father and mentor, Dr. Bradley Alexander Reid, Sr.

Fortuitous as it seems, Bradley was auspicious when it came to receiving love, respect and moral support from his parents. He was an intellectual gentleman of distinguished honor, surpassing integrity, upholding admirable ethics and family values. Aspiring and enterprising this young man received top academic and athletic honors throughout much of high school and college. Star quarterback and captain of the football team each year, he used sports and entrepreneurial endeavors to channel his energy, and was offered many scholarships. Always following some bright and distant star, planning some new venture, investigating new potentials. Aiming high, never content with simple, with a quiet, subtle secure existence.

Competitive, highly sociable and gregarious, yet oftentimes preferring solitude. Needing both sociability and confinement at different times in his life. Appearing aloof, self sufficient and rather self contained, Bradley, a man with a great deal of emotional depth, has a very strong sense of propriety. Very much interested in people and the social aspect of life. Politeness, good manners, and correct behavior are important to him. His clear, cool, objective and unemotional attitude is apparent to others first, and though he is really quite helpful and caring, he does not radiate much sympathy so that others can see the helpful side as readily; unless of course it pertained to his patient’s well being. Coming across as more businesslike and factual, also more conservative, than he really is at heart.

When you look at this young man, success is written all over his face. But how is prosperity measured, and does it guarantee genuine happiness? On the surface Bradley resembled the perfect all American boy, but deep down inside his feelings were conflicted, quite comparable to Kellie’s. Many in the community failed to perceive that with love and support, also comes stress and high expectations. On many occasions his true inner self did not shine through, he was a man in costume, hiding behind a mask; and others were surprised when they got to know him at a more superficial level. Never content with superficial appearances, always probing beneath the surface of things for hidden motives. Bradley and Carolyn Reid, enthusiastic and confident, all emphasis on success was placed upon their only son at such a young age. Taught to achieve professional goals and long-range ambitions through self-discipline, concentration and climbing the mountain one step at a time. Following in his father’s footsteps he had very big shoes to fill, as his parents expected success, and was philosophical about failure, paying insufficient attention to the practicalities involved. This in turn caused tumultuous family relationships.

His choice of career was influenced by his father, acquiesce upon to make his parents proud and carry on the family name in the field of sports and medicine. Taught at a young age to use personal power appropriately. Negatively, he can be manipulative and obsessed with personal aggrandizement, subconsciously. Positively, he can be a potent force for change, growth, and healing in the world. Yet non-cognitive, pushed to stretch his limits and take risks, he no longer wanted to be known in the community only as Bradley Reid‘s son. Discouraged from freely expressing himself, as overemphasis on being acceptable, conforming to certain standards and expectations, and not getting out of line is apt to inhibit was becoming all too much to bare. The desire for personal recognition was strong, and a need to do something he could feel really proud of. He wanted to excel, to become a better man, to find his own identity. One filled with honor, integrity, in search of true love and happiness. Employing his skills and creativity to contribute, bringing about a great deal of practical reforms in the area of education, medical care and other social services and ecology.

His innovations are not radical or unusual, usually effective. Unlike the lucky few for whom all doors seem to magically open, it was now time for Bradley to formulate a realistic plan and follow it diligently in order to succeed. Willing to pay his dues and endure a few setbacks. Ready to shed the smallness and pettiness, embarking on a new adventure, with a capacity for fun and playfulness too. Living boldly and heroically, no longer feeling like he’s simply existing and wasting his talents, but making the most of his life.

Abetting his better judgment, and going against his father’s wishes in 1997 he enlisted in the United States Navy. Making this decision solely for emotional and personal reasons; this felt right. Knowing he was being rational, his prejudices, intuitions, and feelings influenced his thoughts a great deal. He was ready to join an ideal practice, experiencing cutting-edge technology, while serving an even greater good. As a Navy Physician and an Officer in the Medical Corps, he dissipated four years administering care for those who serve our country and their families, as well as contributing to humanitarian missions across the country and around the globe. A young man, with a buoyant, cheerful disposition; warm, open and friendly, full of emotional generosity and lack of pettiness, was becoming well known among his new circle of friends. An elite physician at the top of his field; doing so with the skill that comes from advanced training and the backing of the most advanced equipment and facilities in the world. Without all the paperwork and non-medical hassles his father faced daily in his private practice. Over the years he treated victims of everything from sickness to combat, hurricanes to landslides, and tsunamis to earthquakes. Lending his expertise to critical relief efforts with one of the only outreach corps capable of responding to the call. Utilizing some of the most advanced technology on the planet. Working at top notch military facilities on shore, sea and in the field. Teaming up with the best trained medical professionals to make a measurable difference in the world. The Navy Medical Corps offered ongoing, advanced training. Meetings, seminars and conferences; military as well as private practice. Add the generous scholarship opportunities, and the entire world of medicine is open. Unlike his father’s private practice, there was no exorbitant malpractice insurance, expensive equipment, investments and high start up costs. Receiving $190,000 during his residency, a small sum for long hours, overwhelming work, and relocation. Being in the Navy, as a resident paid off school loans and covered living expenses; and did not put him further behind financially. The Navy helped ease the financial burden and advanced his career with generous scholarships, financial assistance, continuing education programs, but most importantly this whole opportunity built character, integrity and made a man out of Dr. Bradley Alexander Reid, Jr. Patience is his ally; a man of dignity and virtue, always obliged to the good ole US of A. In the Navy the pay is competitive, there are fringe benefits, officer rank and 30 days vacation with pay earned every year. He did find a more reasonable and flexible schedule that oftentimes was not available in private practice. Advanced training with the latest tools and equipment was always at his disposal. It was the ideal balance between professional duties and personal interests, with ample time for family, travel and recreational pursuits. Able to escape the demands of everyday life, reaching out to something bigger, more exotic, and exciting. Allowing him an ample opportunity to daydream, fantasize, or philosophize a great deal.

But in the winter of 2001, everything changed … Dr. Bradley Alexander Reid, Sr. was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and six months later passed away. Leaving his only son to carry on the family practice. Always quietly devoted and faithful to his loved ones, feeling a deep urge and compulsion to fulfill his father’s last wish, Bradley Alexander Reid, Jr. flew back to New York.

Two lovers, complimenting one another nicely. Still continuing to share a deep love and commitment to one another. A love many go their entire life searching for, oftentimes never coming even remotely close to finding what these two share. Living here, together, someday hoping to raise a family, far exceeds their expectations, hopes and dreams. Offering them a chance to slow down and enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures … together … Only time is capable of understanding how valuable love is!!

Everyone has pain buried deep within. These two were no exception. Whether it is facing fears, living up to high expectations, or struggling with obstacles in their careers and in their lives; fate brought them together for a reason. What may have started out as an innocent friendship, a mutual attraction with lots of subtle flirting, a romantic courtship, evolving into something so much more? Sharing a fairy tale romance, something many can only dream of. Building hopes and dreams towards a promising future.

Their relationship was like art. One that requires time, attention and creative effort. Appreciating in one another the ability to be subtle and polished, never course, dull or blunt. Fairness and equality, both in their personal life and in the world, were extremely important to both. Seeking interpersonal harmony, cooperation, and togetherness; desiring to please and appease one another. Very seldom fighting about anything; believing in moderation in all things, avoiding fanaticism and extremism of any sort. Developing self-reliance, and the courage to look within for answers and forge their own path through life, merging together in love, with great harmony and understanding.

Everyday will bring forth new emotions, questions, fear and doubts. Days where they face confusion, frustration and loneliness. Nights oftentimes filled with much of the same. Constantly trying to improve and learn what worked and what didn’t. Both feeling as if they could never truly fill their potential. There was always something to work towards; whether for Kellie it would be a few sentences that didn’t work or one simple word that didn’t flow, or Bradley searching for cures and antidotes; never reaching the limit with their passion. There was always more to do. It was all a process, a journey, sometimes hard to measure. Never as simple as black and white. Some days they felt like everything was going wrong, and they were not making any process. Feeling as if they were right back where they started. But the days that didn’t go quite as wrong, when they genuinely smiled and laughed a few times, it was those moments that made them realize they were making process. Success not measured with a ruler, but in their hearts. Conviction, mixed with love that brought joy, completion and peaceful surrender in a time of desperate need.

There were two things keeping this husband and wife on the right path. Harmony and balance. Instinctively understanding the need to accommodate each other’s interests and desires, always fair and willing to meet the other half way. Tactful, diplomatic and with considerable social awareness, avoiding conflict and discord. Expressing a spirit of cooperation and compromise, achieved through charm and discretion. Something that to this day brings comfort and brightness in their times of need. No longer did they have to go it alone. They were facing their doubts, fears, pain, and life … merging emotionally, with mutual dependency; today tomorrow and for the rest of their waking and non waking moments.

Always investing a great deal of energy in personal love, being very idealistic and romantic about their marriage. Knowing she found a partner for life, who is equal intellectually, capable of a mental relationship as well as a physical and emotional one. Bradley made a thoughtful, considerate friend and lover, always enjoying the traditional symbols of love. True love … one’s soul mate, a promised kindred soul…

Having an authentic, whole and enlightened relationship. Cultivating assertiveness, taking initiatives, acting on behalf as a married couple. Each direct, self reliant, now having a reason to wake up in the morning with a smile on their face, a reason to sleep well at night wrapped in one another’s arms, knowing that someone cared, someone loved them. Neither knew what fate would bring tomorrow, but for today the emotional scars were lifted and healing began. A chance to heal, learn and live again. A journey that takes time; half of the fun was taking things slow, savoring each and every moment spent together. Feel that small ray of hope, happiness and to see bright sunny days, where there had previously only been darkness and rain.
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PostSubject: Re: Love Never Dies   Thu 15 Oct 2009, 2:08 pm

Will you two be posting all of this story here? It would be nice if you were, since I don't go on IFF anymore. This is one of my favorite stories. Very Happy cheers I love you
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PostSubject: Re: Love Never Dies   Thu 15 Oct 2009, 6:39 pm

An epic tale of love, heartache, jealousy, and unearthly passion, brought to us by our two favorite authors ever!
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PostSubject: Re: Love Never Dies   Fri 16 Oct 2009, 5:13 pm

Ah, one of my favorite stories, ever! Brad and Kellie are magical together. I'm very happy that you two have decided to bring this wonderful tale over here, for everyone to enjoy. Very Happy Very Happy
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This is so like awesome! It is very touching and beautifully written. I love all the nice little touches you put in here., it really brings everything alive. Kellie and Brad are so made for each other. I have read a little bit of this here and there, but this is the first time I have had the chance to read an entire chapter. It was certainly worth the wait. 8) Very Happy I love you
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On behalf of NSC and myself we thank all of you for your inspiring comments, they truly do mean a lot to us. We hope you continue to enjoy our story.

Please note the rating for Chapter 2 has changed to NC-17, you have been warned.


Attentive to the rise and fall of his bare, muscular chest, Kellie’s baby blue orbs fill with lust and a detrimental gleam. Staring into the fire, the flames engulf her feelings and hidden desires. A perfect ambience; a concupiscent atmosphere causing her body to become impetuous. Instantaneously languid with desire. Evolving into feelings of weakness and vulnerability, lowering her inhibitions; envisioning a different world unfurling before her, a world of erotic pleasure. Briskly overcome with feelings of frustration and despair, buried in a fit of fury. Tears glinting in her angry eyes.

Setting her glass down on the nightstand she dilatorily partakes in the warmth of Brad’s body next to hers. The alluring scent of his Polo cologne still lingers in the air. Enticed; inhaling then exhaling; sighing heavily; tranquilized as she rests her head gently against his exposed chest.

Closing her eyes; reposed, she loses herself in the virile sound of his steady heartbeat and deep breathing. Her left arm drapes across his chest, fingertips lightly caress his soft skin, as the faint drag of nails rake across his naked flesh. The gentlest of touches continue across his stomach before her hand settles. Her right reaches upward, running diligently through his short, dark brown hair. At times lightly caressing the soft skin on his cheeks and neck, as well as tracing the outline of his lips with her fingertips. All the while being very careful not to wake him. Lost in the moment, savoring the sensual comfort his closeness provides, her mind is alleviated of all past worries, if only for a mere split second. Slowly opening her weary eyelids, glancing up at Bradley, smirking proudly. Invigorated, adoring the man she loves as he sleeps, undisturbed, content and ever so placid. Drowsy, she leans in and kisses him gently; placing soft kisses along his jaw line, right up below his ear. Stopping to gently suck and nip at the tender skin right below his earlobe, then softly kissing the tender flesh on his neck. Feeling the warmth of her breath, he sighs as a soft moan escapes from his lips, smiling, suffice. “I love you baby.” She whispers. His eyes flutter open, just as her voice fades like a whisper in the night. He then drifts back into a lethargic state of peaceful surrender.

Groaning in frustration she sits up fretfully in bed, looking over at her husband. “That man sleeps through anything!” Chuckling to herself. “He’s going to have one cranky bitch on his hands tomorrow if I don’t get some sleep … and soon!” Only sleep doesn’t come. Careful not to wake him, she slips out from beneath the covers and stretches. “So much for sleep!” Mumbling to herself, feeling quite agitated. Looking out the bay window to the city lights of upstate Rochester, New York. Staring out into the solemn night, the music of the wind whistles through her mind, penetrating her soul, as she loses herself in the sounds of raindrops falling, and memories take her far, far away from home.

A combination of tears filled with anger and sadness, fear and shame spill forth from her eyes; finding their way across her nose, cheeks and lips. As she licks the salty tears away in eager anticipation the experience of life vanishes. Bringing forth the stiffness of acrimony, onset of melancholy, trembling of fear, and affects of disgrace.

Standing at the window for quite some time, a slow, sultry relaxed feeling comes upon her. Closing her eyes, she removes herself from this place and time, conveying to another, far, far away where peaceful serenity exists and unfathomable happiness exists. Exact whereabouts unknown. In a matter of minutes she is completely embedded in all thoughts; hopes, dreams, wants, needs, desires and many fears. In the remnants of her latest novel, recumbent, wrapped up and lost in these feelings; in the intimacy of her very own words. As the scene unfolds and the words come to mind she feels more relaxed and creates the dialogue in her head.

Thinking back over the wise words passed along to her by Cousin Bob, also a published author; hoping to find peace and gratification in his words. Think of it like this. Have you ever seen one of the old time silent films? You know, where you see the scene and then the dialogue? That’s what I do when I write, then I merge it together and everything comes out in Technicolor. These words began to soothe her troubled mind, touching the deepest of all places, her heart and soul. An idyllic realm, where everything always feels so perfect; so right.

Illusory, she sits on the cliffs, watching the waves crash against the rocky shore. Whales emerge, than vanish into the ocean. There is virtually no wind today. The sun shimmers brightly in the sky. Kellie listens intensely to the pounding of the surf, crashing ferociously as every emotion is brought to the surface. She rises, walking down to the sandy shore. The sea is cold, and for awhile she stands in the water up to her ankles as the remnants of the waves wash around her. Vivid colors play out with a ton of drama, condemnation, shame and distress. The timeless rhythm of the ocean soothes her, as her nerves calm, touching every inch of her emotions. Everything remains subtle, as all submissive traces of distress are barely visible any longer. In an instant they are gone … released with the tide … all her sadness, fears and worries … swept out to sea.

Standing motionless; the rain and hail pelt down so hard that it is a wonder the window does not break. Lightning flashes, dancing brightly, displaying a brilliant show over the darkened skies above. The wind whistles through the trees, tossing her thoughts around; as all sounds of nature are at her back door. A feeling of peace surpasses all the previous emotions, as she slowly raises her hand to her face, wiping away the last of her fallen tears.

Bradley stirs in his sleep, reaching over to his wife’s side of the bed, only to find her gone. He opens his eyes slowly, catching a glimpse of her in his peripheral vision. The beautiful blonde is standing beside the window; her expression tells him she’s lost in her thoughts, a million miles away. Quietly he slips out from beneath the covers, shivering in the cold crisp night’s air. The fire is beginning to die down, and the last remnants burned faintly. Careful not to disturb his wife he puts another log on the fire. The room begins to warm in the soft flickering glow, as the crackle and popping of the wood holds some comfort. Slowly he saunters over to where she is standing. Patiently waiting for her eyes to open, staring wide-eyed in numb fascination at her beauty in the dimly lit room. There is no denying it, he is vastly attracted to her. To every inch of her, inside and out. Her face, body, loving heart … and ahem … talents.

A beautiful face; ageless, full of dominance and secrets. Yet innocence shines flawlessly, reminding him of an angel. Skin unblemished, near perfection, almost luminous. The anguish of her soul shades the fathomless glow of her stormy blue bedroom eyes, drowning, whenever you meet her stare; the same way clouds pass across the moon. Her voice covers the city like a sultry blanket, soft spoken, filled with love and compassion. Long blonde hair, meticulously kept, cascading off her shoulders giving her a seductive look. Full sensuous pouty lips, just begging to be kissed. A full sumptuous chest with a flat stomach, long toned legs and firm butt. Always remaining very soft spoken and polite; but never mistake that for lack of intelligence. She’s smart as a whip, and when infuriated will become brash and outspoken with a very acidic tongue. A body that moves with fluid grace, eyes that sparkle with an inner fire. Always making a nice counterbalance to her husband, Dr. Bradley Reid, Jr.

Waiting precisely for the right moment; her eyes open. Careful not to startle her, deftly, from behind he places his hands on her waist. Feeling the warmth of his breath on her neck she shivers. His arms tighten firmly around her, as she relaxes, leaning back against him. Taking this as an invitation he kisses the back of her neck, sweeping her hair out of the way with his other hand. Kellie exhales slowly and closes her eyes. Her body is so tense with desire for him to touch her more, to feel her wetness. With intensity and purpose she removes his arms around her waist. Sliding his hands down her legs, wanting him to feel how warm and slick he has made her. He reaches and lets out a light moan when he feels her wetness emanating from between her legs, through her flimsy black lace panties. “See what you do to me, babe?”

Bringing his hands back up he caresses the thick smooth cords of her shoulder muscles, then down the hollows below. Bradley let his fingertips lightly trace their way down her neck with a feather light touch. Letting his thumbs dig in and massage the muscles next to the shoulder blades again. “Mmmm.” She moans through almost closed lips. “God, Bradley that feels so good.” Again he slides his palms upward and outwards, allowing them to slide across her upper arms and down her sides, moving down to her waist and finally sliding across her lower back. Pressing his thumbs deep into her flesh and moving them upward in little concentric circles on each side of her spine. Once again he stops as his fingers reach the lower edge of her attire. “Feel better honey?” He asks, as his fingertips dig deeper into her sore muscles. “Oh, so good baby.” She says in a near whisper. Placing his hands back on her hips, then running them slowly up the outside of her legs feeling her toned muscles tighten. Her knees begin to buckle, causing her breathing to hitch, moaning in pleasure. His 6’2” well built body slowly turns her around until she’s facing him. Taking her hands in his, they become one.

Closing the gap between them he pulls her closer. Close enough to feel her heartbeat against his, as she relaxes and falls into his warm embrace. He teases her waist as she squeezes her thighs together trying to mask the feelings she is being subject to by her sensitive body. Before she can finish his lips are on hers. “Whatcha thinking about gorgeous?” Curiously asking; his words catching in his throat as he gazes into her deep mysterious, knowing eyes. “You of course.” Taking a deep breath, her eyes close once again as the scent of his cologne tingles her senses. “Always you hon.” Listlessly she opens her eyes, staring into his deep green orbs as a gentle smile forms. “I love you Bradley.” The sound of her soft voice only adds to Brad’s state of dreaminess. “I love you too, Kellie Dawn.”

He smiles acquiescently at his wife. She matches his grin with her own; very affable and inviting. Eyes locking, he brushes a stray strand of hair behind her ear. Looking at her tear-stained face he kindly asks, “Are you alright, baby?” Concerned, his eyebrows furrow as he glances at the clock on the nightstand. 1:05 a.m. “Whatcha still doing awake sweetheart?” He mutters, grimacing as his eyes scrutinize every inch of her innocent face. His fingertips trace the outline of her full sumptuous lips.

“Yes I am okay, why do you ask?” She remains lost in his eyes, as her fingers trace tiny circles up and down his arms, caressing the soft, warm skin, as the muscles contract around her fingertips.

“You seem kind of sad … and it’s late, you should have been asleep hours ago honey.” She grins widely and nonchalantly looks around the room. “I’m okay, babe, just a little restless tonight.” Responding in a warm comforting tone. Once again her eyes peregrinate throughout the entire room, than rest comfortably on the handsome man standing before her.

“Kellie?” The soft but authoritative tone in his voice leaves the blonde with a smile. His green eyes sparkle with clarity, as they meet her baby blues. He smiles warmly at his wife; eyes never leaving hers, it was almost as if he already knows what she is thinking and feeling. “Yes dear?” Two words spoken in innocence, with a hint of amusement in her voice, as her smile lights up the room. “What’s wrong, hon.” He asks, nearly inaudible, appearing genuinely concerned. Cocking his head with a curious glint in his eyes, he stands awaiting an answer patiently, capturing his bottom lip with his teeth, and again locking eyes with her. Tentatively he moves closer, until his lips are mere inches away from hers, “Please, baby, talk to me.”

With a smile she stares back at him, seeing in his green orbs nothing but love. He is confirming what she has known all along. He is kind and gentle, always passionate, displaying nothing but love. His gaze drops from her eyes, lingers to her lips, wondering what they taste like. Kellie finds herself leaning in to meet him, as their lips connect in the most delicate of kisses. She can feel his hand, so lightly, against her cheek, as she allows the kiss to grow in passion. His mouth opens, and she slips her tongue gently between his lips. His tongue reciprocates hers, and his other hand reaches to the small of her back, pulling her closer to him. Kellie pulls away for a mere second, looking into his eyes. Seeing nothing but love and sincerity.

Leaning in again, kissing softly, sensuously for awhile, neither desiring to rush the moment. Tasting the cognac on her lips and tongue, savoring in her scent, a soft lavender fragrance. “You smell good … real good baby. “ Reaching up, she puts her hand behind his neck, cradling it, pulling him closer. Kissing his lips tenderly, a touch so soft and smooth, becoming much more aggressive. Tongues playing out a heated passionate duel of lust and forbidden desire.

“I’m fine Brad. Murmuring in a weary and raspy voice. Very faintly whispering in broken denial, “Really … I am.” When in actuality she wasn’t. Her voice trails off, immediately laced with a slight bit of embarrassment. She knows she isn’t okay, he does as well. “Uh huh … And I’m the Pope, Kellie Dawn!” Taking a deep breath, she vigorously bites her lower lip, and stares blankly at the floor. “Hey!” She whispers, flashing him her most beauteous smile, as her eyebrows furrow. Sighing heavily she rolls her eyes, scoffing at her husband’s remark, then laughing, knowing there is much validity in his statement. The beautiful sensation of his words, filled with such love, innocence and compassion. Always leaving her feeling the rushes; the highs, the lows … the love.

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Chapter 2, Part II

“I know you’re worried about my trip to Italy, aren’t you sweetheart?” He knows his wife all too well. Pulling her body closer to his, feeling safe in his arms. “Yes.” She whispers, softly, barely audible. He listens intensively as they continue their banter. “Honey, you worry too much, I’ll be fine.” Unable to tear his eyes away, daring her to respond. She was a good pretender with others, yet he always takes the time to be attentive of his wife’s needs, trying to understand how she thinks and feels at any given moment. No matter how many times she tries to fake a smile in order to bring happiness to others; despite a hurricane going on in her mind, Bradley sees through each and every façade, straight into his wife’s heart and mind.

“Ah, baby, the storm is cluttering your emotions inside, as much as it is the neighborhood outside, isn’t it, my love?” Blissfully embracing her, knowing she is going through the most intense inner turmoil. Especially in regards to her career. Bradley’s head tilts to the side, hopeful his wife will reveal her deepest feelings. She turns away quickly before he sees the tears forming in her eyes. Her heart races, feeling as if it were going to jump right out of her chest. “Brad.” She pauses, trying to decipher his question, pondering exactly how she wants to reply. “Maybe … maybe not.” She says impishly, as a cute one side smile reigns, teasingly she speaks, her lips longing to feel the brush of his, like a gentle caress. Their lips meet again. Her tongue begs for entrance, longing to end this conversation and taste the fullness of his mouth. Instantaneously he relents. Ardent, partaking in the lack of urgency, savoring the taste of one another’s lips and tongue at their leisure. Imperceptibly exploring every inch of each other’s mouth.

His warm embrace feels so good and familiar. He feels her lips touch his ear. “I’m going to miss you.” Her voice is at the precise volume and pitch to make a maddening vibration as she speaks. Looking intensely into her blue orbs, feeling a deep emotional connection to his lover. He brings his lips closer to hers, savoring the warmth. His mouth is firm on hers, sensing her struggle to draw breath, he slowly pulls away; with an overwhelming passion brewing inside.

Walking over to the nightstand he retrieves something from inside as her eyes follow him intensely. “Kellie Dawn I’ve loved you since the day I first lay eyes on you. You have brought happiness into my life where there was much darkness. You make me smile when I’m searching for a reason. You’ve helped me become the man I’ve always desired to be, trusting, believing and supporting me in everything I do. You are so much more to me than just my wife. You’re my lover, my best friend, and I am honored to be your husband. Baby, I have something for you.” He pulls a black velvet box out from behind his back, opening it proudly, displaying its content; a three stone, white gold five year anniversary ring. It glistens in the candlelight. “I was going to wait until I came back from Italy to give you this but I want you to have it tonight; this just feels like the perfect moment.” Some people might think a fifth anniversary is a little soon to be reflecting on the past, present, and future by way of a ring, but not Bradley Reid. “It’s been five wonderful years Kellie Dawn.”

“Awe baby, it’s beautiful, sweetheart.” Tears of joy fill her eyes. “I love you Bradley Alexander.” Her love takes her in his arms, holding her, kissing her deeply, and then gently taking the blonde’s hand in his. “I love you, always and forever my love.”

“Bradley.“ Her voice trails off as the warmth in his eyes match that of his arm which is still around her waist. Kellie stares into his deep green eyes, filled with such love. A smile radiates joy and overwhelming happiness. His skin looks soft, and his scent is unbelievably intoxicating. He smiles lazily at her as his fingers caress her hip gently. She was starting to feel the affects of the cognac, but Bradley’s words coherently repeated themselves over and over in her head, “I love you always and forever my love.” By this time happy tears were streaming down her cheeks, conveying sensuality, love and compassion for him. He slips the ring on her finger. “I love it, it’s so beautiful baby.” The blonde speaks with great enthusiasm, followed by a long, intense kiss. “Just always remember one thing, Bradley. I don’t need a ring to remember why I married you five years ago. I am happy, grateful, content, and lucky to be married to you now, and desire to be married to you fifty years from now.” They exchange smiles, “Bradley these past five years have not always been eventful or perfect. We’ve discovered a lot of things about each other that drive us crazy. I love your sense of humor, your downright goofiness. The fact you can laugh and be childlike. Making anything into a song and dance, a menagerie for your young patients. An innocence that shines through to children like Ashlee and Justin. Suffice to say, with or without the ring, we have memories and sentiments that no ring can ever fully symbolize.”

“Yes Kellie, but our six year is going to be full of changes, big events, and much more happiness. We are learning to love each other better and more deeply, and when it comes to our marriage, we are happy, that’s all that counts in this day and age. We are content, we are in love, and to the person, I believe it was Elliot who told me that “your wife can never be your best friend” I’d like to officially tell you, Kellie Dawn Pickler-Reid, what a crock.”

“Elliot Yamin really said that? … You never told me, baby.”

“Honey I never saw any significance in his words. I love you, that’s all that truly matters.”

The two lovers embrace for quite some time, besieged in undoubtedly complacent silence. Their looks towards one another linger for a minute, Kellie wincing slightly, fighting desperately not to break down in tears. Never experiencing the need to fill the quiet voids. Yet communicating so many thoughts, emotions and deep embedded feelings through their touch. Between every polite question, nervous joke; it was the way their eyes meet, the gravity and complexity of the situation, never evasive, only filled with honesty that was tacitly agreed upon. Intense feelings and emotions, both desiring for all time, cherishing every moment spent together, whether talking or in relative placidity.

Sheathe, speaking softly Brad stares lovingly into his wife’s eyes, “A penny for your thoughts?” His tone sympathetic, noticing the change in her demeanor. With every crash of thunder and bolt of lightning she trembles, flourishing a look of reverence, contending with an onrush of tears. Suspecting that her nervousness and turmoil in her stomach is as much to do with the storm as it is the fear of Bradley leaving for two weeks. Desiring to smile; a warm welcoming smirk comes upon her face, gazing into the compassionate orbs of her handsome husband. Her smile broadens into a grin, and then diminishes back to a look of uneasiness, as lightning brightens up the room. “I’ll be glad when this damn storm subsides, and your back home with me, safe and sound.”

“I know darling … but please don’t worry yourself to death, I’ll be just fine. Try to keep yourself busy while I’m gone, and I’ll be home before you know it.” He softly places kisses to her jaw line, leaning down resting his head in the crook of her neck.

“Okay, love. After all I do have to figure out how in the hell I am going to meet the demands my publicist has placed upon me.” She lets out a shuddering breath, running her fingers through her disheveled hair. Looking up, moving closer, dipping his head slightly, uncharacteristically shy, as their lips meet. “I’m sorry baby; I hate to leave you like this.” Looking at her husband intensely, deep green orbs, pupils large and black as the night. Eyes downcast with sadness. “I am … really …” He tries to continue with the slightest hint of despondency in his voice. “I’m sorry Kel.” A look of forsaken despair comes upon her face. Fighting a battle between resistance and surrender, unsure if she’s won or lost. Silencing him with her fingertips upon the softness of his lips, “It’s only two weeks Bradley, I’ll be okay baby. She frowns, furrowing her eyebrows, “We‘ve made it through five years, we‘ll be just fine, honey.”

While breathing in rapidly and exhaling softly, Bradley encases his wife with a sweet embrace. Whispering softly in her ear words of endearment, “How did I ever get so lucky?” Candidly he asks. “Babe, I’m the lucky one.” Positioning her hand on his cheek, slowly bringing her lips back to his. A kiss, again so deep and affectionate both feel as if they are permanently locked together. As time stands still, they savor the moment, with no intention of pulling apart anytime soon. Eventually in devoir they pull back for some air, breathing heavily. Both feeling giddy, smirking, as their smiles express much love and tenderness. “Our love just keeps getting better and better.” His eyes lock onto hers, and she feels safe and protected. “Yes it does, Kellie … yes it does!”

Aware only tonight and one more remains before his departure; Kellie has no intention of overshadowing her desires of intimacy with the engrossed feelings of worry and despair. Hastily she closes the distance between them. “Make love to me Bradley … help me forget about everything … if only for tonight.” She asks with a soft, seductive whisper. Her features display an expression of enthusiasm and curiosity. Looking at him with blue eyes, filled with passion, unequivelent to the ones in the past.

Upon hearing these words he nonchalantly stands admiring the woman before him. Gazing at her sensuous body, tantalizing her every wish and desire, he slowly pulls her body tightly against his. “Amo il sole di giorno, la luna per notti, e lei per sempre.” He whispers softly in her ear. She loves when he speaks Italian, after all it is the language for lovers and the mother tongue of the renowned seducer, Casanova.

Conspicuously their desires are growing. The seductive stare, then the licking of her lips sends a bolt of electricity throughout Brad’s entire body. “I love you.” His voice soothing; a Rochester accent, oftentimes described as nasally. Yet a tone she never gets tired of hearing. He smiles broadly, reaching out for her again. Embracing her tightly; his chin rests on top of her head. “I love you … more than you’ll ever know, darling.”

“Awe, I love you too, Bradley.” Her voice sinister, very comforting as they stand staring at one another, smiling sheepishly. Soon thereafter her voice drops to a low breathy whisper and a mischievous glint forms in her eyes. “I want to fuck you, and I want to make love to you at the same time.” She whispers softly in his ear, seductively. Words filled with a combination of enticement and lust, which Bradley finds scathingly cute and quite stimulating. Looking up, he sees she has a shy, innocent look on her face, so stunning it was impossible for him to break eye contact. She chuckles at him again in her sultry voice, “Well …?” For a moment he has no reply, his voice is trapped in his throat. Wearily he cups her cheeks, and smiles, “You are something else, Mrs. Reid.” He whispers, lowering his arms and slipping them around her waist, as he simultaneously plants a soft kiss on her lips. It was a searing embrace, one that takes her to a different place of existence, as if they were the only two people in the world who matter. Kellie raises an eyebrow, and bats her eyelashes, “I know … and you love it, Mr. Reid.” She replies before returning his smile and melting into his loving arms.

His heart is pounding velociously and the sexual tension is palpable. Feeling the intensity of the moment, her heart reaches out to his. It is dark and raining hard outside; the thunder and lightning ferocious. Nevertheless, Bradley and Kellie are oblivious to all else. The room is dim except the unburned remnants of the logs. The fire crackles, casting a red glow on the writhing bodies of two young lovers. Instantaneously attentive to one another’s eyes; full of lust, glowing with passion; their breath suddenly taken away. Surrendering their fears, lost as two bodies connect as one. A meeting of the lips slow and gentle; arms encircling bodies, embracing one another tightly. What starts out as a soft sensual kiss soon turns into a very heated passionate one, consumed in a frenzy state of pure lust. Both moaning into the kiss as their tongues collide and battle for control. It doesn’t take Kel’s body long to respond to the man she loves. He is gentle and forceful, restrained and passionate; a wonderful combination. With his tongue he traces a line from her lips to her ear, then down her neck. Immediately they become a tangle of hands, mouths, and wistful desires. Thoroughly immersed in intimacy, manifesting itself into a passion so great, and forceful. Bradley is positively hungry for his wife, willing to relinquish her worries away with the rain. Her breathing and heart rate escalates. Before long they both pull away, sighing contently. A smile, an expression of pure lust, spreads across their faces. Chests heaving and lips swollen with desire, they stare deeply, compassionately into one another’s eyes.

“Si sono così bello e sexy. Everything I could ever want and need in a woman.” He says lovingly, smiling; feeling her shuddering breath on his face. She can feel her color rising in embarrassment, tearing her gaze away from his eyes. “Awe, is my baby blushing? How cute!”

He has a strong face, with dark eyes, dimples and soft lips. Everything Kellie could possibly desire in a man. She closes her eyes, craving his touch; a touch as soft as a velvet glove. His eyes linger to the definite lines of cleavage, as his hands begin to caress with more passion, relishing the softness of the blonde’s skin. Chills run up and down her spine, causing her to shiver in delight. Moaning softly, an expression of pleasure is etched on her gorgeous face. His strong, firm yet gentle hands slide across her lace cami. She gasps, as her husband’s green orbs shine brighter and open wider. He touches her lips, running his fingers over her face. His face mere centimeters from hers, close enough to feel his warm breath on her skin. Feeling the dampness down between her thighs, she wants him to kiss her, like he had done earlier, to fill that void. Moving closer he holds her head in his grasp, as his soft warm lips meet hers. His tongue slithers between her lips, wrestling with hers. A kiss so gentle, yet so warm, draining all emotion and fear. She loves when Bradley kisses her lips like this. Leaning closer she whispers into his ear, her breath tickling his neck and sending a shiver down his spine, “Baby, wanna show me just how much you love me?” She suggests, batting her eyelashes. “You know you want me. “ This wasn’t a question; it was a mere statement of fact. As he tries to calm his pounding heart, much to no avail, he gives her an empty, mirthless laugh. Quite unnecessary, nodding to confirm what she already knows. “Oh yea, you know I do.” His breath catches in his throat as his mouth quivers with excitement, displaying an incredibly seductive smirk. She seems to know everything he is feeling, and from the look on her face she is enjoying this knowledge and the satisfaction it’s giving her immensely. “Uh huh, thought so Mr. Reid.” He moans softly, then chuckles sexily.

Respectively each touch, completely masculine, but gentle, releases pleasurable noises falling from her lips. The cool air causes a shiver to run throughout her, but the warm hands traveling along her caustic skin makes every caress more enjoyable. Her heart races as he touches her skin, savoring each caress, leaving her body craving for more. Every inch of her wants him the way she wants no other. Bradley careens closer, kissing his wife with every ounce of passion that resides inside. With Kellie in his arms, he admires her slim figure and the firmness of her body against his. The fullness of her breasts press against him, her soft curves mold against his, as her arms remain draped around his waist. Leaning in, moistening the inner edges of her lips, she brushes against his, softly and sensually, but doesn’t kiss him right away. Continuing for awhile, than stopping to run her slender fingers across his mouth. Touching his face and stroking his bottom lip with her thumb. She loves to play, teasing just a little. Then conclusively slowly kissing him softly once on the mouth, with a wide perfect toothy smile. Grinning at one another, eyes locked with genuine kindness, interest and warmth.

Their kiss begins gentle, quiet and slow … and ends … breathy, hard and rushed. His hands press against her back then slide down her ass. She sighs heavily, weak with desire, lost in his seduction. Her knees buckle as his hands trifle gently across her full sumptuous breasts and down to the warm crevice, before agilely squeezing them. Cupping each breast, feeling the soft lacey fabric of her attire, and her flesh against it. Although covered, her nipples were becoming quite evident, swelling with desire. “Does that feel good baby?”

“Oh … you … you know it does.” Succumbing to his sweet moist kisses, enraptured by his soft gentle touch. It was as if she woke up and realized that some things aren’t fantasies or dreams any longer. Completely oblivious; making everything so much more meaningful tonight. Neither in a hurry for this night to end. Pulling the petite blonde even closer, within moments the sexual energy rises again. “I want you so bad.” Says Kellie in a voice Bradley is not accustom to.

He blithely gives her a hug and kiss. She loves how his arms are wrapped around her. Throwing her head back slightly as his hips brush against hers. Her body tautens with his, breasts arched, goose bumps uniting with his. Hips pulverizing, she moans in pleasure, as her arms envelop tighter around his neck, holding on for dear life, so it seems. “Kellie.” He pulls his lips to meet hers again, kissing harder this time, pushing his tongue deeper into her mouth. Gently he slides the straps of her attire off her shoulders, as it descends down her body, falling to the floor. “Oops … how did that happen?” He snickers softly. Her body aches to be kissed by his lips, so soft and loving, as they tease her soft skin, making her tingle with gluttony. Taking her in his arms, reassuringly kissing her forehead he whispers, “I love you.” as his hands and lips skillfully tantalize every inch of her body. Sighing contently, “Solo I desideri di essere con voi, Kellie Dawn … “Proprio come questo, per sempre.”

A wave of excitement pulses throughout the blonde, as she smiles, affectionately feeling every ounce of compassion and sincerity in her husband’s voice. His words echo in her mind; as desires exceed all expectations. Almost simultaneously her face puckers up. Sporadically a few convivial tears flow freely down her delicate face. Gazing up, she stares compassionately into the orbs of the man she adores. The sexual tension between the two is tangible, and the looks they share convey the desire amid them. In soft gratitude she reaches for his hands, squeezing them gently before entwining their fingers. Moving lithely and smoothly, she leads him in the direction of the bed.

Sitting beside one another on the edge of the bed, they soon come together in a full kiss. The beauty lies in the sensation of contact with Bradley’s lips. They are set apart, as he licks them softly, eyes staring deep into the baby blue orbs of the blonde. Kissing timidly at first, as if their lips must become reacquainted. But the longing quickly breaks through as their tongues taste one another again. Kisses full of intimacy, running the gamut from sweet and romantic to hot and heavy. Who knew two lips could say so much?

Breathing short gasps, their bodies embrace tighter. Each kiss, long and sensual. Moaning in pleasure as “I love you’s,” are reciprocated. Both smiling, knowing this is only the beginning of a wonderful intimate night together, even if it is approaching 2:00 a.m. Bradley stares at Kellie; a face accented by such beauty, deep eyes filled with dark emotions. She is really stunning, radiant; everything he could ever want and need. The very first woman to tug at his heart and beckon him into her sweet warm embrace. His senses are so heightened by her amity, knowing he will never love another this way. Attentive to his needs, devoted to his happiness. Eternally absorbed and encircled in her love forever, Kellie Dawn Pickler-Reid is so much more than just his wife. She is his lover and best friend; the woman he will wake up beside for the rest of his days.

Their kisses and caresses continue slowly, neither willing to rush the moment. Savoring in the stillness of the night, and this ample opportunity to explore each other’s fiery lust and desires. Small whimpers escape their lips, as mouths lock together in passion. Sounds barely audible over the crackle of the fire. Tonight is about speaking in full intimacy, rather than words. Saying with each touch what sentences can never fully express. Wishing this moment would last forever.

Finally unable to stand the growing prurience, he laid her back gently on the bed, with a lust filled kiss. The moan she gives in response, almost like a plea. Lowering himself on top of his wife, their bodies become one; a perfect fit. Her arms wrap around him, enjoying the weight of his body on top of her, as his tongue plundered her mouth. The rigid member between his legs presses into her clit, rubbing it, sending waves of pleasure throughout her entire being. Moving in unison, in complete compliance, their hips gyrate into one another’s. Causing both to cry out from sheer pleasure of their contact. Kellie runs her fingers through his hair, as he stares in unbridled lust, relishing in the beauty of her body. Smiling seductively, drawing her closer to him, his lips tickle her ear, “You sure are gorgeous; Mrs. Reid … your body is very sexy, and feels so, so good against mine.” No matter how many times Bradley says this she always blushes profusely as if she were hearing it for very first time. Staring into her deep blue orbs, eyes filled with lust, her mouth soft and open slightly, he leans down, kissing her. Deepening the kiss, letting each grow more passionate; tongues writhing with one another, dancing a song of love. Sharing kisses that are sexy and sweet, slow and fast, revealing and at times simply astonishing.

By now the pressure exerted by both is becoming unbearable. Although they probably did themselves no favors by grinding against the other. Kellie aches so badly, to be touched, having him deep inside her. Wanting nothing more than to be ravaged by her husband, yet at the same time the way he is kissing her feels so exquisite that she doesn’t want to rush a thing.

An utmost ensemble of sensations and emotions suddenly intensifies. Their mouths meet again, this time searching hungrily. Wanting to feel all of him, she dilatorily begins to lower the waistband of his dark silk boxers. Raising his hips slightly, she slides them down his legs, and off, losing them somewhere in the disarrayment of sheets. She licks her lips at the mere thought of what was underneath. With a saucy smile, Brad grins, and then places feathered kisses across her lips, and down her neck, gently. Tentative at first, indulging in her beautifully soft lips and the feel of her tongue against his mouth, then fighting the urge to ravage her mouth and body right then and there … but remaining timid for a moment. His lips linger, nibbling and sucking, Kellie moans, grinding her hips against him. Bradley‘s cock responds, growing longer and stiffens, as he sucks her neck harder, bruising it in the process.

“Have I told you lately how much I love you baby?” Kellie inadvertently licks her lips, rising up slightly, placing a soft gentle kiss on his cheek, and then making her way back to his lips. “Honey you don’t ever have to tell me, I already know. You show me every day we’re together.” Brad brushes a loose strand of hair out the blonde’s face, placing it behind her ear. “Its times like these Kellie Dawn that really make me appreciate the love we share, knowing this is forever, my love.” She leans in, kissing him; a kiss that lingers into the night. “Forever!”

Kellie smiles every time she thinks about how Bradley always desires to take things nice and slow; savoring everything. Listening to the rise and fall of her chest, the softness of each breath. The intimacy and desire in her moans. Their relationship is nothing short of breathtaking, amazing, totally mind blowing. The emotions involved are very intense. Both desiring the lovemaking to be nice, slow and romantic; other times a little rougher. Neither being into bondage and discipline, although the thought of Kellie being tied up and blindfolded, and letting Bradley be in control is a total turn on. Variety is the spice of life, both letting their imaginations run wild … as the passion erupts inside.

Breathing softly and blowing ever so gently he uses his tongue sparingly. Longing to have his affections, she instantly loses herself in the moment of passion, feeling the soft gentle caress of his hand as it makes its way up the back of her neck. He lets his fingertips fork their way through her long, soft strands of blonde hair, as her fingernails draw up and down his back, caressing delicately. Subtly coming in contact with her earlobe he sucks on it, teasingly, sending an immediate shudder down her body. His mouth opens, beginning to draw on the softness of her perfumed neck. Leaning into her, trailing a fiery path of kisses down her neck. In all absoluteness Kellie finds everything enticing, stimulating, causing her eyes to close, as she moans in pleasure. Kellie’s eyes open, smiling softly, a gesture losing none of its radiance. She attempts to read her husband’s thoughts precisely. He smirks, drawing in a deep relaxing breath, consoling himself that tonight is a new beginning … one of intimate, endless possibilities. His hands begin to explore every contour of her stunning body, in eager anticipation of what awaits. As his tongue lightly brushes over her stomach she tenses up briefly from the sensation. Kissing his way along every curve; her muscles tighten then relax with each movement. The blonde sighs, gasping periodically. Bradley occasionally glances up, attempting to read her expression. Everything he is doing is deliberate, working out the exact way of getting the most reaction from her.

Her eyes are half closed, in a state of bliss. The realization of what he is doing gives her a palpitation of growing intense pleasure. She loves the sensation of his lips caressing her skin so gently, yet passionately at the same time. As his lips meet hers again, his knee is between her thighs, exerting a pressure that feels wonderful. Her breathing is becoming deeper and faster, signs of ecstasy escaping, letting Bradley know without a doubt she is very aroused.

His kisses linger from her lips, then nips at the nape of her neck with his teeth, nibbling gently on her earlobes. She is moaning softly now at the sensations he is invoking within her. His eyes widen, grazing over the ample cleavage seeing hungrily for her nipples. Kissing tenderly down her chest, letting his hands roam her body, touching each and every curve. Stroking down her body, feeling the warm sensation of her soft skin beneath his fingers. She has butterflies in her stomach, feeling her pussy open in response to him. She wants him inside her, but he won’t have that, not yet. Taking his time, slowly worshiping her body.

He brushes his lips to hers, as his strong hands carefully flick against her chest. Slowly and with absolute subtlety he rolls his hips into hers. “Oh fuckl!” Kellie mumbles… Anticipating the feel of his hot tongue, swirling around her nipples she throws her head back and arches her back. His hands vigorously tease her aching breasts; holding and fondling them, each responding to his touch. Seemingly to fit perfectly in his hands, he cups each, then in a delicate but abrupt manner, kneads the soft flesh; rolling the sensitive nipples between his fingers making them swell with desire. Her attention abruptly scatters as she feels him lowering his mouth to her engorged nipple, first kissing gently letting his tongue swirl around it. Then sucking on one then the other greedily. His eyes darken, filled with lust, as he suckles her breasts. Latching on with his teeth, he flicks his tongue over the now oversensitive tip causing her to writhe in pleasure beneath him. Kellie‘s fingers tighten on his head when he sucks hard, rasping his tongue against her nipple. Crying out sharply, tilting her head back.

“Ohhhhh my godddd! “ Kellie feels her juices pooling as the feeling between her legs intensifies. She hasn’t even been touched there; yet aches as though she has been rubbed raw. Closing her eyes, savoring in his warm mouth, he works both breasts in his mouth. He pulls her closer, as he did this it sends shivers all over, causing her to have a quiet orgasm. Leaving Bradley staring up at her with nothing but need in those piercing green eyes, burning with desire. Whatever he is doing feels incredible, luring her thoughts into a beautiful oblivion. The gentle insistence of his touch soon has Kellie purring and eliciting an onrush of moans loudly in utter contentment.

Filled with a need for her husband’s body and lust she begins to writhe on the bed, desperate for sex. His hands caress her body, knowing full well in a matter of minutes he will satisfy her deepest desires. She feels him smile against her, as his hands starts to slowly descend over her stomach, tickling and tantalizing their way southward. Time seems to stand still as she waits breathlessly for what is coming next. Without breaking contact, simultaneously he reaches down with one hand and nuzzles up and down her thighs, spreading her legs. Stroking her soft sensual skin he partakes in each curve, savoring every inch of her body. From the smoothness of her skin, the pure definition of her muscles, to the swelling of her breasts. Lightly tracing her contours he faintly piques her nipples, while his other hand cups her coarsely. Slowly he removes her lace panties, soaked with her juices, and disregards them on the floor beside the bed. Languidly he lets his index finger run up and down her full length, feeling the warmth and wetness of her glistening juices.

“Mmm … you’re so wet baby.” He murmurs huskily. Her eyes close tightly as each sensation comes crashing down on her like the waves of longing and passion. With great succor she enjoys this immensely, slowly beginning to give up all control, losing her inhibitions. Invigorated, all past feelings of fear, loneliness and despair diminish, leaving her with a rapid sentiment of happiness. Breathing heavily, his strong hands continue to caress her thighs, teasing the insides, causing her to spread her legs even further. Offering herself completely, barely able to withstand any more of his teasing. He smirks, exceedingly pleased, as tiny frustrated moans are unleashed.

“No more teasing, baby please.” Supplicates the blonde. “Make love to me, Bradley.” Unhesitatingly her smile dissipates. In between short shallow breaths, she swallows hard, “C’mon Bradley, now babe!” Kellie furrows her brow, gasping desperately. He smirks, knowing he has teased long enough … making her wait … then wait some more. Biting his bottom lip, moaning softly, he exhales. Momentarily he closes his eyes, quickly relaxing as urgency fills the room. “Baby I’ve never wanted anything more than I want you right now.”

He smiles, eyes filled with lust and compassion, flicking wildly on her clit with his thumb, before easing one, then two fingers deep inside. Letting them dance slowly within, exploring every intimate fold, he makes circular motions, stimulating her. Gasping at his touch, moaning with contentment each stroke leaves her wanting, needing and truly desiring so much more. Her juices glisten, as she fights for all control.

Bradley delineates the outside of her lower lips, driving her wild. Fingering her with a slow deliberation that is driving her insane. Begging him to speed up, to make her cum. Brad grins, teasing, slowly down every time she approaches orgasm.

Impetuously the words “I love you” are exchanged. Locking eyes they realize they have nothing to lose and a possible paramour to gain. She gasps loudly as he hits her pleasure spot. He loves turning her on like this, bringing her so much pleasure that gets her raking the bed sheets with her fingernails, worked in frenzy. Just when Kellie doesn’t think she can take much more he slides a third, then fourth finger deep into her. A vigorous moan escapes her lips through clutched teeth as he positions his fingers so they rub against her pleasure spot, alternating, circling her clit with his thumb. Fully aware she is highly sexually aroused, wet with passion, a lust that can never be denied. Looking up he sees her eyes are now closed, her lips parted slightly, knowing every inch of her body is indulged in blissful oblivion. Captivated by her charisma, lost in her scent, he soon tastes her very own juices, bringing his fingers to his mouth, savoring her wetness. “So, so sweet baby.” He raises his fingers to her lips letting her taste herself. “Oh god, Bradley, you’re killing me here.” She squeals. The lovers kiss, lingering on each taste, breath … feeling every heartbeat.

Staring intensely into his wife’s baby blues his face displays an expression of pure lust. “When I touch you, I feel the best part of me being touched.” He whispers, calm and subdued. “Awe, I love you babe.”

“I love you too, Kellie Dawn with every fiber of my being.”

Tonight is far from over. Kellie arches her back, spreading her vibrant thighs, as Bradley slides his fingers back inside her. Taunting and tantalizing her into a frenzied frustration, her writhing body moves to the rhythm of his fingers. It isn’t long before her hips gyrate into his and her pussy tightens around his fingers. Letting out a guttural moan in pure ecstasy, Bradley looks up, scrutinizing the way she moves, with great reparation, as beads of sweat cover her body. Almost as sensual as her voice, her youthful face contorts into a mask of ecstatic joy. Wriggling underneath him, his firm but gentle fingers thrust deeper, rustling through her wetness. Slow at first, then faster, going much deeper. With each thrust Bradley is hitting places inside her that neither knew existed. Unaware such passion; every thrust, each caress could bring such pure joy and utmost gaiety. Before long Kellie is struggling to hold back her orgasms. Desiring to prolong this night, and each and every sensation, savoring these last two nights with her husband.

“Oh baby, you feel so good.” He whispers, her juices flowing freely. Planting a line of fiery kisses from her lips all the way across her chest, he slides down between her legs, kissing her quivering thighs. Each kiss scorching with desire and lust. His lips tease her, tracing a slow, almost painful path to her hot, wet pussy. With slow deliberation he licks her entire length, driving her crazy. Gasping for breath, shuddering with desire and need. He pushes his mouth tightly against his love’s aching center, as she moans in complacency. His next lick is a little harder and more probing, causing her to almost explode, crying out at times. “Oh Bradley!”

Brad moans long and deep into her wet pussy, thankfully didn’t stop, instead his movements get faster and more forceful. This is all she can take, finding herself screaming out his name as she climaxes in a way she never imagined possible. Gently parting her again, he slips his tongue into the inner fold, tasting her wetness, seeking undeniable gluttony. Feeling her walls contract, her breathing becomes much more erratic as another orgasm begins to build. He licks and sucks her aching, soaked center, partaking in the slickness of her natural essence. Lapping at her juices, this is everything and so much more he’d hoped for. Sweet … so, so very sweet. It always was. He can’t get enough. Flicking his tongue over her clit, listening intensely to her moans, as she thrashes about, knowing she is about to come again very soon. Almost instantly his tongue finds her pleasure spot again, pushing deep inside, as he wraps his arms tightly around his love’s hips, pulling himself soundly against her. Pushing his tongue in and out, tasting her juices as he runs up and down, almost to the end, but stopping right before he gets to the most sensitive part. Teasing her, not wanting to cause the sensation to be too intense, too soon, knowing full enticement is coming. And quickly. She is in the early stages of pure ecstasy and complete bliss, thrashing profusely beneath him. In and out his fingers slide slowly in time with his tongue. Up and over her clit, stroking and teasing, then licking her full length. Faster and harder he begins to work her, in and out, from side to side. Her heart pounds with excitement, as they move together in unison. Kellie can feel the orgasm building, a soft wave rolling with her body, moving with every stroke of her love’s tongue. As his licking becomes more determined, Bradley slides a finger into her ass. She opens her mouth to scream, but no sound emerges. She is completely at Brad’s mercy. Her eyes flutter open, on the verge of exploding into a bucking, screaming orgasm.

Knowing this he reaches up, pinching her rigid peaks, as the nipples swell with intense desire. The immediate touch sends a jolt throughout her body, as the two move together in prurience. Kellie feels her breath hitch as her legs shoot open even further. Her body sways euphorically in time, grinding against her lover’s tongue, gasping as each stroke takes her closer to the edge of climax.

Bucking on the bed, Kellie moves into the sensation, moaning with pleasure. Thrusting her pussy hard against his mouth, and him responding by pushing his tongue further into her. Soon thereafter she begins to make deep throated groans, letting him know she isn’t too far off. Taking hold of her hips he works her with such power. As his fingers get faster and rougher so does his tongue, until Kellie’s legs start shaking uncontrollably. Shuddering, and moaning deeply, she reaches down with her hands and tries to pull his hands and head away from her, unable to take any more.

Her body tenses up, screaming in ecstasy, losing all control of her mind and body, experiencing a much fuller and more prolonged orgasm, as a torrent of cum is released. Waves of pleasure radiates throughout her entire body as it shakes intensely. Laying back, covered in sweat, spent. Bradley watches her; his eyes glazed but very wide, as he hits his summit. “Mmm … I love touching, kissing and sucking every inch of you, Kellie Dawn.” He whispers softly, with a mischievous glint in his eye that sends chills down her spine, as he greedily laps up her juices. “Awe, so sweet darling.” He says throatily, smiling up at her.

The air is so thick with mutual lust and desire. As spent as she is her emotional pendulum is swinging. The mere thought of him filling her with his cock makes her ache in the deepest part of her heart and soul, waking up all lust and desire for Bradley, in it‘s purest animal form.

Rolling over, facing him, “My turn.” She growls in a low husky voice, giving him an impish grin. Taking her not so subtle hint he allows himself to roll over onto his back. Pulling herself atop him, lunging, with much grace and swiftness. Slowly she lets herself rock against him. Looking down at him she is mesmerized once again. “Very nice, Mr. Reid.” Her hand grazes his cock, as it‘s warmth fills her hand. “You’ll have no problem filling my needs.” She teases, and then lowers her head slowly, devouring his hard shaft, paying special attention to the engorged head. With a tentative tongue she gently licks, and then slowly sucks, letting her tongue swirl around the tip, lapping at the precum that glistens in the candlelight. Stroking, relishing in the groan of approval that emerges from deep within him, writhing in pleasure beneath her. Giving an appreciative, “Mmmm…“around his cock at the masculine taste of him, causing him to shudder. Leaning his head back temporarily incapacitated, reveling in the ever increasing tightness of her lips around him, almost to the point of eruption. “Deeper. “ He moans at her gutturally, “More baby. “ She looks up at him as their eyes connect. Their eyes hold one another’s gaze while her obliging mouth sucks on his substantial cock. She parts her lips, and with one hand he holds himself, ready for her. “All the way baby. “ He whispers, while his other hand remains in her hair, stroking her as she continues to lick up and down his shaft, pumping him with her hands. Then she goes down on him again, cupping his balls, while she drags her mouth up and down his cock, stroking harder and faster. “Oh baby, yesss!” He mutters, almost incoherent as his back arches and eyes close. Savoring the warmth and sensations, her mouth moves in perfect rhythm, bringing him to the brink of rhapsody. “Come for me, baby.” The mere sound of her voice sends him climaxing, exploding in pleasure.

She smiles saucily at him. “You enjoyed that huh?” Asking needlessly, keeping him hard, as she teases him with her seductive words. “You know I did.” He replies. “Do you want more baby?” She asks. “My pussy is throbbing … for you, Bradley.” She reaches down, caressing him, gently. “Do you want me babe?” Bradley doesn’t answer her in words. He gives her what she wants, needs, and desires. He thrust forward with urgent intent, directing the head of his cock to her clit, rubbing the two in unison. By now he is doing as much moaning and groaning as Kellie is. Taking his cock in his own hands, he redirects the head, in a single fluid movement, plunging deep into her slick wet opening. Filling her completely, not just physically but emotionally as well. Sentiments build to a new level neither believed possible. Desiring to be gentle, Bradley loses his grip as soon as he delves into her moist hot center. Teasingly, gyrating his hips without withdrawing from her, making her moan with frustrated pleasure.

Her nails drag down his back as he relentlessly pumps her. So deep are his thrusts that she can feel him in the pit of her stomach. Crying out in pure ecstasy she arches her head back further. His head follows, lips arriving at her rigid peaks, tweaking the nipples. Pumping her hard and long while teasing her breasts. She reaches down, digging her hands into his lower back, holding him in her. Thrusting into her over and over, his movements get faster and faster, as his balls slap against her, leaving her whimpering in the satin sheets. He reaches beneath her to play with her clit as he pounds her sopping center. Giving her all he has, she thrusts her hips back at him, wanting and needing to feel him deeper within her.

As Bradley listens to his love’s involuntary moans he looks up at her. Her forehead is furrowed, teeth clenched tight, as her breathing accelerates rapidly. Her blue orbs, now eyes nearly black, fill with lust; lips glisten with passion, open and full. This immediate beautiful sight causes him to shiver for one infinitesimally brief second, drawing in long breaths, exhaling deeply. His love bucks wildly, screaming his name, as he feels the heat rising in her lower abdomen. As the rhythm of lust unfolds, their hips remain joined, pumping wildly in unison. The intensity of one another’s orgasm is building with each passing moment. The sweet surrender to passion, pure and physical is near … far too intense to ignore, as his hand and mouth, followed by his hard cock works in cadence, pumping her faster, harder and deeper than he ever has before.

Beads of sweat are running down his chest and body. After awhile he pulls out, turning her over, and re-enters her from behind. One of his hands latches on a breast, teasing the nipple, while the other enters her dripping wet pussy. He feels her walls contract around him. Both are on the edge; teetering toward an explosive release, something they both crave more than their next breath. Indulging in lust, passion and desire. With each kiss, every touch, driving her with all the intensity he has, over and over again. Immediately finding, and rubbing her clit, they moan into each other’s mouth.

Their breathing gets heavier and the moans of passion increase as they near the brink. Letting a soft moan escape her lips, impetuously the words “Bradley”, then “Kellie” are released by one another in blissful oblivion. Eyes dark with lust, filled with pure ecstasy and desire, hearts full of love. Kellie feels her body stiffen; moans escape with every exhalation from the back of her throat, groans of pleasure rumble through her. Suddenly her jaw opens, cries deepen more frequently, high pitched, full of anguish. The perfect combination of pleasure and pain, this and the throbbing and pumping cock deep inside shakes her with a multitude of intense orgasms, bringing her to a crescendo. She arches her back as her love’s final thrust sends them both over the edge again.

“I’m gonna cum again”

“Give it to me baby, I want to feel every ounce of you inside me.” She whispers. Kellie feels him tighten, trying to hold back. Desiring to make this lovely feeling last; exquisite pleasure before pure explosions of ecstasy. As wave upon wave of pleasure hits her, she cries out his name. Causing him to explode, releasing everything deep inside.

Multiple orgasms explode, sending pure, unadulterated waves of pleasure throughout their entire bodies. Each one is strong, intense, shaking both for quite some time afterwards. Not gradually diminishing as they often do, but lasting longer and more intensely than anything either has ever experienced in the five years they’ve been married.

With his cock firmly buried deep inside her they kiss passionately for what feels like hours, devouring each other in the after glow of their orgasms. Kellie breaks the kiss and brings her lips to his ear, swirling her tongue teasingly. “See what you‘re going to be missing out on?” She says, wiggling her hips into him. “Sure you really want to go to Italy, babe?” Asking seductively, clamping her pussy muscles down on his embedded cock. “Be quiet and kiss me.” He teases.

Eventually spent, collapsing in exhaustion they drown in their own lust for one another. Slowly Kellie opens her eyes, as her cries of passion move from intense sexual satisfaction to the soft moans of complete and utter contentment. Lips soft and full, smiling as she admires the handsome man who crawls up and lies beside her. Gradually coming down from her high, oscillating her hips with his gently, he softly caresses her body; both relaxing together. Softly kissing the corners of her mouth, feeling her smile momentarily before drawing in a short shivering breath. His lips travel to her cheeks, where he plants tiny butterfly kisses to her soft skin, before returning to her hot, ravenous mouth. After awhile his lips move to the steep contour of her jaw line and kisses all the way along. She gasps at the feeling, tilting her head backwards just a little as her mouth opens, inviting her love’s lips back to hers. As their lips reconnect what they fantasize about, slips into reality. Right now it feels so, so very good. Together; never again feeling lost, alone, scared or lonely. They have one another and everything is perfect.

Kellie Dawn lays her head on Brad’s chest, closing her eyes, listening to his steady heartbeat. Opening her eyes she looks up, gazing into the soft green orbs of her lover and best friend for all eternity. Quietly smirking, and then asking in a raspy voice, “So how was that baby … good enough to make you miss me sweetheart?”

Bradley thinks to himself with a wry smile. “What do you think silly?” Asking rhetorically then continuing to answer nevertheless. “Oh my god that was …” Gathering his thoughts after several minutes of blissful silence. Gently stroking the blonde’s hair, pushing it behind her ears, and pressing his lips to her cheek, gently and lovingly. “You, Kellie Dawn Pickler-Reid are absolutely amazing. I am going to miss you more than you can ever possibly imagine. So much, baby.” Smirking seductively, he opens one eye. “That was simply fucking amazing, so orgasmic, and absolutely heavenly.” Kellie looks up at him, a hint of glimmering tears in her eyes. Breathing deeply, she smiles, “I wish you didn’t have to go sweetheart.”

“Me too, baby” He wipes away her lone, fallen tear. “Me too.”

They lay together for a short time, in relative silence, drawing comfort in one another’s body. As it neared the early morning hours, Bradley’s stomach growls, causing both to giggle. Glancing over at the clock he notices the time, 5:45 a.m. “Hey love, are you hungry?” Raising one eyebrow in an enigmatic questioning way.

“God yes!” Smiling, as a lustful gleam fills her eyes. “Ravenous … especially for you, babe!” Teasing, as her face begins to show the early stages of crimson. Always displaying a fun loving, soft gentle side. One that greatly intrigues and arouses her husband. Feeling rather blissful she smiles sheepishly and suddenly springs to life.

“Wanna make a baby, Mr. Reid.” A mischievous glint fills her eyes, “Un bambino … il nostro bambino?” She squeezes his arm softly. “Ready for another hour or two of hot monkey sex baby.” Bradley smirks, chuckling, then arches an eyebrow at his wife. His eyes widen with the naughtiness that has invaded her, “You’re insatiable!” Kellie laughs, and then begins to blush.

They make passionate love for hours, working one another into frenzy; fucking slow, then fast; soft then hard. Sharing sounds that convey pure lust and screaming so loudly at times that half of upstate New York can hear them. Crying out in the sound of ecstasy, heaving and trying to catch their breath, as their bodies collapse together, exhausted. Two lovers lay in a tight embrace under the covers, entwined from head to toe. Both panting, breathless, spent in passion. Eyes closed; no words are exchanged, none are needed. Both savoring the afterglow. Sweat mingling with their senses, shuddering with the pleasure and passion given to one another.

“Wow Bradley!” Kellie eventually musters a mumble, at a loss for anything more coherent. After a few more moments she regains her composure. Her chin rests comfortably on his chest, as his arms hold her tight. “That felt just like our very first time.”

“Our first time.” He smiles at the memory, recalling it all too well. “The language of love and the dance of seduction.” Closing his eyes, grinning, stifling a soft moan.

Reminiscing back to the night on the dance floor, a smile emerges from her face, ‘What a dance … one I’ll never forget, Bradley.” Her eyes dance with lust, and the seductive smirk she puts on just for him starts to reappear.

Then there is the final sigh of complete and utter compliance. A whimper escapes her lips, as she takes several deep breaths to get a somewhat grip on her desires, causing Bradley to smirk. Admiring her ring, her thumb slides across the band. Another kind gesture, signifying his love, cementing once again his commitment. Smiling to herself, she looks up, staring into the deep dark orbs of her loving husband. Flashing him a charming smile, kissing him gently on the lips. He affectionately traces the side of her face with his fingertips, smiling as he gazes into her eyes. Pressing his lips to the palm of her hand, “I love you, Kel.”

“I love you too, baby.”

His gaze lingers, intensely, filled with much ardency. “Tell me what’s behind those deep blue eyes of yours?” He whispers, as she nestles her cheek in the hollow of his neck, interlacing her fingers with his. “Behind these eyes are dreams.”

Kellie holds Brad’s gaze for a couple of seconds, although it feels much longer. Finally, smiling, moving her head closer, she kisses him deep and long. When the kiss finally ends they breathe together. She kisses his lips again softly, leaning in to whisper close to his ear. “All my dreams came true the day I met you, Bradley Alexander Reid, Jr.” His soft intake of breath makes the couple give each other a silent, knowing smile.

Their previous lovemaking has taken the edge from their need so they spent much time holding, kissing and caressing. His body presses against hers. He smiles, she smiles back, both feeling a real sense of love, gratification and solace. Smiling inwardly, thanking their lucky stars that fate brought them together, safe in the arms of love, sharing a whirlwind romance; one only most can ever dream of. A look, a laugh, a smile. Always the same, the way the midnight passion never fails to consume each other, whether they are together, or miles apart.

Complacent, finally sometime around 7:30 a.m. a state of exhaustion overtakes their bodies. Pulling the satin sheets, and blankets around them, savoring the warmth and comfort they provide, both succumb to sleep.

Drifting towards peaceful slumber, “Let’s have sinful dreams together.” Kellie says barely above a whisper before kissing her husband goodnight. Delighted, self indulged, infatuated, and full of emotion life couldn’t be any more perfect for these two lovers than it was at this given moment. Arms wrapped tightly around one another. Lovers and best friends, the aspiration of all hidden desires and forbidden passions. In a soft whisper she hears, “I love you sweetheart with everything that I am” in return. With one last satisfied sigh they both feel their eyes slowly close, drifting into slumber. Snuggling in his arms, feeling safe and loved. Content; they may have lay there for hours, but it always seemed like minutes. The one thing both are learning; when you’re in love, time is never on your side. Hours feel like minutes, and years seem only like days.
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It is 8:42 a.m. and another cold, dark, gloomy morning in Rochester, New York. Sporadically a rumble of thunder remains audible in the distance as lightning ensuingly lights up the sky. Latterly darkness falls again. The bedroom is filled with a chill in the air, as the last embers of a log withers faintly in the fireplace.

With an overwhelming sense of drowsiness, Kellie fights desperately to stay awake. As she does so the bed sheets ripple below her restless body. Though she will never confess to anyone, except Brad, she is petrified by all the commotion going on outside. Amidst the wind howling, trees blowing and shutters banging against the windows, she tosses and turns in bed throughout much of the early morning hours. Just as she would start to drift off to sleep a loud crash occurs, leaving her wide awake again.

Kellie fights desperately against sleep, but feels an overwhelming sense of drowsiness. The sounds of Bradley’s faint snoring mingle with that of the wind. It’s picked up once again, leaving everything cold and chilly. A perfect day to build a fire, stay in bed, watching movies, making passionate love, savoring every last moment spent together before having to say goodbye.

Undoubtedly out of sheer exhaustion she falls asleep listening to the chimes of the grandfather clock. Bradley lay next to her on his left side, sleeping soundly. His right arm drapes across her waist as she writhes beneath his touch … dreaming.

The tiresome blonde has not been asleep more than an hour or so when the sound of shattering glass and what appears to be some sort of blatant explosion jolts her from her peaceful slumber. Opening her eyes grudgingly she sits up fervently in bed for a moment. The ceiling of her bedroom slowly begins to come into focus. “What the hell was that noise?” Vigorously rubbing her eyes, trying to banish any hint of sleepiness away. Consternate and drenched in her very own sweat, she wipes it from her brow.

“Goddamit!” Screeching loudly as another gust of wind blows the shutters against the window, startling her. Taking a deep breath, then exhaling slowly she struggles to calm her nerves. Sluggishly stretching and yawning, then taking a glance at the clock, 9:39 a.m. shimmers brightly on the led screen. It said 8:42 a.m. the last time she noticed. Sighing heavily, “Ugh! So much for sleep!”

Feeling extremely cold and numb, she is in a state between slumber and consciousness. Everything appears faint and velutinous in her head. Kellie is aghast, her heart races profusely, disoriented by the unknown and what is befalling around her. Feeling scared; unquestionably instilled with great fear, trembling and left breathless her eyes peregrinate throughout the entire bedroom in a state of confusion. No one is to be seen, and everything appears in its proper place. Her gaze lingers to Bradley who settles comfortably beside her. “Surely he would have awoken if something was amiss; then again this is Bradley Reid were talking about, the man who sleeps through everything.”

“Could this have only been a dream? It all seems much too real? “ She chuckles to herself, feeling the hair on her arms standing on end. A soft sigh escapes her lips, partly out of relief, the other out of sorrow as her blue orbs observe the fragments of broken glass on the bedroom floor. “I wonder how that happened.” Amiss, their wedding portrait, and the remnants of a dismembered frame. Staring at her husband, then mumbling under her breath, “And he didn’t hear a damn thing! Shame on him!” Unblinking for a moment, than partaking in a deep one shuddering breath. “Someone could sneak in here in the middle of the night and kidnap me. That man is useless, he wouldn’t even wake up!” Laughing softly to herself. Sitting quietly, she attempts to decipher her thoughts, meditating to comprehend what is occurring. Apprehensive; her fingertips lightly graze the band of her ring, staring at the diamonds. A ring signifying the deep love and compassion shared with one another. “Five wonderful years.” She says to herself as she continues to question what has left her feeling so much desolation, after all it is just a portrait and surely can be replaced.

Surrounded by darkness, a vague candlelight trifles in the night, an empty bottle of cognac rests on the nightstand and astonishing memories of the night’s events linger in her mind. Fretful, her unclothed body rests atop a tousled mess of sheets, as her heart continues to beat furiously in her chest. Her mind fathomlessly begins to wander. Thenceforth, fragments of a dream slowly eventuate, causing unsettling fears to emerge. Her imagination and subconscious taking her to places her mind truly doesn’t want to venture.

The rain subsides, leaving an excessive dense fog descending over much of upstate New York. Traffic is moving rapidly, as commuters rush to their desired destinations. A yellow cab taxi, with two occupants; an older grey haired gentleman who is driving, and a young man in the back seat, travels Northbound I-390 near Rochester, following a Silver F-350 driven by a young African-American woman in her mid 40’s. In the process of passing on the right, for unknown reasons the taxi spins out of control and begins to hydroplane. Spinning across all four lanes of traffic, turning 180 degrees, leaving it facing the wrong way on the open road. Unable to see the taxi in the heavy fog it is hit head on by an oncoming southbound black Honda Accord driven by a Hispanic male. The impact sends the taxi tumbling down the Interstate, broad siding an unoccupied broken down Nationwide VanLines truck, than rolling three times before coming to rest on it’s roof.

The ensemble of events is becoming so much more vivid, almost surreal, causing Kellie more distress… Her senses broaden, intensify, impairing her ability to understand the asperity of this fatal tragedy. She grows increasingly nauseated at the pungent smell of gasoline vapors, and the acrid smell of blood. Her body feels the warmth of the heat generated by the fire residing under the hood of the taxi. She sees able bodies trying desperately to help the injured as traffic comes to a halt in all directions. Trying to escape the muffled screams she covers her ears, as an onrush of tears seep down her cheeks. In a frenzied state of panic; unsure if this is a cretinous dream, some sort of premonition, or a state of reality, she quickly plummets off the bed and scrambles to the window. Throwing back the curtains, gaping out into gloominess, in the direction of the Interstate. Nothing appears to be out of the ordinary. “Calm down Kellie.” You just need to calm down.” She tells herself over and over again, before smirking, laughing quietly to herself. “Oh Kellie … you’re acting if you can actually see the Interstate from here. You’re losing your mind, girl.” With a pensive look of confusion masked on her face she walks somberly into the bathroom and closes the door behind her.

Her master bath features marble floors and countertops, and cherry woodwork. When they remodeled they made sure to accent it with his and her sinks, bidet, separate shower and wood paneled walk closet.

Kellie stands, speechless, staring blankly into the mirror for a brief moment, and then fixating her eyes upon her reflection. The last traces of mascara drips down her face, her hair is a tousled mess, and her eyes discolored and pale, still glistening with fresh tears. No longer warm and gentle, now rather confused and withdrawn. Not only does she look sad and disheartened, she feels it too.

“Oh my! I look like I’ve seen a ghost! And Bradley thinks I’m sexy … what a joke!” Abruptly criticizing her appearance through clenched teeth. Squinting, as her blue orbs gaze solemnly into the mirror. “You are in desperate need of some sleep, lots and lots of it!” Dousing her face with cold water, intent on calming her frazzled nerves, and abolishing all disturbing images from her mind.

“It was just a dream, Kellie. Nothing more, nothing less … just a dream.” She confidently reassures herself, repeating the words dream over and over again. Standing quietly, lost in thought, she contemplates each feeling, hoping to piece together the chain of events, putting closure on this ordeal once and for all. Essentially before Monday; when Bradley leaves for Italy and she’s left alone to conquer her fears.

Unanticipated, Kellie hears a man’s scream. Not just any scream, but a deathly piercing outcry that echoes in the stillness of the night. “Kellie … Kellie help me please. Kellie … please baby … I need your help. I don’t want to die!” She looks frantically around the bathroom in eager anticipation, letting her senses fulfill the desire to seek out the voice. “Kellie” His voice pleads; calling out to her repeatedly, begging for her help. “That voice sounds just like Bradley’s, but how can that be?” Turning around swiftly she swings open the bathroom door, sauntering briskly towards the bed, where his slumbering body awaits.

Upon seeing her husband she sighs heavily, in relief and sits down on the edge of the bed beside him. Careful not to wake him she leans down and kisses his cheek. “I love you baby.” She whispers softly in his ear, as a smile emerges, followed by a lone tear trickling down her left cheek. “He’s right here, in bed, sleeping soundly Kellie. Safe and sound, now stop worrying, it was just a silly dream.”

Her gaze lingers back to the floor and the broken glass and debris. “I wonder what caused our portrait to fall.” Seeking a logical explanation, unable to grasp the validity of her very own feelings. “It’s been hanging for five years, withstanding three earthquakes and the rushed careless dusting at times, by our housekeeper, Hillary.“ Her mind goes blank, frozen in time, in an almost immediate state of panic. “This has to be the fragments of a dream. It just has to.”

As she rises from the bed, her bottom lip quivers as images of the dream replay throughout her mind again, knowing several lives are lost. Fighting desperately to find answers she tries to regain her composure without waking Bradley. Blinking feverishly, and then rubbing her eyes, mocked by fear, teardrops once again fall like raindrops. “This certainly does not feel like any dream I’ve ever had. It’s much too real.”

“Maybe what I need is a nice long hot relaxing bubble bath. That might calm my nerves.” She murmurs, while holding back a sob. Wiping the tears from her eyes, blowing her nose, and tossing the tissue into the fireplace, she saunters back towards the bathroom. Mind set on taking a bath and washing her worries away. Smiling, she shakes her head at her foolishness. She was never one to let her imagination get the best of her and cause such havoc. But this time was different, much different. Never has she been so fearful, waking with such feelings of acute distress, worry and panic.

Dimming the lights, she lights a few candles, setting them carefully on the edge of the tub. The blonde loves her luxurious tub, and within moments has the jets turned on to swish around some of her favorite lavender scented bubble bath. A nice lilaceous aroma fills the room. Meanwhile, the hot water runs, steam begins to rise along with the bubbles, while the alluring blonde goes into the kitchen.

Her gourmet kitchen is every woman’s dream, although Brad opts to do most of the cooking. Complete with a Wolfe commercial gas stove, center island and sub zero below the counter freezer. Open to the dining room area and the solarium, complete with Mexican tile and wood flooring. Recently adding a delightful built in antique wooden refrigerator. Kellie goes over to the utility closet and retrieves a coffee filter and the can of Folgers. Adding water to the coffee maker, she measures and adds the coffee grounds accordingly. Within moments the aroma of fresh brewed coffee fills the room. “After my bath I’ll surprise Bradley with breakfast in bed.” Right now she is ready to embark on some sequestered, requiescence time, drowning out all outside civilization, past worries and fears.

Kellie indolently puts her hair up in a ponytail, grabs the phone, as well as her cell phone in case anyone calls, and pours herself a nice hot cup of coffee. “Awe, this taste delicious.” She walks slowly towards the bathroom where her relaxing bath awaits.

Setting everything down on the counter, her right leg steps over the edge of the tub first. The water feels sumptuous on her soft skin, as she slowly puts her left leg over the side. Standing momentarily underneath the overhead facet, the fatigued blonde lets the hot water cascade over her body. Relieving the stress and tension from her aching back, neck and shoulders, as the water pounds against her flesh. Eventually she slides down into the soothing water, letting the bubbles consume every inch of her body. Sliding down a bit further, she fights desperately to put all haunting images out of her mind, if only for the next hour. “Oh … This feels heavenly … So, so good.” The hot water feels gratifying, as she lay back. Reaching for her cup, sipping her hot coffee. Closing her eyes briefly, doing away with any and all distractions, envisioning how exhilarating a full body massage would feel, allowing her to be kneaded into blissful oblivion. Desiring yet to have Bradley bathing with her. Locking eyes, feeling sexier, more alive and confident, yearning to desire someone and be desired in return.

“Married life is wonderful.” She smiles, thinking about her husband in the other room. “We have the existence of true love and happiness … my soul mate, a promised kindred soul.” It started out as friendship, as many relationships do. Gradually Kellie’s feelings for Bradley, a handsome young doctor, turned romantic. They bonded intellectually, emotionally and yes even physically. The blonde’s needs for love, attention, intimacy, companionship and sex were being met, and before long they had fallen in love with one another. She loved the attention, scrutiny and romance, but it was more than just mind boggling sex, it was about passion and the emotional intimacy. They talked every day and made plans to spend the rest of their lives together. She no longer wanted to partition her love, she just wanted to have one person to call her lover; her sweetheart until the end of all time. Bradley is that person. The one who she trusts whole heartedly and believes in. The man who took the time to look and get to know the woman beyond the pretty face, gazing deep into her heart and soul, into her very own essence.

Even after five years the mere mention of his name sends a wonderful sensation throughout, causing her body to instantly respond. Her heart skips a beat, breath catches in her throat, her stomach continues to do flip flops like a young lover having sex for the very first time. Yes, her center throbs constantly with just a few words from her love. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world, and Kellie hopes this feeling never goes away.

These feelings left her scared at times, especially when she dreams like she did today, yet she wouldn’t trade them for anything else in the world. This is what Bradley Reid, Jr. has done to her, and as painful as it was at times, she loved every second of being married to the most amazing man in the world. Smiling as she reminisces back to the many times they would sit and flirt with one another. Locking eyes; communicating with amorous stares, cherishing each and every moment spent together. Bradley’s ability to ignite feelings of lust and hidden desire. Recalling the many nights they left his office together, holding hands on the ride home. She loves the way he pulls her close, kissing her as they stand at the front door. Smothering her with kisses as they make their way to the bedroom, tenderly kissing and caressing one another’s bodies as they rid each other of their clothes, before gently and lovingly making passionate love all through the night, until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Bradley stole her heart, and now, it belongs to him forever. To him, and only him!

Lying back in the tub, the jets continue to circulate water, full force. She wipes a few more fallen tears from her eyes, as she tries perilously to discard from her mind all images. Focusing her attention on here and now. She can feel the tension emerging from her tired body. Sitting up slowly she begins to wash, but her mind wanders back to Bradley’s voice. With each and every touch she is becoming more aroused as sanguine images play throughout her mind and the sexual tension rises. The soapy lather feels good, as she works her hands all over her body. Caressing her breasts, making circular motions, slowly working her fingers down to her inner thighs, eventually moving to her nether region. Fervently she lay back, concentrating on the sensations that are traveling throughout.

In a matter of minutes she is completely embedded in previous thoughts about dreams and premonitions. Over the past thirty years she’s had many dreams. Ranging from very sexual ones to others that take her to another time and place, feeling as if she’s reliving past lives. She’s encountered several premonitions that have proven to be true, oftentimes seeing auras around people, and once even experiencing telepathy as well. Yet never has she experienced something so vivid, as real as this. It’s as if she can feel it happening, but at points in time her dream just went blank. That is what has left her fearful of the unknown and what tomorrow will bring.

Kellie recalls something her dear friend, Alana Georgette Ellsworth, a third generation compassionate, gifted caring psychic once shared with her. “The goal is still to put an end to nightmares and recurring dreams, by evolving them into more beneficial scenarios, and not blocking, ignoring, or denying them.” Hopeful this dream is only an indication of her fears arising from her deepest frustrations, repressions and inner conflicts over Bradley’s upcoming business venture. Perhaps she will call upon Alana and see if she can use her spirit guides and psychic abilities to interpret this dream, like she has done so in the past. Using her abilities to look into her past, present and future, giving her a better understanding of this, while reducing stress and worry. If anyone can help Kellie with this she knows the answer lies in Alana. Her readings in the past were always fact based, accurate and very inspirational. Never one to offer miracles, and false hopes, only guidance and understanding of current and up coming situations so Kel on her own can make better and more fulfilling decisions, leading to a more productive life in achieving her fullest potential. After a reading with Alana Georgette, Kellie always feels a sense of clarity. If there is ever a time she needs that … its now.

Without even realizing it she reaches for her cell phone. It seems as if her fingers have a mind of their own as she dials Alana’s number. She doesn’t want to bother her, and consciously tries to force her hands to not move but they keep up with their rebellion and she soon hears ringing on the other end of the line. It is Sunday morning; she doesn’t expect an answer being her ritual is to go out to breakfast and then the park with her husband David, and two beautiful children, Ashley and Little Davey. There is no answer so she hangs up without leaving a message.

Next, retrieving her messages she is shocked into utter speechlessness when she hears Alana’s voice issue this statement. “Kellie, its Alana. We need to talk A.S.A.P. it’s about Bradley.” Her voice is soft, almost like a caress but very direct and to the point. Almost…

Everything seems an enormous bundle of confusion in her head. Redialing Alana’s number, she leaves a brief message, “It’s me, returning your call, call me, and something’s happened, we need to talk, now!”

Suddenly all thoughts come to an abrupt halt. She rises slowly out of the tub as a feeling of dread washes over her. Sensing death for sure. Drying off quickly she slips into her black satin robe. She begins to cry and cannot stop. “What is happening to me?” Distressed eyes; filled with tears, staring into the mirror, begging for answers. The boisterous scream is heard again, louder and much more demanding this time. “Kellie … Kellie … Kellie. Please help me … please baby, I need your help, now love. Please don’t let me die sweetheart. Please Kel!” The initial impact of the crash and the cries of the injured and dying can be heard over and over. She covers her ears, “No. Please. Stop!” She begs. Immediately silence fills the room, and his voice fades, vanishing into the night air like fog.

A cold chill surrounds her. Something is wrong, very wrong. Shutting her eyes, closing them as tightly as she possibly can, trying desperately to chase away the images and free her mind of all bad thoughts. But they won’t go away.

Traffic remains backed up for miles south of the wreckage. The high speed lanes on both sides of the Interstate are closed down indefinitely, while the State Police and analysis team investigates the cause of the accident, in order to complete an official report. Witnesses gather near the wreckage, waiting to be interviewed by investigators. When the sun dispels the gloom, allowing rescue workers to extract several severely injured bodies from the wreckage, it was then that the nauseating realization settles in. Amid all the debris on the Interstate: broken glass, smashed metal, auto parts and blood … in this tragic turn of events she sees his face … another fatality … it is Bradley.

Coyly Kellie looks up; her eyes linger into the bathroom mirror. Her face is flushed, and her eyes are watering terribly. She feels so helpless, as a sick empty feeling comes upon her. She wipes away her tears as quickly as they fall. Her feelings are way too strong to ignore, as her heart is obliterated. He’s so close … yet so far away. Her lower lip quivers as she fights back tears. Sniffling, her sobs finally quiet. Then her mind fills with memories of her lovemaking. Her thirst for desire was quenched, her need for love was met, her lust aroused instantly. She felt more alive, experiencing feelings and sensations, drawn from deep within. Thoughts and emotions lay dead deep inside rose forth, making her feel alive and vibrant. “How can an evening that was so perfect turn into such a disaster, leaving me feeling this way?” Unable to grasp the full validity of her dream, only knowing according to this, Bradley Alexander Reid, Jr. was slipping away from her life, as quickly as he entered it.

Suddenly her eyes shoot open, startled by a warm sensation that sweeps across her entire body. She jumps nearly out of her skin. “What the fuck was that.” Kellie’s imagination runs rampant, frantically searching for the culprit, as fear settles in further. Surrounded by a vivid surreal feeling that she is not alone. “Well if I’m not alone, who the hell is here with me? There is no one here Kel, just you alone inside this bathroom.” The peaceful feeling subsides, now experiencing a real sense of urgency, as she tries to understand these conflicting emotions. Again she looks around, seeing no one in sight. The blonde closes her eyes again, only to keep opening them, peering around the room nervously. Acknowledging her paranoia, she tries desperately to calm her nerves, with no such luck prevailing. Instilled with great fear she looks around the room in a state of panic. In a last failed attempt, she opens the medicine cabinet, removing a bottle of sleeping pills. “As much as I hate to do this, I have to, otherwise I’m going to get run down by fatigue and exhaustion again and end up in the hospital.” Remembering a time not too long ago where she was tired, rundown, and feeling as if she was slowly losing a grip on reality. Closing her eyes she lets some cold water swirl around in her mouth, as several pills slowly go down her throat, knowing that within a matter of time she will be relaxed and everything will be forgotten.

Within moments her reflection in the mirror fades, and she is staring into the pleading eyes of her husband. The terror of the sight forces her backwards against the wall. “Help me. “ As terrified and apprehensive as she is, wanting to turn away she can’t. They hold one another‘s stare for a moment, content with the silence as Kellie remains fixated on the terrifying injuries on his face and body of what were once a handsome young man. Flesh torn and hanging, exposing bone and internal organs. She tries to turn away but her body was numb. So real are the visions, and the sound of his voice that she feels a momentary fear, until she realizes it is just her own heightened emotions causing the cacophony of inner noise. Stepping closer, her fingertips brush the mirror, trying to wipe away the tears and blood. “I’m sorry baby.” She whispers, her voice trailing off as she breaks eye contact with him, unable to scream even though the pain is becoming unbearable.

A feeling of immediate loneliness and despair sweeps across her, leaving a rapid feeling of sadness. Barely coherent, screams leave her mouth, as echoing sirens are heard in the distance, but it is too late, an explosion is heard, and at that moment she knows … he’s gone.

Sobs consume her body, feeling exhausted and weak she collapses on the cold marble floor, as images flood her mind. She lay there shivering in a cold sweat with her robe clenched in a death grip from the imagined agony. Trembling, scared and alone, as the day becomes a terror of exhaustion. Unable to move. In a ravenous panic, frenzied, trying desperately to regain her composure, crying into her hands. Consumed by feelings of guilt, confusion, unbearable anguish and pain, and an inner confliction. Drawing upon every ounce of courage that she has, repeating to herself that it’s only a dream. To no avail … to Kellie it has become so much more.

The tainted smell of blood grows stronger, and the essence of life becomes an omen of death.
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Ugh! Such foreboding and ominous warnings in this chapter. I wonder what will happen? By the way, I love the chapter before this one, it was very, ummmm, steamy! yourock waytogo wow stretcher
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On behalf of my co-author, NSC, and myself we apologize for the lengthy delay in updating our story. However, we do wish to thank each and every one of you who have read, Love Never Dies, whether you've left comments or not. We appreciate your continued support; keeps us inspired to do what we love. Thank you.


“No! No! No! … Bradley please don’t leave me, baby!” Her voice loud and obtrusive, relentless and forceful as it resonates throughout much of the Reid estate. “No!” This time louder, boisterous, echoing off the walls. Her tone laced with obvious anger and frustration.

Bradley stirs in his sleep. “Was that Kellie’s voice I heard calling out to me?” He questions. “Kellie.” Then calls out to her in a far-away voice. There is no response. “I must have been dreaming.” Assuming she’s fine, he slips back into peaceful slumber and within moments is snoring.

A short time later a panic stricken voice demands, “Bradley don’t go! Please don’t go!” Awakening him instantly. “That was definitely not a dream!” Startled by his wife’s screams, he rolls over quickly in anticipation of finding out what’s upset her so badly. Reaching out to her immediately saddened to discover she’s gone.

Gasping for every breath of air, fear settles in. “My wife … where is she?” In a state of confusion he sits up in bed briefly, laggardly; trying to decipher his thoughts. “Where is she?”

Aghast, his sparkling green orbs remain fixated on the large bay window, and then gaze leisurely throughout the bedroom. “Everything seems to be okay, in its proper place” Then his eyes settle on the broken glass and fragments of the frame still lying on the bedroom floor. “What happened here? And where in the hell is my wife?”

“Sweetheart … Kellie … where are you darling?” He calls out to her. As much as he would like to believe everything is okay, something deep down inside tells him otherwise.

“Bradley.” He hears her voice again. Quiescent but understandable. “Brad.” Without delay he jumps out of bed, frantically. “Kel.” He calls out to her. “No don’t take him away from me.” He lets her voice lead him straight to her … to the bathroom. Soon her cries turn into low muffled sobs, consumed by an onrush of tears cascading down her cheeks. Moving towards the door slowly he calls her name, “Kellie.” She doesn’t answer. Standing for a moment, clutching the door knob with his right hand, he slowly turns it to the right. “Kel, baby are you okay?” He asks one last time.

Sighing heavily through a vast array of whimpers, she begins to stammer, her words nearly incoherent, “Don’t … Bradley … Please … No.” Followed by a bit of hope, a tad bit of coherency. “Please dear God, don’t take him away from me.” She begs and pleads, her voice laced with fear and frustration.

“What in the hell is going on here?” “Kel … baby can you hear me?” Much to his disappointment there is no answer. Standing in relative silence he turns the knob further, slowly pushing the door open with his left foot. “Oh my god!” Taken back, in absolute disbelief at his wife’s demeanor. She is lying next to the tub, on the cold, hard marble floor. Curled up, her knees pressed to her chest, sobbing uncontrollably, in an obvious state of utmost confusion. He freezes, bewildered and appalled at her current condition. For the first time in his life he can’t think, let alone speak. When his brain finally begins to function properly he asks the obvious questions.

“Kellie, are you alright … what happened baby?”

Sauntering closer he takes note of an open bottle of pills dispensed on the counter, its contents disbursed. “Oh my god, no!” Fretful, he picks up the bottle and reads the label, “Phenobarbital … prescribed by Dr. Bradley A. Reid, Jr., M.D. February 4, 2006.” A barbiturate; he prescribed last year as a sedative to relieve her anxiety and serve as a short-term treatment of insomnia. Up until this moment he has no idea his wife is still taking the capsules, questioning how long this has been going on.

He closes his eyes for a moment, trying to get his bearings. Licking his lips and nibbling lightly on his bottom lip. This is a nervous habit he developed long ago, and its become mostly subconscious. He opens his eyes, warily this time, moving closer to his wife. “Baby … Kel, what happened. What’s wrong, sweetheart?” He asks, reiteratively, as he sits down beside her on the floor. “Kellie, please talk to me.”

Her breathing is short, shallow and very choppy, as her body shakes with each sob. “Kel, what’s wrong sweetheart?” He asks again, carefully sinking to her level and lovingly taking her into his arms. One hand strokes her hair, his fingers running deftly through her mass of tangles. The other caresses her back; up and down her arms, attempting to provide comfort and ease her troubled mind, as she cries into his chest.

She closes her eyes, immediately losing herself in the warmth and security his body provides. Resting her head on his chest, she can hear the pulsing beat of his heart and it lulls her; imaging it beating in time to music. Feeling as if she is losing all sense of logic and reason, immersed in the troubling thoughts and visions. Questioning what is happening around her, because none of this can rationally be explained.

Pulling away briefly she looks up at him. Her baby blues open wide, filled with tears and sadness. A demeanor of confusion and fear, followed by another stampede of tears. Lifting her chin up, her husband looks deep into her orbs. Smiling, as she simply bites her bottom lip in nervous response. Sitting in relative silence for awhile, both knowledgeable this is a tumultuous time, full of a gamut of conflicting emotions, numbness, anger, helplessness, amongst countless others. Yet comfort and love surrounds them.

Kellie is hurting deeply, temporarily defeated. Brad’s gaze lingers back to the sleeping pills. “Kel … did you take these love?” He questions. Still no response. “Baby, I need to know how many pills you took.” She tries to avert her eyes from his piercing gaze but her head is now held by his strong hands. “Kellie, baby I need for you to answer me, please.” His voice demanding, laced with sarcasm and annoyance, with a look of frustration and impatience on his face. “Damn it.” He mutters under his breath, as he releases her head, “Why won’t you talk to me, love?”

She turns to face the sound of his voice, her head spinning in circles. I’m sorry.” Her whisper descends, inaudible. She isn’t fully aware how long she sat in silence, but it was for a very long time. Sitting and waiting in fear, as the images ran rampant. Afraid to move, afraid to speak, afraid to breathe. Finally the intensity of the fear grew, terror beyond her wildest imagination. A sickening feeling envelopes her being and she makes a rational decision. Becoming well and truly conscious to her surroundings. Snapping out of her immediate haze when she hears Brad’s voice again. “Kellie, can you hear me … are you okay?” No sounds come, but her body shakes with every intake of breath. She reluctantly nods her head in reply.

“I … I … I don’t know.” She answers softly with a slight look of resignation on her face. Thrusting her body closer to his, she holds him tightly, recalling fragments of her dream. “B … Br … Brad.” She stammers in a shaky voice. “There was an accident … you … you were … they took you from me baby.” She watches his eyes narrow slightly, as his nostrils flare, in confusion. “Kellie Dawn, get a hold of yourself. Talk to me sweetheart. Now start from the very beginning.” With his continuous stare he is really starting to unnerve her now and she doesn’t want to further this discussion. “I … I can’t. I’m sorry.”

“C’mon Kel.”

“They took you from me, Brad.”

“No baby, no one took me from you. I’m right here, Kellie.” He pulls her closer, staring into her pensive blue orbs; oppressive, losing their sparkle, now holding the look of despair.

“How in the hell am I going to leave for Italy in the morning?” He questions, fighting his own personal demons. Overwhelmed with a feeling of immediate guilt. Knowing the lament of loneliness is one of the most common anthems of our time. Lately his work schedule was filled with wall to wall events in preparation for this upcoming trip, packing in meeting after meeting, phone calls after fax responses. Becoming a society of clients more than colleagues, acquaintances more than friends. But despite all the people and activities he still feels deeply connected to his wife. Going to all extremes to keep her best interest at heart, doing anything to protect her emotional and physical well being, to avoid another relapse, her worst nightmare … another addiction to prescription drugs. “Oh baby, its ok love. Kellie Dawn, I’m right here, and we’ll get through this ordeal together.” He tightens his embrace. “Was it a dream, love?” He asks. “Is that what this is all about?” His tone warm and comforting. Putting a dry finger to her lips, he cups her face, using his thumbs to wipe away her fallen tears. “Sweetheart, it’s okay, you can tell me. Nothing is going to happen to me. I promise you that love, you’re stuck with me … forever!”

Kellie forces a smile. “Forever.” She whispers softly. Looking up at him sadly, her eyes plead for forgiveness. “I’m sorry, Brad. So, so sorry.” She says quietly, through stifled sobs. “Kellie, you have nothing to be sorry for, hon.” He kisses her on the forehead, reassuring her of his love and concern. “You’re safe here with me.” She looks up at him again. “Always.” Her voice weak, eyes filled with an emptiness and void, swollen and red from crying. “I was so scared, baby.”

“I know, Kellie … I know. Come back to bed.” He says, more asking then telling. “I’ll hold you while you fall asleep, sweetheart. Just sleep for awhile honey and you’ll feel so much better.” He suggests. “And we’ll talk when you awake, love.” She closes her eyes, but immediately the haunting images resurface, dancing within her mind. Pulling him close again, resting her head soundly against his chest, feeling safe in his arms. “Forever.” He whispers, kissing her softly on the lips, as he hugs her tightly. “Always and forever, my love.”

Entwining hands, they slowly rise up off the cold floor together. Kellie looks up, staring into her husband’s familiar, yet at the same time unfamiliar eyes; green orbs filled with love and compassion. But suddenly she no longer sees his face rather that of someone she no longer knows. Because Bradley Reid no longer exists.

He notices her demeanor almost immediately. “What is it love, what’s wrong, Kel?” Leaving his hands entwined with hers, he leads her slowly towards the bed, sitting down beside her on the edge.

“Please listen to me, Kellie Dawn.”

“No Brad … I need to tell you something.”

“Okay, I’m listening.” He stares intensely into the blue eyes of the woman he adores, as the tears begin to slowly seep from the corners. “I don’t think this was a dream. In fact I know it wasn’t, honey.”

“What do you mean, Kel? If it wasn’t a dream, then what was it?” Recalling over the years several premonitions she’s had; but unwilling and able to ask any further questions. “I think it’s all just a figment of your imagination, dear.”

“No, I’m afraid not.”

“Kellie, the storm outside has rattled your nerves. You’re not sleeping well, you’re uptight, and frazzled … that’s all baby.”

“No Bradley. I know you don’t want to hear this but I had a dream, and then I received a call from Ala …” Her voice trails off, coming to an abrupt halt; immediately interrupted by an infuriating gentleman by the name of Bradley Reid, Jr. He rises from the bed immediately throwing his arms into the air, in defeat. His face reddens, “Oh I should have known Alana had something to do with this.” Shaking his head in absolute disgust.

“No Brad, baby please … “

“Kellie Dawn you know how I feel about her … how many times have I told you that fucking psychic just causes havoc, all she wants is your money, Kel that’s all.”

She rises from the bed swiftly, whirling around; her eyes wild and her mouth moving in a sudden onrush of words, “That fucking psychic happens to be my friend … a very dear friend. How can you be so goddamn heartless, Bradley Alexander?”

“I’m heartless … now I’m the bad guy here?” He questions. “Kellie how many times in the past have you ran to Alana with this and that? All she does is put crazy thoughts into your head, baby. Then these thoughts enter your dreams and look what happens. How many times, Kel?”

“Just listen to me for one minute, please Brad.”

“No Kellie, I won’t … you listen to me …” He is immediately interrupted.

“Brad, you were in a taxi … there was a bad accident. I saw the other vehicles involved. Baby, I can smell the combination of gasoline fumes and blood. There are flames everywhere. I see your face … you were trapped in the taxi when it … hon. there was a loud explosion … the taxi … it … it.” Her voice trails off, words scratchy and broken. She sits back down solemnly on the edge of the bed. Brad moves closer, kneeling down in front of his wife, taking her hands in his, listening contently as they continue their banter.

“No Kellie, I’m alive, I’m well … end of story.” He passes her a look that carries concern as well as frustration.

“No!” She murmurs, with an anger that sends her over the edge, rising slowly. “You are not okay. Baby, I don’t want you to leave in the morning, you can’t go, please stay here with me, please. You can’t go.” Her eyes displaying a look of sorrow and despair, one Bradley has never seen before. “You can’t leave me.” She bites her bottom lip as the memories dance within. Eyes filled with tears, blurred by the images at the edges, but reluctantly she continues speaking, “I saw your blood, the cuts, bruises, your mangled flesh baby, images I’ll never ever forget …” Nervously her bottom lip quivers, as she clutches her eyes tightly shut, hoping to contain the tears inside and chase her fears away. Taking a deep breath, she turns away. Unable to look at her husband any longer. Giving him the clear indication that his suspicions were correct. This is why he never mingled in the paranormal and anything to do with Alana Georgette was just plain bad news as far as he was concerned. Yet in the very back of his mind, one question remains, “How much truth is there in any of this?”

“Bradley you were crying out to me … you were begging for me to help you, to save you … but I … I couldn’t get to you in time, baby. The taxi it … it… it blew up … and you …” She choked back a gasp. “You died.”

“My heart was pumping so fast, I wanted to help you, I tried. My adrenaline was flowing, but I let you down, sweetheart. Sirens wailing and people screaming everywhere, Bradley.” Clinging to him tightly, tears sliding through her eyelids and onto her husband’s bare chest.

“I’m sorry, honey.” He wants so badly to keep her safe in his loving arms, never letting go. To chase all her demons away. “Baby, you have nothing to be sorry for, love. I’m okay, and I promise you, I’ll never leave you, my love.” It is taking all his self control not to look too overly upset with this conversation and where it appears to be headed. Knowing that when he leaves in the morning it will only escalate into a heated argument. “Everything is going to be okay, Kel. Why don’t you lay down for awhile, I’ll hold you in my arms while you fall asleep, and then make us something to eat? We can talk more about this later, love.”

“Okay.” She whispers softly, shakily; her memory of events already fragmented and incomplete. They lay down together on the bed. “Just close your eyes. You’re safe here with me.” Brad reassures his wife, pulling her body close to his as she snuggles into his warm embrace. “Free your mind of all troubling thoughts baby. Let it all go.” He whispers. “You’re safe, my love, now and forever. I will love you and look after you always.” He whispers. “Always awakening your desires and feeding them endless passions.”

No matter how hard she focuses on his words and tries to forget what transpired, the images dance freely within. The smell of blood and gasoline lingers in her senses as her fingertips feel the warmth of not Bradley’s body, but as if her flesh is burning. Cries muffled by terrified screams surround her. Alana’s words replay over and over in her head, “It’s about Bradley … It’s about Bradley.”

Kellie knows Alana quite well and puts great faith in her friendship and love. Being the psychic she is, she has the abilities to reach beyond the five senses of touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste. Proving so many times in the past that she is able to tap into someone’s energy and predict that of the future. Something that is not always easily fixed as we all have the ability to change our destiny at will.

Bradley has always held on to the belief that once the distortions are cleared away, Kellie would be like all his other patients. She will grow out of the problem and the pain will subside, as long as Alana keeps her distance. Thinking back to a time where Kellie was in denial that anything was wrong. Insisting life was fine, and that undoubtedly she had no recollection of anything being wrong. The only story she could ever tell was that she had no story. But when she eventually broke free, able to muster together the right words necessary to describe her feelings, and deep embedded emotions, it was a step in the right direction, and healing took place.

They both lay in bed in relative silence, infuriated by the words exchanged, yet saying no more. Bradley closed his eyes, reflecting on the way they touched one another, consumed by love and intimacy. The way she made love to him, how he felt so wanted, needed and truly desired. Kellie was doing much of the same. Desiring more than anything for Bradley to look at her, delving into her blue orbs, as he ran his fingertips through her soft blonde hair, and smiled tenderly. Now her eyes were filled with a profound anguish, desolation and despair, searching eagerly for a way to bring peace and solitude, easing her fears anyway she possibly could.

Sleep was taking her, completely exhausted, she barely has enough energy to hold her eyes open any longer, much less utter any responses. The rhythmic pulsing of Bradley’s heartbeat and the occasional tick tock of the old grandfather clock lures her further and further from wakefulness. Periodically she snaps her head up, looking across at Bradley before falling back to restlessness. Well into the afternoon hours she melts into sleep, dreaming once again. Only this time not of haunting images, but of Bradley. It is euphoric, being with him, almost surreal at times. She feels warm, beautiful, and always loved. Safe and hidden from the outside world. Their bodies are entwined and the velvety softness of his skin engulfs her, making everything alright once again. Her mind is now filled with images of passion, yet unfortunately damnation in equal measure and death lingers.

It is turning out to be another restless afternoon for Kellie. Waking up occasionally, thinking about her nightmare, then drifting back to sleep. Dreaming the same thing, over and over again, in tiny fragments at a time. Once it begins, there is no end. It was the same every time. After the first initial dream, Kellie Dawn will fight desperately to keep herself awake no matter how sleepy she gets. Usually not succeeding. The setting, time period, season and several other details may change, but the theme of these dreams is always the same … the outcome remains the same. Much to her dismay, death surrounds Bradley Alexander Reid, Jr.

Once Bradley is sure she is sleeping soundly, he pulls his body out from beneath hers, slowly, careful not to wake her. Kissing her softly on the forehead, he places her head gently on the pillow, and covers her with blankets. Racked with much guilt and crisis throughout a sleepless afternoon he goes into the bathroom and retrieves her cell phone off the counter. Slipping out the French doors and onto their private balcony, he overlooks the vastness of the beauty that surrounds the estate. The storm is subsiding and the first traces of sun are breaking through the clouds. Listening to the sounds of the frogs at the lily pond, feeling a soft gentle breeze on his naked body. Quite happy that the storm has subsided, savoring in the essence of his home, and the happiness it’s brought to both him and his lovely wife.

Looking across the horizon at the magnificent view, one so radiant; words cannot describe the astounding beauty this big city held. Putting all those thoughts aside, he looks up a phone number in the directory, and slowly begins to punch numbers into the keypad. Waiting in anticipation for an answer, hoping he’s doing the right thing by placing this call. On the third ring a woman’s voice answers.

“Hello … this is Alana …”

Nope! I’m not leaving a message. I think I’ll just go over to her house and speak to her in person. But first, I need to clear my head. What I need is some time alone. Some peaceful serenity, finding the comforts that reside deep within. Maybe a quick run will do me some good.

This day is no longer about passion, lust and desire; it is about fear; anguish and pain. Hidden from the outside world; a terrifying nightmare, a premonition, in the form of death … known only to Bradley Reid.

Savoring every moment; a chance to allow himself to get carried away, letting his mind wander, lost in his own thoughts. Longing for the caressing warmth of the sun, the whisk of a cooling breeze. His mind craves a break, a chance to escape, absurdity or silence. Finding the opportunity to get lost in the moment, escaping the day to day irony of the pressure, and pain brought upon him by Kellie and Alana. An act of nonsense, leading him to say and do some extreme and outrageous things when he was incited to act out. Only this time fear settled in, and he is scared … real scared. Wondering why this was happening now when everything was so perfect.

Slipping into a pair of boxers and a plain white t-shirt, then his gray sweatshirt and sweat pants. He sits on the edge of the bed while putting on his socks and Nike running shoes.

Bradley smiles, relieved to see the first signs of sun shining through the curtains, sending beams of warmth inside, as a beautiful rainbow decorates the sky. Knowing how happy this will make Kellie once she awakens. He grabs his black beanie cap slipping it over his head, and stands briefly by the bed, staring at his sleeping wife.

She looks so peaceful, and content. I hope I’m doing the right thing by leaving her alone. She should be just fine for an hour or so. Those sleeping pills knocked her out; hopefully she’ll wake up feeling refreshed.

Grabbing a pen off the dresser he quickly scribbles a note on a piece of paper and leaves it on the nightstand in case she wakes up.

I went for a quick run, be back shortly.
I love you, baby.

Last but not least he retrieves his iPod out of the dresser. Slipping out the door, quietly, he sighs as a beautiful sky greets him. Birds chirping, squirrels scurrying up and down the trees. It almost feels like nature is calling out to him, as he enjoys the surrounding beauty. Perfect in all sense of the word, he thinks to himself, as he begins his stride up the hill and down the bend. Slipping his headphones on, he begins running down the gravel road, taking each step in stride, to the beat of “Free Bird” by his favorite group of all time, Lynyrd Skynyrd, heading west in the direction of the park.

As he runs, he enjoys the cool crisp breeze blowing in his face. The sun cast long shadows across the pavement while trees sway slightly in the breeze. Turning his music off momentarily he listens intensely to the song of birds and the soft pitter patter of their wings. Life moves all about, as he runs along the trail, occasionally staring up into the sky. Admiring the beauty surrounding him; the fields of yellow and lavender on the horizon, the smell of the cool afternoon breeze fills his nostrils, as his eyes become blurred and his hands damp with tears wiped from his weathered cheeks. Bittersweet tears. Emerging himself in his own fears, he falls to his knees, as his head touches the damp ground. Kellie’s words begin to haunt him, envisioning his face glistening with blood and sheared flesh. Feeling exhausted and confused, slowly inhaling as another tear falls down his cheek. “Pull it together Brad!” Soon his tears fall into the furrows, wetting the tiny ovule nestled in the pocket of the earth. He wonders if subconsciously there is any truth to his wife’s so called premonition, or its merely just another dream. “I’m too young to die, much too young.” He says in a meek voice, one that he barely recognizes as his own. Yet no one hears his voice and no one sees his fallen tears.

Standing up, regaining his composure he begins running again. Taking advantage of this time alone, an ample opportunity to put all concentration on relaxing his mind, filling it with refreshing positive thoughts. He enters the park, smiling, surrounded by nature’s astonishing beauty. Due to the storm, and the wetness it brought forth, its fairly vacant.

Focusing on his purpose, his destiny, his dream to make this business venture a success so he can come back home, take his wife on a much needed, well deserved surprise vacation. He’s been planning a romantic getaway for months, a trip to Caesars Pocono Resort, a premier resort in the heart of Pennsylvania‘s magnificent Pocono Mountains. Choosing a unique, romantic, sensual suite, desiring to share endless romantic moments; savoring in the bubbling, seven foot tall champagne glass whirlpool baths for two, shimmering waves in heart shaped private pools, and hot enticing saunas. Snuggling by the cozy log burning fireplace, making passionate love all night in the lavishing round king size bed. Surrounding his lover with nothing but pleasure, fantasy and serenity from morning until night. “I can’t wait to leave in the morning, and get back home to the love of my life!!!”

Bradley smiles to himself, knowing what kind of woman his wife is. If her heart, gut and mind are not in sync, something is wrong internally. Until she fixes it, she cannot attain her inner harmony. Something he needs to help her find. At all costs. And this vacation might just be the answer.

He runs for nearly forty-five minutes, sweat pouring off his face, as he passes by a blonde sitting on a park bench. Stopping in his tracks several feet past her, he looks back over his shoulder, going completely unnoticed by her. In the nearby distance he sees a young man in his late thirties pushing two young children; a boy and girl on the swings. It was then and there that he knows who this woman is … Alana Georgette Ellsworth.
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And here is the next chapter of LND.....thanks to all who are reading!


Standing silently, he stares at her for a moment. She was beautiful, young; in her late 30’s. Standing at 5’7” with long blonde hair that cascades down her back halfway, sensuous sparkling blue eyes, full and dark lips, and pale freckled skin. Not forgetting what looked to him like 38C breasts, small waist, firm ass and long legs, clad in a short black mini skirt, teal low cut top, complete with black patent leather heels, jewelry and make up done to perfection. Not quite the attire to be worn at the park, right after a major storm, but Alana was always one to flaunt her assets for all to see; knowing full well she was a knockout. Her plunging neckline was probably revealing more than it should, but she didn’t care. She loved to flirt and tease every chance she got, and her husband, David didn’t seem to mind at all. Her fleshly beauty was blessed with a grace of character, which beamed in an aura of kindness, and generosity that comes naturally from within, needing no coaxing to the surface. However, no matter how many looks and whistles she gets, to Bradley Alexander Reid, Jr. her beauty was always overshadowed by instances like this; her mingling into his and Kellie’s business, causing more damage then good. Something he would never overlook under any circumstances.

Sauntering closer … groaning inwardly, “Well, well, well if it isn’t the gifted psychic who’s once again causing my wife and I distress.”

Setting her book down; a copy of “A Longing in the Night” on the park bench, she very cautiously looks up, her face displaying a look of confusion. Debating whether she wants to return the rude greeting, giving him the satisfaction of a reply. Finally deciding it was in her best interest to remain cordial, “Excuse me sir.” Smiling coyly once she realizes who is speaking to her. “Oh hi Brad, you don‘t look thrilled to see me.” Looking him square in the eyes, her voice laced with sarcasm.

Brad stares back at her for a moment, gathering his thoughts. “Whatever gave you that idea?”

“Your body language is giving you away.” She says, taking in every inch of his body. “Did you come here for a reason?” She asks, unable to take her eyes off of him, daring him to respond.

“Do I need a reason to be anywhere I choose to be?” Replies the feisty gentleman, with a spark of anger in his eyes. “But if you must know, I came here to run, to clear my mind from all the distress you’ve caused Kellie and I.”

Alana rolls her eyes, “Oh I see someone still has that charming personality I love so much.” Pausing momentarily. “Did you say distress?” Her words expressed with a cocked eyebrow.

“Yes I did Alana.” Seething angrily, his blood pressure rising. “And you know damn well what I’m talking about.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Bradley.” Smiling. “But since your accusing me of something, what might that be?” She asks innocently, her voice containing a sinister tone of sarcasm and annoyance.

“You have no idea what Kellie and I have been through this morning, thanks to you.”

Her eyebrow rises in concern for her friend, “Is she okay?” She asks, quite anxious to find out what his accusations might be. “What exactly are you implying Bradley?” She asks, closing the short distance between them.

“I found her curled up on the bathroom floor, sobbing. I don’t know how many sleeping pills she took, she won’t tell me.”

“Oh my god, is she okay?”

“She’s sleeping. But she was babbling about an accident … and you. What did you say to her?”

“I didn’t say anything to her, we have not spoken, Brad. However, I think you and I need to talk.”

“Oh you do, do you? And what about, exactly?” He asks, without a hint of irony.

“Bradley I sense death … your aura …” As soon as she utters these words he feels a cool breeze move past him. It seems to linger at his back and he can feel the menacing coldness wrap around his waist. “Death, Bradley … this is very, very serious.” The coldness subsides, and is gone like a night’s sweet caress. Okay, this is just too weird … even for me. I’m sure it was just a chill; it is still a bit breezy outside. That’s all it is. Just relax and don’t show this bitch any signs of fear, she’ll just feed on it and make things that much worse for both Kellie and I.

“What’s wrong, Bradley, you look as if you’ve seen a ghost. Or perhaps felt one?” She asks, utterly amused by the change in his demeanor. “As I was saying, your aura … it’s …”

His thoughts run rampant, as fear begins to settle in. Eyes filled with grief and sorrow; transcending into a state of shock, as his panic stricken face says what words possibly cannot convey. Finally he rises his arms in defeat. “Hold it right there. I don’t want to hear another goddamn word about auras and your fucking nonsense. You might be able to feed Kellie this bullshit, but not me.” He turns to walk away but she immediately blocks his path. “You need to listen to me, please.” She was utterly astounded, “Please.”

A fiery anger brews deep down inside, as his hands begin to shake uncontrollably. He snaps at this point. “No you listen to me.” He takes a deep breath, ready to unload all his emotions. “I want you to stay the hell away from my wife. Do not call my home again. Just stay the hell away from her, and from me. We don’t need anymore problems, Alana. Not now, not ever!”

Her jaw drops, sighing heavily, as she crosses her arms over her chest. “No, Bradley, I’m not going to stop caring about Kellie and being her friend just because you don’t like me.” Her voice low, but stern and dangerous. She was deeply disturbed by his resistance. Somehow she needed to find a way to make him listen, and quickly. Opting for her negotiating skills, “Brad, let me say one thing in closing … and I promise you I will not discuss this with Kellie … ever.”

“Start talking and make it quick. I need to get home to my wife.” He demands.

“Please listen to Kel, and all of her concerns. She is going to give you a complete description of her dream and all its details in entirety. You will be forewarned and forearmed. I want to stress to you the importance of using and practicing common sense, in all day to day matters, but do not be in great fear as that will not help, but only hinder such matters.” Reflecting back upon many premonitions she’s had over the years. Some as subtle as a gnawing feeling in the pit of her stomach, while others were so overwhelming that she was jolted out of her daily routine, preventing her from thinking of much else. Others were vague, nothing more than a feeling, a sensation while she was doing the dishes, folding laundry, or watching cartoons with her children. Unfortunately most often she was unable to foretell the exact time something will occur, whether it is a minute later, weeks or even many months, but each and every single time, she was accurate in the way the events would transpire, and the tragic outcome.

“You’re incredible, you know that?” He mocks in utter amusement. “And people actually pay you to feed them such bullshit.”

“Bradley contrary to your beliefs, this is not bullshit.” Pondering many thoughts, “I’m terribly sorry if I’ve upset you and Kellie that was never my intentions. But I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for someone I’m not.”

Powerful words; ones holding so much truth and honesty. “I didn’t choose this, Bradley. It’s a gift, something I obtained third generation from my mother’s side of the family. I know you don’t see it as such. Psychic is nothing spooky or fake. Granted there are some who feed on weakness and vulnerabilities in others, but that is not the case where I am concerned. We all have the built in hardware and software to use our psychic abilities, even you Bradley Reid, which is a scary thought might I add.” She nudges him in the arm, gaining a slight smirk as he continues to listen intensely to her words. Compassion taking a hold, his heart softening as she speaks gracefully and fluently, “It is very similar to our intuitive level, slightly more tuned, but the same.” Smiling at him, whole heartedly, “For every single person who feels the way you do, Brad, there are hundreds of others I help daily. I can only hope and pray someday you will open your heart and mind and have a change of heart.” Truer words had never been uttered in Alana Georgette’s book. An intriguing woman, wise, full of great truth, honest and mystery.

“Okay, keep talking … I’m listening.”

She steps closer, their bodies so close Bradley can feel her warm breath on his skin, and they barely lose eye contact. “Bradley Reid, please listen to me … take heart in what I have to say … unfortunately your life depends on it.” Her response was simple, but he senses there is a deeper, more menacing, meaning behind her statement, and request.

His left hand runs over his head, removing his beanie cap. Burying his face into it, closing his eyes partly in frustration, partly in fear. Regaining his composure, he looks up at her sympathetically, “How so?” He asks with great curiosity, wearily, alarmed by her comment.

“Meditate, pray, imagine and visualize with great intention a different dream premonition outcome, one that is positive, then let go and give it up to the one you and Kel both believe in.”

Taking a deep breath, he sighs a bit of relief. “Now that actually might be the smartest thing you’ve ever said to me.” He smiles coyly and attempts to move on, but as he moves to her left, she shimmies to the right; attempting to escape to the right, she moves to his left. The she moves forward, slowly and quite deliberately, forcing him back. “Not so quickly, Bradley Reid, I’m not finished with you yet!” He flashes her a nervous smile and begins to speak, “What?” He mutters, his face turning a shade of crimson, again trying to move away, but a firm hand on his shoulder prevents him from doing so. “What Alana?” He asks, as neutrally as he can, soon interrupted as she takes another step forward, and silences him with her fingertips upon his lips.

“Listen … very closely, without speaking. Not one word.”

He smiles, “Okay.”

“Bradley, I experienced a strange feeling of concern. I know without absolute certainty that there is going to be some tragic event. It was perplexing, I don’t know exactly when this will occur, but something will happen, and very soon. This feeling left me with a sense of urgency to tell you, and Kellie and within a moment’s thought made me realize you of all people would think I was crazy. When I received Kel’s call back, and now you mentioned she had a similar dream, I knew we had much to talk about. I am fascinated, intrigued, yet deeply saddened by this episode because whether you choose to believe it or not, I do care about you, Bradley.

“Oh really?”

“Sure I do. You‘re my dear friend‘s husband, and you are so good to and for Kellie Dawn. How can I not care and love you?”

He smiles. “You have a funny way of showing it … you call my house and upset my wife, then you tell me I’m surrounded by death. Wow, if that’s love I don’t know what is?”

“Brad, normally my precognitive dreams are almost inconsequential, reflecting ordinary occurrences in my day to day life. So much so, in fact that I often experience the feeling of déjà vu and recall vague memories of a dream. But this one was so vivid; I’ve never experienced anything like it before.”

“And …”

I awoke with a terrible sense of doom and fear.” Alana stands with her feet wide-spread, her arms folded across her chest. “Bradley auras change … death is so, so strong. I know you’ve never believed …” She was immediately cut off.

“You’re right.” Bradley walks past her with a smug look on his face. “This is all just a bit much, even for me.” He says huskily, in a tone that causes Alana to chuckle.

Alana shakes her head, less than amused by his sarcasm, and lack of belief in her abilities. A face now displaying an expression of mock hurt. She was a take charge type of person, outspoken, yet also diplomatic, very intelligent with lots of street smarts. She wasn’t about to let Bradley Reid dominate this conversation. “Hold it right there.” She says angrily, reaching out and grabbing his arm. “Please Bradley; just be careful, if not for me … for your wife.”

“For you?” Cocking his head saucily, angling his eyes downward. His green orbs rake her up and down, while his lips curve upwards in a smirk. “It will be a cold day in hell before I do anything for you, Alana Georgette Ellsworth, so you might as well give up that crazy idea.” He says, through gritted teeth.

Bradley immediately senses the look of desperation, and despair in her eyes. Saddened, fighting to consume her tears, at least in his presence. “If you’ll excuse me, my family is waiting … just please Bradley, for Kel’s sake … be careful, and remember, I told you this because I love you and Kellie.”

“Uh huh.” He responds, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Turning and looking him squarely in the eyes, her tone firm and obtrusive. “Do you think for one second, any of this is easy for me? Looking in the eyes of death, feeling what I do? Being the barer of bad news at times? Do you know how many tears I’ve cried? Some for people I am very close to, and other times tears shed for people I don’t even know. Because I know the pain and turmoil many families will have to endure. Do you have any idea at all how painful this is? It hurts like hell sometimes, but with bad does come good. I have a gift; I’ve chose to fulfill my destiny, using it, sharing my knowledge with others. I choose to live my life with integrity, honor and respect to those I come in contact with, always remaining truthful to myself and others. Ask yourself that next time you want to criticize myself or any other psychic.”

Her words cut deep into his heart and soul, right down to his very essence. Immediately feeling a sense of shame and remorse, he gives her a half-hearted smile, and soon everything was forgotten. He pulls her close, in a tight embrace, kissing her softly on her right cheek. She pulls away, staring up at him compassionately,

A blank expression comes upon her face, “What was that for?”

He swallows hard, his eyes staring her right in the face and she could do nothing but struggle and look away, knowing this might very well be the last time she’d see Bradley Reid alive. The anger he previously felt soon turned to helplessness, and eventually sadness. “Just because.” He mutters softly.

Noticing a look of unease and what seems to be sadness in her eyes. His eyes connect with hers again, widening, both focusing on one another. Both afraid and unable to furthermore render another word.

Wanting to say so much more, but no words could encompass the range of emotions Brad was experiencing at this time. Feeling exhilarated, delighted, scared, frantic with fear, and also guilty. It was almost too much to take in all at once. Kellie intoxicates him, leaving him feeling as if he can’t get enough, longing for each and every day with her. Unable to fathom thoughts of them being torn apart. All visions rushing through him again and again, and then vanishing as he turns slightly to the right, gazing into Alana’s deep blue orbs.

The breeze through the trees is cool and gentle; the silence only interrupted by the chirping of birds. Finally Brad opts to break the silence. Drawing an irritated breath, “Thank you, my lovely gifted psychic.” Grinning cheekily, chuckling softly as he squeezes her hand firmly.

Noticing his sharp intake of breath, and the courage that must have taken, she desires to lighten the mood. Passing him a quizzical gaze, raising an eyebrow at his sincerely, “You’re welcome.” Muttering under her breath, “Jackass!” Not going unheard by Bradley, who looks up and smiles. Raising an eyebrow he smiles crookedly. “Thank you!” Teasing, almost nonchalantly; words filled with emptiness, very little emotion and much sadness; yet she knows behind his façade of sarcasm, deep in his heart is much love, overshadowed by fear. “You’re welcome.” The blonde replies, winking. “Always a pleasure talking to you, Mr. Reid.”

He looks at her with wide eyes as she just smirks, almost innocently back at him. “Likewise.” Smiling knowing that her instincts might be right … then again, maybe not. Strangely enough, as afraid as he is, her presence calms and warms him. Easing the stress and pain, changing it to a wonderful numbness which completely takes over his body and soul, like sharing deep, love and friendship.

Unable to say anymore, both say goodbye; turning and walking away. Alana returning to join her husband and two beautiful children, thankful for another day with her loved ones. Occasionally glancing over her shoulder at Bradley, who does the same. Smiling and waving goodbye as he jogs towards home, lost in his thoughts.
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To everyone who has read LND, whether you've left us comments or not, we greatly appreciate your interest in our story. Thank you!


Walking up the winding paved drive, passing through a wonderland of landscapes. He enjoys the shaded, evergreen arboretum and hillside gardens, all featuring a vast array of native and exotic plants that Kellie picked out. Walking towards the apple orchard, blue berry and kiwi patch, he picks a few vegetables from the garden. Standing beside the entrance, he smiles, enjoying a bold waterfall, which creates a soothing and mystical sound.

In the driveway sits Brad’s black Mercedes, and the brand new silver Chevy Equinox he bought Kellie Dawn a few weeks prior. Smiling as he remembers the proud look on her face, enjoying the comforts of the heated seats, sunroof, AM/FM, with CD player, on star, fully loaded. Inside the garage sits his pride and joy; a blue Trans Am, along with a pool table, gym equipment and box after box of unpacked items that still needs their attention, even after five years.

Opening the door quietly, he walks proudly through his house. The dramatic grand hall is reminiscent of architectural masterpieces found in historic European mansions. Adjacent to the grand hall, he enters the library, featuring oak paneling derived from a historic French chateau. Charmed by the appeal of faux green leather walls, built-in shelving for his thousands of medical books, along with Kellie’s collection of books, and manuscripts. A room ideal for his home based office and private study. The keeping room; a log structure complete with beech wood floors, elevated game niche set into the bay windows, and wood stove, designed for intimate gatherings. Passing by four guest bedrooms, each with its own unique character. Perfect for his children someday. “Ahh, our children.” Smiling as he enters one of the bedrooms, gazing up to the sky through vaulted windows, then steps out onto a unique balcony overlooking the grand hall.

Envisioning the beautiful Reid children, sleeping soundly in their rooms. Little angels, curled up in their beds, not a care in the world. As Max, their beagle sits by the patio door, nose pressed against the window, looking out into the night.

Walking upstairs he enters the billiards/game room. The unique flavor of this room is marked by a charming circular window, vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors. Sauntering proudly into his favorite space in the house … the masterful indoor/outdoor solarium. With unsurpassed mountain views on three sides, tile flooring, eleven foot ceilings with skylights. A room him and Kellie spend much time in, wrapped in one another’s arms, gazing out into the moonlit sky, as sparkling stars light up the night. Just beyond the solarium, a magnificent stone terrace overlooks dramatic mountain views. The adjacent Adirondack style covered patio, with a large open deck, complete with a California style hot tub, perfect for entertaining and relaxation.

“It sure doesn’t get any better than this. I am a very blessed man, and if fate has it … if this.” His breath catches in his throat. “If this is the … the end, I’ll die a happy man.” Very difficult words, spoken by a young man instilled with great fear. Yet knowing destiny is seen as a fixed sequence of events; that is inevitable and unchangeable.

“Meditate, pray, imagine and visualize with great intention a different dream premonition outcome, one that is positive, then let go and give it up to the one you and Kellie both believe in.”

Alana’s words replay over and over in his head. “Give it up to the one you and Kellie believe in.” Desiring to choose life over death; opting for his own destiny; a different path throughout life. Sharing a promising future, for all eternity with the woman of his dreams, the love of his life. Savoring in each moment spent together; with Kellie and the children and grandchildren he hopes to someday have. Carrying on the Reid family name … his legacy.

“My aura … death.” His demeanor suddenly changes. “Goddamn them. Here I have to leave for Italy in less than twenty-four hours and my mind is clouded with nothing but this nonsense. Dwelling on things I’d rather not even think about … period!” He mutters to himself; a tone laced in bitterness, rhetorically on the verge of tears.

Walking back into the kitchen, he sets down the fresh garden vegetables on the counter, and goes over to the refrigerator. Removing a nice cold bottle of Budweiser, he pops open the cap, downing its contents almost immediately. Retrieving another, he saunters upstairs to check on his wife, and in eager anticipation of a nice long, hot relaxing shower.

Finding Kellie sleeping soundly he sits down beside her on the bed. Smiling to himself, as he watches her sleep. She’s changed positions since he left her. Removing her robe, the covers are now pulled back, exposing her beautiful bare body. “Damn Kel, you’re so sexy baby.” He says softly, as his fingertips lightly graze her arm, savoring the warmth of her soft flesh. “After all these years together, my love and desires still grow deeper each passing day.” Beautiful words, outspoken, solid in spirit and structure. Displaying a deep embedded love for the woman who was his life … his everything.

Even in slumber she looks incredible. She lay on the bed, arms resting comfortably above her head. Eyes closed; a peaceful content look displayed on her face. Lips so warm and inviting, just begging to be kissed. Full sumptuous breasts which seem to call out to his velvety tongue, igniting his hidden desires. Tan, toned legs that he can spend hours kissing, caressing, and hoping to enjoy a lifetime between, lapping up her sweet glistening juices. Splayed out over the bed, blankets barely covering her right leg. “Okay Reid, that’s enough fantasizing for one day. You are in desperate need of a shower … and from the looks of it … a nice long cold one!” He chuckles to himself, feeling the swelling sensation of his cock, stiffening with each sensual desire. “Yes a nice long cold one indeed.” His hand gently caresses his manhood, “And afterwards, I’ll pack the last of my belongings. Surprise Kellie with a nice romantic dinner, maybe some candles, wine, soft music … and put all this mess behind us. But first a shower waits.”

Much easier said than done. It was never easy for Bradley Reid to say goodbye; to pull himself away from his lovely wife. Smiling inwardly recalling how throughout the day he leaves her sweet text messages, or emails just to say “I love you…“ Feeling like every second apart is just too long; desiring to be with the love of his life. His gaze lingers, “Oh baby, what did I ever do to deserve you my love?” He questions. “You are so, so good to and for me, darling. Oh how I wish I could take you with me to Italy, just the two of us, to escape it all. Ah … Italy … I better go finish packing, nothing like last minute, Reid."

“I love you Kellie Dawn.” He murmurs softly, smiling in intimate warmth as he kisses her forehead. Watching the rise and fall of her chest, savoring in her beauty. She looks so peaceful and sexy as she lay in slumber, her face now displaying a smile … perhaps dreaming. Leaning down he softly kisses her eyebrows, eyes, then the top of her nose. All the while not knowing she is awake, listening intensely to each and every loving word.

He was coy and ruggedly handsome, his voice arousing desires within. Enjoying his touch; trying hard to hold back a giggle that is ready to escape at any given moment. Envisioning his features, imagining how his manhood would feel buried deep within. Never did she speak, far too amorous to ruin this moment. Kissing her cheekbones next, then the inviting corners of her lips, finally brushing his lips against hers, causing her to stir.

“vous êtes une femme très chaude, mon amour” He whispers softly.

Afraid he’ll wake her he finally pulls away. Rising up from the bed he leaves her with a smile, as he goes into the bathroom to shower, and prepare for the rest of his evening. Closing the door behind him; he runs the hot water, peels off his dirty clothes, throwing them on the floor beside the hamper.

Kellie dozes off for a few moments but wakes up momentarily when she hears the water running. Laying in bed motionless, trying to free her mind of everything; yet the harder she tries the more the images dance within. Finally she slips out of bed, puts her robe on and saunters in the direction of her husband.

Turning the radio on quietly, Bradley is soon emerged in the slow beat of the music and lyrics. Listening intensely, while shaving,

“Dreams though destined to be broken, still linger in my memories as tarnished pages. Loves that have been and gone, scattered in a wind of silent indifference. Bitter sweetened tears, left their burning traces of bridges soaked in kerosene and expectation. Hopes for a time of peace, left many broken hearted for causes that are lost and felt far more deeply.”

“Wow! Such powerful lyrics!” He says to himself; as the words touch his heart, mind, body and soul. Right down to his very essence. Speaking volumes; knowing they are so much more than just words to a song. Each one, holding a significant, unique meaning, filled with real thoughts. Thoughts that turn into feelings and emotions. Emotions that are now forcing Brad to seek out passion and desire, for life and love. Love which in turn leads to a multitude of dreams … and healing. A common dream shared by so many; to find love and happiness. His greatest desire; to become the best man he possibly can; to be the husband, best friend and lover Kellie needs and deserves; today, tomorrow and forever.

Seriously, carefully and relatively calm, he gazes at his reflection in the mirror. Thinking back over his life, dreams, love, hidden fears and desires, tears shed, and hopes for the future. Spending his whole life in search of one thing … for something, knowing in his heart, he found that something the day he met Kellie Dawn Pickler; that was the day his dreams all came true. She was his dream come true.

When he looked up, there she was. The most beautiful blonde he’d ever laid eyes upon. A visual to this day he’s not forgotten, as her memory lingers in his mind, as if it were just yesterday. He’d seen her many times before, in her Navy flight suit, a badass pilot, very aloof and obstinate, seemingly cold and distant to some. But tonight was different, much different. She was no longer intimidating, but quite the young woman he dreamt she would be. Instantly smitten, becoming a mess of slurred, monosyllabic words. Clad in knee high black leather boots, black jeans, and tight emerald green sweater. Recalling every little detail about her, her make up done to perfection, the sweet scent of her Surreal perfume; everything was enticing, right down to the moment he removed her light green satin and lace bra and matching bikini cut lace panties. She came in alone, making her way over to the bar, sitting down right beside him. She had the most beautiful midnight blue eyes, and a smile that melted his heart. Her name was Kellie Dawn Pickler; the best female pilot the Navy had. They talked and danced for hours. The intimacy of her words, the way she touched him, caressing and teasing him as they danced, deep heartfelt emotions, everything made Bradley feel so good … wanted and desired. One thing led to another, and they ended up making love that night. Going to a cheap motel nearby, there had been no coercion by either of them, it just happened. When he awoke the next morning she was gone. Gone from his life … and the Navy. Her absence was felt by all … especially Bradley Reid. But it was time for Kellie Pickler to move on. Six months passed then seven and eight. She was becoming a faded memory in the life of Bradley Reid, then one day their paths crossed again; only this time in New York, and both were Navy retirees.

This was an ample opportunity for them to rekindle the flames of passion when the embers were beginning to cool. Allowing themselves to see, touch, feel and taste love, and life’s magic again. The way it was present the first night they made passionate love. A time where they both swallowed their pride and fears, having the guts and tenacity to put their faith in love, and trust in one another. A time filled with tremendous growth, awakening awareness and a mixture of joy and pain. Were they any different. Yes and no.

Oftentimes this felt like an old cliché back to when they first met. Brad recalled how their eyes connected across the room. Filled with immediate lust and desire, as mischievous grins came upon their faces. Longing for so much more than just a one night stand. Wanting to fulfill one another’s needs in a way only the other could, knowing this time things would be much different. Reconnected as if no time had passed between them; picking up where they left off, and from that day forth, Kellie and Bradley had been inseparable.

Thinking back to these thought provoking lyrics and the impact they had on his life; he was growing increasingly overwhelmed with emotion. A lone tear cascades down his cheek, followed by another, and another. Lowering his head, he wipes away his fallen tears, reflecting on the man he’s become. The same young many who proposed to his girlfriend under the Eiffel Tower.

“Yes I would be honored to marry you, Bradley Alexander Reid, Jr.” Eloquent, flowery words spoken out of love, so beautifully. “Bradley do you know what I wished for this year? He recalls her asking. Tilting his head back, he looks intently into her blue orbs. “What Kel?” Shrugging in question, in a vain attempt to make idle conversation. “I wished for love. To immerse myself in someone else. My wish was granted the day I met you. I learned that losing your heart’s desire is oftentimes tragic, but gaining your heart’s desire is all anyone can hope and pray for. And if having your love is tragic, than give me tragedy because I wouldn’t give up what we have for the world.” Her phrases; sweet affirmations, always articulate; so much more than just letters, syllables on a page; rather her deepest emotions, ones portrayed beautifully through her vast array of words.”

A year later Kellie Dawn Pickler and Bradley Alexander Reid, Jr. wed before cherished family and close friends. The happy couple waited so long for this day, overcoming many obstacles that life tossed their way. Yet their love for one another prevailed, keeping their relationship strong. Bradley insisted on writing his own wedding vows. Pledging his love, not once but twice before their loved ones.

Opting for a Tahitian wedding; something that is not recognized as legal in the United States, they first obtained a civil ceremony in the State of New York. Then enjoyed a sunset Tahitian wedding celebration six months later. It was a dream comes true for both; and their special days were both a success.

First a traditional wedding; an intimate, unique venue in Rochester, New York. Busy days accompanied the newly engaged couple. Day-to-day routines, followed by meetings with the florist, caterer, photographers, and Kellie’s favorite L.A. designer, Dina Bar-El. Dina made several stunning dresses for Kellie in the past and she once again was excited about having Dina make her wedding gown. The church was beautifully decorated; in a vast array of unique and elegant flower arrangements. A lovely day, complete with wedding cake, floral creations and memorable cuisine. Smiling as he thought back to how gorgeous and eloquent his bride looked in her stunning white wedding dress; a day and special memories he would remember, and treasure for the rest of his life. Every moment was unique and truly unforgettable.

Kellie; stunning and radiating such beauty in her white satin, lace dress and satin heels, walked down the aisle, on her Daddy’s arm as the organist played. Sauntering proudly towards her husband to be, carrying a lovely bouquet of white and lavender orchids with baby’s breath. Brad looking handsome as ever; clad in a white tuxedo, accented in dark blue to match the bridesmaids who were dressed in dark blue silk, and groomsmen in tuxes similar to Bradley’s. Their eyes lit up the moment they saw one another. Exchanging vows at Browncroft Community Church; they listened intently to Pastor Bob Fort as he united them in holy matrimony. Smiling at one another, kissing passionately, knowing this was forever. They shared a wonderful week long honeymoon in the Pocono Mountains; reminiscing back to the way he carried Kellie in his arms.

Doors open; candles filled the room. A king size bed, oversize Jacuzzi tub, plus a private romantic balcony for two, with spectacular views of the sunrise, sunsets over the mountains, created a romantic getaway for these two newlyweds. The fireplace was lit, flickering flames to stroke romance. Rose petals in the shape of a heart were gently laid upon the bed and floor, making a nice ambience. Music played softly in the background. They would have an evening all to themselves, with no interruptions or intrusions, to be united as one … as husband and wife. A honeymoon filled with passion, playfulness, and a lifetime of everlasting intimacy. An undeniable love shared by Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Reid.

Next, a Tahitian wedding. Pledging their love in an intimate, island setting; creating new memories together, while once again celebrating their union as husband and wife. Marrying amid the jewel toned waters, romantic cool breezes, powder soft sand and warm tropical sunset. An enchanting way to exchange vows and partake in a traditional Polynesian celebration … the ultimate wedding in paradise.

Everything went according to schedule and their Tahitian wedding and honeymoon was an unforgettable experience. Most definitely the fairy tale wedding Kellie dreamt of since she was a young child, playing with Barbie’s; as she married Barbie and Ken. Every dream was unfolding right before her eyes. Mr. and Mrs. Pickler worked with the wedding planner day and night, to ensure every facet of Kellie and Brad’s wedding day was seen through with precision and grace. They spent dollar after dollar of their hard earned cash to make sure their baby girl had the tropical wedding she always dreamed of.

Surrounded by a sparkling azure sea, the white sand beach is beautifully decorated at sunset. Brilliant tropical flowers, coconut palms and torchlight’s accent the beach. The bride; Kellie Dawn is dressed as a Tahitian princess, the groom; Bradley Alexander as a chief, clad in ancestral Polynesian wedding parreos. They arrive at the beach in an outrigger canoe and are immediately greeted by local villagers. A group of singers, dancers and musicians serenade them with love songs. A Tahitian high priest unites them in marriage, as a re-enactment of an ancient ceremony takes place. They are both baptized with Tahitian names as they exchange vows and tiare leis. Smiling as he recalls how they were both wrapped in a homemade tifaifai wedding quilt and presented with a tapa wedding certificate. The celebration ends with a dance and farewell song to the newly wedded couple. Following the ceremony they enjoyed an outrigger canoe excursion with traditional music by the paddlers, and then retired back to their bungalow. Their bed was decorated with a beautiful arrangement of tropical flowers. A fruit basket, champagne and canapés wait … along with a night of slow passionate lovemaking takes place. Unforgettable memories were made on the Island, ones both would cherish for the rest of their days.

Kellie and Bradley were absolutely astounded by the beauty of the island; everything was so relaxing; the crystal clear waters, the gentle call of the sea birds, feeling every worry drift away with the tide. Smiling as he recalls the countless strolls along the beaches at nightfall, making passionate love for hours in the smooth, golden sand, beneath the palm trees. Sunny days, saltwater swims, and warm breezy nights … filled with love and friendship. Hoping someday to take the love of his life back to the place that will always hold so many wonderful memories for Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Reid.

The door opens slightly, his thoughts immediately interrupted. Her eyes survey the handsome muscular body standing before her. “Mmm … mmm … mmm. “ Then lingers to the conglomeration of dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. “Dr. Bradley Reid!” She raises her arms in defeat, points a finger at him, and emphatically proclaims “I love you, but you are the biggest slob I’ve ever lived with … Must you always be so damn messy!” She questions, teasingly, as his clothes are dispersed in the hamper. “Now see … that’s how it’s done darling!” His back is turned, but he can feel her stare on his body, and slowly turns around, grinning.

There standing before him is his significant other; looking beautiful and refreshed. Unhesitatingly rendering him breathless. Her youthful exuberance was back, diffused in her smile. Manifesting innocence of sorts, eager and willing to succumb to the passion and desire burning within. Her blue orbs widen at the sight of his vigorous well-built body, his kind eyes, and sensitive hands. She couldn’t stand it any longer. Raising her hands she drops her robe from her shoulders, plummeting to the floor, discarded and forgotten. Her self indulgence intensifies, narrowing eyes sparkling with mischief.

His eyes follow each sinuous curve of her body, “Mmmm … very nice…“ Purred Brad. “Very nice indeed! “ Sauntering closer, Bradley feebly smiles; a goofy grin plastered on his face. Gently he reaches for her hand. “I promise, Mrs. Reid to do much better next time … Mommy!” He teases back. “If I don’t … are you going to spank me?” Ridiculing, always knowing how to lighten the mood, regardless of the circumstances. “Why don’t you come join me love, a nice hot shower might do you some good?” He suggests. “Being you are already naked and all.” Winking at her seductively, with a fiendish grin.

No admissible words are spoken, as a comfortable silence fills the air. Kellie lightly nods back, a timid smile on her face. A look demonstrating curious features, eyes dark and intense, friendly and most welcoming. Her hands brush his thigh. “Did you say do me some good, Bradley?” Giving him no time to divulge a response. “Will it be almost as good as sex … only wetter?” She teases back. “I can think of something that will make me feel real good, babe … so much more fulfilling than just plain ole‘hot water.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, hot water, steam, our bodies rubbing against each other.”

“Kel…” Apprehensive in regards to her health and all that ensured earlier today, he pulls away. “Kellie…” Again starting but his protests are hastily disregarded. “I’m fine, babe.” She kisses him harder, more passionately. “What do you say baby … ready for some more fun?” Initially he tries to resist but soon finds himself kissing back. She was kissing with such raw passion, lips soft and pliable, parted easily for his questing tongue.

Unfortunately, something was very different about the way he kisses her. Almost distant; forced and seemingly rough. Wary and intuitive; encountering sadness instead of pleasure. A displeasing conversation, ghastly images, caustic inward awareness of the darker side, death lingering at his fingertips, “Your aura … death surrounds you.” Words conveyed between him, Kellie and Alana dance freely within his mind. Aching pains pierce his heart, grueling emotions, so intense, unspeakable ones that leave him fearful, speculating what misfortunes tomorrow will bring.

Ethereally recoiling in hesitation. “What is it babe, you have that puzzled look on your face. What’s wrong Bradley?” Questioning at once, shifting positions. Empathically, now standing behind him, placing her hands firmly around his waist. Shivering, his body immediately relaxes. Leaning back into her, savoring the warmth and comfort of her embrace. Lowering her hands, connecting with his. Entwining fingers, they soon become one. Always aberrant, aiming to lighten the mood. “Awe babe, are you afraid you might slip in the shower and bang an important body part on the side or the faucet?”

Laughter emerges from both. Brad’s face lightens, his worrisome frown soon changes to a nonchalant grin. Turning around slowly, he gently cups his wife’s face with his hands, pressing his lips firmly against hers. A small laugh escapes, as he forces a wry smile. Eyes laced with sadness and skepticism. Insufflate, his warm breath lingers. “What will I ever do with you and your astonishing sense of humor, Kel?” Extending her arms, she pulls him close, letting her fingertips caress the toned muscles in his chest. “Umm … just love me for the rest of your life, and don’t ever leave me, babe.”

“Don’t ever leave me babe.” These words hit a nerve, leaving him with an unsettling perception, conflicting feelings and struggling to regain his composure. A feeling of helplessness filled his heart, but there was nothing he could do to alter fate and what lies ahead today, tomorrow or in the weeks and months to come. Governed by fate; extreme awareness and essential acceptance of his destination and fortuity was mandatory at a time like this. “Pull yourself together, Brad, now … it was just a dream.”

Standing in silence he admires the blonde. Young and beautiful, a body supple with delectable curves, breasts soft, warm and inviting. But it was the person on the inside that he was infatuated with. Kellie raises an eyebrow, waggling her long eyelashes innocently, “And I mean … FOREVER, forever love.” She forewarns, briskly wrapping her arms around his neck. Smiling warm heartedly he leans back against the wall, pulling her body against his. “Forever … that’s easy enough!” Graciously smiling, reassuringly as he battles the dryness that has developed in his throat. “Oh baby, I’ll never leave you, Kel.” Compassionately he caresses her shoulders, tugging her body closer to his, as his arms descend down her back, slipping comfortably around her waist.

Before long all past and present fears, and visions encountered are put aside by both. Losing themselves in the heat of passion, lust and desire of pure unbridled intimacy. Kissing slow and hesitant, soon incipient to much more passionate, deeper and intense ones. A love so compassionate, filled with honesty and respect, willingness to share and experience love unlike any other. Yet deep down inside, Kellie knew something was wrong, very wrong.

“Brad, what is it?” Questioning; hoping for the best, fearing the worst. “I sense something is wrong.” Suffuse Alana’s words and haunting images, strut freely internally, taunting her every move. Unaware her husband is encountering much of the same.

Aggressively battling his fears with every ounce of strength he bore, gathering just enough courage to murmur the words, “I’m okay, love.” A lone tear falls from his left eye, withering down his cheek, before the last word escapes his lips. Going completely unnoticed by Kellie who is auspiciously looking away. “I’m okay.” He whispers again. “Actually, Kel, I’m so much better than just okay.” Kissing her forehead gently, “How can I not be, Mrs. Reid, I’m married to you … and that makes me the luckiest man alive. Now and forever, my love.”

“Awe, Bradley Alexander, you are the sweetest, most loving man I’ve ever met.” Leaning into him, she melts further into his warm embrace. Pressing him hard into the wall, she pours every ounce of emotion into him. Slow and deep … deliberate. Simultaneously both melt with the indignation that is exuding. Relinquishing all past fears and concerns, they soon become a tangle of hands, mouths and residing passion. Immersed in intimacy, manifesting amorousness, one that cannot be denied. As their hands caress and explore every contour, their hips essentially gyrate against each other‘s.

Surrendering to the succulent sensations of sex, he whispers softly in her ear, “You’re really starting to turn me on, Kel. If you keep doing this, I might have to ravage you, baby.” Smiling wickedly, gazing into her blue orbs, he teases. His voice blatant and seductive; kissing her softly, than deeper, much more zealously. “What took you so long?” She questions. “I umm.” She chuckles mischievously, and then silences him with her fingertips, and a quick kiss to the lips. “Ravage me, huh babe?” Speaking softly, a smile on her full lips. Taking a deep breath she saunters closer, alluringly. He gasps in surprise and yelps when she slides one hand down to grip his rigid cock and stroke his smooth bare balls, while the other slaps his ass, all without warning. “Be my guest.” Her innocent, yet wayward eyes stare playfully, intensely into his green orbs. “I’m all yours for the ravaging, babe!” Words daring and so tauntingly provocative. Bradley looks into the mirror at her eyes, dark blue orbs filled with lust and growing desire. She looks up, noticing the excitement in his. “Well Mr. Reid, what are you waiting for?” She whispers, stepping into the shower, beckoning him to follow. He relents immediately.

Suppressed and at ease, both savor the warm pulsating water. Invigorating, it flows over their aching muscles. “Oh this feels so, so good, doesn’t it babe.”

“It always feels good to shower with you love.” He smiles, a look of flourish anticipation.

Bradley grabs the bottle of oatmeal lavender shower gel and squeezes some into the palm of his hand. Rubbing it softly onto her entire body, his feather light caresses warm her heart. She was warm and moist, she felt enticing as he gently washes and explores her. Then she does the same to him as passion, lust and desire fills the air. The scent of the lavender is relaxing and the oatmeal makes their skin feel soft and silky. Two bodies; caressing and touching each other in an intimate way. A way only these two lovers can fulfill and satisfy one anothers needs and desires. Both craving each other so badly; even more so than the night before.

“So what’s next, Bradley? Are you going to tie me to the bedposts and completely ravish my defenseless body?” Smirking seductively at him, speaking ever so softly. “Maybe slowly strip, then tease me.” Her hand slides across his cock. “Grind your body against mine?” Teasing; with each word she can feel the wetness pooling between her legs.

Brad’s smile falters; his eyebrows shoot up, matching her stare. “Hmm … you know sweetheart.” Speaking softly with a devilish grin. “Now that’s not a bad idea … but.”

“But what, love?”

“I think I’ll give you full control tonight?” He kisses her intensely, full of desire.

“Ohhhh this will be fun.”

“Without a doubt.”

“I think I’ll tie you up, prance around in my flimsy pink lingerie, slowly strip, and grind on you for awhile. Then bring my soaking wet pussy just mere inches from your mouth. How would you like that, babe?”

“Oh I would love that … You know I would.” He pulls her closer, letting his hands caress up and down her back. “Question is … when Kel?”

Turned on by his words, captivated by his touch, her eyes slowly change to a deep midnight blue. Letting her husband know one thing; she is nearing a state of full blown lust. “I say shut up and fuck me, my love!”

Striving relentlessly to find what she wants so much; what her aching pussy is hungry for. Her husband’s fingertips lightly graze her lips, whispering “I love you.” loving her so sensually, leaving her wanting more. He can see it in her eyes; she is yearning for him, just as badly as he was her. “Love you too.” She murmurs.

The sensation of the hot water coupled with the feeling of one another’ hot flesh is wonderfully invigorating, sensual, and erotic. Putting his arms around his wife’s waist he brings all of her body into contact with his. Kissing her neck, exploring every inch of flesh beneath her jawbone. Her skin is so soft and smooth, unblemished; feeling wonderfully enticing against his lips. He licks her skin, savoring in the taste of her. “You taste good baby … real good.” Moaning ever so softly when he does this, leaving him with a smile. Kissing her neck, nipping at her collarbone, she lets out a deep breath and moan, squirming slightly.

Flinching a bit, he caresses every contour of her body, holding her more firmly. While doing so she kisses his cheek with soft butterfly kisses, while stroking his shaft gently. Grinning he tips her head up to meet his lips, as she runs her fingers up and down his side, forcing him to take in a deep breath. Their lips meet again, kissing with more eagerness, gentle in a moment of passion. Tentative, exploring one anothers mouth in entirety, growing in prurience, fervency, as lust and desire evolves.

Amplified desires, aching for the feel of his wife’s body pressed against his, he closes the gap between them. Her full breasts perfectly offset by the rest of her curves tingle his senses. His hands slowly and methodically reach out to gently cup, squeeze and caress her firm breasts. Mesmerized, his lust filled eyes gaze at her hardening nipples, his loving ministrations causing them to swell with immediate desire. Pulling back momentarily, staring at her with both wonder and approval. Nodding in a way that signifies passion, his mouth hungrily heads straight for her awaiting right nipple. Licking and sucking in a way that makes her gasp, jumping and moaning at the same time. Her left one follows suit, and simultaneously she pulls his head further into her. He rises, obviously done with her breasts … for now.

Smiling, gaping acutely at his wife, his chest swells with pride. She smiles back in responsiveness, basking in his amorous stares. Taking every bit of pleasure in having his young eyes gazing at her. The mere sight of his manly erect cock, just waiting for her attention was tremendously arousing. She looks down at him again, with an expression he can only describe as extremely suggestive. Pulling her hips free of his a little she snakes her hand between them, rubbing him gently. As she touches him he sighs, letting out a little murmur.

Brad pulls her close, dexterously his hand falters between her thighs as her legs widen in prescience. His fingers stroke up and down her entire length, inciting soft moans with each pass. Flirtatious looks, amorous stares; gazing passionately into one anothers eyes; each engulfed by the others lust filled orbs. Kellie elevates one leg, resting it on the side of the tub, allowing her husband easy access, while steadying herself against him. Slowly he covertly slides his hand towards her, anxious to feel her wet and eager pussy. She feels a finger slide inside, as a sudden rush of wetness escapes her. Closing her eyes, and then opening them, savoring every single sensation, every thought, every feeling as his fingers go deeper and deeper, stimulating her in only a way he can.

Immediately finding her love button, he swirls his thumb, furiously teasing her clit. “Oooh.” Closing her eyes and then attempting to open them again as a small moan escapes her mouth. Gently caressing the hardening bud, her breasts continue to swell and ache with desire. Careful to take his time, not missing a spot, lingering on the most sensitive areas. With a varying rhythm he continues to thrust his fingers deep inside her, scraping against her walls, while his other hand lovingly caresses her body. She moans with exquisite pleasure, “Oh god.” breathing when he curls two fingers, caressing her G-spot. “Oh Bradley.” She wails.

Naked and helpless she is completely consumed by passion, fighting desperately to regain her composure before her knees buckle and she falls in the shower. “Do you like that baby, does it feel good?” He asks, meekly.

She looks down at his smiling face. “Oh yes … you know I … oh it feels so good babe, don’t stop!” Whimpering through moans, with a mischievous smile. Her thighs contract in readiness of the orgasm that is beginning inside her. “Mmm … You’re so wet baby. Have you been fantasizing all day of what I’m going to do to you tonight?” He teases, with an evil laugh as a surge of erotic awakening scythes through his body.

“Nonotfantasizing!” She groans in one quick, high voice, her words all running together. Her face reciprocates a bright shade of crimson. ‘Uh huh, sure baby.”

She was hot, turned on, wet with lust for him, and in no mood for his teasing. “Oh baby, please.” She pleads in a gentle yet firm voice, gasping for breath, shuddering with desire and need. “This is no time to tease.” “No more teasing.” She huffs, mumbling under her breath as her words tumble haphazardly out of her mouth. “Okay baby. “ He replies with a wide smile, his deep green eyes looking straight into hers. Graciously obliging as thoughts of lust filled penetrations and exploration of her sex dance in his head. Soft moans escape, becoming more insistent as he lowers himself to her awakening supple pussy.

Brazenly opening her thighs, he licks his lips in anticipation. With agility, tranquilizing up and down her center folds, gently parting her. Delving into her with a mesmerized rhythm. Sliding his tongue deep inside, lapping at her mercilessly, with his greedy tongue. “Oh yes, baby, you taste so sweet.” Her breathing becomes deeper, gasping in pleasure, which was more than enough reassurance for her husband. His ministrations cause her to lose all control as her orgasm continues to build rather quickly. Harder and harder he thrust his tongue deep inside and harder and harder she came with a shattering orgasm. Crying out his name in ecstasy, pushing down on him throwing her arms back above her head. Her muscles tense, a swirling tumult of utter, complete fulfillment. The powerful wave of pure bliss rolls through her, uncontrolled. Shaking profusely, her nails dig into his shoulders and down his back. Prolonging the enjoyment, he doesn’t slow until he feels her coming back down from an astounding, mind-boggling climax. Her legs feel weak, but she’s not done yet … and neither is he. Desiring to drive one another to the ultimate heights of passion neither dreamed existed, savoring every moment of their last night together.

Abruptly he stands, lifts her so that she can easily wrap her legs around his waist. Staring lovingly and lustfully into each others eyes. Filled with desire, her body surrenders to him. Her parted legs welcoming his hungry thrusts. Pulsating and hot, he eases himself slowly into her wet, warm and inviting pussy with great ease. Arching her back upwards she stares into his green orbs, drawn helplessly closer by his bright lustful gaze and smile. Holding eye contact they scrutinize intensely into each others souls as he plummets deeper inside her. Feeling her tighten around his rock hard cock makes him lose it almost immediately but he fights the sensation, letting out a moan instead. Tantalizing and teasing her, they fit perfect together, moving in unison, becoming one in mind, body, spirit and soul. Poignant, wavering in perfect rhythm, slow at first, their pace quickens as their excitement grows. Pressing her up against the cold tile wall, biting his bottom lip, as he makes love to her. Each thrust produces tears as he fights to maintain his composure. Fucking her with all the passion he can render, as if there is no tomorrow.

A broken man, mentally wrestling with his emotions, angry at Kellie and Alana; a vast array of abstruse harrowing words, façade of astuteness apparitions, longing for a comprehensible explanation. Each thought affected him, unlike anything in his past. New desires reside; he fucks his wife hard with lustful enthusiasm, each thrust claims his own selfish desires and needs. With each move, they both feel a sudden storm of orgasms build within each other, longing for a pleasurable release.

“Mmm … Oh Bradley.” Kellie moans, starting to climax again. “Oh yes!” Exclaiming, as another orgasm takes hold of her body. She is so relaxed now, and trembling, barely able to stand up. “Oh god, yes.” Kel screams as she comes hard and intense.

Smiling up at her husband, he smiles back, picking up the pace. Each feeling the waves of pleasure getting stronger within. Their bodies press firmly against each other, his hard cock stiffens, ready to explode. Taking her hard and furiously in affirmation, thrusting one last time, he climaxes, releasing everything inside her, as she hits her final peak. Screams leave their mouths, as one another’s names and I love you’s are exchanged, along with smiles. Relishing in the heat of passion, moment of desire. Two bodies thoroughly spent, quivering in ecstasy as their orgasms seem endless … quite like the extent of their love for one another.

Locked together, standing, panting under the water. Enjoying the sensation of the hot water cascading over their bodies, rinsing away all the strains, words and visions today has brought upon them. The heat of the shower and one another’s body warms them to the core, while the intoxicating scent of shower gel, mixed with sex … sweet glistening juices, fills the room, calming their tired minds, forgetting all else … until the hot water dissipates.

“Jeez, I’m going to miss you so, so much Kellie Dawn.” Bradley whispers, a lone tear falls from his eye, cascading down his right cheek. “Aww, don’t cry baby.” She gently wipes away the tear with her thumb. “It’s only two weeks.” Although she knows the amount of time or distance was not the issue here. It goes well above and beyond that. Pondering, trying to lighten the mood somewhat, “Honey you’ll just have to get yourself off in the shower, imagine it’s me there, stroking your cock babe.” She teases. “Sure thing, love.” He mutters as a smirk escapes his solemn face.

Leaning in she kisses him deeply with intense passion. The warmth of his body and the gentle insistence of his touch soon has Kellie purring. Nipping at the nape of her neck with his teeth, he nibbles gently on her earlobes. “Kel, we’d better get out darling before he get water logged, besides the hot water is running out and I wouldn‘t want you to catch pneumonia.”

“If you insist, Dr. Reid … after you love.”

Stepping out of the shower, they dry one another and slip into their matching white robes. Collapsing on the bed in a heap of exhausted lust, out of breath and glowing in the aftermath of the greatest sex they’ve ever had. An arm encircles Kellie’s waist, holding her firm. Shivering, resisting the urge to pull away, she snuggles closer, falling into his warm embrace. Dozing momentarily, both completely satisfied, basking in the afterglow of a very pleasurable afternoon. Raw passion and painful bliss, dreading what tomorrow brings. Both smiling inwardly, thanking their lucky stars for today, hopeful that no matter what fate cast upon them, it includes them being together for all eternity as husband and wife.
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To each and every one of you who have taken the time to read, Love Never Dies, we thank you! We greatly appreciate your continuous interest in our story.


Bradley gazes out the bay window, in awe of the beautiful skies overlooking the estate. “Hey baby, it’s such a beautiful evening. Why don’t we go out on the balcony and watch the sunset. Then we can get dressed, I’ll finish packing the last of my things, and I’ll make you a nice big dinner.”

“That sounds wonderful, sweetheart.” They walk out onto the balcony, fingers entwined, savoring in the essence of the cool gentle breeze blowing over upstate New York. Gazing up into the sky, a remarkable sunset is cast upon the horizon. The two lovers embrace, marveling at the twilight sky. It certainly inspires much awe tonight, as it is devoid all of but a few clouds. “Look at the way the clouds catch the last red-orange rays of the setting sun. Isn’t it lovely, Brad?”

“Yes Kel it is … but in comparison to you, my love, nope!” He wraps his arms tightly around her from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder. “We sure are very blessed Kellie, and I feel like the luckiest man alive to be here with you.”

Smiling contently as they continue to watch the lilac afterglow high above the fading light of brilliant early sunset. The cirrus streaks in the foreground are slowly becoming shaded, but in the center of the view, a distant troposphere cloud towers below the horizon. Casting a dark shadow across the afterglow. Blue light scatters downward through the think cloud producing vividness, mixed with the red light which illuminates it.

“So what do you say, Kel, should we BBQ some nice filet mignons, enjoy a chilled bottle of wine. Maybe dance … make love under the stars … just like old times sake?”

Kellie arches an eyebrow, “Old time sake? Bradley Reid, you’re so silly. We do that almost every night, darling.” She says, twisting a strand of hair, giggling in eager anticipation of what the night has in store.

“Uh huh. So what’s stopping us tonight?” He gently nudges her arm as a devilish grin appears on his face. “Unless of course … you’re worn out?”

She looks up at him with ample blue eyes widening, “Hahahahaha, aren’t you funny, babe.” Her eyes matching her argent smile. “Smart-ass!”

Slowly they rise together, sauntering inside. Kellie makes her way into the bathroom while Bradley slips into his blue flannel boxers and pair of comfortable loose fitting black cargo pants. Pulling a white t-shirt over his head; one that accents his chiseled chest and strong muscular arms. Gazing into the bathroom, watching Kel, as he begins to clean up the fragments of broken glass off the bedroom floor.

“So how do you think this happened, love?”

“Not a clue, Brad.” A puzzled look comes upon her face. “On second thought, babe, maybe that careless housekeeper you insisted on hiring bumped it while she was dusting. You know sweetheart she’s always in a hurry to rush off to some pretty young thing.”

“Yeah you’re probably right.” Chuckling to himself, thinking about Hillary. ‘She sure does have a way with the ladies, doesn’t she?”

“That she does. I imagine she gets herself in much mischief.”

Once the glass is cleaned up, he opens up the dresser, putting a few clothing items in his suitcase. Every so often his eyes connecting with his wife’s. Much to his dismay she is doing everything possible to express how unhappy she is about him leaving in the morning. No words are exchanged, none are necessary; the look on her face is worth a thousand words.

“Yep, never a dull moment with Miss Hillary around, baby.”

Hillary De Vries; a young gorgeous twenty two year old, single mother of an adorable two year old girl, named Hannah. 5’5”, roughly 115-125 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes and very outspoken. On more than one occasion her mouth got herself into trouble with Mr. and Mrs. Reid. She is gradually learning to control her impulses a bit better. Possessing a personality that makes both men and women want to be around her. Not only is she pretty, her curves, dark eyes and red hair give her an exotic, erotic appearance. Over the years Kellie and Brad had become very fond of both Hillary and Hannah. Their relationship is kept professional, yet they are more than just two people who signed her paycheck. They are the auburn girl’s friends. Little Hannah is a splitting image of her mother; a feisty two year old, keeping everyone on their toes, especially Hil. Through thick and thin, the Reid’s always welcomed both into their home and hearts forever.

Kellie begins to dry a few strands of her long blonde hair. Letting it hang down, loose curls as it cascades off her shoulders. She then applies a minimal amount of her favorite lavender scented perfume, bypassing the make up for tonight. She slips into a pair of navy blue high cut lace panties with matching bra and saunters into the bedroom. Gazing into the mirror, then sashaying away, with Bradley following close behind.

“Damn babe … I have good taste in lingerie, wouldn’t you say?” Her voice low, laced with sarcasm and a hint of amusement dancing within her blue orbs, as she prances away. “Oh yes, just lovely dear … especially since that’s the ensemble I bought for you.” Most definitely one of his favorites; it frames her beautiful breasts in the most flattering of all ways. Her long curls now lay over her bare shoulders, as she shakes her ass, teasing him once again.

“Yep even at thirty you still have the sexy, voluptuous, flamboyant body of a twenty year old, Kel.” He enjoys bantering her, making her wet with his words; a tiger toying with his prey.

“A twenty year old huh babe? Just like Hillary … am I that sexy Bradley?”

His breath hitches in his throat, staring into her blue orbs, unsure exactly how to respond. “I … umm … why yes dear … but you know I’ve never seen Hillary naked darling.”

“Oh don’t act like I haven’t seen the way she flirts with you, babe. The way she shakes her ass while dusting, bending over to pick up this and that, giving you full ample view of her assets.”

“Uh huh. But it’s only natural, c’mon now, don’t deny the obvious.”

“The obvious?” She questions.

“Uh huh … you know what they say, Kellie Dawn.”

“I do?” She asks innocently.

“Yep, the old adage of redheads being great in the sack … If there’s a fire up above, a fire down below.”

“Hahahaha … I bet Hillary is flaming there too!” Kellie laughs, reminiscing on another encounter with her housekeeper. “And wasn’t it just last month that she showed up to work in a tight fitting black leather skirt with a thigh high split, and a very snug fitting light brown top?” Deep down inside Kellie knows full well her loving husband will never betray her love and trust, but she couldn’t resist having a little fun with him. “And if I ever see you flirt again, Bradley Reid … I’ll fire that lil’ hussy!”

Brad smiles inwardly, yet doesn’t say a word. While he can’t deny secretly fantasizing about Hillary a time or two, he would never cheat on his wife. He loves Hillary and young Hannah dearly, but he was and would always be deeply in love with his wife.

“Maybe my thoughts aren’t the most professional behavior for such a young doctor like myself, but I will never do anything unethical to hurt Hillary or Kel. Hil is just a young girl, out to have some fun, always dressing to impress; I can look … but I will never touch.”

The three shared many bottles of wine around the barbeque, and a good night was always ensured. Talking the night away; the banter becoming rather sensual and quite personal. Though good times are shared by all, and although Kellie Dawn loves to tease Brad about Hillary, deep down inside she is confident he would never do anything illicit with their housekeeper.

A pained expression crosses Brad’s face. Caught off guard and surprised by his wife’s comment, as well as his own thoughts his eyes darken. Searching her gaze for any signs of an accusation. Noticing the change in his demeanor Kellie flashes him an apologetic smile. His smile falters. “Uh huh … but she came from church or a date sweetheart, I forgot what she said exactly.” He continues, keeping his voice steady, as a wary look is cast upon his face. “Besides since Dave Van den Berg left her and Hannah you know Hillary is no longer interested in men … so if I were you, love, I’d watch out. It’s probably you that she really wants!”

“Bradley Alexander Reid, how dare you say something like that? It will be a cold day in hell before I look at another woman, much less sleep with one!” She protests.

“Ok if you say so, sweetheart.” He giggles, flashing her that sultry smile again. “But never say never!”

“I do and I will say never! Besides I think Hil just loves the feel of skin against skin, no matter what sex. She’s just your typical girl next door, with insatiable needs.”

“I still say you should never say never, Kel. After all weren’t you the one who told her when she was dusting to stop bouncing around that you could see she had breasts.”

“Yes I did, and I will say it again if necessary. I simply suggested that if she insisted on wearing those types of tops that she should invest in some seamless bras. That’s all, nothing more nothing less. I was not checking out her boobies, Reid.”

“Uh huh, sure.”

“You are going to be sleeping alone on the couch tonight, Mr. Reid if you do not watch your mouth.”

“Okay … okay. No more talk about Hillary breasts … besides her sexual orientation is none of our business.” He saunters closer to her, letting a finger graze across her breasts. “It’s your breasts that I want to be looking at, sucking and resting my head against tonight as I fall asleep, Kel. Yours and yours alone.”

Kellie Dawn; a master at flirting and seducing. Bradley always teased they broke the mold when she was born, and some days she found herself wondering how much truth there was in his words. Always displaying a risqué, mischievous side. A wonderful sense of humor and so many attributes that never came remotely close in anyone else. She loves to tease with suggestive comments, no doubt reveling her obvious embarrassment, causing her to blush easily. Always sexy and carefree, rather mysterious at times; a flirt who loves to strip off her formal attire, moments later clad in sexy lingerie, oftentimes nothing at all. Putting on her reading glass, staring over the rim at her husband, with that seductive look, unnerving and incredibly erotic at the same time. Definitely displaying that sexy librarian look about her when she wanted it. In retrospect, always taking great pride in her good looks and enjoying being flirtatious, a young woman clearly into having fun, living spontaneously, and keeping life exciting for both herself and Bradley.

“Awww, Brad.” Chuckling to herself quite pleased with what she was hearing. Stepping closer, their lips meet in a fiery passionate kiss. Both gentle and forceful at the same time. Two tongues battling for control, thoughts of dinner soon lost amiss in the moment of passion. Brad pulls back. She pulls him closer, “Kiss me again.” She demands. ‘Yes ma’am.” Flashing a toothy grin, winking with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Whether you’re all dressed up or in sweats and a baggy t-shirt you’ll always be the most beautiful woman in the world to me, Kellie Dawn.” Lifting her hands up, he cups her face, licking his lips seductively. “So would you like dessert before or after your meal darling?” She teases. “C’mon now let’s save the hanky panky for later and get dinner started, I’m starving.”

“Oh so now I don’t satisfy your appetite? I’m crushed Bradley Reid.” She teases back. Slipping into a pair of medium wash blue jeans, accented with a belt, and a lake mist heather ribbed sweater. While she’s dressing Bradley goes outside and lights the charcoal. Moment later they both saunter into the kitchen.

“So …we meet again.” Bradley moves closer, taking his wife in his arms, kissing her softly on the lips. “About my appetite Mrs. Reid.” He smiles warmly, “If we keep this up, we’ll never have dinner.”

“We’ll be so weak we won’t be able to make love, honey.”

“Oh something tells me we’d find a way, sweetheart.” He teases good-naturedly.

“Care to elaborate.” Kellie teases. “Now where is the meat?” She asks her husband, opening the refrigerator door, looking inside amidst all the freshly stocked groceries Bradley purchased a few days prior. Behind her a giggle emerges. “Must you ask, darling?” Looking over her shoulder, he stands smirking, as his cock stiffens. Reaching down, “Right here, sweetheart … hard as a rock, just waiting for you!”

“Oh babe thanks for enlightening me. After all these years, I think I know where to find it.” She rolls her eyes, commenting in a frivolous voice. “And you say I’m the insatiable one? Excuse me, Bradley Reid, but I think you’ve corrupted me with your naughtiness!”

“Hahahahahaha! Yea right! No one will ever believe that in a million years.”

“Wanna bet?” She gives him a knowing glance, but he didn’t act like anything was amiss.

“Yep. You’re the only woman I know who edges on the gynecologist during a vaginal exam.” Her face turns a light shade of crimson. “Yes baby, Dr. Petersen told me all about you last visit. Oooohh yeah baby, push it deeper, mmm that’s it baby.” Both begin to laugh. “I honestly thought she was joking, Kel, but with you I should have known better.”

“Well I was just having a little fun. Then she called me a crazy, horny assed bitch so I decided to really have fun with her.”

“I can only imagine.”

“Oh c’mon Bradley, you know deep down inside she fuckin’ loves it. Just as much as you do hearing about it, am I right Dr. Reid?”

“Oh yea …” He responds in that charming, dulcet Rochester accent. “Most definitely.” Prompting immediate response from his wife. From the expression on her face Brad would gather she was quite fervent about her sexual innuendos and can’t even begin to imagine her behavior in the doctor’s office.

“This time I even asked her when it was my turn to do the examination.”

“This time? You mean to tell me you’ve acted like this before?”

Kellie giggles. “Maybe … maybe not.” She replies, a flush creeping into her cheeks.

“I’m sure Dr. Petersen is thankful you only come once a year.”

“Yes but honey, she said I need to get laid.” The blonde turns an even deeper shade of red if that was possible then continues speaking. “What’s her fuckin point? We have sex nearly every night, that was rude … very rude.” He brushes back her hair, and takes her face in his hands. Licking his lips, pressing them to hers. “Yes, but maybe she thinks you are just sexually frustrated … in need of releasing your inner child … you know, coming on to a married woman and all.”

“Real funny dear.” She replies in a sarcastic tone.

“I love how you can make a professional grown woman blush like a teenager … especially one who has been in the medical field for years.”

“Did she tell you if her panties were wet babe? Cause when I asked she never did answer. I just took that a definite yes.”

“Umm …” He feels a lump forming in his throat, as he begins to stutter. “I … I … I really don’t know hon. I didn’t ask.”

“She must enjoy my taunting because she is very thorough.”

“Kellie that’s what you pay her for … to be thorough, that’s her job sweetheart.”

“Well I bet next year she’ll bring a change of panties.” Pausing for a brief moment, far from finished with the story. “Oh and you won’t believe this sweetheart. She even had the nerve to tell me I was tight.” Brad begins to laugh. “No she didn’t.”

“Yes she did. So I asked if she wanted to help me with that problem. I thought for sure she was going to choke on that one.”

“She isn’t the only one about to choke.” He coughs and clears his throat. “What am I going to do with you, Mrs. Reid?”

“Just love me babe. Forever.”

“Easy enough … now continue on, I’m sure you are far from finished with Dr. Petersen.”

“Right! Well did she happen to mention the breast exam to you babe, I know how doctors love to talk.”

“No we don’t, that’s patient confidentiality … But in your case, much different circumstances … you play with fire.”

“Hahaha … yes very much so!”

“Very seldom do we encounter a patient like you dear … in fact in all my years in the field; I can’t say I’ve ever done so.”

“You don‘t know what you‘ve been missing, Bradley Reid.” She winks. He blinks twice, stupefied. “Maybe so, but I think I’ll stick with my sweet and innocent children, and leave the naughtiness to you and Dr. Petersen.” He amends.

“Okay … now back to the story.”

‘Of course love … by all means please continue.”

“So about my mammogram and sore boobies. How do you expect my breasts to feel, Brad, I just had a goddamn mammogram. She didn’t have to ask if they were sore; damn straight they were. All I said was for her to take off her blouse and I would show her how sore I could make hers.”

“Oh baby, you didn’t.” Satirizing, knowing full well there was nothing to contemplate, she was not exaggerating. A smile lifts the corners of his mouth as he savors the idea of his wife teasing Dr. Petersen.

Shrugging her shoulders. “Honey I always fuck with her, I have for years. She should be more than used to it by now. I just don’t understand why this time she tattled. Little bitch.” Both continue their banter, and laughter. After all Kellie loved to be the center of attention at the doctor’s office. A one of a kind patient, with wonderful tales to tell. “Do you think Dr. Petersen needs some private time after I leave sweetheart?”

“I wouldn’t know … I didn’t ask love.” Dumbfounded as to what would come out of her mouth next. Nothing but silence. “Well thank goodness my patients don’t act like you baby.”

Kellie raises her arms in defeat. “They better not; your patients are much too young.” Fires back the feisty young blonde, her eyes lit with an evil gleam that silences Brad almost immediately. “But you just wait … one day those sweet little innocent children, even Ashlee Dianne and Justin Robert will grow up. Imagine all the havoc they will cause.” Both smile inwardly as they think of Brad’s medical assistant, Robin’s two beautiful young children. From the very first day Robin introduced her nine year old daughter, and six year old son to Mr. and Mrs. Reid, they instantly became their favorites. Becoming very overprotective of these two children, as well as their mother.

“Well … now that we’ve had our nightly entertainment, we’d better get these filets on the grill if we intend on eating tonight.” He seasons the steaks and goes outdoors to put them on the grill.

Kellie remains inside, preparing a fresh garden salad, corn on the cob, baked potatoes and a loaf of French bread. “Everything looks yummy, I’m starving. Now all we need is some wine to go with this delicious meal.” Reaching into the cabinet she retrieves two flutes, sets them down on the counter, and then saunters to the walk-in refrigerated wine cellar; with 5,000 bottle capacity. “Hmm…what will it be tonight?” Looking over the bottles. “Maybe Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Chablis, Moscato or Merlot … oh they all are so tasty, and so many to choose from.”

She scans the cellar; her blue orbs landing on numerous bottles of Brad’s finest wines and vintages for the most discerning pallet. “Madeira and high Flavour’d Claret. A Bordeaux, Chateau Lafite, and Chateau d’Yquem. Montrachet 1978 from Domaine de la Romanee-Conti that was hammered down at Sotheby’s in New York in 2001.”

“Bradley Reid; that man seems to have an ever-increasing appetite for collecting unusual old things; first it was baseball cards, then model cars along with NASCAR memorabilia, and it’s only natural that rare wines are subject to this same collecting mania.”

“Awww here we go … how about a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. I better take two; it might be a long evening.” With two bottles in hand, she closes the door behind her, and saunters outside where her husband is waiting.”

Everything is peaceful in upstate New York. It is a perfect night; an idyllic evening for the couple. The air is pleasantly cool, as a few clouds thin beams from the moon, as it illuminates shadowy trees in the distance. A luminous moon hangs in the starry sky. Sparkling stars and a moonlit path can easily be seen heading east towards the estate entrance. Savoring the essence after the storm, the two enjoy the crisp evening air.

Standing in silence, Brad stares at his beautiful wife. The moonlight shimmers in her hair, leaving him in amazement the way her face glows in the starlight. He smiles as the heat from the grill radiates through his skin. The atmosphere charges with sensual energy. He mesmerizes her, just as she enchants him.

She smirks slightly when she notices Bradley staring curiously at her. Trying to be sly, he looks away almost immediately. “Don’t even try to look away, Reid; I caught you red handed staring at me.” She teases, winking at her husband. Smiling warmly at her, “You’re just so irresistible baby.”

“Awww!” Immediately smitten and overcome with happiness at the mere sound of his voice. Each and every word makes her heart skip a beat. Definitely touched by his honesty, she thanks him graciously for the compliment.

“Steaks nearly done?” Urges Kellie. “Your sexy irresistible wife is starving, she’s going to wither away if she doesn’t get some food in her, and fast.” Smiling provocatively with warm compassionate eyes, a tone kind and gentle.

“Almost hon. About another five or six minutes.”

“Okay sweetheart. It’s such a beautiful night, why don’t I bring out the rest of the food and we can eat here rather than inside.”

“Sounds good to me baby.” He replies, watching her strut back into the kitchen.

Moments later she arrives back outside carrying eating utensils, two Caesar salads, and dinner plates containing a vast array of foods. “Looks delicious darling … I’m starving.”

“Me too love. Must have been all that exercise.” They both laugh, reminiscing the way their bodies fit together like a glove as they made slow passionate love, savoring every moment this last day together has to offer. Now time and distance will separate them, a time both were dreading, yet their love is strong enough to endure anything.

Kellie closes her eyes tighter, trying to unscramble her brain and rid herself of this inner discussion. Brad pushes a loose strand of hair behind her ear, and then kisses her cheek softly. Subconsciously Kel touches the spot on her cheek where he kissed her. Feeling a spark of intimacy, an undeniable passion that leaves her pondering her feelings of desire. “I wish he didn’t have to leave in the morning.”

Bradley pours each a glass of wine. Rising together from the table the two lovers walk hand in hand over to the swing, continuing their banter as the sun drops well below the trees. All that can be heard over the crackle of the fire is the frogs in the lily pond, taking over the quietness of their ensuing romantic evening. “I’d like to propose a toast.” Raising his glass, “To my lovely wife … the love of my life. And to the fulfilling life and prosperous future you and I share together … as husband and wife. “Je t’aime ma ch’erie, Kellie Dawn.” She feels the tenderness of his hand, as he squeezes hers gently. Staring intensely into his green orbs, eyes filled with lust as a playful smile emerges on his face.

Smiling diligently and sighing exasperatedly, “Awww, Bradley … to us. Three words, whispered softly, spoken in French, the language of love; never losing their ominous sound. “To us, my love. “Je t’aime aussi, Bradley Alexander.”

Raising their glasses in unison, gazing into one another’s eyes they toast. “Cheers! “ Exclaims Kellie in glee, clinking her glass against her husband’s. Bradley watches the way Kel raises her glass to her lips, those sweet sensual lips, “I love you, Kellie.” He mouths, then winks. ‘I love you too, babe.” Sitting down together at the table, they enjoy a nice meal. Sharing some exhilarating conversation, a lot of stimulating subtle flirting, and oftentimes relative silence, lusting into one another’s eyes. It is the looks exchanged that say more than a multitude of words.

Feeling rather blissful, Kellie smiles sheepishly as music plays softly, adding a nice ambience. The subtle flirting and ample bright smiles are enticing, brilliant, infectious ones, lubricated by generous glasses of wine.

No more lonely nights to hurt me.
No more tears left to spare.
No more reasons to be unhappy.
You threw them all up in there air.
And I don't know how you did it
but you made me a believer.

Drowning in the words to their song; one that holds very special meaning, the two lovers smile at one another, eyes filled with lustful gleam and desire.

I never thought that love
could turn someone into a dreamer.
For the first time in my life
I don't feel like a need a breather.
Cause everywhere I'm gonna go
I wanna know you're gonna be there.

“Dance with me baby.” She beckons for him to come towards her. He relents, stepping slightly into the dim glow of the moon. “I’d be more than happy to, darling.” He responds in a passion laced voice. Grinning, his eyes display a beacon of pride, as they shimmer. “I love you Mrs. Reid.” She giggles, looking up into the sky as the moon creeps achingly across the sky. “I love you too, Brad.”

I'd give it all up for you...
I'd give it all up for you.
Do anything you asked me to...
Anything you asked me to.
And like a pillow we can hold on to.
Cause we got each other.
We got each other.
Now that this has gone away.
You left me here without a trace.
And now I'm in a brand new place.
Cause we got each other.
Baby, we got each other.

Coming together, impetuously, in a tight embrace; swaying, rubbing their bodies in time to the rhythm. Her body melts into his. Relaxed and carefree; their minds fill with thoughts of laughter, music, dancing, and lovemaking. Soon all are lost and their voices grow softer; sensual, teasing and titillating, both ready to shed some clothes and cuddle round the glowing fire.

Their breaths are starting to become shallower, and after a moment, silent. Heartbeats increase with the feeling of his cold hands on her warm body. The warmth of one anothers kisses linger, as her delicious lips smother his being. His lips cover the blonde’s in a kiss so soft and tender, then deeply, as the tips of their tongues dance a song of love. Each inhaling deeply, sighing, and then moaning into the kiss, with mouths locked together in passion. His arms spread out behind her back to encase her against him. Pulling her closer, longing to feel the touch of her body, his fingers slide down to discover more of her. Teasing, keeping the passion, lust and desire alive. All sensations and emotions seem to suddenly intensify as the music plays softly.

She looks up, staring into his eyes; the window to the soul. So lovely, expressive and deep. Dancing; floating in rhythm around and around in his loving arms

No matter what happens
We got each other.
Had some times in the past

Dancing together for what feels like an eternity. Locked in a slow dance, beautiful and tender, sheltered in the rhythm. Two hearts pounding, as one another's warm breath is felt on each others skin. Lips close, yet not touching. Warm, intoxicating, passionate and enveloping. Bruising sweetness, swaying together.

The blonde loves to dance with her husband. Closing her eyes, she listens to the steady beat of the music. Craving the way he touches her. Hands; firm and strong, long slender fingers; as the harshness of his touch makes her even more excited. Her eyes flutter, trying to keep her gaze straight. Remembering the way they danced many times in the past, making out on the dance floor, even the time her husband slid a hand up her mini skirt, and into her thong. There was no shame in their game, they were brave, and everyone knew it. Remembering a story told not long ago, where one Navy girl was dying to do Kellie on the dance floor. Did the blonde relent; everyone was afraid to ask the answer to that question.

But we got each other.
Through the good, through the bad
We still got each other.
Really happy or sad
We got each other.

Kellie leans forward and kisses Bradley; all thoughts immediately flee from his mind. He was hers, all hers to do with as she wished, as she continues to dance and writhe enticingly in a never ceasing display of lust.

Their mouths meet again, this time searching hungrily in a fiery passionate kiss. Sensuously, tongues flicking in a duel of lust and desire. Two warm lusty bodies mingle; their skin enticed by one another’s gentle touch, pressing against each other, hips gyrating, heart to heart; exhilarating, dancing on fire and ice.

As Kellie turns in circles around Bradley, her long blonde hair floats around her, her face and body glow in the light of the fire. Bradley closes his eyes, savoring the feeling of the heat from the fire on his skin, as his eyes linger on the beautiful woman in his presence. Coming together again, locked in a slow dance, one that is beautifully tender and yet exhilarating at the same time. Kellie’s heart pounds in her chest at her husband’s closeness. Brad smiles, feeling her breath on his skin. Their lips are close, again; but not yet touching. Both close their eyes momentarily, letting the sensations wash over them. Everything is warm, intoxicating, passionate and enveloping. They drift slowly, sheltered in the rhythm of their dance.

Not very many words are spoken, none needed to be. They are comforted solely by being in one another’s presence. The situation and all that is transpiring around them is never addressed, perhaps intentionally avoided because neither wants to part tomorrow on bad terms, nor knowing exactly how to handle it. Maybe both assume deep down inside this was just a hoax, a bad dream and they would wake up tomorrow, alive, well, basking in one another’s love, together, forever. Either way, neither was prepared for what tomorrow would bring, with the distinct possibility that they very well could be losing one another. A thought that was unbearable, becoming more of a reality.

All either knew for absolute certainty was that they loved one another more than their next breath; from warm flesh to wet tangled tongues, to moans exchanged in utter contentment … their love is worth fighting for. Knowing neither has ever loved as hard, fiercely, and intimate with lust and desire as they did with one another. Kellie’s deep blue eyes lure him in, meeting in a stare. Lips luscious, longing to be sucked and kissed again … and again … and again.

All thoughts are abruptly interrupted by Brad’s ringing cell phone. Through glassy lust filled eyes, he pulls away. Flipping it open him and Kellie listen to a familiar ring tone, “Always & Forever” by Heatwave,

Always and forever
Each moment with you is just like a dream to me
That somehow came true
And I know tomorrow will still be the same
Cos' we've got a life of love that won't ever change

Smiling, they both gaze at a picture of them appearing together on their wedding day in the background. Bittersweet tears well her eyes, taking a deep breath to regain her composure before an onrush of tears.

“You ok, sweetheart?” He asks noticing a change in her demeanor. “Yes I’m fine babe, just take the call. “Okay love, I won’t be long.”

“Hello” He asks curiously in to the phone.

“Hey Brad … how’s my handsome favorite brother in law?” Asks a giddy voice on the other end of the line. Kellie’s younger sister always did have a special knack of calling at the most inappropriate times, and once again she is delivering on cue.

“You’re favorite? You mean … your only brother in law Lily Grace?” He teases.

“Well yeah, but you know even if you weren’t you’d still be my favorite. So how the hell are you and my sis doing?”

“We‘re both fine, thanks. How are you?”

“I’m doing great Brad. Sundance and I are still in Las Vegas, but I wanted to be sure to call and wish you a safe trip to Italy.”

“Oh I see … in Sin City, living out all your fantasies with your man.”

“Bradley Reid … shame on you.”

“Well we all know what they say about Vegas Lily Grace … what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

“Yes and we also both know I’m the angelic type … unlike you, and Kellie, so there won’t be any naughty stories to tell.”

“The words angelic and Lily Grace should never be used in the same sentence, sweetheart.”

“Uh huh, well you might be my favorite brother in law but we aren’t going to discuss that, now are we Dr. Reid.” She immediately hears laughter on the other end of the line, and him whispering something to Kellie. “Well please do tell … your sister and I can’t wait to hear all about this latest lil’ excursion of yours.”

“I don’t kiss and tell!”

“Okay then just answer one question.”

“Maybe … maybe not … all depends on how personal you decide to get.”

“Kellie is dying to know…”

“I what?” She questions teasingly, gently poking him in the side, as he squirms away with a smile. “Okay, I want to know if Sundance still has hair that spikes up and the horrid goatee that spikes down.” He teases, running his fingertips through Kellie’s long lustrous, gorgeous blonde hair.

“That he does, babe … and I love Jason’s distinctive good looks. He is also very sweet, sensitive and caring; the man every mom wants their daughter to meet and fall in love with.”

“Well Lily Grace, I should be very thankful, you are definitely moving up in the dating world.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“In all the years I’ve known you, you’ve brought home some interesting prospects, seems you’ve finally come to your senses.”

“There is nothing wrong with the men I’ve dated.”

“That’s to be debated. Let’s see first there was A.J. Tobaldo, an ethnic mutt from Salinas, California. Part Filipino, Portuguese with Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese background … what was he again … a cell phone salesman at the mall?”

“He was very sweet.”

“Uh huh … about as sweet as that ridiculous immature beat boxer, what was his name, Blake … Blake Lewis from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania?”

The air is immediately filled with silence as Lily Grace remembers the last time they were together. His strong masculine hands wrapped tightly around her waist, the tenderness of his kiss, and the soft spoken nature of his voice as he told her goodbye, hoping to see her again someday. A handsome young man of Welsh, German and Irish descent. A tad bit shorter than Lily; hazel eyes and dyed brown hair with a remaining streak of blonde on the bangs. Always cordial to all, witty and happy go lucky. An aspiring musician who loved to perform; whether it was beat boxing, singing or taking part in musicals, or playing the guitar, piano or drums. A love and devotion to music; something that tore them apart. His relationship with Lily Grace, a trivial allocation in comparison to his first love - music, and performing around the world.

“Earth to Lily Grace … stop fantasizing and talk to me, love.”

“Yes Bradley his name is Blake and for your information he just released his first CD … and is a success in the music industry.”

“Oh I’m sure he is … if you’re twelve years old, and enjoy a flashback to the 80’s with pioneers Doug E. Fresh, Biz Markie and Darren Robinson of The Fat Boys.

“Bradley Reid, I’m appalled.”

“I’m sorry Lily Grace but your taste in men is just plain … oh how do I even put it? I guess I should just be thankful you didn’t marry that feminine hairstylist from New York City. You know the one … Sanjaya Malakar.”

“Awe yes, how can I ever forget good ole’ Sanjaya. Hahahaha! The man who has made his mark with his ever changing hairstyles and done so more often than Britney Spears.”

“See even you, Lily Grace make snippy remarks about your ex’s revolving door hairdos.”

“Because every time I saw the guy I was left speechless. All his hairdos were interesting to say the least, but I found myself not knowing what to expect next.”

“Perhaps there is no mirror in his home? I mean how else can you explain his full-out Farrah feathered look or a Liberace inspired pony hawk, which bears some faint resemblance to a modern day Mohawk gone wrong?”

They both laugh, “I know, he’s the only man I know of who spends quality time with a flat iron, and has turned himself into the princess of Motown, Diana Ross; and has the hair to prove it.”

The soft but authoritative tone in her voice spoke up, “Okay enough you two … Say goodbye before this conversation gets out of hand.” Kellie demands. “Well Lily Grace the bane of your existence is scolding me, and I’m sure will be sending me to my room without dinner unless I apologize, so will you please accept my most sincere apology sis.”

Giggles emerge all around, “Yes Bradley, now go enjoy your last night with my sister. Tell her I love her and the minute I get home I’ll stop by and check up on her.”

“I would appreciate that very much, Lily. Goodnight, and tell that man of yours he better treat you like a princess, pulling out all the stops, or he’ll have the good doctor to contend to.“

“Will do. Goodnight Bradley, be safe. I love you.”

Languorously Bradley hangs up the phone and turns to face Kellie. Reaching up he strokes her cheek. The softness beneath his fingertips is exhilarating, as her skin glows in the moonlight. Talking, they hold one another, enjoying the sensation of their closeness. Unfortunately their last night together, as they will be sleeping alone the next thirteen nights. Once again time stands still, as they share with one another a piece of their heart. There is a time to rush, and a time to take it nice and slow. Both reflect sensual emotions, as their soul craves intimacy and fulfillment, while chasing away their fears. There will be many nights in the near future where they will make love, but tonight they both want to savor in the essence of holding one another, innocently; enjoying the closeness their love brings to each other.

Finally unable to withstand the growing prurience, they snuggle closely in the hammock with a blanket thrown atop the two lovers. Burying themselves deep in the comforts of their thoughts, and desires for one another. Relaxing in the haze mist of sexual energy, head over heels in unbridled lust, something wonderful this husband and wife has created together. They know one another’s bodies like the back of their hand, in a way no one else possibly could. Slowly Brad leans over and kisses his wife passionately, enjoying every invigorating minute of this kiss. Kellie’s hands wander up to his neck, playing at the nape of his hair, and then running her fingers throughout. She wraps her arms around his neck tightly, pulling him as close as she possibly can. Keeping him there, making sure that many passionate kisses follow. One of his hands strays under her sweater to the small of her back, then up her side and to her breast. She moans slightly as a tingling sensation runs down her spine to her already wet and pulsing nether region.

Tonight both have a head full of thoughts; feelings that don’t make a whole lot of sense. As they close their eyes, opening them to occasionally look up at the sky full of stars, they lay awake still unsure what to make of it all. For the next hour or so no words are exchanged between the two, nothing more needs to be said. Tonight both know how the other is feeling as a sense of love and satisfaction come upon them. Surrounding themselves with good thoughts of one another, as frowns turn into smiles, chasing away all troublesome thoughts. Resting comfortably in one another’s arms, in anticipation of what tomorrow will bring. Neither quite sure what fate has in store, only knowing their promise and commitment to one another will be honored, creating the foundation for a promising future together … as husband and wife … if fate allows.

They both are enjoying this time alone together immensely. All is quiet except the beating of their hearts, and the crackle of the fire. The wind blows softly as it moves through the trees. They lay together, bodies entwined for hours, gazing up into the moonlit sky. The sky above blazes with thousands of brilliant stars and the Milky Way spreads across the wide expanse.

Thinking back over something she read recently, “Every experience in life has been about the same thing. Each less is ultimately and absolutely been about one thing, the only thing there is, LOVE! Even the blackest and darkest moments have been a form of a lesson in love.” Smiling, pondering what kind of lesson might be learned when dealing with her premonition.

Both her and Brad continued to gaze into the dark, moonlit starry sky. Kellie giggles as she hears an owl calling to its mate in the nearby distance. “It’s so beautiful here. I’ve never seen this many stars before, babe. Everything is so quiet and peaceful tonight.”

It was just the two of them, huddled under a blanket on the hammock, by the glowing fire. Lying on their backs, they reminisce about the last five years.

“Looks like we have a lot of wishes to make tonight babe.” Kellie says with a smile, admiring the countless number of stars in the sky tonight. Brad turns to face her, staring intently into her blue orbs. “You’re my wish come true.” Smiling as his lips brush against hers. ‘You’re all I ever wished for, my love … my dream come true.”

Dreams … golden memories; today’s joys, and a sparkling future are etched in the visions of happiness these two lovers share. Love communicated without words, adorned by feelings and emotions that will last a lifetime. Something Bradley needs to get him through the duration of this trip, time alone to savor in the essence of his marriage and the bond him and his wife share. Holding on to everything and anything to get him through the long tiresome days and many lonely, sleepless nights. Now unfortunately Italy waits in less than twelve hours.

Kellie kisses him goodnight, closing her eyes, and drifting off into a state of peaceful slumber. A content smile is displayed proudly upon her face. Her loving husband raises himself up on his elbows, staring intently at her. He loves watching her sleep. She is so peaceful and beautiful, not a care in the world. Closing his eyes momentarily, taking in the moment, as he listens to the rhythmic sound of her heart and the cool gentle breeze. Upon opening them he strokes her long blonde curls with his gentle fingers, careful not to wake her. A smile dances across his lips as he wraps his arms tightly around her, savoring her warmth. After taking a few deep breaths of cool fresh air, he eases himself further under the blanket, trying not to disturb his wife. Surprisingly enough he falls quickly asleep, as music softly plays in the background.

Their love; fulfilled and complete, always and forever. Unfortunately a short time later, Brad awakens. This time remaining awake, waiting for the skies to lighten as morning approaches.
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PostSubject: Re: Love Never Dies   Thu 30 Jun 2011, 3:25 pm

Due to the increasing concern that perhaps I have allowed LND to drag on a bit more than intended, NSC and myself have decided to post Ch. 8 tonight, and Ch. 9 on Saturday. That should get things moving right along. Thank you for your continued interest in our story.

CH. 8

The emphatic ringing pierces his ears, as he stretches his tiresome body out on the hammock. Groggily, rubbing his weary eyes with his left hand, while his right attains his cell phone off the nearby table. Well that ought to do it, surely she won’t sleep through this racket. After about twenty seconds of incessant ringing he presses the alarm’s snooze button. Now just ten more minutes … just ten more!

Hmm … looks like I was wrong, she looks mighty comfy. Admiring the sleeping blonde beside him, thankful she was finally able to relax enough to sleep. She was lying on her side, her back towards him. One leg lifted and rose across the other. He gently runs a teasing finger across her leg, as she snuggles deeper into her pillow. Shivering; he closes his eyes and cuddles up next to her. “Damn, it’s cold … no wonder I’m freezing, Kellie has all the blankets!” Kissing her softly on the cheek, feeling the warmth of her body next to his. “C’mon sleepy head, it’s time to wake up baby.” He whispers gently in her ear.

The tired blonde stirs in her sleep as his hand reaches around her waist, sliding comfortably underneath her sweater. His gentle touch; soft and warm, like a night’s sweet caress, rakes across her naked flesh. The gentlest of touches continue across her stomach where the hand finally settles.

Kellie. Whispers a voice in the darkness. “Kellie.” She hears it again. Sounding far off in the distance, yet merely so close. Somewhere in between a state of consciousness and dreaminess she struggles to open her eyes. “Kellie.” As the vibration of the deep voice pierces her ears, her body is flooded with goose bumps. Fear races through her mind. “Save my son … do not let him get on that plane!” The voice demands. Visions flash through her mind in a matter of seconds.

“My son?” She questions. “Is the late Bradley Alexander Reid, Sr. trying to tell me something? Nah, this is crazy! Perhaps my husband is right. My dreams combined with Alana’s foolishness are just feeding into my imagination. Or am I really hearing things? I feel as if I am going crazy. This has to stop … now!”

She is immediately startled by a noise; some sort of shuffling sound. Lying absolutely still, she feels a tremble shoot up her spine. She hears it again, much softer this time. “Kellie.” Her whole body shudders, enveloped by an intense cold that cuts to the core of her being. The words replay over and over in her mind. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” She manages to stammer out. There is no logical explanation … unless there was someone or something that she could not see … or if she was crazy and delusional. Before she has a chance to fully regain her composure, the voice vanishes, like a whisper in the night.

Remnants of her dream tug at her; beckoning her to another place and time. One where she hears Brad’s faint cries for help. Everything seems absurd, nonsensical, demented, and assiduously impossible. Trying desperately she struggles in vain to see through the stygian blackness. The very faint flickering flame of the fire is casting many shadows. What awakened her? Or better yet … who? Dismissing it as nothing more than just her jittery nerves and a figment of her wild imagination. Or possibly a rabbit or other small animal stirring in the nearby distance.

Suddenly she is startled by his sharp voice, and feels his breath against her skin. “Kellie, honey … time to get up, darling.” A firm, seemingly warm masculine hand touches her shoulder. “Kel.” Gently moving her long golden blonde hair off her back, sliding it over her shoulder so her neck is fully exposed. The crisp air on her neck and the amiable touch of his hand across her shoulder is exhilarating. A quivering lip lightly brushes her neck, kissing it softly. She can feel each breath he takes as he lets out a short breath of warm air from his mouth after each and every kiss. “Wake up love.” He whispers again, as she leans back into the comforts of his warm embrace, cinching her eyes tightly closed.

The touch of a rugged hand caresses her face. Nuzzling her cheek against him, she places a soft kiss upon his hand. Brad pulls away, laying back, stretching as he watches his breath condense in the air in front of his face. Suddenly he is aware of just how cold and tired he is. “Italy and very important business awaits … you’ll just have to catch some shut eye on the plane, Reid … now get your ass up!”

Still fighting a near daze, Kellie opens one eye, and reaches across Brad for his phone. Glancing at the clock, “4:40 a.m. ugh no wonder I‘m so tired!” She mumbles, falling back against the pillow. She closes her eyes, drowning out all outside civilization. “Kellie, c’mon love you have to get up.” Hearing his voice again, she suddenly snaps back to reality. She looks back over her shoulder beseechingly, “Alright!” She says grumpily. One eye opens, then the other. Vigorously she rubs her tired eyes, then sits up, running her fingers through her disheveled hair. “Damn what a weekend.” She says to herself, grinning as she recalls the way her husband made slow passionate love to her.

Gasping softly, she looks up into his green orbs. Inhaling deeply, savoring in his nice masculine scent. Both smiling at one another; yet seemingly to be smiles with many reservations. Leaning forward she kisses him softly; her lips just barely touching his flesh. Feeling his day old stubble scratching against her chin, and cheek, as she releases a short, desperate moan.

“Good morning, sexy.” He croons, “Or should I say my lovely lady of the darkness? “ As he embraces her tightly. Then pulling back, taking her face into his hands. Kissing her once more; a long passionate, lingering kiss, full of emotion. Her tongue plunges deep into his mouth, exploring every crevice, savoring all of him. From his masculine scent to his taste, to the texture of his skin.

“Morning.” She whispers back. “So much for sleep.” Mumbling quietly, a smile emerging on her lips.

“Awe, is my baby grouchy?”

She presses her fists into her eyes trying to make them adjust to the darkness faster. “Who me? Never! You know I love, love, love to be woken up at 4:30 a.m. NOT!”

They both begin to laugh, knowing Kellie Dawn Pickler-Reid is anything but a morning person, and is frequently quite grumpy. At least until after a nice hot shower or cup of coffee … oftentimes taking both to snap her out of it.”

Suddenly her demeanor begins to change. Her whole body quivers in sheer fright … its Monday. Today is the day. Her husband is leaving in less than an hour … for Italy. Reality quickly settles in. Kellie’s head starts to throb, she instantaneously feels sick to her stomach and incredibly weak. “Kellie you’re just imagining things … stop it now!” She mumbles to herself.

“Did you sleep well, my love?” He asks, smiling warmly, keeping his voice low.

“For the most part … was a bit restless … you wouldn’t stop petting the kitty.” She begins to laugh, as does her husband. “Just teasing love, I always sleep well in your arms, Bradley.” She replies softly, hiding as best she can the true feelings emanating from within.

Their bodies press close together on the small confines of the hammock. “Awe, Kel. I love you, honey.” Their lips meet, sharing another passionate kiss. “Even when I steal all the covers and nearly push you off the edge of the hammock?” She giggles. “Yes even then my love.”

“You’re too good to me, babe.”

“Likewise, baby.”

Laying in relative silence both stare up into the dark sky. It was so uncomfortably quiet … and still. The moon hung low on the eastern horizon, and the sun wouldn’t rise for a few more hours. Every little motion or movement; their breathing, the rustle of clothing, sounds amplify, heightening the tension amidst them. Both trying to turn the discomfort into an immersion of pleasure. The frogs and crickets continue their banter in the growing distance. A gust of wind brings both back to reality.

Kellie ponders all thoughts, wondering how to approach Brad … to get through to him … to make him stay. Her mind working overtime again, always thinking, rationalizing, grasping for any feasible explanation. Delving and emerging into fear of the unknown, devoid of her true senses; speculating each and every small detail. Her body begins to tremble nervously as visions of Brad’s face enter her mind. Hearing the sadness in his voice, as he cries out to her in eager desperation. Once again haunted by these visions, she sucks in a breath, sighing heavily, hopeful to avoid breaking down and crying. Quietly she buries her face into her hands, hiding her pain and worry from her husband.

He studies her; a face displaying a vast array of emotions, lost in concentration. The sparkle is gone from her eyes, replaced by fear. He props himself up on one arm, leaning in to kiss her. Running his hand gently through her hair, in a vain attempt to comfort her. The ensuing silence is finally broken as he speaks, “What is it, Kel, what’s wrong?” He asks his voice soft and low, almost a whisper. There is no reply. She remains silent, her eyes half closed. “Kellie Dawn?”

Unwilling and able to think or speak rationally, she grimaces. “I … I …”

“Yes baby, what is it?” He questions, quite concerned.

“I just wish you didn’t have to go.” She stammers. His eyes widen; knowing instantly what she is thinking and feeling. Pulling her into a tight embrace he consoles her with his loving words, after all his words are all he has at this moment. “I know … so do I … but it’s only two weeks, baby.”

Right now two weeks feels like an eternity to Kellie, especially under the present circumstances. “Two weeks.” She murmurs. His thoughts intertwine with her own. “Only two weeks.” Sighing heavily, her voice fades as she watches him pull himself out from under the blanket. Slowly rolling over, he sits up. One tanned and shapely leg still tucked underneath him. “I have to start getting ready, Kel. I’ll meet you inside, darling.”

She stares into his soft gentle green orbs. “Not yet, babe. Five more minutes.” Reaching for his arm, her fingertips lightly graze his flesh. “Cuddle with me for just five more minutes, please hon.” She immediately flashes her pearly whites, bats her eyelashes, and then leans in, laying a good lip lock on him … knowing now he was putty in her hands. “Well … do I get those five minutes or not, honey?” She asks, rather seductively.

“If you’re lucky … ten!” He teases. “After all life is a compromise, baby … and so is love.” Grinned Brad, as if he can read her mind. She speaks up, hesitantly. “Good … then you’ll stay home, right Dr. Reid?” Brad silences her and kills all thoughts immediately with another passionate kiss. Then smiles weakly and slips back under the blanket tentatively. Raising his eyes to meet hers, their orbs lock. “No I can’t stay, but I’ll give you fifteen minutes instead … so use it wisely, Mrs. Reid.”

Impetuously the words escape her mouth, eluding all past fears. “Oh I will, Bradley, you can bet on it.”

Brad stares ever so intently for a moment, in soft warmth. Seemingly calm and reassuring at a time when his heart was suddenly beating wildly. Kellie runs her soft tongue around the outline of his lips. Brushing her lips against his, softly at first, and then replacing a tender kiss with a more urgent one. His tongue darts in her mouth, exploring every inch of it while his hands plunder her body. Seeking out his tongue, he eagerly relents. As he kisses back, she becomes much more forceful and her kisses become deeper. Easing him down onto her, kissing with every ounce of passion that resides.

Their eyes meet again; she breaths hot air into his ear with each word spoken, “Can I interest you in a quickie, Mr. Reid … maybe one for the road?” Teasing in a voice soft and intimate, like silk. Shooting him a look far more seductive than need be, knowing her husband would never reject her. Shuddering; his voice deep, “Kind of just like old times sake, Mrs. Reid.”

“Yes, after all spontaneity is the spice of life, Dr. Reid.” They both chuckle, as he quickly removes his t-shirt, and wraps his strong arms around her, pulling her close. “How can I ever resist your persuasion, flattering attention, disarming good looks … my sex personified lovely wife?” He says happily, with a very large grin on his face. They stare deep into each others eyes, starting to get lost. Leaning in he passionately kisses her. His lips soft, causing her to moan at his touch. “Ohhh, you feel so, so good baby.” His eyes glaze with desire, “Not surprisingly the feelings are very mutual, honey.” He whispers, trying to keep control of his voice, as she presses into him, making him hard in mere seconds.

His hands travel underneath her sweater, down her sides, and back up again towards her breasts. The warmth of his hands is hot on her flesh, sending chills up and down her spine. “Just think how much better you’ll feel once I remove this?” He whispers in her ear before sliding her sweater up and over her head, gliding it over her shoulders, discarding it alongside his t-shirt on the ground. Kissing her passionately, while one hand unclasps her bra, quickly letting her breasts fall free from their confinement. A warm moist tongue flicks across her throat, down the side of her neck. His questing mouth makes its way to her nipples; ones that are instantly hard, reaching out for him. As he comes in contact with her warm flesh, her body shivers when his lips lightly graze them. Gently suckling each hardened nipple, her back arches, pressing hard against his arousal, leaving both moaning contently. She can feel herself getting wet and pulls him back up to her face, meeting his lips with hers. “Kiss me again!” She demands, as her hands explore the rough texture of his bare chest.

He looks up at her, eyes that seem to glow in the filtering moonlight. As he places a hand on each hip, he gyrates his into hers, “Hmmm … maybe I should make you beg for that kiss, Mrs. Reid.” He teases, with a lusty smile.

She raises an eyebrow in question, batting her eyelashes at him. “Don’t you dare say that again Mr. Reid or you will be severely punished for such impudence?”

“Oh really?”

“Yep you just might feel the sting of my riding crop.” Threatening, yet kissing him deeply, and taking his tongue passionately. “Oh yes, mistress … let me feel it! “ He groans into her mouth, feeling intense pleasure surrounding them.

Her fingers dance lightly down his chest, pausing long enough to firmly grasp his nipples. Pinching and pulling; teasing, causing him to moan quietly. Her touch fills him with a desire, unlike any he’s experienced. Her fingers caress his supple skin; continue down his chest to his waist. Ever so slowly she drags her fingertips up and down his crotch. “And what do we have here, Dr. Reid?” She questions. “Seems to me … swelling with desire … hmmm … I wonder what the problem can be?” She asks a voice full of mock innocence.

“Maybe you’d better unzip and investigate … show me your bedside manner, Nurse Reid.”

“Well if my patient has no objections … shall I.” She slides the zipper down, he raises slightly, sliding his pants and boxers over his hips, just enough to unsheathe her waiting desire.

She wants … no needs him inside her … now! He unfastens the buckle of her belt, releases one jean button, drawing down the zipper in a swift movement. He slips his hands inside the waistband of her jeans and pulls them off quickly. She releases tiny, anguished moans as his hands slowly slide her panties down over her thighs. “My oh my, someone is wet … no soaked.” He teases, slathering in her ear. He slides her jeans and panties the rest of the way off with one hand, while the other teases the sensitive skin of her inner thigh, before languidly caressing her entire length, unrushed.

She opens, and then closes her eyes, then opens them again as her husband prepares to mount her. She has never felt so wet and hot before … so she thinks … then remembers last night. A lovely feeling she has anytime she’s in his presence … an effect he has on her even when they are apart.

With a grin, her husband lifts her hips slightly, and slowly buries himself greedily inside her. She lets out a half moan, half scream at how good he feels. Screaming in sheer pleasure as the full length of his erection plunges deep inside her; knowing she needs this … he does as well … before many miles separate them.

Continuing to push inside her and out again, writhing in her sex, as the tide of pleasure wells up within both, “Oh fuck, I’m coming already! Ughhhh!” She pants, releasing a long anguished moan. Screaming, curling her toes with pleasure and pain. Squeezing her eyes shut, biting against her lower lip, as her head falls backwards. Desiring to prolong this intense moment, “Don’t stop, Brad!” She screams, as her glistening juices cover him. Pulling out slowly, there are no words to express how either was feeling at this given moment. Her entire body shakes with ecstasy, feeling the exquisite agony of holding back an orgasm. Moans and screams of intimacy escape, hers and his, filling the crisp morning air around them, driving their passion to a whole new urgency.
Still kissing one another, searchingly, slowly both come down from their highs. Able to regain their composure, resting together comfortably. Kellie can feel herself smiling inwardly, lost in a moment of pure bliss. Both spent and fulfilled.

As suddenly as it started, their tryst was over; Italy waits. With a low guttural groan of lust escaping his lips, he whispers softly in her ear. “As much as I hate to, Kel.” Pulling back, looking deep into her saddened, blue orbs. “I really have to start getting ready baby. If I don’t I’ll miss my flight.”

Kellie closes her eyes momentarily. Frowning briefly, sadness fills her heart, as it begins to beat furiously. Her palms grow increasingly sweaty. Almost derelict at that moment; silence fills the air, except for an occasional noise in the distance. Arching her eyebrows in frustration and defeat, groaning inwardly, mumbling, “Okay.” She smiles slightly.

Brad rises, standing in front of her, holding out his hand. Immediately putting her hand in his he pulls her to her feet. Both gather their belongings, walking arm in arm towards the house. Conscious of his wife’s feelings, Brad turns, grasping her hands. Squeezing both reassuringly, smiling warmly into her blue orbs. “Everything is going to be just fine baby … I promise.”

Becoming overwhelmed by emotion, instantaneously tears seep from the corners of her eyes. One after another they cascade down her cheeks. He pulls her closer; an embrace that feels so good and familiar. His lips touch her ear, “Don’t cry baby … I promise, Kel, everything is going to okay.” He whispers as he wipes her tears away. “I promise. “ Two words; spoken at the precise volume and pitch, with love and admiration. Bringing her lips close to his, savoring the warmth. Removing all fears, his lips run along her bottom lip, in immediate response she kisses him deeply. The passion is indescribable and from that moment on nothing is present but love.

Brad takes a deep breath, exhaling softly, while his arms remain wrapped around her waist. Pulling away, he softly says, “I’m really going to be late if we keep this up, Kel.”

Bringing her fingertips to his lips, she silences him with a kiss, as a devious smile spreads across her face. “And would that be a problem, Dr. Reid? I for one certainly wouldn’t have any qualms or objections? Teasing, grinning cheekily, and trying desperately to lighten the mood.

“Kellie.” Consoling as he bends, placing a hand on her cheek, and slowly bringing her lips back to his. “I love you.” Bolsteres a proud and confident doctor. “I really do love you, Kellie Dawn.” Followed by another kiss; so warm, soft and deep, leaving both feeling as if they had just been permanently locked together in unison. “I love you too, Bradley Alexander.” Both young lovers let out a lengthy sigh. “You’re my lover … my best friend … forever!”

“Yes, forever.”

“And the sooner you go, the sooner you can come back home to me.” His hands tremble as he caresses her face. Sipping kisses from her moist lips. “Ok, I’m going, I’m going … just two weeks love.” He says tentatively. “A mere fourteen days, Kel.” Speaking softly, falsely cheery.

Gazing up into his green orbs, she runs her fingers through his soft locks of brown hair. “Yep …” Her voice trails off. Much to Brad’s consternation she remains cheerful despite the turmoil brewing internally. Of course they both know deep down inside no matter how much resistance she shows, there is no way he will reciprocate her feelings and miss this important business trip … that was beside the point and completely out of the question.

Wrapping her arms around his waist from behind, for a brief, undetectable second, “I’ll put on a pot of fresh coffee while you get ready, babe.”

“That would be nice … real nice. Thank you darling.” He takes his wife’s hands in his. Fingers interlocked, fitting together nicely. Smiling satisfied, feeling her warmth surge his body. Before another moments deliberation Brad kisses her. Kissing so hard, with intensity, in the moment of passion. “I love you, Kellie Dawn Pickler-Reid.” He whispers in her ear, leaving her with a smile as he gently pulls away, walking in the direction of the bedroom.

“I love you too, babe.” Her voice fades quietly.

Brad feels his timid heart flutter with fear. His mind begins to work feverishly, trying ever so fervently to regain his composure and not frighten his wife with the change in his demeanor. As his mind races, Dr. Reid tries to grasp the dire predicament that lies ahead, vainly, not to falter. Rational thoughts strain against his acceptance of what fate may or may not have in store. The turmoil of Alana’s words, as well as Kel’s haunting images threatens to consume him, driving him to a state of madness. Yet through this terrible ordeal he can feel the tender grasp of his wife’s love for him. Curiosity and desire awake inside; longing to know more about the paranormal and the lingering affect dreams and visions have on lives today. But for now … not under these circumstances, and certainly not because Alana Georgette Ellsworth meddled into his business once again.

Deep down inside he is terrified, knowing the sooner he can get out of the house and collect his thoughts the better off he’ll be. Wondering once that happens if people can tell just by looking at him, inside he’s experiencing the biggest fright of his life.

Going into the bathroom he shuts the door quietly behind him. A gaunt young man, emerald green orbs, stare at his weary reflection in the mirror. “My god, I look like hell! “ Shutting his eyes tightly, he runs his hands through his hair, in a vain attempt; searching for comfort. Something … anything that might distract him from the turmoil mounting within. Trying to gaze his feelings, he silently accepts the invitation of death. “If that’s what God has planned.” Falling back into his mood of apathy, visions and words gnaw at him, relentlessly, oppressively. Taking a deep breath, he runs cool water over the soft features of his face. “It’s all going to okay, Bradley Reid, you‘re not a coward … do not under any circumstances succumb to fear. Live your life to the fullest, savoring in each and every precious moment here on Earth, with your lovely wife, family and friends … the way you always have.”

“Myself and Kellie’s passionate relationship is not going to alternate between bursts of ecstatic oblivion and bouts of despair and fear, causing any type of self destruction.” Next he brushes his teeth, combs the tangles out of his disheveled hair. By passing the desire to shave this morning, he splashes his face with Stetson aftershave. Watching his demeanor in the mirror, never wanting to admit the look of fear. “Just wash it away Brad, chase all those fears away … put them out of your mind. “ Wishing more than anything he could just crawl back under the warm covers of his nice big bed with Kellie and forget this damn trip. “I guess that is not an option, now is it Reid? Vicente is expecting you.” Opting on casual attire, rather than his usual business suit, he puts on a pair of stonewash blue jeans, dark avocado marl cardigan with matching button down flannel shirt. Sitting on the edge of the bed he puts his socks on, pulling them up and over his heel, then slides on dark brown leather moc-toe lace ups.

A short time later he throws his hands up in mock defeat, cursing quietly. “Fucking sonofabitch! Why now?“ Wandering over to the bay window he stares out into the darkness. Closing his eyes, losing himself in his own thoughts, as the minutes tick by.

Trying to formulate some sense of plan to rectify his current predicament. This does nothing to allay his confusion. “Rewrite the premonition … the outcome.” Focusing on Alana’s words. Shifting his thoughts to positive ones, he refrains from thinking anymore about death.

To Brad Reid there is always something irresistibly sexy about risk, refusing to live a bland predictable life. Giving shape and intensity, enjoying the thrill of tasting the illicit, playing with the devil, knowing the most attractive and desirable things in life can also be the most dangerous. Facing life head on … surely this should be no different. All thoughts of fear, horror and death diminish, banished into nonexistence. He rewrites Kellie’s dream, focusing solely on happiness. “I’m on a poignant and inevitable collision course … in control of my own life … and my destination.” He says to himself, over and over again. “I will risk curiosity, wonder, and find spontaneous delight in the days to come. Reveling my human spirit and bringing happiness to my life, Kellie’s life, as well as my future children and grandchildren.”

His mind is filled with question after question. Questioning … doubting … realizing … knowing it is all part of growth. “If we do not question and just exist we are stuck. So many people in life are stuck. I, Bradley Alexander Reid, do not want to be stuck, I want to succeed. Drudgery is part of life. We have to appreciate the results having experienced the mundane.” This too, will someday be a memory of what makes Bradley what he is to become. All part of the evolving and experiencing.

“I will touch the world … my actions will mean something.” He didn’t want to simply disappear and be forgotten about. Wanting to affect other people’s lives, the same way he did with the many children he treated daily at his practice. Longing to accomplish that entire he set out to do, following in the footsteps of his father. To believe that he was somebody. “I am somebody!”

“All I am is me. This is all I can do, and will continue to do. Continue to exist, fight, and to succeed and to fail. To continue to fight and to run. Continue to be myself. But is that enough?”

Prepared to look at this as a time of reflection and direction. Life has given him many ample opportunities, at times when he least expected it. Now it was time to embrace it. “This is life … failures, success, fighting, running, and also the most important … conquering!” He was ready to take full advantage of every opportunity, focusing on his many achievements and glories, looking ahead for the large one … all part of the process of Dr. Bradley Alexander Reid, Jr.

While he is upstairs mentally preparing for the experience of a lifetime, Kellie is downstairs anxiously waiting for her husband. She flips on the news and listens intently to the weather report. Relative humidity, 64%, Wind at 7mph, Low Temp 34, High Temp 60, and Visibility 10mi. Wind chill 38. “Just a typical day in New York. But I better get his heavy jacket, just in case.” Sauntering into the hallway, she retrieves it; returning to the bedroom, greeting her husband.

Her body tightens as she suddenly freezes in her place, before raising her eyes to meet his. “Here love.” Handing him his black wool-blend coat. “You might need this, never know how the weather will be in Italy, hon. and I wouldn’t want for you to get sick, my love.”

With his ready smile, he turns his head, making contact with those brilliant blue eyes. “Thank you sweetheart, you’re always so thoughtful.” Nothing could ever change his mind about Mrs. Kellie Reid. He was and would forever be utterly in love with this woman, and nothing short of death would stop him from being with her for all eternity. She walks over to the bed, sitting down beside him. “And don’t forget this love.” She hands him his Rolex watch; her wedding gift to him; a 31-Jewel, 18K yellow gold fluted Bezel with synthetic Sapphire crystals. He takes it, holding it proudly, flipping it over to read the inscription. “My loving husband, thank you for giving me the most precious of all gifts … your time. -K”

Without breaking contact, jubilant, he rises from the bed. Taking her into his arms he gives his wife a passionate kiss. “You look very handsome babe, and smell good too.” She whispers in his ear, before kissing him again. A soft kiss along the earlobe, distracting him from further thoughts on the subject of death, and all that was transpiring from within. Burdened long enough, being robbed of any anonymity, he can think of no further reason to fear the inevitable. Slowly he pulls away, and cast a casual glance. “I love you sweetheart.”

“I love you too babe.”

Dreading the inevitable fact … it is now time to say goodbye. Gathering his luggage, he walks slowly downstairs with Kellie following closely behind.

“Just think Bradley, in fourteen days you’ll get to worship at the temple.”

“The temple?”

“Yes … my body!”

He looks at her shaking his head. “Oh baby, what shall I ever do with you?”

“Just love me forever … and worship!” She teases. “And babe, while you’re away, envision me in leather, crawling towards you like a panther on the prowl!”

“Mrs. Reid, what have you been taking in addition to your geritol?” He asks; his voice soft and sensuous. “I just might have to examine you.”

“Oh baby … be my guest. What would you like to start with, a vaginal … or breast exam ….or perhaps … oh never mind.”

“You really are too much, girl.” He chastises.

Kellie’s eyes widen with lust. “Too much for you?” She questions, teasingly. “Just hurry home, and then I’m sure between you and I we can come up with something rather stimulating to do with me.”

“Okay love.”

“Oh and by the way, Dr. Reid. You can tell Vicente after this business trip, you’re all mine. I expect one hell of a vacation. A nice long one, babe.” She demands.

“Oh really? You do, do you?” Smiling hypothetically. “Well I’ll see what I can do about that Mrs. Reid.” He replies with some indignation.

“Maybe a romantic getaway in Venice, or the mysterious city on the lagoon, La Serenissima. Or maybe an around the world cruise … now that would be really nice, and very romantic, babe.”

He tries to look inconspicuous but can‘t hide his feelings if he tried. He wasn‘t even sure what he was trying to conceal. “Maybe … maybe not!” He says with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. “How about a trip to Russia?”

“No fucking way … now that comment just got you one lash!”

No matter how much flirting and teasing occurs between the two, this morning a thousand words, visions and fears flow back into their thoughts in small fragments. Pouring through their minds.

Words, visions, and fears exist in Kellie’s mind. A whisper reverberates, in warning. “Don’t let him go!” Frozen in terror, she cannot move, nor speak. All she can do is stand in silence, staring into her husband’s eyes. Her piercing blue orbs burn with pain and fear. Her gaze penetrates the deepest depths of his being. “What’s wrong, baby?” He asks, noticing the immediate change in her demeanor.

“Please Brad, don’t go.” She looks at him pleadingly. Deep blue eyes filled with love, compassion and fear, as she watches him place his suitcases by the front door. “Please, babe.” Her voice laced with troublesome worry. “Please.” She says; her eyes never leaving his as he pours a cup of coffee.

He takes a few sips, trying to decipher her feelings. Staring for long seconds into her wide set, intelligent eyes. “Sweetheart, we’ve been over this a thousand times. I have to, Vicente is expecting me and we have very important business to conduct.”

“I know, but I have a really bad feeling about this.” Her expression intense. “Please!” She fights desperately to refrain from crying. “Don’t leave me.”

“Kellie.” He says sternly. “You know how important this business trip is to me. Our future depends on it.” Trying desperately to calm his nerves. “Please try to understand and don’t make things any harder than they need to be.”

‘Please Brad.” She says again, pulling him into a tight embrace. Her body trembles with fear, not going unnoticed by him. “Kellie, are you okay, you’re trembling sweetheart?”

“Honestly?” Looking up at him in desperation, tears seeping from the corners of her eyes, as she shakes her head. “No! No Brad, I’m not okay.” Tears begin to fall, as she sobs uncontrollably. Brad pulls her into a tight embrace. He can feel her body shaking against his, a combination of anger, frustration, guilt and sorrow.

He was growing increasingly worried about his wife. For some time now she was suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, migraines and fatigue. “Kellie. I really think you should call Dr. McKenna and get in to see her as soon as possible. If she‘s not available ask for Dr. Killian.”

“Brad I’m fine, I promise.” She puts a finger to his lips, tracing the outline of his lips, silencing him. I’ve just been spending too many nights awake, pondering new ideas for my book. You know my agent, Tracy and everyone at McGraw-Hill has me stressed out right now with all these doggone deadlines.”

“Even so darling, I still worry about you.”

“I know you do and I love you for that. As soon as you come home, we’ll go see the doctor together, okay babe?”

“Okay darling but only if you promise to behave and not tease, Dr. McKenna. At least not while I‘m there … oh wait … that might be fun.” He teases, causing smiles and laughter to emerge. “Maybe you can double team, McKenna and Killian.”

“Maybe … maybe not!” Kellie smirks, trying to lighten the mood. Whether it is one hour, one week or two, she still feels no better about him leaving her.

“And Kel, please promise me you won’t worry yourself to death while I’m gone?”

“Uh huh.” She looks up at him sympathetically.

“Kellie I’m sorry but I cannot fall for that sad puppy dog face, or the sexy voice that usually gets you what you want. Its business baby and I must go.”

“I know, love.”

Giving her somewhat of a sympathetic glance, “Why don’t you call Ayla? Maybe she can come over and you two can go to dinner, a movie, or something.”

“Better yet … why don’t I just call Alana?” Her voice barely more than a whisper, yet her words were crystal clear.

His eyes slant and he looks offended, not understanding the humor of her smart ass remark. “Is that supposed to be funny? Because it’s not!” Seething angrily, his blood rising.”

Cocking her head towards her husband she sees the hurt and frustration in his eyes. Instantly realizing that moment she probably shouldn’t have mentioned Alana’s name, but anger is brewing inside. She genuinely smiles at him, “I’m sorry love. Please don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”

“Oh now you’re telling me not to worry. Baby I’m your husband, I’ll always worry about you, whether I‘m home or away on business. It‘s my job to worry about my lovely wife, and take care of you always.”

“I just wish you didn’t have to go, that’s all.”

“Hon, everything will be just fine.” His green eyes lock with her baby blues; honest, steady and warm, smiling reassuringly. “I’ll be home safe and sound before you know it, Kel.”

“I just can’t shake this terrible feeling, Brad.” Her mind flashes back to her dream. “Babe … what if Alana…” She questions aggressively. Her voice trails off as tears begin to stream down her cheeks again. Her soft cry is soon overshadowed by deep heartfelt sobs. “Please, Bradley.” Pleading, one mere shuddering breath short of begging.

“Kellie Dawn, it was just a dream.” He says sternly, yet compassionately. Taking his fingertips he gently wipes away her fallen tears as quickly as they fall. “Sweetheart it was only a dream, we all have them. I’ll be just fine.”

“No Bradley Alexander. It was not just a dream.” She looks at him, holding her gaze longer than normal, wanting to send an effective signal with eye contact. “Does fear excite you or something … do you want to die?” Her voice working him like satin, but leaving the sting of a bullet.

A mildly terrifying smirk slides across his face. “No, don’t be ridiculous. But I’m telling you, Kellie it was just a dream and you are overreacting again.”

When he ebulliently relates his feelings her heart sinks, “Ridiculous?” An angry look comes upon her face. “Overreacting again?” Relishing in a feeling of pure disgust and anger. “To me it will never be just a dream…it was so much more.”

“Maybe so, but life is too short to be lived in a prison. What do you expect me to do, sit here and wonder if and when I will die? Life must be relished. I choose to enjoy the little things in life; those are what count, Kellie.”

“Don’t I matter?” His eyes pierce hers, forcing her to look away; shame filling her orbs. She grins wickedly, “Well answer me Bradley, don’t I?” She asks, her voice breaking and tears streaming down her face.

His heart pumps faster, as the adrenaline flows fluently. Clearing his throat before answering, “Kel, enough please! Why are you making this harder than it has to be?” It was nearing 6:00 a.m. and he is not in the mood for her whiny antics. “It was just a dream, nothing more, nothing less. I’m sorry but I have to go, Vicente is expecting me. You have the number.” He hates more than anything to leave her like this but he has no other choice. There was business to conduct. The taxi would be here any minute and if stays any longer arguing with her it would only leave them both upset, and that’s not the terms he wants to part on. Also he can’t risk missing his flight and reschedule this important business trip. His future, and early retirement resides on the success of the next two weeks. Glancing out the living room window he notices a yellow cab pulling up in front of the estate. “The taxi is here.” Kellie looks away. “Kel, look at me.” She does as he instructs, yet has no intention of wiping the smug unhappy look off her face. “Kellie Dawn, please.”

She turns to walk away, when his hand tightens on her upper arm. She freezes, her heart hammering in her chest. She screeches as he pins her arms above her head, pressing her tightly against the wall. His stare was relentless; green orbs staring into her now pale blue ones. Her lips tremble in fright. “What are you doing?” She asks, unsure of his motives. His tongue plunges into her mouth, escalating the kiss to passionate as her arms went around him tightly. Clinging to each other as the kisses become ravenous.

“Honey, I’m sorry I have to leave for this business trip instead of comforting you. Please try to understand and do not be upset with me.” His lips come crashing down upon hers, kissing her intensely with every ounce of passion residing from within. “Please, Kellie.” He stares into her eyes; his now baring a soft and indescribable shade of green.

No further words are exchanged; just stares, and then he opts to break the silence. “I’ve gotta go sweetheart.” Taking one last look around the house, he smiles. Thankful for such a beautiful place to call home … hopeful someday his own children will grow up here. Savoring the moment, he lets his gaze linger awhile longer, than shifts his focus back to Kellie. Staring into the solemn eyes of his wife. Taking her into his arms, holding her as tightly as he possibly can. The look on her face can make a grown man cry. “Sweetheart, I promise, everything will be okay.”

“Uh huh.” She walks solemnly to the middle of the living room and is about to turn back to him when his arms encircle her from behind. He had followed her so quietly that she was unaware of how close he was. Kissing her gently on the side of her neck, causing her to moan. “I’ll call you as soon as I arrive in Italy, okay.” Turning around slowly she looks into her husband’s loving eyes as if it were the last time she’d see him. “Okay.” Replying; her voice weary, defeated, full of anguish and pain. “I wish I could take you with me baby.”

“I know you do. Next time babe.” She smiles, recalling the last time they were in Italy. They spent a wonderful time in the Appennine Mountains, exploring the slopes of Mt. Titano and all the surrounding cities. “Next time, Bradley.”

It troubled him deeply that she looked so pale and withdrawn, consumed by worry. Noticing the embedding redness in her eyes. “Sweetheart, why don’t you go back to sleep for awhile, Kel.” He kisses her on the cheek, then the forehead, finally resting his lips upon hers. They share one more deep sensual kiss; one that becomes more intense and passionate finally interrupted by a knock at the door. Brad pulls away. “As much as I hate to baby, it’s time for me to say goodbye.”

“Okay.” Was all she could bring herself to say? Wanting to say so much more, a chance to express her deepest darkest hidden fears and desires, yet was afraid. Knowing if she pleaded and begged him to reschedule his trip to San Marino, it would only infuriate him, and it was so important to both they part on good terms.

“Babe, I’ll miss you terribly.”

“It’s only two weeks; I’ll call you from the plane honey.” Reaching down he drapes his carry on bag, containing his laptop and a few other items he may need on the plane, over his shoulder. Reaching down he picks up his suitcase. Setting them down quickly he takes both hands and gently cups his wife’s face, letting his kiss linger on her full sumptuous lips. “Bye honey, I love you.”

“I love you too, Kellie” She smiles compassionately, almost forcing a smile. One full of love, yet laced with hesitation and so much fear. “Goodbye.” She whispers softly, watching the man she loves gather his belongings. He opens the door, staring into the eyes of the taxi cab driver.

“Good morning sir, I’m Taylor Hicks, you called for a cab.”

“Yes sir, I did. I’ll be right there.”

“Let me take your bags.” Brad relinquishes his belongings to Mr. Hicks, then turns to look at Kellie one last time, kissing her goodbye. “Bye honey, I love you and I’ll call you soon … I promise.”

“Bradley?” She says, reaching for his hand. “Here take this.” Handing him her copy of A Longing in the Night. “It’s a really good book; you might get bored on the plane.”

“Okay baby, thank you.” He kisses her one last time.

“Have a safe trip, love.” Her voice almost inaudible. Consumed with emotion, she quickly closes the gap between them, afraid to let him walk out the door. “I love you.” Her voice trails off as he smiles. A full smile, displaying his dimples, which warm her heart. Green eyes laced with love and compassion. “I will … and I love you too, Kellie Dawn. “

She closes the door quietly behind him. Leaning against it, wiping away the last of her fallen tears. Sauntering over to the living room window, standing, staring out. Her eyes follow his tall muscular build as he walks down the driveway. He turns around, smiles and waves at her, before stepping into the cab, shutting the door behind him. Both staring at one another, their eyes remained locked, as the cab slowly pulls away from the curb and speeds in the direction of Greater Rochester International Airport.
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The morning air is crisp; the sky consumed by black clouds. The neighborhood streets are fairly vacant, except for an occasional car passing by. This pleased Bradley greatly because thanks to Kellie he was running just a tad bit later than planned. “Sir Can you speed it up a little, I’m going to miss my flight.” He admonishes, but not cruelly. Knowing deep down inside he wasn’t late, but was never a man who liked to be rushed. He wanted to get there well in advance, having enough time to get his luggage checked in, sit down and relax with a nice hot cup of coffee, read the morning newspaper, and perhaps eat some breakfast. Savoring every last minute of peace and quiet knowing that he will be stuck on a crowded plane the remainder of the day, and well into the early evening hours.

“Ok sir.” The driver replies, glancing into the rear view mirror. He was an older man, appearing to be in his mid 60’s, very soft spoken, displaying a full head of salt-and-pepper hair, chiseled features and deep dark brown eyes.

Brad looks down at his watch; it was 6:07 a.m. Bringing his hand up to his head, he runs his fingers through his dark wavy brown hair. He was tired, very tired both emotionally and physically; and the day was just beginning.

As the taxi exit’s the “Can of Worms” Bradley sighs in relief. This was a very dangerous intersection of Interstate 490 and Expressway N & - 590 on the Eastern edge of the Rochester city limits, bordering the suburb of Brighton. Always resulting in many fatalities; he is immediately thankful to be entering Van Wyck Expressway. Aware that the airport is located on the south end; it wouldn’t be much longer before he was there.

“Does the Can of Worms make you nervous sir?” Mr. Hicks asks, noticing the frightful look on Brad’s face.

Bradley nods through furrowed brow. “Yea, sometimes.”

“Well don’t worry; you’re in good hands with me, sir. I have a wife and three kids back home; I’m always very careful on the roads.”

“Good to know … because I have a wife at home whose very worried today about me traveling.”

“My wife, Tara tends to be the same way, every morning when I hit the open road.” He chuckles thinking about her, “Just a worry wart … plain and simple.”

“How long have you been married, Mr. Hicks.”

“Forty-two years. We have our own terms of endearment and even after forty-two long wonderful years, the language of intimacy.”

“Wow forty-two years, that’s a long time. Kel and I just celebrated our five year anniversary not too long ago.”

“Enjoy every moment lad, the years slip by quickly, and before you know it you’ll be celebrating your forty second anniversary, recalling my words.”

Brad laughs to himself, imagining him and Kellie in their sixties, then seventies. “Oh I intend to, Taylor …making every last second count.”

“I have three beautiful kids; Rickey, Jessica and Melissa. Eight grand kids and three great grand kids.”

“What a lovely family, I can tell you are very proud.”

“That I am, Mr. Reid. And how about you … do you have any children?”

Brad smiles, “Not yet, sir but I hope to start a family as soon as I get back home to my gorgeous wife.”

Speaking of his wife, his mind drifts back to her. He is deeply concerned about Kellie, but knows in his heart she will be okay. In fact he will make damn sure of that. Retrieving his cell phone out of his jacket pocket, slowly punching in the digits. After three rings a woman’s voice comes on the line. “You’ve reached Arena’s Florist Inc., we can’t take your call at the moment but if you leave your name, number, and message I’ll return your call as soon as possible. Thank you and have a great day.” Beep!

“Hey Belinda, its Bradley …. Bradley Reid. I know you’re still in dreamland but I have a huge favor to ask. When you get to work, would you be kind enough to send a huge beautiful bouquet of flowers to my lovely wife. I’m on my way to Italy and she’s feeling a bit sad this morning.” The line goes dead. He hits redial, and listens to Belinda‘s message again.

“Rude … rude … rude, cutting me off like that, girl. Anyways, on the card if you could write,

“Ti amo Kellie Dawn, Ho già miss you, baby. See you soon, il mio amore.”

And Belinda, thank you so much, sweetheart. You have my credit card information, give yourself a nice tip, and tell that old man of yours I’ll stop by for a beer when I get back in town. Love ya, darlin’ and thanks again. Goodbye.”

He pushes the end call button, and then dials his home number. After two rings he hears a familiar voice on the line. “Hello.”

“So how’s the beautiful love of my life … missing me already darling?”

“I’m fine babe, and you know I always do.”

“I miss you too, sweetheart. That’s why I wanted to call.”

“Where are you, babe?”

“On the Expressway, almost to the airport.”

“Okay love. Please have a safe trip, and call me the moment you arrive.”

“I’m in good hands here … Mr. Hicks is a very safe driver.” Taylor looks up, smiles and winks at his passenger. “I’ll probably even call you from the plane, granted the connection is suitable.”

Kellie is immediately comforted listening to the soothing sound of his voice. He always knows exactly what to say and do to make her feel better, even when she sinks to the lowest of low moments. “I love you babe.”

“I love you too. And by the way Kellie … I left a surprise for you underneath your pillow. Now run along and I will talk to you soon, sweetheart.”

Kellie’s eyes shoot wide open and her heart skips a beat upon hearing those words. “A surprise … under my pillow.” She squeals.

“Yes baby.” He laughs, savoring the excitement in her voice; knowing how much his wife loves surprises.

They exchange I love you’s one last time, and hang up their phones. A smile on two young faces, full of love. Sharing such a beautiful passion and desire for one another; a whirlwind romance that has turned into something truly remarkable. Something so many dream of, yet never obtain in this lifetime.

Taylor smiles, and looks into the rear view mirror, “I don’t mean to eavesdrop sir, but you remind me so much of myself years ago. The love you have for your wife is truly apparent.”

“Yes sir, I love her more than anything else in this world.”

“Hold on to the intimacy, passion, sensuality, and love … cherish and nurture it always.”

“Oh I intend to, sir.”

“And don’t ever let the intangible distance separate you two.”

“Yes sir.” Bradley smiles at Mr. Hick’s words of wisdom, obviously a man of great insight. “Thank you, Taylor.”

“You’re very welcome.”

Kellie smiles, knowing that once this business trip is over, granted it is a success; Brad will be able to cut back on is hours, and they will start a family. She giggles, glancing around the room, envisioning two young children running around, being chased by their Daddy. She couldn’t ask for a better man to father her children. Bradley is so loving, attentive, full of compassion, and always does everything in his nature to make sure she feels loved, desired, and as happy as she was the day they met. He always does so much more than just try. He is truly a remarkable young man on the inside and out, and she feels like the luckiest woman alive to be married to him.

“A surprise … he left me a surprise.” Sauntering over to the bed, she reaches underneath her pillow. “Oh my gawwww!” She squeals in excitement, gazing upon tickets to Carnegie Hall; a concert venue in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. Also airline tickets with full accommodations to Caesars Pocono Resort in Pennsylvania. The first of the year he even booked a ten day Alaskan cruise… “Not quite around the world but Bradley Reid has outdone himself once again.”

Bradley lays his head back against the seat of the taxi, smiling, envisioning the look on Kellie’s face upon gathering her surprises. He can hear her cute little squeals in excitement. His cell phone rings, as an exuberant young voice is jabbering a mile a minute.

“Ohmygawthankyou. BradleyAlexanderReidyouaresosweet.”

“Calm down, Kel. Just slow down baby, I can’t understand a word your saying.” She is talking so quickly; all her words are jumbled together.

“Thank you so so, so, so much baby, I love my surprises. I can’t wait until you get home.”

“Well don’t go packing your bags just yet, Kel. You have fourteen days, but the day I get back, we’re leaving, and you’re going to be pampered just like a princess.”

“Hey wait a minute, I’m the queen, since when did I become a princess?” She teases.

“Baby, your heart is no longer frozen, so I can’t call you the Ice Queen … now you’re my sweet lovely princess.”

“Hahahahaha … Aren’t you funny, smart ass!”

“Okay hon. I see the airport up ahead, I gotta go now, I love you and will call again very soon.”

“Alright my love. Be safe. I love you!”

Brad stares out the window, savoring in the beauty of New York. He loves the big city, yet hopes someday to get away from all the traffic and combustion.

“Damn will you look at those cars go.” Taylor is astounded by the way some are flying by. “I’d rather take my time and get you there in one piece, sir.”

“Umm … me too, Taylor. Me too.”

All thoughts drift back to Kellie, and their future plans. Maybe its time to look into old Victorian style homes, or a plantation home like they often discussed in the past. Perhaps somewhere in the South; maybe Georgia, Tennessee, or Mississippi. A place they can call home; that would offer privacy where Kel can write for hours on end, finishing up her literacy projects, while he worked in the basement on his hobbies; woodworks and model cars. There is nothing wrong with where they lived now; but a change in scenery might be nice, a fresh start. What he wouldn’t do to give all this up now and just run away with the love of his life? To a secluded island somewhere. He closes his eyes, envisioning them naked, making love on the sandy shore, underneath a palm tree. Sighing softly; he smiles as his body begins to relax.

Suddenly a wave of immediate terror washes through Brad’s entire body when he hears Mr. Hick’s startling scream, “Goddamfuckingsonofabitch!” His eyes shoot open, quivering in fear; unsure of what is transpiring. Glancing out the front windshield, everything seems fine. Then he looks to his left, then to the right. Consumed by fear, he hears screeching tires, harsh sounds of metal hitting metal. There is no time to brace himself, before he feels the taxi moving from some unseen force. It is at that moment that Bradley Alexander Reid, Jr. knows there is no escaping the deadly force of the impact and what lies ahead.
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PostSubject: Re: Love Never Dies   Mon 08 Aug 2011, 10:25 am

NSC and myself thank each and every one of you who have taken time out of your busy day to read our story.

And to you, NSC ... thank you once again for this wonderful opportunity. And, I hope someday you will forgive me for the quite memorable visual this chapter left you with!


Brad leans back comfortably in his seat, taking a deep breath; sighing in relief. Everything from two days prior immediately bombards his mind. Overwhelmed; leaving him frazzled; in a state of confusion. Questioning the validity of all that has recently transpired. He closes his eyes momentarily, trying to gather his thoughts. The accident; Kellie’s dream, and the mere thought of being trapped inside a taxi, engulfed in flames. But he wasn’t trapped, and it certainly was not on the verge of exploding anytime soon. He recalls fragments of his conversation with Alana about auras and death lurking in the shadows. Had this been a dream? Now he was not so sure. He did not trust anyone or anything at this point.

“Now you are starting to sound crazy and delusional Brad … just like Kel and Alana. Don’t listen to that psycho … I mean psychic, Alana, you know its pure nonsense. I’m not going to trust my fate in horoscopes, wishing on a star … no not I. I’m going to utilize my own intelligence, strength and confidence to live a fulfilling prosperous life with Kellie Dawn." His mind drifts back to his lovely wife, as a smile emerges. “There is no way in hell I’m going to tell her about this … at least not now … I’ll call her from the airport.” He says to himself, chuckling at the humor in all his irrational thoughts.

A moment passes in silence before Mr. Hicks wearily lifts his head from the steering wheel, and draws in a long breath, through his flared nostrils. Speaking in utter frustration, his voice laced with concern for his passenger. “Sir … are you okay, Mr. Reid?”

“Yes, Taylor I am. A bit shaken up, but I’ll be just fine. And you, are you alright sir?”

“Yes I am, other than being extremely angry at the young man who has caused this fiasco.” Then sighing in relief, “But the airbags deployed, and it seems as if everyone was wearing their seat belts and walked away without any serious injuries … so that’s all that is truly important.”

“Yes sir, it is. I don’t understand how this happened. One minute everything was fine, we were talking … and the next you startled me with your screams. What happened, Taylor?” Brad asks curiously as the taxi slowly pulls off the Expressway. Joining a damaged 2007 Red Toyota 4Runner Limited, 2008 Alpine White, 328i Convertible BMW, and 2002 Black Cadillac Escalade, lowered with 22” spinners, TV’s, and Louis Vuitton interior.

“What happened is that no good for nothing punk right there.” He stops talking momentarily, pointing angrily at a young Caucasian male, in his late teens, who is standing alongside the road. “Yes him, the one with the Yankees hat on backwards, baggy jeans falling halfway down his ass, and oversized t-shirt. Brad glances over his shoulder, smirking as his eyes settle on the culprit. He is engaged in a very heated discussion with a large mad black woman. Another young Caucasian male, in his early thirties stands nearby, quietly. Obviously the drivers of the other vehicles. “He cut her off in his Escalade, causing her to sideswipe the cab, and then the stupid idiot rear ended the 4-Runner.”

Taylor and Brad slowly exit the cab, surreptitiously observing the other drivers. “Well it certainly looks as if she is holding her own.” Jokes Brad, as the two men continue to watch and listen to their banter. Chuckling at the way the woman’s hands are flying in the air and the vast array of curse words spilling forth from her mouth. Shouts that echo in the street, drawing the attention from some onlookers. “He’s going to wish the paramedics were putting him in a plastic bag instead of sending him home, by the time she gets done with him.”

They continue to listen intently, while Mr. Hicks puts out some flares.

With her head dipped, mouth parted angrily, her eyes open, staring straight into his. “Look what you’ve done.”

“I ain’t done nothin.”

“Oh yes you have … this car just arrived at Niello BMW, I drove it straight off the showroom floor, now it’s wrecked because of your stupidity.”

“Not my stupidity, yours lady.”

“And will you please turn off that goddamn music, I can’t even hear myself think.”

Her eyes remain fixated on him. His brown hair was almost down to his shoulders, hazel eyes, tan skin, chiseled features, and a nice clear physique for such a smart-ass punk.

“If you insist. “ He gives her a wink and turns around, sauntering towards his Escalade. Trying to fathom what he was thinking and all that is transpiring around him. Stepping inside, he turns the stereo off. “Hey what did ya do that for?” His passenger asks.

“Madam wants it off, pronto!”

They both laugh, and then pause briefly to engage in some conversation before returning to face her! “We’ll be out of here in a sec, Guarini.” The young man with luscious locks begins to laugh. “Uh huh sure we will … she’s far from done with you.”

A faux expression of innocence comes upon his face, “Oh be quiet now, babe. To be on the safe side … just stay here Justin, let me handle her.” Confidently, he turns and walks back over to where she is standing. “Now where were we?”

“Discussing the accident you just caused … duh!”

He stares at her. A large woman, in her late twenties/early thirties, with coal black hair, and big dark brown captivating eyes. Clad in 3” black leather patent pumps, pleated black dress pants that hugs her hips and cups her ass, shaping her long legs. “Why in the world would she ever choose an orange blouse is beyond me … just makes her look like an oversized pumpkin! And her neckline, plunging dangerously low … oh please, that’s just flat out disgusting. She drives a nice car like that and she can‘t afford a fashion designer … she should definitely invest in one!”

“There ain’t nothin to talk about lady … shit happens.”

As he takes in her expression her eyes widen, pupils dilate, obviously annoyed by his arrogance and sarcasm. “What did you just say to me?” A loud boisterous voice rings out.

“Shit happens … every single day lady.” He says, flicking his cigarette out into the open road. “It ain’t no big deal.”

“Maybe to you it isn’t, but to me it certainly is. You have no idea who I am, do you?”

“Nope. Should I?” He passes her a sullen look. “Cause I don’t know you, nor do I want to.”

“I am LaKisha Ann Jones.” She replies, trying to calm her frazzled nerves.

“So, I don’t care who you are … the name LaKisha Ann Jones don’t mean nothin to me.”

Brad and Taylor both desperately try to stifle their grins, as they continue to listen. “Oh boy does she have her hands full with that delinquent.” Taylor whispers. “Isn’t that the truth? Seems its becoming a struggle for power, a battle for control … my bet says LaKisha wins … I know I wouldn’t want to butt heads with her.”

“Me neither … ever see Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Mr. Reid?”

“Oh yea, even saw the sequel, Madea‘s Family Reunion. I’d say Ms. Jones is a prime candidate for part three.” The two men laugh, recalling scenes from the movies, as the banter continues.

“Well the name should mean something to you … and it damn well better.” Ms. Jones says through clenched teeth, struggling to keep her voice steady.

“If you say so.” He rolls his eyes, in amusement.

She takes a step closer to him, pointing her index finger in his face. “Don’t roll your eyes at me. I am one of upstate New York’s most prominent attorneys.”

“Ohhhh, I‘m shakin in my shoes now” He flashes her big toothy grin, “So what’s your point, although I’m sure there ain’t one.”

Teasingly she makes a face of mock hurt. “I’ll drag your sorry white ass into court and sue you for all damages if you get smart with me one more time.”

“Uh huh … sure you will. You don’t look like no attorney to me, just a mean ole’ black woman!” He responds, laughing under his breath.

“Oh you ain’t seen mean yet!” She forewarns, pointing her finger in the shorter man’s face.

Her long black hair flows across her shoulders. He actually looks stunned for a split second when she lunges forward, placing a hand on his chest, and proceeds to push him up against her car. Wearing that wicked looking grin. For the first time he was truly afraid of this mad black woman and her ulterior motives.

“Gimme those!” She demands, snatching his driver’s license and insurance papers right out of his hand. “These damn well better be valid, or you’re in big trouble.” She looks questioningly at him, and then examines the papers more thoroughly. “You know, this was your entire fault, Mr. … Mr. Clay Aiken. Well, well, well … isn’t the name appropriate. You’re just aiken for trouble, and seems you found it, causing this whole damn accident.”

By now he is biting his lower lip, breathing shallow. His eye transfix upon her, before staring down at the pavement. The apparent look on his face makes her chuckle. “Yep, you caused it all.” She reiterates in a loud accusatory tone. Remaining in complete control of this man and the entire situation.

Brad watches as Taylor noticeably swallows, then speaks up. “Yes ma’am he certainly did … and you are not the only one who is madder than hell about it, Ms. Jones.” He says in a husky voice, laced with anger and sarcasm.

“Well I’m not very happy about it either.” The other young gentleman finally speaks up. “After all I got rear ended too … by you!” He points at LaKisha, and then hands his insurance information to her, who examines it immediately.

“Mr. Jim Verraros.” Her eyes glaze a little. He had short brown hair, hazel eyes; his hands were big and callused, evident of years of hard work in construction. His natural physique was quite noticeable. “Hmmm … nice firm toned muscular body. Tight faded blue jeans and a white t-shirt stretched over a great chest. I’d sure love to bed this handsome lad.”

“Jim.” She repeats his name, softly and seductively. Immediately feeling a mixture of lust and embarrassment all jumbled together amidst the chaos, and morning’s turn of events. She could feel his eyes on her cleavage, as her nipples began to harden with the mere thought of him kissing and sucking them hungrily.

She quickly looks away, tossing her long black hair, something she always did when she felt a little nervous, especially in the presence of a handsome young man. Overwhelmed; her entire body tingles with a desire she has never known. “Oh the thing this man is doing to and for me. “ She stifles a moan, folding her arms across her chest, and crossing her legs, as a pool of wetness soaks her lace thong.

“Yes ma’am that’s me, Jim Verraros.” He speaks softly, smiling shyly; his cheeks reddening. A grin creasing his face as he extends his hand. “A nice firm and gentle grip, I like that in a man.” He releases his grip, obviously feeling quite intimidated by Ms. Jones’s demeanor. “Nice to meet you ma’am.”

“You too, Mr. Verraros” He smiles a tiny, nervous smile, and she mirrors it. Blinking softly. “Hmmm…maybe this accident isn’t so bad after all.”

“Oh please! A nice firm and gentle grip, I like that in a man.” Clay mocks her, in a seductive teasing voice. “I think I’m gonna puke.”

“Shut up, Aiken. For once just get your brains out of your pants, you chauvinist pig!” She giggles at first, opening her mouth, not able to hide the flirtatious grin on her face. Then speaks rather abruptly once she absorbs all the words spoken to her. “Why don’t you preoccupy yourself with something besides listening to other people’s conversations?”

“Because that’s what I do best.” Exclaims the young sarcastic male.

“Well Jim, if lover boy here wasn’t making kissy faces at the guy next to him any of this would have happened.” She looks at Clay with a devilish grin, and makes a childish face. “Smooch!”

Clay struggles to regain his composure in her presence. Bound and determined not to let her get the best of him. “And how would you know what I was doing, LaKisha?”

“Oh c’mon, everyone knows what pretty boys like yourself do in your spare time. Who knows maybe even curly locks’ torture began to reach a peak as he sucked hard and deep. Instead of quivering with pleasure you freaked out when he bit your dick and that’s when you rear-ended Jim.”

Clay’s stomach immediately lurches as he stares into LaKisha’s eyes. His heartbeat quickens and that deep, pulsing sensation between his legs presents itself as he thinks about Justin.

“I bet your hips were swaying rhythmically and seductively with the music too. Weren’t they Clay?”

Everyone begins to laugh except Clay whose face becomes a dark shade of crimson. He turns away, drowning out his feelings, shifting his focus back to his Escalade. Fuming about the dent.

“I bet Mama is gonna spank you now!” She teases. “You carelessly got it crunched in a grand display of your foolishness … serves you right!” Scowls Lakisha.

Everyone looks up at Ms. Jones, as she releases a long, satisfied giggle. Her eyes close momentarily, but a soft smile of utter contentment plays across her lips. She knows she has gotten the best of Mr. Clay Aiken, and she won’t be hearing another peep out of him today … quite possibly ever.

Brad and Taylor walk back over to the cab, accessing the damages. Unfortunately the passenger side was substantially damaged; obliterated to the front seat. “Why couldn’t it just be a dented fender or broken taillight?”

“I wish that’s all it was, Taylor.”

“I’m never going to hear the end of this from Tara.” He says sadly. “I just got my cabbie out of the shop two weeks ago due to the last asshole that rear-ended me, and now this.” A lone tear trickles down his cheek, not going unnoticed by Bradley. “Well I guess we can kiss our vacation goodbye.”


“Yes. Mrs. Hicks has not been in the best of health lately. I wanted to surprise her with a cruise for our wedding anniversary; hoping to lift her spirits. But seems I’ll have more important business to contend to now.”

“I’m sorry, sir, I truly am.”

“Yes, well accidents happen; unfortunately there will always be careless drivers in the world we live in today. I’m just thankful no one was seriously injured.”

Mr. Hicks dispatches another cab. “Another driver will be here in a few minutes to take you to the airport, while I wrap up the necessary paperwork here.”

“Okay sir, thank you.”

Brad sits in his seat, expressionless. Thankful to be alive, questioning the validity of Kellie’s dream, and Alana’s words. “Well if this is as bad as it’s going to get … this is my lucky day.” Unfortunately for the man sitting in the driver’s seat … this truly was not his lucky day.

A cab pulls up behind them. Brad retrieves his belongings. “Thank you, Mr. Hicks, for both your time and trouble.” He slips a folded piece of paper into the older gentleman’s shirt pocket. “May you and Mrs. Hicks share a lifetime of love and happiness together?

Taylor smiles wearily, “Thank you. You and your lovely wife do the same sir.” The two shake hands and go their separate ways. Once Bradley is out of sight, Taylor retrieves the paper from his pocket. This is not just any ordinary piece of paper. It is a check for a mere $5,000 signed by Dr. Bradley Alexander Reid, Jr. In the remittance he’s written, “Enjoy your vacation!” Taylor smiles, “What a generous, kind hearted young man.” Wondering if and when he’ll ever see him again.
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Three days pass; three uneventful days. Then four, five, six and seven. Before Kellie Dawn realizes, Brad’s business trip is half over with. Only one more week apart, then the love of her life will be winging his way back to the States. Home sweet home; wrapped in her loving arms, right where he belongs.

She has received numerous phone calls from him, confessing his love, and expressing how much he misses her. Dozens of sweet text messages and emails, composed and immortalized, filled with word after word of intimacy and warmth. Sentences she’ll treasure forever. Several beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers, the quintessential symbol of love and affection, sit proudly on her desk. One gorgeous arrangement of white roses and lilies in a clear glass ivy bowl. The other a beautiful impression bouquet; an arrangement of orange and peach roses, burgundy hydrangea, Mokara orchids and pillar candles, arranged in a pedestal bowl. Each conveying the feeling of tender affection and romance; presenting a token of joy and pure love. An unbreakable circle and the sentiment that makes it live.

Alongside sit a few cards, showing a love so rare, compassionate and true. Intense sincerity; recapturing the romantic feelings of the past, when they were adjoined in spirit, mind and body. He captures the reality of two lovers missing one another in a loving, hot, intense way that is apparent through every single adjective, verb and sentence. Leaving the blonde feeling like the luckiest woman in the world to be married to such a thoughtful, loving man. Not to mention very handsome!

Two different time zones, and many miles may separate them; two countries to be exact. But these two lovers are joined at the heart. Two lives, two souls, one heart; interwoven to make a beautiful tapestry. Sharing a love that cannot be broken, one that will endure the test of time and distance. Completely committed to one another, a marriage that brings each satisfaction, joy and happiness. Kellie understands this is Brad’s career … this is what he does, and occasional travel is a part of the job. They have survived seven long days, and lonely nights apart. “This hasn’t been all that bad.” Almost … but not quite. She still misses him terribly, as he does her.

She and Alana spoke once briefly. There was no mention of Alana’s encounter with Bradley at the park, nor the previous messages left for one another. Unspoken words by both women; ones they were not allowing themselves the
opportunity to speak of.

Throughout history, mystics, seers, and clairvoyants may have claimed to see colored lights surrounding a person’s head and body, and been able to give detailed descriptions about people’s lives by describing what they see in the person’s aura. But if the individual is closed minded like Bradley there is no point making the situation worse than it need be. Therefore Alana engaged in small talk and bypassed anything that might upset Kellie. The only thing that held any significance is that Brad arrived Italy safe and sound, and would be rejoining Kellie in seven days.

The frazzled wife’s nerves have calmed significantly since her husband left. She went to the closet, removing a birthday gift she received from Alana. One that has not been touched until just recently.

Sixteen beautiful sparkling, pure-beeswax candles, commissioned expressly to focus aspirations through color. Keyed to specific, magical intentions in a medley of light, displaying the power to comfort and inspire hope.

White (protection, purity), purple (intuition, spirituality), indigo (wisdom), blue (communication, tranquility) green (healing, prosperity) yellow (clairvoyance), orange (manifestation, success), red (love, drawing). She lit the candles the day he left, letting them burn for three hours. Soon thereafter feeling a sense of warmth and comfort.

Alana’s disturbing words and her very own haunting images, and fragments of her dream have vanished from her thoughts. Her demeanor has remained calm in spite of hearing about the accident Bradley and Mr. Hicks had on the way to Great Rochester International Airport. Yet listening to him tell the story, she cannot help but laugh, envisioning a gay young man and flirtatious mad black woman battling it out on the Expressway. She tells herself over and over again, “Accidents happen every single day, whether dreams, premonitions and psychic abilities are present or not“. She is no longer willing to subject herself to being afraid, succumbing to fear and letting it rule her life. Rather desiring to live in the moment. Which was at times proving to be a tough self-actualization step, as she stopped worrying about tomorrow? Focusing solely on living for today; right now. As if tomorrow will worry about itself … tomorrow. After all, there was nothing she could do about tomorrow, until it gets here.

Yet no positive thinking prepared her for what she was about to hear next. Milan’s Malpensa Airport suffered a glitch in the radar system. Brad’s flight was amongst one of the eighteen that were cancelled, five redirected and dozens more delayed. Traveling in and out of Northwest Italy and beyond was quite difficult for Bradley. Finally, he arrived at his destination, safe and sound; enjoying his time with Vicente and the other Italian doctors. Joining them were also several other physicians from various parts of the globe; pleasing Dr. Reid immensely.

“A car accident, a glitch in the system, what in God’s name will happen next?” She questions. “Oh forget I asked, I truly do not wanna know!”

She listened to story after story, pondering whether this so called business venture was indeed strictly business, purely pleasure or a wonderful exhilarating combination of both. Regardless she was happy he arrived safely, relaxing in the company of wonderful friends and business associates.

Shortly before 7:00 a.m. the early New York sun pours through the cracks in the blinds. A lead crystal icicle pendulum prism shines radiantly in the bay window, alongside a forty millimeter heart prism. Both refracting streaks of light and color. Faceting clarity, colors of unsurpassing brilliance.

The blonde wakes to the pungent aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the delectable sizzle of frying bacon and eggs. Kellie smiles, sitting up in bed. Her immediate response is that Brad snuck in sometime during the night and is surprising her with breakfast in bed. Running her fingers through her disheveled hair, “Nah it can’t be …” She says, grinning from ear to ear, “Or can it?” Smiling, as her tired blue orbs gaze upon a lovely purple and white dendrobium orchid in a white ceramic jardinière, sitting on the nightstand with a note.

Good morning grumpy,
Sorry to disappoint you,
It’s just me, Lily Grace.
Now get your ass downstairs and join me for breakfast.

Kellie chuckles to herself, picking up the sexy black lace crotchless g-string she‘s attached to the vase. “Oh it’s just like her to do something like this!” The blonde breaks out in laughter once she notices what else is attached. Looking like something out of a precinct locker, these silver eyebrow-raising anklets clasp shut with two miniature, spring-loaded handcuffs to keep flashing ankles in custody.

“Oh my god what am I going to do with her? She‘s a hundred times worse than I ever was!”

Rising from the bed she saunters downstairs, slowly. Pausing for a brief moment … watching. “Awww, she is so sweet. What did I ever do to deserve her?” Her blue eyes remain fixated on the younger woman for awhile; going completely unnoticed by Lily Grace. Clad, quite comfortably in navy blue baggy sweats, and a tight white Las Vegas, Celine Dion farewell concert t-shirt. Her hips sway seductively to the steady beat of the music. Singing along as she flips the pancakes.

I'm staring out into the night
And trying to hide the pain
I'm going to the place where love
and feeling good don't ever cost a thing,
And the pain you feel's a different kind of pain
I'm going home to the place where I belong
where your love has always been enough for me
I'm running from you know I think you got me all wrong
I don't regret this life I chose for me
But these places and these faces are getting old
So I'm going home.

Sneaking up quietly behind her, Kellie taps her on the shoulder lightly, “Boo!” A loud boisterous voice echoes throughout the Reid Estate. Upon hearing Kel’s voice and feeling her touch, she whirls around, instantly startled. As she does so the plate of pancakes lands noisily on the hard marble floor, shattering into pieces. Her heart pumps, adrenaline flows, yet she takes a moment to clear her throat before responding. “What’s wrong with you, Kellie? Gees you scared the living daylights out of me.” She says, trying to calm her frantic heart. “Ugh! So much for our pancakes.”

The older blonde chuckles, rubbing her tiresome eyes, trying to wake up more fully. “What in God’s name are you doing here?” She asks, innocently, laughing softly. “And what in the hell is this?” She asks, holding up the g-string, only to receive a giggle from her younger sister.


“Okay, okay … a souvenir from Vegas? And by the way it’s so nice to see you too, Kel.” Replying with a shrug, following her sister with intense eyes. Slightly shocked by her blatantly unappreciative manner.

Kellie groans, tucking a lose strand of hair behind her ear. “Awww, c’mon now. It’s just pancakes … and you know that’s not what I meant.” Her expression hopeful, “I’m just surprised to see you, that’s all.”

While Lily Grace continues to cook, Kellie retrieves a broom and dustpan from the closet, and begins to clean up the mess off the floor, while the banter continues.

“I got in late last night, thought I’d crash here and get up early and surprise you with breakfast since I haven’t been around much lately.”

“Yea because you went on a mini hiatus; all you’re waking and non waking moments have been spent in bed with Sundance.” She teases, glancing up to see her sister rolling her eyes, as her cheeks redden. Her smile reveals what unspoken words do not. “Oh I suppose resistance is out of the question?”

“I’m not saying a word.”

“You don’t need to. Mischief is written all over your face, Lily Grace. “

“Maybe you should have set a better example for me when we were younger?” Snickers the young blonde. A comment immediately bypassed by Kellie. “Anyways, I’m glad you’re here. I’ve missed you, Lily.” Hugging her tightly, as she looks around the kitchen. “The food looks great; I might just have to keep you.” She teases.

The younger blonde smiles warmly, keeping her voice low. “Uh huh … the only thing you’ve missed is hearing about all my mischievous unfortunate events.”

Kel bats her eyelashes in mock amusement, “You know me all too well.”

Instantaneously Lily silences her with gentle fingers to her sister’s lips. Smiling, as she pushes her hair, which was hanging down, away from her face? “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Now grab yourself a cup of coffee, plate of food, and let’s go eat, I’m starving!” She demands.

Kellie does as she’s told, muttering under her breath. “You will tell me … everything, Lily Grace Pickler!” Shaking her head, knowing there are many great stories to be told, “And I mean everything!”

Lily’s eyes shoot open, stammering, lowering her orbs in mortification. Despite her discomfiture, she continues her banter, “Not this time. Nothing to tell, I was on my best behavior, end of story!” Answering back in a hushed voice, struggling not to stumble over her words, but to fill them with confidence. “And I mean nothing!”

Staring for long seconds, into her wide set, intelligent blue orbs, “Uh huh, sure Lily Grace.” She says, huskily, “Well I’m waiting.”

The younger blonde sticks out her tongue, wiggles her hips seductively, and piles every imaginable breakfast item on her plate. “Would have been nice if we had pancakes!” Smiling, “Eat and forget my misadventures!” Her expression intense.

Retrieving her glasses off the table, Kellie puts them on and follows Lily outside. Both sit down at the picnic table, on the large open deck at the back of the estate. Staring wide-eyed at Lily, smirking compulsively, “Okay, for now … but only because I’m starving, but you will tell all!”

Silence fills the air; heavy, wonderful silence. Both listen intensely to the relaxing tranquility of the waterfall, pitter patter of the birds, as they watch squirrels scurry up and down the trees, in search of breakfast. A soft gentle breeze blows through the dark bark pines. Rays of sun shine, illuminates their bodies thoroughly, warming them comfortably. Savoring all elements of this glorious day; a bright, sunny and warm Tuesday morning. Surrounded by beauty, warmth, comfort, and sisterly love, the two sit quietly, enjoying this time together.

All thoughts are immediately interrupted when Kellie hears the phone ringing. Rising from her chair instantly she rushes over to answer it, after four rings,


“Well good morning sexy … how’s the most beautiful woman in the world doing this morning?”

Lily notices Kellie’s cheeks turning a shade of crimson, and instantly knows who’s on the other end. “Oh I see he’s already turning up the heat.” She teases.

Kellie gives her sister a stern look, before replying. “Pretty good babe. It’s so good to hear your voice, I miss you so much.”

“I miss you too, honey.”

“So how’s your day going?”

“Everything is beautiful, a wonderful experience … but one thing is missing … the most important thing. You!”

“Awww. So tell me, what have you been doing lately besides daydreaming of me, love?”

“Before or after my showers, hon.” He asks innocently, yet seductively, as both begin to laugh. Lily Grace sits in her chair, rolling her eyes, making kissy faces at Kellie. “Oh I bet he’s daydreaming alright. And something tells me he isn’t the only one.” She whispers, as she runs her fingertips across her nipples. “I bet you are nice and wet with all those explicit daydreams, sis.”

“Is that Lily Grace I hear?”

“Yes babe. She got in late last night, and was sweet enough to come surprise me with breakfast.”

“And where is Sundance? Did she abandon him in Vegas, or did they tie the knot?

“I don’t know, babe. She’s not releasing any details at this time, just pleading the fifth.”

“That only means one thing … mischief!”

“Okay, behave yourself doctor … now tell me all about your day and the mischief you and Vicente are getting into?”

“Who me? Never! The only mischief I seem to get myself into is when you’re around, Kel.”

“Hahahaha, aren’t you funny, doctor!”

“Well sweetheart, Vicente, I and the others have visited most of the medical facilities in Florence, where I also saw a gorgeous medieval castle in the heart of the Chianti wine growing region. Along the coastline of the Adriatic Sea to Ravenna, our travels took us to see the famous mosaics in the 6th century Basilica of St. Apollinaris in Classe, where we also visited four medical facilities. Umm … lets see then there was Ravenna where it was strictly business. I found Pompeii, the Roman city which was both destroyed and preserved by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. fascinating. Patrician houses, public baths, and commercial districts strikingly recall day-to-day life when Rome was at the apex of her power.”

Kellie smiles to herself, knowing what an amazing experience this is for Bradley. “Well for a man who is fascinated by history, I’m so glad you’re getting a chance to see it all, baby.”

“I just wish you were here, Kellie.”

“It’s okay. Just keep talking, tell me more. I love to hear the excitement in your voice.” She rises from the table, going over to lie down in the hammock the two shared prior to his leaving. “Tell me everything.” She closes her eyes, capturing the beauty of Italy in her images as his loving voice soothes her.

“Well when we visited Pisa I was fortunate enough to see the Leaning Tower,. There were several medical facilities there, mostly run down and very under privileged.”

She continues to listen. Captivating and enchanting, exquisitely spoken words, wonderfully descriptive and visual. He is enticing and exciting her, as she begins to lose herself in the moment. “Sounds as if you’ve been quite busy?”

“I have, but never too busy for you, my love. I’ve been thinking of you constantly, and counting the minutes until I’m back home with you.”

“You and me both, hon.”

“Are you getting plenty of rest, Kel?”

“Uh huh … sure am. Taking my geritol and drinking my prune juice too, Dr. Reid.” The two laugh in unison. “Okay just making sure darling.”

“Yep, and Max is even keeping me wonderful company at night … but I’d much rather be sharing my bed with you!”

“It won’t be much longer, Kel. I promise. Tomorrow we meet with Croce Rossa Italiana, then I’ll be doing a little more sightseeing before I wing my way back home to you, darling.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“It should be. I promise to take lots more pictures, and we can sit in front of the fire, and I’ll tell you all about them.”

“You better, honey. I can’t wait.”

“Vicente and his family want to visit a salt mill in Marsala, take a walking tour of the Valley of Temples in Agrigento. Depending on how much time allows we may even visit Roman Villa of Casale in Piazza Armerina, Michelangelo’s David, the cathedral, and Signoria Square, and we’ve booked a private boat ride to visit St. Mark’s Square and Basilica, Doges’ Palace and the Bridge of Sighs in Venice.”

Frustration brings tears to Lily Grace’s eyes. “Blah, blah, blah!” The young blonde rolls her eyes not once, but twice in mock amusement of the two sickening lovebirds. “Their desire for one another never lessens, that’s for sure. “ Feeling a tiny shard of animosity and jealousy cut through her. “She’s got the perfect life. “ Kellie recognizes the change in Lily’s demeanor. An expression of a life of pain, heartache, and triumph; as she tries to find the light from the depths of darkness. Facing her own life and healing the losses she tries to forget. Never fully able to forget what she’s lost, but learning to embrace it, and by doing so, she is honoring herself. Opting to focus her attention on her man, she says nothing to Lily Grace, only rises from the hammock, reaching for her hand, squeezing it tightly. A gesture that comforts her younger sister’s heart immediately, as a half smile emerges.

“It’s been a great trip so far, Kel.” She senses the excitement in his voice. “The medical facilities here are still readily available but most are still restricted outside the urban areas. Public hospitals are generally free of charge for emergency services but do not maintain the same standards as hospitals in the States. The insurance companies refuse coverage to private Italian hospitals and clinics. It’s an ongoing tragedy when these ill patients, especially young children, go without healthcare, and many are succumbing to illness and dying.” Kellie can feel the sadness in his voice. “This has to stop, Kellie, it has too.”

“I know you’ll make a difference, hon. You always do.”

“I try to love. This is what my father wanted, and I want to make him proud.”

“You do more than just try, Brad. I know Dad is proud, as I am as well, babe. So tell me how is everything else? How’s Vicente?

“He’s doing great Kel. His family as well. They all send their love to my beautiful wife. As far as everything else, it’s all the same. A beautiful country, but not in comparison to you.”

“Awww, you’re making me blush.”

He releases a lengthy sigh. “I would really love to bring you back here again someday.”

“I would like that very much, Brad. I still remember our last visit. All the gigantic, yet graceful Greek structures which miraculously survived twenty four centuries of tormented history. The colorful and perfectly preserved mosaics depict mythological themes and hunting scenes. Castles perched along the cliffs on Monte Titano, and the lovely panoramic views of the local countryside.” She pauses, recalling several photographs she removed from the album a few nights ago. “The Italian resort of Rimini and the Adriatic coast, even the museum of antique weapons in the old town.”

“You know what I’d really love to do Kel?”

“What’s that baby … make love to me?”

He laughs, “Sì, naturalmente, è cosa giovani sexy”

“Nah, seriously, what babe?”

“To come back for the San Marino Grand Prix with all the Formula One race car drivers in Imola … maybe we can come back in late April, Kel. What do you say, sweetheart?”

“Okay but only if you promise we can stay until July.”

“Til July … that’s like three or four months, sweetheart?”

“Yes I know. But I read the Capital celebrates Medieval Days with a week’s worth of processions, crossbow competitions, historic games, nightly feasts and other activities.. I‘d really love to see it all, sweetheart.”

“After this trip, I’m sure I can swing a nice long vacation. “Nulla a mantenere voi felice, mio amore.”

“Oh okay then, how about we vacation a little longer and travel throughout Tuscany? We could stay in a beautiful, historic, cozy villa in the countryside; visit some of the most stunning wine, olive oil, food producing, wild- tasting excursions, in grove terraces.

“Sounds as if someone might have watched Under the Tuscan Sun?”

“As a matter of fact, I did … last night.”

“You would love it there. One of the most loved Italian provinces, home to several great cities. Known for its rich history, art, beautiful landscapes, delicious food and superb wines.”

“Okay that settles it. We’ll plan a nice long romantic vacation. But for now, just keep yourself safe, babe.”

“Adesso per favore non andare su di me preoccupante, Kel.”

“I always will, whether you’re traveling or not. But more so when your out of the country.”

“Kellie Dawn Pickler-Reid … you know I have traveled out of the country many times, I am fully aware of the numerous crimes directed towards tourists. But that’s common in any foreign country.”

“But you’re safe with Vicente, and the other Italians, right Brad?”

“Yes I am. Whether I’m with them or not, I’m always extremely careful, Kel. Exercising caution at train stations, airports, and when frequenting nightclubs, bars and outdoor cafes.”

“Nightclubs and bars?” She questions. Lily Grace looks up. “Oh boy! Someone is busted now!” She teases.

“I thought you were there to work?” His wife teases. “Don’t you know Italy is a no work zone?” He teases back. “Excuse me, Dr. Reid?”

“I … I am working … but my hosts take me out as well. Don’t worry love, I always behave and know exactly what I’m coming home to.”

“Yep, the good ole’ riding crop if you don’t look out mister!”

“Oh gees, she’s going to bust his balls now!” Snickers Lily Grace.

“Tell your sister I heard that. And on that note, I really need to get back to work.”

“Oh sure you do.”

“I’ll essere home presto, baby. I amore voi troppo e inviare mio amore A Lily Grace come bene.”

“I will darling.”

“I can‘t wait to hear all about this trip to Vegas with Sundance, should be quite interesting.”

“That it should.”

“Hanno un bellissima giornata, il mio amore, riempita con buoni pensieri di noi, frolicking nei boschi. I”ll call presto di nuovo, addio per ora.”

“Bye baby, I love you.”

“I amore voi troppo, Kel.”

Kellie hangs up the phone, as a gigantic smile emerges upon her face. Every word leaves her with a sense of love and happiness, knowing she is truly the happiest when they are together. Whether it is in the flesh or thousands of miles apart.

“So … now that you’ve had your morning pool between your legs …”

“I beg your pardon … Lily Grace! What did you just say?” The blonde questions.

“Oh nothing! … So, what do you have planned for today, Kel?” She asks, changing the subject immediately, not going unnoticed by her older sister.

“Oh I figured I’d pester the hell out of you.” The younger blonde looks up, dumbfounded. “Do what?”

“Don’t worry, I’m just teasing, Lily. I was thinking of hiking up to the cottage.”

“The cottage?”

“Yes … the cabin, you know the one you hate because you swear up and down there are creepy crawlies in it.”

“Well what can I say … I prefer five star accommodations!”

“Anyways, I thought I’d check things out there then go deeper into the woods and see if perhaps I can write something … anything!”

“Ohhh I see. I assume from the frustrated expression on your face, that means one thing. Tracy is on you’re case again.”

“Yes, these fucking deadlines are just killin me, Lil. I wish she’d just back off and realize I’m doing the best I can, and shut up about it.”

“She’s just doing what any agent does, Kellie.”

“Yea maybe so.”

“There are no maybes about it, Kel. One day when your manuscript is published you will thank her.”

“I’m sure you’re right. Want to come along?”

Lily begins to laugh. “For what … moral support? You’ve got to be kidding. I remember the last time I went on a hike with you. What an experience. All I saw was a thirty year old woman throwing a temper tantrum like a damn two year old.”

“I do not throw temper tantrums!”

“Well I don’t know what you prefer to call that behavior, but no thanks … I’ll pass. I think I’ll just relax at home, and watch a movie with my man, unless you object of course?”

“Oh so you’re choosing sex over temper tantrums?” She teases. “Isn’t it time for you to run along?” Lily glances down at her watch. “Yes I do believe it is.”

“Thanks again for breakfast. I’ll call you tonight when I get home.”

“Okay, love you, Kel.”

“Love you too, Lily Grace.”

Within the hour Kellie is dressed in her khaki shorts, t-shirt and hiking boots. Exiting the estate she walks for awhile, savoring the beauty of her surroundings. Pausing in the shade of a large willow, she drinks deeply from her water bottle. Glancing around at the beautiful array of flowers, flowing streams, and nature. The heat is starting to become a bit more intense. Looking up into the blue sky, “This feels good, real good. Should be a great day for writing.” She closes her eyes, listening to the birds. A vision of Brad enters her mind. Clad in a black tuxedo, in a scenic and exhilarating setting. Overcome by emotions, this setting burns into her heart and mind. Standing momentarily, she smiles, thankful to be blessed with such a kind, considerate loving man.

Hiking a short distance, she stands in front of their fourteen hundred square foot guest cottage. A log construction surrounded by rare vistas. Ranging from richly wooded coves to pristine ridges. A beautiful environment, offering privacy to gaze for miles across dramatic layered mountain views all year round.

Their cottage was open and bright, tastefully decorated in log woods décor, surrounded by tall pine and aspen trees, overlooking a seasonal stream. Comfortable for an entire family, yet cozy enough for Kellie and Brad. Looking around the place, she is thoroughly impressed. Two bedrooms and a small office. A place Kellie goes to escape it all … doing the one thing she loves to do … write. A full bathroom, standard electric power, gas forced air with a wood burning stove in the living room. TV/VCR, with a 60’ plasma television set, complete with surround sound. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, ceiling fans, even a four-five person hot tub. You’d never guess you were in a log cabin.

She tidies up a bit, chuckling to herself as she stumbles upon a small cricket. “Oh my god, Lily would have a stroke if she saw this.” Recalling the many conversations they’ve had about creepy crawlies, and their adventures at summer camp. Lily Grace may hate the mere thought of bugs but it never failed that she would always bring back lizards, frogs, and whatever else she could find and put them in Kellie’s sleeping bag.

All animals were Lily’s friend. One time she even brought home a skunk. Amused by the skunk’s cuteness, convinced this one was the world’s most famous skunk; Flower from the Disney’s animated movie Bambi. Later thoroughly heartbroken when the skunk sprayed her and she spent days in isolation because no one dared come within ten feet of her. The blonde giggles, recalling so many wonderful times spent with Lily, thankful Kellie and her parents were able to give her younger sister the life she deserved.

Exiting the cabin she saunters outside, stretching out comfortably on a lawn chair, basking in the warm vibrant rays of the sun. Savoring in the essence of the warmth and tranquility that surrounds her. Leaning her head back, she closes her eyes, clearing her head of all things: Lily, Brad, Alana, Tracy … everything. It is now time to focus primarily on her own predicament … an unfinished manuscript and her agent’s pending deadlines. Sitting for an hour in silence, then another. The heat from the sun soon begins to lull her into a state of relaxation and drowsiness. Opting to take a walk rather than a nap, she rises from the chair. Walking … thinking … pondering ideas. In a vain attempt to write something … anything. If only one mere sentence. The words are trapped, buried down deep inside her, lost. No where to be found. “How long can I possibly continue?” She murmurs, low in pitch, rounded in tone, hesitantly, surveying intensely, deep within the quiet wilderness for answers.

Intellectually profound, becoming cynical and fully aware of a huge conflict of emotions; overcome by unmanageable frustration and despair. Buried in a fit of fury, tears glint her angry eyes. Her latest literacy project is a cataclysm, as she refers to it, although others may beg to differ. Preferring to see her use her God-given talent to the fullest, appreciative of the piece of art she’s willing to create when her mind is focused. But this time is turning out to be nothing but a scenario of chaos, writing jibberish … absolute nonsense. The more Tracy pushes her to finish chapters in a timely manner, the harder it becomes. Leaving Kellie carefully considering what to do with a career that is in shambles. Is she losing her passion and desire for writing?

Maybe it was time to shift her focus and good fortunes on positive, quality of purposefulness and less on the melodramatic story that leads to these good intentions. Her heart aches, hurts and is scarred, as she begins to tremble at the edge of disbelief that something she loves may very well be over with. Not wanting to face rejection, she retrieves a notepad, pen, and Red Bull from her backpack. Downing the liquid contents; then burying all thoughts in pointless scribbles on paper.

“There has to be a valuable lesson to be learned here. There just has to. I feel as if I‘m missing something, but what can it be?”

She lets her thoughts drift. Whether the lesson will be learned or not depends entirely on Kellie and how she intends on approaching this turmoil brewing inside. Forcing her mind to relax she begins to read into the way her heart feels. In a place where the deepest and sincerest feelings are located, a place most vulnerable to pain. A heart that is confidently assured her career is far from over, yet convincing her mind of that was another task. A culprit lacking self confidence and the tools to overcome writer’s block; something that has plaqued her for days, weeks and oftentimes months. Perhaps Tracy is right; it is time to master the skill of putting her heart and emotions on pause, and checking in with her head. Focusing on her intellect, to avoid repeating the same mistakes of the past.

“Damn it!” She screams in utter frustration and infuriating anger, as a wistful smile comes upon her face. “A temper tantrum.“ Recalling Lily’s words, as her pen flies in one direction, and another crumbled sheet of paper lands on the ground beside her. “It’s no use. Why do I even bother?” She questions, searching desperately for answers.

Feeling as if she is only going through the motions. That’s what writing is becoming. Not because the act of writing is losing its spark or potential, but because she is losing the passion within herself. “Writing will always be a box of unanswered questions, ideas and stories. You need to stop trying to avoid your own feelings, stop hiding behind your words.” Tracy warned. Writing was always a great outlet for the blonde. Whether it is anger, sadness, happiness or falling into a deep state of depression … she loved to write. “Search once again, deep within, find that thin line between hiding in writing and using it for your benefit.” Tracy encouraged, now it was time for Kellie to listen.

Also, time to open her heart. To find the things, people and places she truly loved to write about. To break free from her comfort zone, welcome new challenges and push herself towards her full potential to find the self satisfaction and success she was in search of.

Regardless of her struggles, she always maintained her dignity, utmost sincere respect, towards herself and everyone she came in contact with. She has more ambition and drive than most, and was oftentimes referred to by many as a prominent, well known, highly respected author. Dedicated to her work, and aspiring literacy projects, she sought to share her gift with the world, for all to enjoy. A great inspiration to many, the blonde is always willing and able to offer advice to fellow authors who were in need, as they shared many countless hours corresponding over current projects.

Over the years writing has become almost therapeutic at times. Fulfilling her ultimate hidden desires, offering a chance to unwind, escape the outside world. Becoming fully aware that she doesn’t have to be in the throes of passion to feel the tingly sensation down below, focusing on the pleasurable point in the story when it struck. Becoming willing and able to let herself go, to enjoy it, even to indulge in a fantasy or two. Lingering in an aroused state for a prolonged period, building anticipation, making her writing an inspiration, much more intense and meaningful. Not to mention believable.

She loved to sit at her desk, daydreaming, as she wrote hot steamy romance novels. The love and passion for writing was there, buried deep down inside, she was fully aware it was. But this time she desired more. A completely different storyline, out of the ordinary, intriguing and captivating. “C’mon Kel, pull yourself together, lets put your thoughts back on track.”
“If it bleeds, it leads.” A smirk comes across her face, shaking her head in disbelief, as another piece of paper lands on the ground beside her. “What the hell are those words even supposed to mean?” Questioning the relevance of a quote used in the journalism industry all the time. “Makes no sense to me, absolutely no significance whatsoever … it’s useless!” Staring up into the sky, consumed by emotion. Honesty is hard to swallow … and it was proving to be most definitely the cause of much tension in her life. Knowing it was time to take a look within her, to find a way to make writing fun again. “Your subconscious is only useful if you pay attention to its clues, Kellie.” A pensive smile emerges, as wise words of encouragement, spoken by her husband, a man who was always striving for success fills her heart and mind. A doctor who avoided weakness at all costs, desiring for Kellie to do the same as she focused on her true potential.

She leans back against the hard bark at the base of the tree. Envisioning her in a time and place where she can let the writing come to her, without pushing her way to the writing. Releasing all her inhibitions, feeling safe, wild and carefree in her mysterious literacy world. Surrounding her in an atmosphere of words, sentences filled with evil secrets and desires, darting eyes and clever disguises. A world known only to Kellie Dawn Pickler-Reid.

Tired and maybe a bit sad, she stands, gathering her belongings. Turning around, leaving the wilderness … heading back home. Arriving back shortly after 6:00 p.m. Emotionally exhausted from the day, but it was an accomplished exhaustion. Anxious to take a nice long hot shower before bed, she makes her way into the kitchen. Remembering she hadn’t eaten anything more than a granola bar, water and energy drink since her breakfast with Lily that morning. Sitting down at the kitchen table she flips through a magazine as she eats a large bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats for dinner. “This will have to do; I’m much to tired to cook … even one of those frozen TV dinners.”

Glancing over at the phone, she notices she has four messages.

I speranza stai avendo uno meraviglioso giorno, mio amore. I perdere voi molto sweetheart. Desiderano eri qui con me. I amore voi, Kellie Dawn.”

“Awww how sweet.” She waits for the beep.

“Hey Kel, it’s me. Let’s get together for dinner before Brad comes home, call me.”

“Will do Ayla.” She waits for the next beep.

“Hope your not disrupting wildlife too much with your fits of fury … I tease, I tease. Call me sis, I love you.” Kellie chuckles, “What would I do without Lily‘s wonderful sense of humor? Hmmm … have a bit more sanity in my life? That wouldn’t be much fun, boring actually.” She waits for the next beep, hoping once again to hear his voice.

“Come out come out wherever you are.” He pauses briefly, in case she is home, unable to get to the phone in time. “Okay, guess you’re out gallivanting around … sorry I missed you, darling. No matter how many miles separate us, I am never far away from you, my dear. Just a thought brings me closer to you. As I lie here, all alone in this very expensive suite, my thoughts drift to you. I envision myself standing behind you, as you sit at your desk, writing. Softly massaging your shoulders, taking away all the stress and worries from your body, as my hands work their magic. Can you feel my warm breath on your ear, Kel, as I whisper, “I amore voi.” I kiss you, showing you the depth of my love, then quietly walk away … as I know you have to get back to writing. I amore voi, Kellie Dawn Pickler-Reid”
Her eyes and mouth widen with pleasure and anticipation, taking a mental moment to squeal with joy. Shaking her head in amusement, “Ciò che un fottuto tease.”
A well educated young man, with a Rochester accent she adores, one the blonde never tires of hearing. His voice; rich and very seductive. Almost a whisper at times, with a complete and unequivocal certainty. A hypnotic gaze holds her, as she narrowly focuses on his thrilling, pleasing words. A soft sigh escapes her lips, leaving her wanting, needing and truly desiring so much more. Her index finger pushes the play button on the answering machine, yearning to hear his voice just one more time, at the conclusion of a long tiresome day.

A pleasant expression comes upon her face, as she saunters towards the shower. To rush the joy of such a wonderful moment is the furthest from her mind.

Words shared in private utterance, affection and kindness. With each sweet gesture or kind, meaningful word spoken she feels more and more connected to Brad. Not only to him, but to herself as well. This is the true benefit. As she connects to herself, living in the present, she feels alive, and is overwhelmed by the love she feels in her life.

“I love the way his mind works and his words flow.” Laughing lightly to herself, “He sure makes something else flow just as easily.”

Sighing laboriously, her eyelids become heavy, as she allows her eyes to roll back. Leaning against the bathroom wall, savoring in the identifying nature; the way his words make her feel. Drawing out a deep, sultry moan from her lips, she continues to think about him. “I’ll take my shower, and then attempt to write … for him!”
Directing her eyes into the bathroom mirror, she notices a drastic change in her outward behavior, especially the way it reflects on her character. The long days and sleepless nights were catching up to her. Looking fixedly into the unfathomable blue depths, her pupils are soft and loving; dilated, large and black as the night. Orbs full of a multitude of intense emotions. Passion, yearning and desire, feelings of anxiety and apprehension, culpability and awareness of wrongdoing, lust and to a certain degree, unaccountable sadness. Eyes; blue like the sky on a cloudless day, full of intense hunger, a desire for success and a sense of achievement. A necessity to fulfill the hidden depths of her dreams and desires.

Kellie’s eyes slide up and down her body in the mirror, a gaze flickering back and forth from her mouth to her eyes, then accessing every inch of her body with an unpleasant sneer. Her lips twitch a smile momentarily, before naturally adopting an expression of pure passion, as she recalls Bradley’s words. Reveling in her discomfort, her eyes now glossy; superficially shiny and smooth, on the brink of tears. Leaning backwards, frustration grows increasingly, as her body weakens. “Pull it together, Kel.”
Raising the corners of her mouth, in an expression of amusement, she releases a self satisfied grin. “I will fight my way back … until the very end.” She says quietly, indistinctively.

Moving swiftly, she enters the shower, taking grateful refuge beneath the hot water as the powerful force plummets against her tired achy body. “Oh this feels so good.” Taking in and letting out a deep audible breath in weariness and contentment. Relaxing, occasionally smiling as her attention is brought back to the last time her and Bradley showered together. Her smile twitching just a little, in wider appreciation of the marvelous man she is married to. Anticipating his arrival home from Italy, and the sweet passionate love they will be making in just a mere seven days. “Oh I can’t wait.”

Moments later she exits the shower, dries leisurely, then walks at an easy, unhurried pace outside, onto the balcony. The cool night breeze feels exhilarating on her bare flesh. Looking intently at the stars, she pays special attention to the way the full moon hangs above, as an owl calls to its mate in the nearby distance.

“It’s not the passage of time that heals … it’s the passage through experiences.” She speaks aloud, remembering an utterance of emotions Lily Grace shared months prior. “Change is constant, but the conversion wrought by some moments is more profound than others. We aren’t facing our own worst fears, we’re living through them. Oftentimes passion and hope is grinded away until all that’s left isn’t bittersweet … it’s just plain bitter.” The two sisters shared many discussions from time to time about the turmoil Lily Grace endured through the course of her life. Now was time to follow that advice. To get quiet and listen, knowing she will hear the answer in her heart. Being led right to what she is looking for, even if she doesn’t know at the moment what that is.

This is the hardest part of being an author. One minute she loves her work, including her latest endeavor and the next she hates it all. Forewarned not to get too attached to feelings, without exception; every emotion that is moving through her. Desiring to love her book, every page of it. Knowing that each time she sits down to write it takes her heart, soul and every ounce of courage to do so. Always questioning and reluctant, afraid that perhaps it’s not good enough. “Maybe no one will like it.” She wonders. “Maybe my stories are too personal.” She fears. And on it goes …

“Trust yourself implicitly, but really it will help if you can see the story from all angles.” Tracy’s words play throughout her mind. “You can and will do this Kellie. I will challenge you time and time again, pushing you towards success. I will not let you throw away nor neglect your God given talent to write.” Her agent reliably informs her, quite abruptly.

“If you say so.” She groans in gentle acquiescence, drawing in each and every frustration. “Okay, Okay, I will.” She says, brightly and with deliberate irony. Frowning, as a smirk slowly comes across her face. “Of course, ordinarily and quite rightly … she’s always been right.”

“I think I can do this. For me … for Bradley … and yes, even for Tracy; the bellowing agent from hell.” But there is something very special about Tracy. She was a beautiful woman, in her late forties, displaying a confidence, almost arrogance. Her hair was mid length, a shade of medium brown, naturally wavy and hanging loose to her shoulders. When she spoke, her eyes never left Kellie’s. Orbs, rich hazel, yet other times emerald green. Soft, perfectly smooth skin, a tiny scar upon her forehead. When Kellie was in Tracy’s presence she always felt like she did when she was a teenager. A time when she had a huge crush on Mr. Van Blarcom, her journalism teacher. Tracy does mean well, always has; having the blonde’s best interest at heart. “I’ll show her … I can do this.” She boasts proudly, feeling the best she has in a very long time.

The night is very dark now. A cool night breeze billows, tousling her hair, as she is overcome by a feeling of serenity. The small wisps of wind brushing over her body feels sensational, as she admires her surroundings in the faint glow of the moon. Feeling calm and comfortable in a way she’s not experienced in many years. Especially when contemplating suggestions, and brief story outlines. Her brow furrows, as her mind is intensively bombarded with a vast array of ideas. The thought comes instantly, as she struggles to relinquish herself from the tight grasp she has on the chair. “Oh my god, yes!” Shrieking in excitement. “I have the perfect idea.” Her voice laced with confidence, sounding triumphant. All previous doubts superseded by pure, blissful pleasure, displaying a self confidence and desire, shining profusely. For the first time in a very long time, ambitious and happy … feeling real joy.

Sauntering back inside the house, she dresses in baggy sweats and a loose fitting t-shirt. In a hop, skip and jump, buzzing with excitement, the blonde is in the kitchen, happily pouring a nice chilled glass of chardonnay. “Now it’s time to get down to business … focus … lets go write, write, write!”

A short time later she decides she needs coffee instead of wine. There will be no sleep tonight. So she puts on a pot of freshly brewed coffee. Within moments the kitchen is filled with a wonderful aroma, just like Starbucks.

Turning on the television to CSI, it shines unsteadily, silently in the background. Sitting down at her desk, she closes her eyes momentarily … thinking. “I don’t see why not … this would make a wonderful story … very personal … intriguing … and unique. And if Tracy, my infallible guide and counsel in all things, doesn’t like it … too damn bad. I do!” She mutters, letting out a sigh of contentment. “She may be patient, always listening, debriefing and advising me, but this time I know best … I am writing this story come hell or high water. Somehow, someway.”

The night air is crisp and quiet; heavy and intoxicating. The room is dark and warm. Two windows are open slightly. The moonlight shimmers, illuminating the night sky. Dancing through the billowing curtains, caused by the slight late October evening breeze. A vast array of small puff clouds drift slowly across the night sky, from southwest to northeast.

Leaning back in her chair, losing herself in her thoughts, in a state of blissful relaxation, while she sips her hot steaming coffee. A perfect ambience, creating the atmosphere, allowing herself to delve deeper into her potential storyline, as she lays all the details out on paper. Focusing primarily on one of her profound homespun philosophies on writing should be … fun. Enthusiastically wanting to do this not only for herself, but to make Bradley proud. Offering a nice welcome home to the real reason she continues to write … because he loves her writing, her vast array of words, referring to her often as his very own walking word factory.

Rising out of her chair, she makes her way over to the sofa, settling down comfortably in front of the fireplace. Today was a mentally challenging day, and she was exhausted. In a vain attempt to fully relax her body and mind she gazes into the flames, which display a vast array of beautiful colors. Losing herself in the moment, she lets the flames once again engulf her feelings. Fully aware that she is too tired to sleep, if she dare try now the end result will only be tousled sheets, adding fatigue and exhaustion. Opting to stay awake for awhile longer, she saunters back over to her desk, sitting down. Restless, pondering how to get this story off the ground. “C’mon Kel, it can’t be that hard … it’s “your” story.” Surprising herself at how calm and level her tone is. “You can do this, believe in yourself. Because if you don‘t, no one ever will.”

The horizon was starting to glow in the west as the stars sprinkle across the deep black sky above her. The fire keeps the chill out of the air, as she stares from across the room, thinking of him. The blonde always finds his voice quite soothing, as she closes her eyes, recalling each and every single loving word spoken. Especially those of the past seven days and nights. “Sometimes the only thing that erases the tarnishing images and releases those fears is one person … and that person is my husband, Dr. Reid.” Kellie nuzzles deeper into the couch, sighing contentedly. “I don’t know what I’d ever do without him. Please dear God, take care of Bradley, bring him back home safe and sound to me”

She sits up, swinging her legs off the couch, and slowly leaves her office. Sauntering into the bedroom, collapsing onto the bed in a state of pure exhaustion. Crawling underneath the warm burgundy satin sheets, sleeping on his side. Max has come to join her as well, at the foot of the bed. Kellie closes her eyes, letting her head sink deeper into the pillows. Drowning in her own lust for him, the man of her dreams; the one who makes her feel so complete. Her husband; who exists in her head and her sleep, every single day and night, for all eternity.

Time has flown by; unbeknownst to Kellie she’s become so engulfed in all the excitement. Reaching out to all extremities, spending several days and nights … writing. All new ideas coming forth, into fruition. Many skills are coming together in the craft of writing, including storytelling, imagination, organization of thought, knowledge of detailed facts, life experiences, amongst many other things. Devoting much time and effort, concentrating on all of these things. Expecting to spend much time practicing and learning from many other great authors, this time around, something she’s neglected in the past.

She was now writing from the soul, not from some notion about what she anticipates the marketplace wants. It is fickle; but her soul is seemingly everlasting, unaffected by the passage of time.

The night slowly wears on, and she makes a lot of progress. Writing page after page, working for as long as she can. She can almost smell the faint scent of his cologne. Exhausted she succumbs to sleep, resting comfortably. Not long after laying her head on the pillow, suddenly a loud boisterous buzzing awakens her from her dream. Slamming her hand down on the alarm clock‘s buzzer, cursing the hour, as well the cold of her bedroom. Wanting to drift back into peaceful slumber, slipping back into the dream; the greatest, most fulfilling one she’s ever had. Why did it have to end, just when it was beginning? She lay awake, staring at the ceiling in frustration.

Three more days pass … very productive, happy ones. On Friday she wakes to this, a sweet loving email, left in the mere hours of the night.

“Bene mattina mio amore. Sonno bene? Did you dream of me holding you in my arms as we fell asleep? Do you long to hear me softy say "I amore voi,”
Like a whisper in the night? Do your lips long to feel the brush of mine, like a gentle night’s sweet caress? Does your body desire my touch, a touch as soft as a velvet glove, as I ever so lightly caress you, sending shivers up and down your spine? Does your body ache to be kissed by my lips, so soft and loving, as they kiss your soft skin, making you tingle with pleasure? If you answered yes to all of the above, then I shall be there, in a little while, to make all your desires and fantasies come true.............Amore voi, sempre.”
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Again, we thank you for reading this story of ours. This next chapter introduces a new character; this is for is all the Daughtry fans.


The day is relatively cold, subject to frequent heavy rain in the northwest. To a very high degree the late afternoon appears darker and more somber than usual. Winds blow at sustained speeds of twenty five to thirty five miles per hour, gusts reaching an occasional high of forty five.

First Hotel’s shuttle leaves the village of Somma Lombardo, speeding westward towards Milan Malpensa Airport. The radio plays softly, as a considerable number of passengers listen intensely to weather service meteorologist, Bruce Ferrante. Timidly the majority have been following the sequence of weather reports, pondering when they may be hit by fiercer winds and heavy downpours; specifically how this will affect air travel.

Airport spokesman, Andrew Hutchinson radios the driver. “Hey Garrett, you might want to let your passengers know the storm is significantly impacting flights. Cloudiness and occasional lightning in the area is delaying flights in and out of Milan, up to forty five minutes.”

“Will do sir … thank you.”

Upon hearing the news a man in his early thirties leans back in his seat, groaning in a very frustrated manner. Greatly annoyed and displeased “That’s just fucking great!” Dissatisfied, he mumbles in hostile utterance in a very unfriendly voice, not going perceived by the younger gentleman sitting beside him. Insincerely convincing, using pleasantness, in order to persuade the older man to relax he speaks softly, “Can’t do much about Mother Nature, now can we … no point in getting all upset about it.”

Sophisticated, sexy with a substantial air of confidence he swiftly moves his left hand through his dark side burn beard, then promptly across the smooth top of his shaved head. His warm, smoldering brown orbs stare out the window in despair as he takes in and lets out a deep audible breath in weariness. “I can’t miss Griffin’s birthday … I promised my little man a ride on the back of Daddy’s Harley, as we ride off into the sunset.”

With an easy, charming smile a voice offers reassurance, “You’ll make it back in plenty of time, just relax will ya.”

“Uh huh … sure.” He responds in a taciturn, emotionless voice. “Relax? Do I even know what that means anymore?” Inquisitively, Christopher Adam Daughtry asks himself. Unable to grasp what its like to rest or do things for pleasure, especially in contrast to or as a relief from the effort and stress of everyday life.

Sitting in silence he remains lost in his thoughts. Surrounded by people, yet feeling so alone. Appearing strong and confident on the outside, yet weak and vulnerable on the inside. Facing the biggest challenge of his lifetime … self discovery; confronting the depth of his emotions and deep embedded feelings, and doing so honestly … at all costs.

When he was not professionally traveling, shooting photographs in adverse weather, yielding some of the most memorable and dramatic imagery, he was frequently attending mandated court appearances, meeting with lawyers and mediators. Recently divorced after ten years, he and ex wife Deanna were trying desperately to resolve conflicts, while reaching reasonable agreements in regards to child support, alimony and visitation rights.

There was no one nearby to say “I love you” or “I understand” and that is what he misses the most. The friendship and love him and Deanna shared at one time was special, unique, and quite stimulating. Even in the worst of times, she understands him unlike any other. “Can our love me rekindled, or is it lost forever?”

He closes his eyes, visions of her fills his mind. She’s present, becoming abundantly noticeable as his lips quiver, then form a smile. Beautiful lyrics consume his very essence, dancing ever so freely within his soul.

Will you listen to my story
It'll just be a minute
How can I explain
Whatever happened here never meant to hurt you
How can I cause you so much pain
When I say I'm sorry
Will you believe me

Savoring in the warmth and tranquility her memories bring him. Yet seeking freedom, a chance to lift the heavy burden residing. Becoming free like an eagle, able to spread his wings abundantly, flying gracefully … free at last.

Listen to my story
Say you won't leave me
When I say I'm sorry
Can you forgive me
When I say I will always be there
Will you believe, will you believe in me
All the words that I come up with
They're like gasoline on flames
There's no excuse, no explanation
Believe me if I could undo what I did wrong
I'd give away all that I own
When I say I'm sorry
Will you believe me
“All is want to do is go home.”

Chris’s career in freelance photography led him overseas. An exceptionally talented photographer, he travels throughout much of Australia, England, and across Europe. After three days in Tuscany, and two in San Marino it was finally time to go home.

Covering everything from wildlife excursions to waterscapes, mountain scenes to searching for models; both male and female, to do some ski lifestyle images. Working with advertising firms, corporate, architecture, theater, and lifestyle agencies, providing a photo source for rights managed, travel stock images, lifestyle, beauty and glamor. All the while trying to promote spontaneous creativity through his work, showcasing and creating a name for himself in the world of photography.

Life on the road as a professional photographer isn’t easy for Chris Daughtry. Although he is living his life long dream, he doesn’t forget what is most important in his life. His two favorite people in the world, his life and reason for being. His nine year old daughter, Hannah, and five year old son, Griffin. He misses them immensely; days spent running to and from school, then off to soccer games, swimming lessons, Girl Scout meetings, and doctor and dentist appointments. Weekends filled with pillow fights, running in the sprinklers, outings to the movies and parks, and Chris’ favorite, lots of Popsicle grins.

No doubt about it; he lives a demanding, yet fulfilling lifestyle. Leaving little to no time to breath, much less focus on what needs to be done to further his career. From setting up thematic website directories which provide links to his landscape, nature, fine art, travel, documentary and digital stock photos. To spending hour after hour enhancing his images; offering his viewers a strong sense of familiarity yet a mystical uniqueness as well. Many moonlit exposures are taken at night, around the full moon. He paints scenes, using light from flashes and flashlights, covered with theatrical gel to create colorful effects. The end result; surreal images which leap out and grab your imagination. To be succeeded or superseded by other great photographers, making room for himself, allowing the world an ample opportunity to see into the vision of a master photographer.

Practicing angles and developing photographs are done mostly at night, when the children are asleep, because the days were so full. His latest project, writing a book entitled, “Spirit of Adventures: The Life of a Traveling Photographer.” was recently put on hold; until Griffin and Hannah were a bit older, and required less time, attention, and energy.

No matter how demanding or time consuming things are; he misses each and every special moment with his children … who wouldn’t? With every length of existence, distinctive period of history, distinguished events, and locality … each has it’s own intensifying memories, blessings upheld for all eternity.

Hannah and Griffin are growing up so quickly, becoming two young people right before their Daddy’s eyes. He feels tender affection for both, with approval, appreciation and utmost respect. Advising and influencing, desiring to lead both in the right direction, providing a better life and ample opportunities than the ones he had growing up. No amount of fame or fortune can compare to the love this soft-sided father feels for them. “It’s a determination to make this work … whether I’m home, or away on business. Whether they are with me … or with Deanna. My children‘s happiness and well being is first and foremost”
A young energetic man, displaying great vigor and stamina; always moving rapidly on the groove. Yet quiet and soothing in the pattern of art, repeatedly surpassing his previous expectations. But Chris is tired … both emotionally and physically. Lacking continuity and ambition, weakened by exertion. A man overwhelmed with urgency and anxiety, losing patience and interest, in need of sleep. A time to refresh his body and calm his mind. He is to a great extent and intensity looking forward to some pleasant tranquility; sequestered in Natchez, Mississippi. Experiencing happiness; in the fullest, most satisfying feeling … of achieving something special. Purchasing a new home, for himself and his two beautiful children. This house was to be a fresh start for Chris, to escape painful memories, a home and past time spent with Deanna.

Notwithstanding that Carrolton, Alabama is considered to some a ghost town; it was and would always be home to Chris Daughtry. Located thirty miles west of Tuscaloosa in Pickens County, his hometown is known for the mythical “face in the courthouse window.” In 1873 a freed slave was accused of burning the old Pickens County courthouse. He was being held in the county government building and was struck by lightning while looking out a third story window. Idle speculation has it that his face can be seen peering through the pane. The glass has been replaced a considerable number of times, rid of dirt and impurities with everything from soap to gasoline. On stormy nights when lightning strikes, without proof or evidence many claim to have seen him standing there … body and all.

Something notable about Chris Daughtry; what excites most people’s interest and curiosity in Carrolton did quite the opposite for him. He was less captivated by unverified reports and paranormal events or phenomena. Deep down inside Chris was apprehensive; reluctant at times, feeling hesitation and disinclination to meddle in other people’s affairs. He found comfort and ease, associating closely with his present surroundings, enjoying unhurriedly the essence of nature, and his interest in furthering his career. This is what truly matters to this man … not a shadowy form in the window, causing a frightening atmosphere in a place he calls home.

Thirty years later … he has a new home. Enjoying the rich southern history Natchez, Mississippi depicts across the state. Whether it be learning about battles fought over slavery, or feeling the full and satisfying benefit of the gentle breezes and tides. He journeys south with Griffin and Hannah, to the coast. Savoring in the relaxing essence of the snowy-white island beaches, sparkling waters, bayous, historic forts and many other recreational opportunities. An interval in time to bring new memories into existence, in Natchez, a place that would now serve as home.

Excursions take Chris, Hannah and Griffin throughout Mississippi, to Tupelo. A pleasurable experience, acquiring knowledge of the Old Natchez Trace; a five hundred mile footpath that runs through Choctaw and Chickasaw lands, connecting Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee. Experiencing portions of the journey the way earlier travelers did … on foot.

Recalling countless mornings he sits alone, outside at daybreak. With a nice hot cup of coffee in his hands, he watches the way the sun peeks from its sleeping place. The first traces of light appearing in the sky … signs of the beginning of a new day. Making conscious efforts to hear the bird’s stir, as morning nears, and his sweet little angels awaken, bringing welcoming happiness into this proud father’s day.

His eyes focus exclusively on his highly valued possessions; a Canon PowerShot SD550 / IXUS 750 digital camera, Olympus Evolt E-510 Digital Camera with 14-42mm Lens, and Pentax *ist DL digital Camera. Alongside is a portfolio of all his latest art, contents representing his creative work.

In his younger days, visible and tangible assets were placed in his hands. Astute, showing intelligence and natural ability, desiring very strongly to discover his place in the world … as a professional photographer. Seeking achievement of intention, happiness, and a chance to share his passion, talent, desire and dream with the world.

A humble young man, never behaving in an arrogant, presumptuous or insolent way. Mocked at such a young age, with scorn and contempt, causing him an impressively large amount of frustration and humiliation. Dissatisfied and unfulfilled, instantly thwarting his desires and dreams. Portrayed by many friends and even some family members as just an unattractive, socially awkward geek with a camera. A boy with idle hopes, impractical thoughts and fantasies, one who would never amount to much.

Acknowledging their personal views, understanding and accepting they were based solely on personal judgment cast upon him, he was bound and determined to prove them wrong. Explicitly denying them a chance to interfere with his subsequent intentions; trusting his instincts to follow his dreams.

An ambitious young man, Christopher Adam Daughtry graduated with top honors from both Carrolton High School and University of Georgia. Obtaining his degree in physics and business law, while devoting the process of learning all there was about photography. Following graduation Chris spent several years as a high tech engineer before turning his attention to photography full time. Eliciting deep interest and enthusiasm, his love of the outdoors and devotion to nature provides creative inspiration. This opened up a world of limitless opportunities to capture almost any face in the physical world, including all natural phenomena and living things.

His portfolio contents comprise some of the finest photography you will find anywhere. Delicately formed, showing special skill, detail and intricacy. With photographs appearing in various regional and national publications, his vast array of artistic work is displayed on post cards as well as calendars. His tasteful form of creative expression, showing skill and imagination did not stop with the flash of a digital camera. Also an artist, a portrait painter. A man who shows a strong liking, finding pleasure gained by the soft gentle stroke of a paintbrush, drawing and painting in his free time.

How can this man ever find life lacking vividness or brightness of hue? He enjoys every wonderful sense of adventure; living with great emphasis. Two beautiful children bestow joy, bringing happiness into his day to day life. A man who finds pleasure and deep appreciation in the suitable moments; the simple beauty the world around us provides. Characterized by all the little detail he sees and hears, every powerful emotion he feels.

This is a time for Chris to assess where he is at in his life, and where he wishes to be. Many times his instinctive awareness or presentiments begin to run low, insecurities take control, as he fights to find balance in his life. Accompanying him to another time and place … bringing back memories of happy times, and unfortunately some very sad ones as well.

Feeling discomfort and unhappiness, a sad expression comes upon his face. The sky opens up with a rain shower. Fastidious and fussy he stares solemnly out the window. Looking directly at the pavement, for a long time without moving his eyes away. Listening intensely as the rain pounds on the windows. Accompanied by intense emotion, a lone tear falls slowly from his eye, cascading down his left cheek. Going completely unnoticed by all, pleasing him greatly.

Are the choices we make truly our own, or are they the secondary result of our environment and circumstances? Conditions affecting situations which have this young man interrogating and examining in detail the concept of free will. The power of independent action and choice of lust, love, desire, sex, and happiness in the world he lives in today.

Under her hand many lessons were taught, bringing understanding through experience. Deanna was a beautiful woman, cute and perky. Light brown hair, and smooth porcelain skin. Her hazel eyes were captivating. Outwardly, she was the girl every parent hoped their son would marry. Only her husband knew otherwise .. there was a naughty woman buried deep beneath her innocent looks.

Chris, a young man, simply admired for his versatile and chameleon-like ability, the feelings he experienced in her presence were exquisite. His heart beats rapidly, full of enthusiasm. Soaring for her love, as his tears are brushed aside. His thoughts, feelings, ideas and perceptions, full of happy high spirits and vitality. His mind and body crave her soft gentle touch. His eyes flutter open, allowing her image to pass freely through his head. Involuntarily his eyes close again. He sighs, yearning for her sweet caress, recalling the way she would lick her full sumptuous lips seductively, eagerly anticipating the touch of his. Natural and spontaneous; soft lips, full of real purpose and a certain urgency to every move she makes. She is a wonderful lover. His mind opens, sustaining continuous growth, as peaceful serenity exists. Under her hand, the intellectual man in Christopher Adam Daughtry is unexpectedly discovered.

His cock, rigid in his jeans, now causing him to become fidgety in his seat.
“Will you just relax Chris? Sit still, you’re making me nervous.” A soft spoken voice demands. “Okay Joey.” He responds, almost inaudible, as another tear trickles down his face. Followed by another … and another. Mediocre and inconspicuous he changes positions again, trying to get comfortable and relax his tense body. In a vain attempt to conceal the erection he is supporting, he sighs, as thoughts of her are lavishing on his hard member.


Sympathetically he looks up, “I’m sorry.” Murmuring, as a hot blush rises in his cheeks, flooding them with color. “Damn her … even after all this time, she still gets to me.” With a sigh of resignation, he tries to get a hold of himself.

“You okay?” Joey asks quite concerned about his best friend. “Umm …” Wincing despite the fact that he feels quite uncomfortable. “Yeah sure.” He says quietly, wiping his fallen tears.

“Yea right, Daughtry … you can’t conceal your troubles anymore than you can that bald head of yours!” He says to himself, resisting the urge to be a smart-ass.

“Home sweet home.” A look of sadness cast upon his face. “What am I going home to? A cold empty house?”
“We had it all. Spirit of adventure, mind boggling sex, love, exciting and intense passion, romance. She was so much more than just my lover and best friend … she was the special someone who brought me to life, making each day more lively, arousing curiosity and attention, causing excitement. She was my life … in all entireties … my everything.”

“Why?” He questions; inquiring over and over again. “Why wasn’t I enough for her?” It’s been five hundred and twenty two days of pure hell for Chris Daughtry. “Why couldn’t my time away from her strengthen our love, instead of being the one thing to destroy it?” Passably, to a moderate and satisfactory extent he truly believes deep down inside he did give her everything her heart desired. Yet he continuously fights his demons, lasting for the duration of this time apart. “Why did she push me into the future; in a dark and lonely place, all alone? To face unexpected forth comings, many full of possible real and true opportunities and dreams, yet so many fears and uncertainties exist.”

He lets his thoughts drift. Deep in thought, a sudden burst of mood and intellectual, philosophical occurrences of past events take him back to his childhood. For a brief moment his mind flashes throughout the fragments. Then in an instant, all intellectual thoughts begin to resurface. Uncovering and revealing everything on that relatively cold somber day. A day Christopher Adam Daughtry will never forget.

April 13, 2005. Hannah and Griffin are spending the weekend with their grandparents. Wanting to surprise his wife with a romantic evening, Chris folds his tripod and loads it into the back of his truck. Driving towards home, he stops off at Unique Designs and purchases a lovely bouquet of roses. Next he saunters into Cheers and is immediately greeted by his good friend, Paul Silacci. Since he’s not much of a wine drinker, he trusts Paul’s knowledge and enthusiasm. Within moments he is walking out the door with two bottles of their finest wine. Prepared to give his wife a night she’ll never forget.

Slowly he pulls into his driveway hesitantly, noticing an unfamiliar silver SUV parked in the street. “Must be the neighbors.” He says to himself. Nonchalantly he saunters up the walkway, boastful, in eager anticipation of seeing his lovely wife’s face. Smiling confidently, harmonious at the surprise that waits … a night of passion and romance. Opening the door quietly, he proudly enters his beautiful twenty eight hundred square foot, two story home. Pretentiously he grabs some candles off the counter, desiring a nice ambience. At an unhurried pace, careful not to drop anything he walks slowly up the stairs, towards the large master suite he shares with Deanna.

The subtlety of the night’s changed. From the moment he opens the door … the surprise is on him. It is now a night that will change Chris and Deanna Daughtry’s lives forever.

Dumbfounded, in absolute denial. He narrows his eyes for a moment, unable to grasp what he’s seeing. A huge black man is giving it to his wife real good … in Chris’s bed.

His eyes search her for any visible sign of regret. He finds none. She smiles at him, a sly wicked smile. Her innocence replaced by lust.

Stumbling backward, his face is stricken. Backing up slowly, she shatters every shard of what they had left. Deanna begins to rise to her feet, trying to close the space between them. “Chris.” He closes his eyes tightly; Deanna can smell the anger emanating from his pores. “Please, Chris.” He remains speechless, as his pupils stretch almost to the point of consuming the entirety of his eyeballs. She can see the pure hatred in his orbs. A feeling of intense hostility she’s never seen nor felt before. Afraid of what will transpire next. “Chris, I’m ….”

And then there was silence. He is frozen to the spot, unable to move. Trying to decipher the dimensions of a dream and awareness … wishing a bad dream is all it is, but it’s so much more. His body shakes slightly, as he fights to maintain control. Continuously he trembles, as the anger escalates.

Violating every ounce of sanctity and security of his home, his soft gentle orbs immediately fill with detesting anger. And tears. Tears of sadness … tears of pain … contrary to every ounce of love they shared together. His brown orbs bear down on her, staring with an intensity of deep hurt. Mocked by shame … facing the ultimate betrayal. This is all he needs to see, and so much more than he ever wants to feel. His breathing becomes hard, and fast. Everything is happening so quickly. Without delay he forcefully throws everything across the room, without paying any attention to where it lands. At once, making rapid movement, retrieving his Remington 1100 shotgun and shells. “Think of your kids, Chris.” He tells himself. Sweat drenches his forehead. Restraining, beyond common everyday kind of human natural capabilities … his brown eyes stare directly into the man’s, seeing a smug smile of male pride on his face. Soon replaced by fear and concern cast within.

“Get out of my house now, you no good for nothing son of a bitch!”

The offending man flees in fear of his life … never to be seen or spoken of again.

Slowly Deanna begins to gather up her clothes and put them on. Chris doesn’t look at her as she does so. When she is fully dressed she goes to leave, but Chris stops her in the doorway. “Why?” He asks wearily. “I’m sorry.” She replies with a resigned look in her eyes. He remains speechless, just staring into her hazel orbs. “Why the hell won’t you say anything, Chris? Say something … anything.” She yells in his face. “Because you …” He looks at her. “You fucking disgust me, Deanna.” He shouts, angrily, pounding his fist against the bedroom wall. He steps closer to her, his face mere inches from hers. She is frightened but doesn’t step back, only breathes in. “Is that good enough for you?” He looks at her, and then turns his head away. “Please Chris.”

Chris reaches between her legs, “Well you always fantasized about fucking a big black man … did reality measure up? Yep must have … you’re still mighty wet.”

Sadly he’s said more than he wishes. Turning around slowly, he walks outside, alone, into the cool night breeze.

His face is full of frustration as he sinks to his knees. His pain and agony showing quite plainly, grief etched on his features. Quietly he begins to sob. Consumed by emotion, tears cascading down his cheeks, as his fingers wipe them away. Everything is so confusing, so painful, and he can’t deny no matter how hard he tries that somehow, deep down inside, he still has strong feelings for the woman who just betrayed his love and trust.

Staring up at the full moon that lights up the sky, losing himself in his thoughts. Sitting in silence, and then slipping on his iPod listening to one of his favorite songs, “Tonight I Wanna Cry”, by Keith Urban. A perfect song, to compliment his mood, as he tries to come to terms with all that is transpiring.

Husband and wife, no longer entwined in magical loving moments. Succumbing to temptation and desire, dissolving boundaries and restrictions. “What is my fate?” Looking deep into the woodland surrounding him, eyes shimmering through the trees with intricate being. “Where do I go from here?” A man mocked by shame quietly asks the darkness surrounding him.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a pack of Marlboro’s, lighting one.
“She can have the wine, for tonight I will drown my sorrows in a pack of smokes, bottle of Jack Daniels, and figure it all out in the morning.” He listens intensely to the music, as tears fall like raindrops.

Alone in this house again tonight
I got the TV on, the sound turned down and a bottle of wine
There’s pictures of you and I on the walls around me
The way that it was and could have been surrounds me
I’ll never get over you walkin’ away

( Yes he is alone, but being alone isn’t the end of the world. There would always be pictures and constant memories of his time spent with Deanna; there was no escaping these feelings. Yet what he learns from this relationship, good and bad, will carry him into the next. Making him a much better, stronger person. )

I’ve never been the kind to ever let my feelings show
And I thought that bein’ strong meant never losin’ your self control
But I’m just drunk enough to let go of my pain
To hell with my pride let it fall like rain
From my eyes
Tonight I wanna cry

( He keeps much of his feelings buried deep in his heart and soul, afraid to let people see the “real” Chris Daughtry. Refusing to let people ridicule in his moments of weakness, abuse his vulnerabilities, and betray his trust. He is finding out it is okay to not be strong all the time, feeling much better when he can let go of his pain. He just needs to find that special person to once again confide in, someone he can trust, someone he can love and share his life with.)

Would it help if I turned a sad song on?
“All by Myself” would sure hit me hard now that you’re gone
Or maybe unfold some old yellow lost love letters
It’s gonna hurt bad before it gets any better
But I’ll never get over you by hidin’ this way

( As much as it hurts now, he knows his heart will heal in time. He will not hide his feelings, nor deny himself this time to succumb to his fears, insecurities and sense of loss. What transpired here was for the best. The dark shadow that was cast upon him is finally lifted. He can now learn how to live and love again, instead of just existing in his day to day life.)

Several days elapse. Deanna begs and pleads for her husband’s forgiveness. Words spoken in a heartfelt, humble way… Yet perceived by Chris in utter humiliation. Then relative silence fills the air. The children come home. A few more days pass; again she speaks. Apologetic, expressing over and over again regret for her actions. How she will never again make him feel this kind of emotional pain, impairing such negative effects on her family. Willing to surrender herself treacherously, never again to betray his trust. She will change … blah, blah, blah. Malaise, Chris listens, feeling bored, restless and listless. Betrayed by his own wife, shattering all hopes and dreams, contrary to all promises she’s ever made. “I will change for you, babe … I’ll do anything to hold on to your love and make our marriage work … for our children‘s sake.” She says repeatedly.

He was frustrated beyond belief now. Infuriated by these words. “For the children’s sake?” What about me?” It was maddening to have her standing before him, so close; listening to her words, powerless to make her see the pain she’s instilling upon him. A man who’s now left broken, feeling helpless and alone. It was time for Chris to separate truth from lies, which was becoming more difficult to do with each passing sunrise. “What’s marriage without honesty and trust?” Every single time he stares into her hazel orbs he sees one thing … her in bed with another man. He hears senseless words, uttered in a state of remorse … not for the sake of the children … because she was caught. “I’ve been betrayed and humiliated, if I can no longer trust my other half, than what’s the point? I can’t remain in this situation.” One must ask … what are the rewards?”

“Betrayal.” A constant reminder of her unfaithfulness. “Adulterous.” Questioning how she can be so untrue to her commitments and beliefs.

“Vows.” A sacred, solemn pledge, written to one another, declaring something persistently. Firmly and steadfastly, words spoken in love. “Ones I insisted upon writing myself; signifying an inner importance, with moral sense and purpose.”

“Regret.” A feeling of sadness, disappointment and longing comes upon him. An expression of sorrow for something he wishes had not happened, causing him and the children such difficulty. “Regret … it’s much too late for that. There is no time for tears.” Forgiveness in a situation as dark as this is merely another way to potentially offend himself. Ghastly images and her words dance freely within his mind, creeping into every single waking and non waking moment. Piercing his heart, touching his soul, right down to his very essence, wounding his pride.

He is tired … days only seeming to be filled with arguments, as the anger, resentment, and harsh words grow rapidly. Surrounding their children with a life of uncertainty and fear as their parents sort out their emotions.

The arguments … the struggles … the tears and pain … all for what? To prove a point? To who? Deanna? To himself? To the people around him? Pointless … absolutely meaningless … without any purpose or benefit. Dominate feelings, a tangled web of desire, a broken troubled man, awash in anger, disbelief, frustration, sadness, and even plain guilt. Oftentimes experiencing remorse, as if he’s living an empty life, without meaning. Fighting desperately to stay afloat in a sea of confusion, and churning emotions. He was falling, needing someone, anyone … to save him from this road of destruction.

Why were life, love and loss so complicated? Why did God have to take away the one and only good thing in his life? Breaking up a marriage, shattering his hopes and dreams for the future … a future that wasn’t just about him, and Deanna … but about Griffin and Hannah too.

“It’s time to take action, to think about and protect my kids. At all costs.” No amount of talking will change the way Chris feels … their marriage is over. He knows it … and so does she. There is only one thing left to do. The right thing, for himself and his children. Leave her. Time to pack his belongings and move on. Yet parting ways will be harder than a simple goodbye.

“I was supposed to be in this marriage for life. A love that should have lasted for all eternity. We had so many wonderful plans for the future. We were supposed to grow old together. I loved her with all my heart, all my soul, with everything I had in me. But it was all cut short by an act of betrayal. She broke that vow. The moment she fucked, Randy Jackson. She left me with nothing … nothing but faded memories, broken promises, and shattered dreams. All because of what? A selfish act of betrayal. One hour of passion just threw away ten years of marriage. Now I must move on. Finding someone who will cherish me, and someone I can trust.”

“When life comes rushing at you out of the darkness who will you face it with?” Chris recalls asking his good friend, John, when he was going through his divorce. “Do you have someone special? A little bit of love helps guide you towards the light. Will you see the light, or will you lose your way in the darkness? Will you make noble choices or will that love be tested and destroyed? Is there someone in your life you can trust? Someone you can count on? Someone who will watch over you when you stumble and fall and in that moment give you the strength to face your fears alone?”

Who would have thought two years later, Chris would be asking himself these very same questions. Longing to find that special person who is his counter-balance … his soul mate. A simple relationship would content him more than enough. No questions, no expectations and doubts, just an old fashioned romance; two lovers, finding happiness together. Sharing a deep understanding and connection with someone he can confide in. An opportunity to release his inner child, his hidden fears, anxiety, stress, and even his deepest darkest desires and fantasies, on a level he never knew existed. Yearning to be with this person when he is feeling elated and on top of the world, also sad and defeated. Waking up next to her, lying there with arms wide open, letting her see him for who he truly is. A vulnerable, open and honest man, with an abundance of love. A smile forms on his lips as he thinks of her … longing for so much more … something life on the road taking photographs could never provide. Believing in the existence of this likelihood that he will meet her someday. Fulfilling a wish and desire to become a better man, a more loving compassionate father, and an affectionate husband. He finds himself loving minute details of what life might have to offer. It’s an all consuming feeling … one of safety, trust, of a willingness to give without reservation. It comes naturally, and does not feel strained or forced, and he just naturally feels good about it.

“Christopher Adam, don’t ever be afraid to stumble and make mistakes, because most of the time, the greatest rewards come from the things that scare you the most.” His Grandfather’s words play over and over in his mind.

Flashbacks; instant replays of the incident move about quickly in his head. Distorting things; at times confusing his concept of reality. His life flashes before his eyes. Each day precious moments are slipping away as he faces long hard days, and many lonely sleepless nights; ones that are even harder to endure. “What is it going to take to heal this broken heart? A larger question remains … “Is this even possible? Or will I spend the rest of my life being angry and resentful?”

He sits in silence, maintaining emphasis upon some wise words spoken recently by one of his good friends, a fellow photographer by the name of Melissa. “Chris, here's a tip that I like to use before I go to bed to help with sleeping. I like you have the problem of my brain never shutting off. When I’m having a bad day, before I go to bed I like to sit in a quiet place in my house. Relax, breath and think about all the things throughout the day that didn't go the way I wanted them too. Then, I close my eyes and visualize things going the way I wanted them to. It really helps. I find that when I do go to bed, I'm more at ease with things that transpired. It’s kind of like a mental cleanse. Let the negativity go, and feel what you’re going to feel. There are a couple of phrases I always like to keep in my back of my head.”

Chris recalls this conversation and Melissa’s words, as if they were spoken just yesterday. Words shared out of love and concern,

“I can start my day over at anytime. If things aren't going right, stop, take a deep breath and start all over. Let the negativity go.” Chris smiles,

“There is no future living in the past. Whatever has happened to you, good or bad, let it go. It's done, you can't change it. Holding grudges and walking around angry is only hurting yourself.” “Oh isn’t that the truth … but sometimes it feels so damn good." But there was great truth in these words. While he was being angry, Deanna was going about her life. Was she angry? If so, she didn’t show it, unlike her husband who was making not only himself miserable, but everyone around him, including taking his anger and frustrations out on the two people who mattered the most. Two people he never desired to hurt … Hannah and Griffin.

“Forgive. When you forgive someone, the person you are really freeing is yourself. This one is particularly difficult for me. But I’ve gotten better at it.” Chris recalls teasing Melissa about this, he would have never guessed she had an angry bone in her body. Perhaps because he always saw the happy go lucky façade, and hid her feelings better than he did.

“My mantra - The future is friendly, I go forward with ease. I repeat that to myself when I’m meditating. I find that even five minutes a day of meditating helps a lot. It's a gift to yourself! You deserve it! Even you, Chris.” He smiles thinking over the truth in her words. “This will be for the best, even though it doesn’t feel like it right now, Chris. This will be your year … for not moving backwards. Try to let go of the past, take photographs, love your children, and embrace your new life in Natchez, Mississippi.”

She is absolutely right. A beautiful, young woman full of wise insight, with an ability to see clearly and intuitively into the nature of this complex situation. A good friend; always willing to share her love, passion, and inspiring words with him, something she does quite often. “Melissa.” He smiles, thinking of the way she continuously tries to bring sunshine to his day, making sure him and the children were okay. “I’m a very blessed man to have such a wonderful friend.” Someone he knows he can, and will lean on in the days to come. “Christopher, always remember … we don’t have bad days … just bad moments.” Chris chuckles to himself, “I’d say I sure as hell am experiencing a lot of bad moments then, Mel.” He teases often, only to see her roll her eyes and offer more advice in a time of need.

“Learning from your own mistakes creates experience, learning from books creates knowledge, combining the two together creates wisdom. You start with a full bag of luck, and an empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill the bag of experience before you empty the bag of luck.”

"fter all, we’re only human, we all make mistakes and aren’t perfect. We’re entitled to give ourselves a break once in awhile … even Chris Daughtry, whether he is willing and able to believe that or not.

In an unenviable position, having to start over. “I’d rather pick up the pieces than walk over broken glass.” The most difficult thing to do is look at himself in the mirror and be happy with the man staring back at him. But each day gets easier, and he is determined to not only like himself … but love the man he’s about to become. For his sake, and for the sake of Griffin and Hannah.

A cold chill sweeps through his inadequate layers of clothing, settling against his bare skin. He shivers as it batters his tired achy body. Circumstances and long work days have beaten him down, reminding him that he’s only a little boy in a great big adventurous town. Surrendering a vast array of emotions, he sighs heavily, looking forward to his flight back to the United States … to Natchez, Mississippi, the one place, the only place he can call “home”.
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To our faithful readers,

We appreciate each and every view this story receives. Please take a few moments to comment and tell us what you think. Thanks again.


Albeit briefly, the memories race back to his mind, sending it reeling. He feels a weakness beginning in his legs, relishing in the feeling this time, no longer hiding from it. No woman has ever touched his life this way, and few have ever had such a strong effect on him.

The dawn is close
And sheds its light on me
It makes me feel like what we had was really nothing at all

There are very few events in a person’s life that compare to falling in love … and the damage it can do to us. No matter how confident and secure we are with ourselves, falling in love tends to strip away our control, debilitating our reasoning, questioning our every move. “In my life nothing has made me feel as vulnerable as the power of love. I know the emptiness, the sadness, but love … like life does go on. In the end, I can only hope I will have gained strength from this. Love is a crap shoot. I personally don’t want to live without it. But I have somehow managed to live through the devastation of the darker side … holding on to the warm and gentle, soft and sweet, memories of love.”

So this is love
It feels like agony
I want you here 'cause the thought of you with someone else is hell on earth
I can't breathe
Knowing that you don't believe
In all that we had
So all that I ask
Is remember me

Bewildered and lost, confused by a complicated and poorly explained situation Chris is completely unprepared for the state he is getting himself into. Yet entirely powerless to change things.

So enthralled in his personal dilemma, he fails to notice the shuttle pulling up in front of Terminal One. He stirs in his seat, startled by the driver’s boisterous voice over the intercom. “Ladies and gentlemen we have reached our destination … have a safe flight.”

Feeling exasperated, he rises from his seat at once. “Thank you, sir.” Saying appreciatively, handing the driver five euros.

Joey sits in his seat, hair tussled, having been the target of Chris’s nervous energy as he rakes his fingers through it, waiting his turn to exit.

Faltering, Chris’s smile suddenly begins to diminish. “Will you stop fussing with your goddamn hair, Joey, and c’mon. We’re going to miss our flight.”

“Gees you need to get laid or something, Daughtry. Sometimes I think you’re worse than an eighty year old Granny on Prozac.” Gasping in amusement, grinning cheekily.

Halting quickly, his expression indecipherable. “Real funny Barnes.” Uttering in a hushed tone, followed by a face of mock hurt. ‘Now hurry up!”

“We have plenty of time, just relax.”

“I’ll relax when I’m on the plane … headed back to Natchez.”

Joey looks down at his watch, “Chris our flight doesn‘t leave for another two hours.”

“I don’t care if it’s two minutes!” Responding hastily, “C’mon! “ He pulls the younger man forcibly off the shuttle, accidentally bumping into another passenger. Joey’s eyes connect with the man’s. “Excuse me sir.”

“Not a problem. You two seem to be in quite a hurry.”

“You can say that.” His voice trails off. Luggage in tow, he is now being pulled with considerable force, like a small child into the airport. The two walk unsteadily towards the check in area.

“I don’t know why in the hell I let you talk me into going to La Quercia one last time?”

“Because they have a great antipasto buffet, sexy waitresses, and lots of beer. What more could a bachelor ask for?”

“I don’t know, Joey. Maybe you should ask Meg.”

“Meg?” He asks stupefied. “Oh yea, right.”

“Yes Meg! The last time I checked she was your girlfriend, how quickly we forget.”

“Well out of sight … out of mind. At least until I get back to the States.” He whispers in a sexy gravelly voice.

Chris shakes his head, feeling less than amused by Joey’s antics, and lack of sensitivity. “You’re such an ass … she deserves so much better!”

“Probably so. But when all is said and done, we both know once I’m home … I’m back on the leash.” Indicating, jokingly.

“Uh huh, as your eyes continue to roam.”

“Well as long as it’s only my eyes, Meg shouldn’t mind too much.”

Ridiculing the young man standing beside him, Chris laughs, making scornful fun of him, in his attempts to justify his actions. “This playboy will be back in trouble with the so-called love of his life in less than twenty-four hours.” Somehow Chris knows deep down inside there is only one person Joey is in love with … Himself!!!

“And speaking of La Quercia, their food is a hundred times better than the stupid bag of peanuts your going to be lucky to get on the plane … since you wouldn’t let me book first class.”

“How many times do I have to tell you, dumbass, we ain’t got that kind of money?”

“Are you deliberately insulting my intelligence, Daughtry?”

“Yes, sure am, and very offensively!”

“Well I know you do have money, you just choose not to splurge like I do, Christopher!”

“You have to learn to stop being so foolish. It’s time to act responsibly, and not waste things like your time and money so frivolously.” An insolent smile comes upon his face, expressing his feelings of self-satisfaction and conceit. Today the expense no longer a deterrent. Unexpectedly, Joey will be flying home first class; Chris has already purchased his ticket, since this will be their last business venture together for quite some time. “No peanuts for Joey tonight … bring on the t-bone steak!”

Expressing skepticism, Joey smirks, “Yeah … yeah … yeah.”

The bald man’s brown orbs examine his watch … 4:30 p.m.”

“See we have plenty of time … more than an adequate amount, and here you’re all uptight and stressed out over nothing.”

“I intensely dislike being rushed.”

Unconvinced his friend is alright and things are satisfactory in his life, he turns facing him, placing his right hand on his shoulder. “Chris, I realize you have been having a difficult time since Deanna…”

The mere mention of her name is upsetting. Turning to Joey sharply with an impassioned expression, his voice laced with displeasure, “I don’t want to talk about her … not now, or ever. Do you understand me, Barnes?”

He knows most times Chris feels better by shutting down and not letting anyone know the way he really feels. Because if no one knows how he is feeling, there are no hard questions to answers. “But Chris.”

Instantly his left arm reaches out, grabbing hold of Joey’s right arm. “No!” Shaking his head back and forth, up and down in short quick movements, he repeats himself, “No! … No Joey.” Keeping his voice steady, and quite sternly. Tears fill his eyes, as anguish etches the planes of his face.

The younger man flinches, involuntarily stepping backwards. Confronting Chris, face to face, with defiance and slight hostility. Unwilling to relent, he continues speaking. “Sooner or later you have to stop living in denial.”

With his usual scowl look upon his face, Chris narrows his eyes briefly, shivering in self recrimination. “I know that Joey … I know.” His voice fluctuates, letting out a frustrated sigh. “I will when I’m damn good and ready.” He remains profound, intellectually lost in thought.

Smirking, yet all Chris hears is the understanding and concern in his voice. “Occasionally, from time to time the deepest part of our heart lets us know who we truly are, and that is where the hope lays, Chris. You might just learn more about yourself than you expect.”

“I believe firmly in the truth and certainty of what you’re saying. I’ve only been given the things I’m strong enough to handle … but sometimes it’s all just so emotionally overpowering.”

“You’ll find the means and method to make positive, fulfilling changes in your life. But whether you choose to find that strength and confront everything … that’s your choice. No one can do it for you, Daughtry.”

Distress emanates from within, but Chris’s agitation centers on Joey’s words, as his voice thrums with concern. “Your life may have singled you out and beat you to the ground, but the truth of the matter is, even the most successful people in the world stumble and fall from time to time. Everyone is dealing with something, Chris.”

Over the next few moments, Joey observes the tensions melt from within, leaving Chris’s face displaying signs of youthfulness and vulnerabilities. Once again extremely susceptible and persuadable to temptation and irrational fears. Left with anxiety as unpleasant feelings of nervousness, agitation, and much apprehension are still present.

He hugs his boss, and close friend tightly, “You have to believe from deep down inside, Chris, that everything is going to be okay.”

All is in an extreme and complete way silent for long moments. The short bald headed man’s eyebrows arch, as another realization strikes him. “Barnes might be young and at times incapable of assuming responsibility, but that kid is pretty damn clever.” Chris chuckles inwardly, knowing that hidden beneath the flirting and antics is a very hard worker, someone he will always love as a younger brother … a friend for life. “You know, Joe, for the first time in a very long time, I honestly feel as if everything just might be okay after all.”

Chris has that far-away look in his eyes, Joey discovers him to be deep in thought. “You okay?” He asks, concerned, staring into the older man’s soft brown orbs for a brief moment.

Chris nods his head firmly, “Yea … and thanks, Joey … for everything.”

Searching for sarcasm, which normally follows, this time Joey’s pleased he can find none. “I didn’t do much.’

“You cared.” Says Chris, hurriedly grabbing two cups of coffee, being seated at a nearby table, while waiting for their flight. “That means a lot to me, Barnes.”

Joey is taken aback by this admission and takes a sip of his drink before speaking. “You’re very welcome. That’s what friends do for one another, Daughtry.” His voice trails off as he realizes that Chris appears to be lost in thought again, perhaps contemplating his next move.

They share smiles, before Joey rises from his seat. “I’m going to take a walk, find my lovely girlfriend a few souvenirs as a reminder of this place.” Desiring to change the subject and hopefully lighten the mood upon his return.

“Okay, don’t be long.” Chris reaches in his pocket, “Hey Joey.” He hands the younger man a plane ticket. “First class … I splurged so don’t be late, damn it!”


Drivers in much of the northeast region of Italy navigate through a treacherous downpour. A taxi pulls in front of Milan Malpensa, and a handsome young man exits, in eager anticipation of reaching his desired destination … a flight back to USA.

Dr. Reid speculates as to why he‘s been so lax with his marriage lately. Work has been keeping him ridiculously busy in preparation of this business trip. His priorities clearly should have been at home with his lovely wife, Kellie Dawn.

Things are about to change.

It is October 30, 2007. Brad walks into the crowded airport, his head held high, looking as if he owns the place. Arriving straight from his last business meeting, clad in a crisp new suit. His face displays a ready made, radiant smile. He stares briefly, eyes fixated on the travel clock. “Tea time in London, coffee break in New York, quitting time in Hong Time … 4:32 p.m. … right on time!”

Strolling leisurely, at an easy unhurried pace he arrives at the counter. Greeted immediately by a youthful, perky female attendant. Cute, petite, in her early twenties, with shoulder length brown hair. “Good afternoon sir, how may I help you?” He hands her his airline ticket, noticing her name badge. “Caitlin, what a pretty name.”

“I’d like to exchange this for an earlier flight … perhaps the one leaving for the United States at 7:30 p.m. this evening.”

“Let me have a look sir.” She retrieves his ticket, keys some numbers into the computer. Two hazel orbs look up, staring into his eyes with a puzzled look upon her face. “Is there a problem, ma’am?” He asks, curiously. “Well.” She notices the look of frustration in his eyes immediately. “Just give me a straight answer ma’am, can I or can I not get on that flight?” He demands with feigned indignation.

Caitlin purses her lips and directs her eyes at him for a silent moment before answering. “I’m sorry sir, seems there are no available seats left on this flight.” An immediate feeling of disappointment fills his heart. “If you’d like to remain on standby we’ll see what we can do, but at this time the next flight to the U.S. with available seating won’t be departing until tomorrow afternoon at 4:15 p.m.

“Tomorrow afternoon?” He questions, feeling very distraught. “Well that won’t do me much good. I was hoping to arrive home in time for Halloween. I know it sounds childish, but it’s my wife, Kellie’s favorite holiday.”

Caitlin smiles at him, “It’s not childish, it’s mine too!”

“I’ve been away on business for almost two weeks; I wanted to surprise her by coming home early.”

Chris stands nearby listening to their banter, seeing a deep sense of sadness in the young man’s eyes, as well as a voice laced with disappointment.

Swallowing his impatience, Brad gives the young woman a blinding smile. “Caitlin, are you sure there are no available seats on any flights to the U.S. I’ll catch a connecting flight if I have to. This means a great deal to me, would you be kind enough to check just one more time, please ma’am?”

She does as she’s instructed. Looking up, at first appearing stoic, yet remaining sympathetic and patient as she views the long line of travelers. “I’m sorry Mr. Reid. I wish there was something more I could do, but I’m afraid all flights are booked, and there are no cancellations at this time.” She calmly states, noticing the weariness caused by his plans being thwarted. “Of course you are welcome to remain on standby.”

With desires unsatisfied, a deep sigh emerges from within, “Okay.” He quietly responds, lowering his head in defeat. “Thank you so much for your time, ma’am.”

Chris views this young man’s motives with great enthusiasm. “Hey listen sir. I do not mean to interrupt, nor eavesdrop on your conversation, but I couldn’t help but overhear.”

“Okay.” Brad looks at this stranger with intensity and curiosity.

“I have a plane ticket for the next flight to the United States. With no immediate cause to get home. Why don’t you take it and I will catch the later flight?”

Letting out a sigh, “I appreciate your thoughtful gesture sir, I really do, but I’m sorry, I cannot accept your offer.”

“Please, I insist. You have a wife at home. I …” He sadly looks down at the ground. “I’m … I’m going home to an empty house. Please, take my seat.” Chris politely appeals.

By the power of orderly thought, Bradley begins to think in a logical and rational manner. He looks directly at this man for a period of time, without moving his eyes away. Soft brown orbs, filled with sadness. No signs of rudeness or defiance, only curiosity and surprise. Chiseled features, angular face, well-toned, but not overly built. His kind gentle demeanor and words touch Bradley deeply. Please sir, take it. Go home to your loving wife, surprise her.” Chris places his ticket in Brad’s hand. “Make this Halloween the best one she’s ever had.”

“Are you sure about this, sir?” Brad rhetorically asks.

“Absolutely. If I wasn’t, I would have never offered.”

To his palatable relief everything might just be fine after all. “Of course … fate is on my side, thank goodness.”

“Thank you sir, I cannot possibly begin to tell you just how much this means to me.” A smile creeps happily across his face, displaying his endearing dimples.

“You’re very welcome.” He extends his hand. “By the way, I’m Chris … Chris Daughtry.”

“Brad, Dr. Bradley Reid, Jr. Nice to meet you, sir.”

“Likewise, Mr. Reid.” “The chemistry between these two is inexplicable, creating a kind of fusion seldom presented so romantically in our day to day lives. I must admit, it’s quite inspiring and makes me immensely happy to witness the love that knows no distance between this man and his wife. Truly amazing!”

The two men make idle conversation while the final transactions are being completed. With a pleasant smile, Caitlin hands Brad his boarding pass, and he lets out a long satiated sigh.

“Happy Halloween to you and Mrs. Reid.” The concierge exclaims, with a cordial handshake. “Have a safe flight, Bradley.” Their eyes remain locked. She admires his sexy green orbs, shining brightly with love. “Thank you ma’am. Good day.” Dr. Reid replies, with a heightened level of excitement in his voice. Ready to leave Italy, coming home to his lovely wife’s outstretched arms once again. Adrenaline pumps through his veins as he stares proudly at his airline ticket. “Thank you so much, Mr. Daughtry, for making this possible.”

“Anytime.” The two shake hands, before Brad’s departure. Chris smiles, watching the young doctor sauntering wistfully through the airport security checkpoints.

“Sir that truly was a beautiful thing you just did for that man and his wife.”

“Thank you.” Her abundance of words flow throughout Chris’s mind. “Happiness is your unselfish smile and kind gesture, Mr. Daughtry. Encouragement given so freely, wanting everyone to feel as wonderful as you, and sharing love and special moments with those around you.”

“Feeling as wonderful as me? “ Several sounds emerge from the back of his throat, while breathing out in short bursts, gasping as he expresses his amusement. “If she only knew! Guess I hide it better than I thought.”He laughs to himself, taking a seat at a nearby table, looking around the crowded airport, “I wonder where Joey has wandered off to this time. Well he better have his butt on that plane!”

Chris rises, and saunters sluggishly to the front of the airport. He catches the first available taxi he sees, instructs the driver to take him to the nearest hotel. “Time alone tonight will do me some good. Then tomorrow I’ll leave … for home. Oh home, sweet home!”
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Love Never Dies
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