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 A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie

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Night's Sweet Caress

Night's Sweet Caress

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PostSubject: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Tue 13 Oct 2009, 6:30 pm

Author.........Night's Sweet Caress

Rating..........Mainly "R" but could get hotter.

Disclaimer.........This is a work of fiction, a product of my imagination. It should be treated as such, any similarities to persons, living or dead, are pure by chance.

Summary.............Katharine Hope McPhee has everything she wants, everything she desires; She’s young, beautiful, and a woman of mystery, with power, fortune, and throughout her life, many lovers. But she yearns for something more, the one thing she is forbidden to have …. True love. During one of her nightly journeys she comes across Kellie Dawn Pickler, a beautiful, carefree woman who stirs the long since buried passion that lies within Katharine’s heart. Follow their courtship, as a deep dark secret begins to unfold. Will Kellie be appalled at what she discovers, and reject Katharine; or will she make the decision of a lifetime and join Katharine in a love that will last for all time?

Chapter 1:

She looked around at the darkness that surrounded her. She loved the night, it was her time; a time where she could roam the city streets without fear. No one would bother her, for she could blend in with the nighttime crowds. She stepped out onto the balcony of her luxurious mansion in the Hollywood Hills above Los Angeles and looked down at the city, teaming with life. The lifeblood of the city beckoned to her, its sweet song, music to her sensitive ears. Soon, she was heading towards downtown, her sleek, black Jaguar purring along the highway. Fifteen minutes later, Katharine was entering one of her favorite nightclubs. She slowly strolled to the bar to get a drink.

“Give me a class of your finest red wine, please.”

The bartender looked at her, completely entranced by her beauty.

“Umm……right away ma’am!”

Within a few moments, he came back and handed her a glass of their finest wine.

“Here you go, ma’am, compliments of the house.”

“Thank you, you’re such a dear.”

Katharine flashed the bartender a big toothy smile before she left the bar area, to walk around the club. She reveled in the sights and smells of the crush of humanity. In each person she could sense their hopes, dreams, wants, desires, and fears. She quickly singled out one person in the crowded club. His self confidence and arrogance; calling to her. His thoughts suddenly flashed in her mind.

“The women in here are too easy, throwing themselves at these losers. Where’s the challenge, the chase, the adventure?”

Her lips curled into a smile, as she read his thoughts.

“So he wants a challenge, does he? Well, I’ll give him what he seeks, it will be fun and the reward will be so glorious…at least for me….”

As Chris looked around the club, he suddenly spied the most gorgeous creature he had ever laid eyes on. Her brown hair cascaded like a waterfall over her slender shoulders. Her skin was pale, yet luminous. She had a figure that most women would die for, with curves in all the right places. Her legs were toned and seemed endless. Her lips were full and sensuous; they begged to be kissed. But, her most striking feature was her eyes; they were dark brown and fathomless, a person could look into those eyes and drown. Chris felt his heart skip a beat, as she walked towards him.

Katharine strolled through the crowd, sauntering right past him; the self assuredness rolling off of her in waves. She glanced over her shoulder and winked at him, with a mischievous glint in her eye, as she made her way to an empty table. As with everywhere Katharine went, both sexes flocked to her, drawn to her by a sense of forbidden pleasures; both mental and physical. Katharine quietly, yet quickly dispatched all of her potential suitors. She had her sights set on one man, a man who had the confidence and arrogance to match hers, or so he thought.

Chris wondered what her game was, as he watched in utter fascination as the brown haired beauty shot down each and every lothario wannabe or temptress in the club that came on to her. He knew that she was completely out of his league. Chris was about to turn back around, when she raised her glass of wine, and arched her eyebrow; as if daring him to try and score with her. Never being one to back down from a challenge, he got up and approached her.

“Hello, I’m Chris…Chris Daughtry.” as a smile broke out on his face. “Mind if I have a seat?”

“Not at all.” as she returned his smile. “Make yourself comfy.”

“Thanks.” He said, as he sat down. “You would happen to be?”

“I’m Katharine…Katharine McPhee.” She answered, extending her hand in greeting.

“It’s a pleasure.” As he took her hand and softly kissed it “To meet you Katharine.”

“The pleasure’s all mine.” She replied, as she smiled brightly at him. “All mine; Chris.”

“So…..” she began, as she gazed at him. “Have you been in here before? I don’t recall seeing you around?”

Chris tried to tear his eyes away from hers, but couldn’t. There was something in her brown orbs that promised pleasure beyond belief, but there was also a hint of something mysterious, possibly even dangerous; behind those beautiful eyes.

“I…I…” he stammered, the words catching in his throat. “I’ve never been here before.”

“It’s ok.” She said, placing her hand on his. “There’s no need to be nervous. We’re both here to relax, and have some fun”

“Umm….thanks.” he said, as he squeezed her hand. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s perfectly fine, Chris.” She replied; rubbing his hand lightly. “Everyone gets nervous once in a while, even me!”

“I can’t picture……” he started, as he looked into her eyes. “You ever getting nervous, Katharine”

“It’s true.” She replied, giggling. “I always get a case of the nerves, when I meet someone new.”

“Ummm…Katharine?” He asked as he got up. ”What is it Chris?”

“Would you like a refill of your drink? I’m headed to the bar”

“That’s very nice of you, Chris.” She said, handing him her glass. “I’ll take another glass of red wine, please.”

“Sure thing.” As he took her glass. “I’ll be right back.”

Katharine watched him as he walked away. She couldn’t help but admire the muscular build of his body as he strolled to the bar. “You will make a delectable little treat later on, Chris.” She thought; as she licked her lips, imagining what he would taste like. She then remembered how he had flinched slightly as she stroked his hand. “I’ll have to do something about that when he comes back.” She mused.

A few minutes later, Chris returned with their drinks.

“Here you go, Katharine” he said; handing her the glass of wine.

“Thanks Chris.” She replied, giving him her warmest smile.
”You’re such a sweetheart.”

“Will you excuse me for a moment Chris.” She said, as she got up. “I have to powder my nose, I’ll be right back.”

“Hey, no problem; Katharine.” He replied; smiling.”

He watched the sway of her hips, as she walked away. “Damn!” he thought to himself. “That is one fine piece of ass. I am so gonna love tapping that later on.” He could feel the bulge in his pants get larger, just at the thought of being alone with her.

As Chris was immersed in his thoughts of lust, Katharine was having different thoughts. Her eyes blazed as she looked at the nubile young blond at the other end of the bathroom.

“Look at me…” she commanded in her softest, yet firmest voice.

The blond slowly turned, and stared at Katharine, entranced by her voice. Katharine slowly stalked towards the woman, her eyes never leaving the blonde’s.

“What’s your name?” she asked, getting closer to the other woman.

“Tina….Tina….” the blonde stuttered. “Tina McBride.” She finally managed to say.

“Tina; such a pretty name.” Katharine said; eyeing the woman. “Such a pretty name; for a pretty girl.”

“Take my hand Tina.” She said, as she held out her hand. Tina had no idea what was going on, but she couldn’t stop herself from taking Katharine’s hand.

Katharine led Tina to an empty stall and said; “After you, my dear.” She giggled as Tina walked in, but there was an undertone in her voice, the need was rising in Katharine. The young blonde would be just an appetizer, for the main course was waiting for her out in the club. She walked in behind the blonde and closed the door. Before Tina could react, Katharine pulled her close and kissed her hard on the lips. As Katharine kissed her, Tina’s mind flooded with images of pure bliss. Scenes of the two of them, naked and making love played in her mind. Katharine’s hand quickly snaked up under the blonde’s top, finding, and cupping Tina’s left breast. She moaned as long fingers slipped under her bra, sliding the cup up, and lightly pinched her hardening nipple. The last thing Tina remembered was the feeling of ecstasy, as Katharine kissed her neck.

Before she left the stall, Katharine told Tina; “You will remember nothing of this, you had too much to drink and passed out here.

”Too much to drink, passed out.” Tina mumbled; barely awake.

When Katharine was satisfied that Tina wouldn’t recall her little “donation”, she quickly cleaned herself up and left the bathroom.

A short time later, she arrived back at the table, feeling quite invigorated and ready for the rest of the night.

Chris is sitting at the table, listening to the music, completely consumed by his thoughts of Katharine, when suddenly he feels the warmth of her breathe, and the gentle sound of her voice, as she whispered in his ear "Did you miss me Chris?" he closed his eyes briefly, as her closeness immediately sent chills up and down his spine. Finally he spoke; "Why of course, Katharine." she made her way around him, pulling her chair closer to his as she stared into his big brown eyes. "You know you're quite handsome", she said with a smile, "Would you like to dance?" Chris took his hand in hers "certainly" as he led her to the dance floor.

He pulled her close as they began to sway to the slow, easy beat of the music. She could hear his soft groans, as she ground her hips against his, giving him a taste of what was to come.

“Does that feel good?” she asked, as she grinded a little harder into him “Well does it, Chris?”

“You damn right well know it does.” His voice filled with lust and desire. “You’re such a fucking tease, Katharine.”

“Is this being a tease?” She reached down in between their bodies and firmly grabbed his crotch. He nearly yelped, as she squeezed his balls. While increasing the pressure on his privates, she leaned in and hissed in his ear; “I never fucking tease Chris; don’t ever forget that!” Chris whimpered, as Katharine gave a final squeeze and let go of him. She turned to leave but he reached out grabbing her arm and slammed their bodies back together.

“Two can play this fucking game, Katharine!” He growled, as he roughly grabbed her breast, squeezing it hard through her tight top.

“If you’re trying to get me mad Chris; you’ll have to do better than that.” She said, laughing. “A lot better than that.”

“I have no intentions of making you mad, Katharine.” His eyes showed determination as he spoke. “I do have every intention of screwing your brains out before this night is over.”

“Oh do you now? She asked; as her one eyebrow rose. “I don’t think you’re man enough to handle the likes of me!”

He busted out laughing. “That’s a good one Katharine…hahaha.” Then he turned serious. “There isn’t a woman alive, that I can’t handle.”

Her eyes seemed to glow with an inner fire, a glow that wasn’t unnoticed by Chris, as she said; “Well, that sounds like a challenge to me, Mr Daughtry. Is it?”

“You can bet your sweet ass it’s a challenge, Katharine.” His own eyes dancing with lust, as he spoke. With that, he pulled her off the dance floor and headed for the exit. Though she could have stopped him at any time, Katharine decided to play along. “This is perfect! “ She thought as her and Chris left the club. “He’s all worked up and his manly pride is wounded; he will taste so much sweeter.”

A few minutes later, they stood outside a seedy looking hotel. Katharine rolled her eyes, as she looked at the hotel. “Not exactly what I had in mind, but it will do.” She remarked; noticing the buildings’ run down condition.

“Oh…are we miss high society now Katharine.” He quipped. “Well guess fucking what…for what we have planned for tonight, this will work just fucking great.”

“Just shut up Chris.” She said, annoyed. “Just shut up and get the room, will you!” “Yea, yea, yea…I’m going.” As Katharine waited outside, she felt the all too familiar feeling of her need beginning again. Her stomach felt like it was on fire. Her entire body ached. Katharine knew that she had to act fast, before she lost control. She shuddered at the thought of her losing control.

“Let’s go babe.” Chris said, dangling the room key. “Whoa!...slow down there girl!” he exclaimed; as Katharine practically dragged him to the room. “Just get this door open, now!” She hissed; her voice low with hunger and desire.

Just as he closed the door, and turned the light, Katharine pounced on Chris. She slammed him up against the door, and brought their lips together in a fiery kiss. Katharine kissed him hard, her tongue demanding entrance. Their tongues met in a battle for control. Chris grabbed Katharine’s hips, and crashed them against his; grinding his crotch against her pelvic area. “Yea baby, I like it like that.” She half moaned, half growled; as she felt his growing bulge rub against the rough fabric of her denim skirt. She traveled from his lips to his neck, placing a line of hot kisses along the way. Kat suddenly stopped at the pulse point on his neck; she was so tempted to get just a little taste, but fought the urge. Instead, she gripped the front of his shirt and ripped it open.

“What the……..” he started, but quickly stopped; as Katharine began kissing her way down his chest. She ran her nails lightly up and down his sides, sending shivers thru his entire body. Chris reached down and found the bottom of her top, pulling it half way up, his callused hands touching her smooth, but toned skin. Katharine quickly pulled it up and off, exposing her bountiful chest. Though her skin was pale, it was flawless, with nary a blemish.

His eyes widened; as he stared at her large, full breasts; barely contained in a low cut bra. “Like what you see, Chris?” “Hell yea!” he said. While she kissed his chest, Chris greedily reached for her breasts; roughly kneading them thru the lacy material. “Oh god!” Katharine moaned. Chris smiled to himself, he had found a weak spot; her breasts. He attacked them with vigor; kneading the soft flesh even more, eliciting even louder moans from her. Katharine arched her back, pushing her chest out even further. She felt her breath hitch, as Chris tweaked her sensitive nipples thru the lace. “Fuck!.....feels… so… good” she managed to mumble, the multiple sensations stimulating her entire body. As Chris pulled a strap down; she reached behind her and unclasped the bra. He quickly pulled it off, flinging it aside. He crashed his lips upon hers once again in a rough kiss; his lust and desire growing by the second. Chris hungrily kissed down to her chest. She threw her head and moaned; “Fuck, Chris” as he latched onto a hard nipple; licking and sucking on it greedily. Chris sucked on one breast, and then the other, Katharine moaning and whimpering all the while. Chris slid his hand down between her legs, under the skirt, and cupped her hard; causing her to moan loudly with pleasure.

“I do believe someone is wet.” He said; feeling the pooling wetness thru her panties. Are you wet because of me, Katharine?”

“You fucking know I’m wet; now do something about it!” she growled. “Gladly” he replied huskily; ripping the flimsy underwear off, throwing them away.

“Well, aren’t we quite the He-Man tonight!” She mused; her eyes dark, and hot as she gazed at him. She went to say something else, but gasped instead, as Chris slowly ran his finger up the entire length of her wet pussy. He brought the finger up to his mouth and tasted it. “You taste sweet baby, real sweet.” He then kissed her, letting Katharine taste herself. Just that little taste was enough to send Katharine over the edge. She spun Chris around, and pushed him towards the bed. “Play time’s over Chris.” She said; as she pushed him down onto the bed. “Don’t you dare fucking move.” She commanded; as she went to turn the light off. It took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to the sudden darkness, and in that brief amount of time, Katharine had shed her skirt. He then saw Katharine; on all fours slowly crawling towards him. He stared in amazement as she came towards him; her movements were so fluid and graceful, like a big cat on the hunt.

She ran her hands slowly up the outside of his legs, feeling the toned muscles beneath the rough fabric. Katharine soon found the button to his jeans and undid it. With her teeth; she eased the zipper down. Chris could only groan, as Katharine let her hand slide inside his pants. She murmured; “I think someone is awake.” As she lightly stroked his hard cock thru his boxers. As she started pulling on his pants, Chris raised his hips slightly, making it easier for Katharine to remove them. She pulled them the rest of the way off and flung them across the room. Katharine slowly kissed her way up his legs, savoring each taste, inhaling his masculine scent. The brunette slips her fingers under the waistband of his boxers. Chris watched in astonishment, as Katherine; with strength he didn’t know she had tore the shorts clean from his body. “Oops…guess I didn’t know my own strength.” She remarked; looking at him with innocent eyes.

“My, my…” as she looked at his groin, with wide eyed surprise. “What a big dick you have Chris.” “The better to fuck you with, my dear” he replied; with a grin. She lowered her head and hungrily devoured his cock, kissing, licking and sucking it, paying special attention to the engorged head. Her tongue flicked at it, making it jump. Katharine smiled inwardly with satisfaction, as she listened to the incoherent sounds and moans that emitted from Chris’ lips. She took the engorged head into her mouth and began sucking it, her tongue swirling all around it, as she slowly stroked his hard shaft. Faster she stroked, bringing him closer to the edge. Just as he felt ready to burst, Katharine stopped.

“What the….why did you stop?” She didn’t answer; Katharine instead straddled him, and lowered herself down on him. She screamed in pain, and then moaned in pleasure, as she slowly impaled herself on his rock hard dick. Using her strong thighs, she slowly began moving up and down. Her prodigious breasts bounced and swayed with every moment. Soon Chris was matching her, thrust for thrust; their bodies in perfect rhythm. Katharine increased the pace, the time was drawing near, the need and hunger had to be satisfied. Chris once again matched her, his body sweating from the exertion. Katharine; her own body glistening with perspiration, leaned over and lowly purred; “Come for me Chris, I want to feel your love inside me.” She kissed him deeply, her hips gyrating as she did, bringing Chris to the brink. What Chris didn’t see was that as Katharine kissed him, her eyes had changed. With a final thrust, he climaxed, exploding inside of her. She raised her head and looked at him, when she did Chris screamed. Her eyes were no longer a beautiful brown; instead they blazed like the fiery flames of hell itself. Chris’ screams echoed around the room, mixed along with the soft evil sounds of Katharine’s laughter.

Katharine walked into her bedroom a little while after leaving the motel. “Ahh…Chris, you were even better than I expected. Such a pity that you’ll never recall this night.” She thought; as she disrobed, closed the drapes and slid under the covers. She was fast asleep by the time the first rays of sunshine broke over the horizon.
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Wolf's Lonely Cry

Wolf's Lonely Cry

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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Thu 15 Oct 2009, 1:55 pm

I remember this story. Wasn't this your first on the other site? It reads just as well as it did the first time I read it. Very Happy
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Avenging Angel

Avenging Angel

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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Thu 15 Oct 2009, 6:17 pm

This is still an awesome story, nsc! Just a powerful now, as it was back when you first posted it. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Thu 15 Oct 2009, 10:32 pm

So glad you posted this here, one of my favorites!

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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Fri 16 Oct 2009, 4:47 pm

I've always been a fan of yours. This is still awesome!!
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A Whisper In The Night

A Whisper In The Night

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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Sat 17 Oct 2009, 12:09 pm

The story that got things rolling for you, Robyn. It's still as enjoyable as it was the first time. cheers
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Voice In The Darkness
Voice In The Darkness

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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Sat 17 Oct 2009, 11:06 pm

This is definitely one of your best stories, Robyn. A joy to read again and again. This opening chapter was very well written, the scenes were real exciting. Talk about lucky … it almost seems too good to be true for Chris to meet and play like this with a beautiful brunette like Kat McPhee. She is a lady who obviously gets what she wants, when she wants it! I cannot wait to read the sequence of Chris’s awakening. Look out world when darkness falls…..
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Wiccan Muse

Wiccan Muse

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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Mon 19 Oct 2009, 6:49 pm

The original vamp story from IFF is back! Brings back memories of reading this, late at night, and then cautiously looking out my window to see if someone or something was lurking in the darkness. affraid
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Night's Sweet Caress

Night's Sweet Caress

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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Sun 25 Oct 2009, 5:18 pm

It warms my heart that so many of you are enjoying....A Longing In The Night......for a second time. Hopefully, you will continue to find it just as enthralling as you did the first time. Very Happy

Chapter 2:

His eyes squinted, as the bright early morning sunshine splashed across his face. Chris looked at his watch, 7am the dial said. He groaned as he got out of bed. Chris looked around the room and wondered; “Where the fuck am I?” Chris could tell he was in a cheap motel, but he had no idea how he had gotten there, or who he had been with. Chris thought back to the night before; “I remember going to the club, and having a couple of drinks.” Beyond that, he couldn’t recall anything else. As he stumbled to the bathroom, he noticed a note. He opened and quickly read it;


Thanks for a great night. You were a fabulous lover.



He scratched his head, trying to recall a Deanna from last night. “Shit…..why can’t I remember?” he wondered. The only Deanna he knew of was his ex-wife. The last he had heard of her, she was still in North Carolina. He thought; “Could it be possible that she had come to LA without him knowing about it?” He finally shrugged his shoulders saying: I guess it could have happened.” He looked at the note again; the writing looked like his ex’s, but something was different. He kept staring at it; hoping to piece together the events of the previous night, but he couldn’t. Finally, he tossed the note into the trash, as he walked into the bathroom. He doused his face with cold water, and then looked in the mirror. “Daughtry, you look like shit.” He thought to himself. It was true, Chris did look like crap. His eyes were bloodshot, he was a little pale, and he felt weak and feverish. “Must’ve been one hell of a night.” He then noticed two red marks on his neck. “What the hell is that?” he thought. He looked at them closely; they appeared to be needle marks. “Needle marks?” he wondered. “Maybe I was drugged. That would explain why I feel like shit and can’t remember anything.” He stood there for a moment contemplating, then left the room, dropping the key off at the desk, and headed home.

While Chris was heading home, in her bedroom several miles away; Katharine lay fast asleep, dreaming. Her dream took Katharine back to a time long ago, a time when life was so much simpler, yet hard.

March 24, 1886

Near Macon, GA

The full moon shined brightly, casting its pale glow over the southern Georgia countryside, as Katharine looked out the window. She silently wept as she thought about the events of the past several weeks. The death of her parents in a carriage accident, leaving her at the age of 21, to run the family business. Then the senseless murder of her beloved fiancé Henry up in Charleston. Katharine felt overwhelmed by everything. She needed to be strong for the people who relied on her, the house staff, her workers at her father’s business, but most of all; for her younger siblings. She felt weary, and worn down, but mainly she felt alone. She needed to feel loved and wanted, she longed for the physical touch of a lover. A knock at door brought Katharine out of her thoughts.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, Miss Katharine.”

She smiled as she heard the voice of her trusted maid, Laura. She was one the few people Katharine trusted and relied on.

“You may enter Laura, the door is open.”

“What’s wrong Miss Katharine is something troubling you?”

“It’s nothing really; I’m just tired and lonely.”

Laura walked over and placed her hands on Katharine’s shoulders

“Everything will be alright, Miss Katharine, I know it will.”

She felt a tingle go through her at Laura’s touch. “What was that?” she wondered. “Why do I feel this way every time she touches me?

Unbeknownst to her, Laura was having the very same thoughts. Finally she backed away, moving towards the center of the room.

“If there is nothing more you need for tonight Miss Katharine; I’ll be going to my own quarters now.”

“Laura, there are two more things I require of you this evening; first: I insist that you either call me “miss” or Katharine while not in the presence of the other servants, and second: Can you please fill up the tub, I could use a nice long hot bath.”

“I’ll get started on it right away, miss.” She said; heading towards the bathroom.

As the tub filled, Laura came back out and helped Katharine undress, removing the many layers of clothing that the Victorian Age required. She then went back in to check on the water. As she did, Katharine put on her dressing gown and then locked the bedroom room door. She was standing at the foot of the bed when Laura came out of the bathroom. Laura then said:

“If there is nothing else Katharine. I’ll be going now.”

Katharine walked towards the bathroom, then stopped, turned around and asked:

“Laura, would you mind staying here with me? We could talk and besides, I need someone to wash my back.”

“As you wish, Katharine. I’ll stay.”

Katharine walked into the bathroom with Laura following close behind.

“Will you help me put my hair up, Laura?”

“Anything you need help with, Katharine…I’ll be here to assist you.”

“Thanks Laura…..I want you to know that I consider you a very close friend and confidante, not just a maid. I hope you know that.”

“I know that, miss.” She responded; blushing slightly

As she helped Katharine with her hair, Laura absent mindedly played with the silky, brown strands; letting her fingers run through them, a fact not unnoticed by Katharine. Finally after a few minutes, Laura had put the last hairpin in place.

“Here, let me help you.” as she saw Katharine fumbling with the buttons of the dressing gown.

She deftly eased apart the buttons, and then slipped the gown off of Katharine’s shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Her breath hitched slightly as she stared at the beautiful woman in front of her.

“Is there something wrong, Laura?”

“Huh?” she felt the heat rise in her cheeks, as she continued; “Oh, nothing is wrong ma’am. I was just thinking about my duties for tomorrow.” She lied.

“Oh, ok….Laura.” she replied, letting the obvious lie go unnoticed.

As Katharine got into the tub, Laura couldn’t help but admire her mistress’ body. Her beautiful face, with perfect cheekbones, lovely brown eyes, and full sensuous lips. Her slender neck and shoulders, the ample and full bosom. Her flat tummy and the delicate curve of her hips. The legs, so long and shapely. The silky fur in between her legs, and the sweetest treasure that lay underneath, just waiting to be touched. Finally the plumpness of her derriere. She was finding it very difficult to control the salacious thoughts that ran through her mind, as she watched Katharine settle into the tub.

“Ahhh….this feels so good.” she softly said; as the hot water slowly relaxed her.

“Would you like me to….to….” she started, as lurid images played in her mind.

“Like you to…what?” Katharine asked, puzzled

“Would you like me to wash you miss?” she finally asked

She had always felt a special connection with Laura, but was there something deeper than just friendship here?

With just a hint of trepidation in her voice she finally answered; “I would like that very much Laura, thank you for offering.”

She quickly picked up the sponge and Katharine’s favorite lavender scented bath soap, dipping the sponge into the water, she hurriedly lathered it up. She slowly started washing Katharine’s shoulders when she said; “That sponge is to rough on my skin, would you mind using your hands?”

Laura felt a lump rise in her throat as she replied; “My hands are just as rough as the sponge miss, are you sure you would like me to wash you with them? I wouldn’t want to damage your delicate skin.”

“Pffft…don’t worry about my skin, I’m not a porcelain doll.” She replied.

“As you wish, miss.” came the response.

Laura lathered up Katharine’s shoulders and slowly began to wash them, as she did, her hands gently massaged Katharine’s shoulders, working deep into the muscles, eliciting a soft moan from her.

“Hmmm….that feels good.” Katharine whispered. “Your hands are softer than you think, Laura.”

“Thank you miss, would you like me to continue?”

She looked at Laura with those warm brown eyes, and said; “Yes Laura, I would like that very much.”

As she moved to Katharine’s neck, washing and massaging it; thoughts of her making love to Katharine flashed through her mind, causing her to sigh; “Oh Katharine; how I wish I could kiss and touch you all over.” She gasped as she realized that she had spoken out loud.

Katharine froze for a second upon hearing her maids’ words. She took Laura’s’ hand in hers and pulled her around to the side of the tub. Laura’s face was turning a bright crimson, as she tried to apologize; “I’m so sorry miss, I didn’t mean………” Katharine placed a single finger on Laura’s lips, looked at her with loving eyes, and said.

“It’s ok Laura, I understand; you see, I want you to touch me in the most delicious of ways.”

“You….you do?” Katharine just nodded her head. They tentatively moved towards each other until their lips were mere inches apart. Katharine licked her lips and looked at her. She put her hand behind Laura’s neck, cradling it, and pulled her closer. Their lips met and the forbidden desires that lay in each of their hearts poured into the kiss. Their tongues soon engaged in a waltz of love, as the kissed deepened. Laura’s hands were soon roaming over Katharine’s back, as she lightly dragged her fingers across the skin, barely touching it, sending a shiver through Katharine’s body. The need for air finally broke the kiss, as they pulled back, each of them panting. They stared at one another for a few moments before Katharine whispered.

“Make love to me, Laura.”

The pleading look in Katharine’s eyes as she spoke these tender words melted Laura’s heart. She stood up and extended her hand. “Take my hand Katharine.”

The brunette took her maid’s hand and carefully stepped out of the tub, the bath forgotten. She quickly, yet lovingly dried Katharine off, and wrapped a towel around her. Laura then took her hand and led Katharine to the bedroom. The two women; one a fine Victorian lady of refined tastes, and the other a common maid, stared at each other for a few moments. Katharine licked her lips seductively then moved towards her, closing the gap between them. She brought her hands to Laura’s face, rubbing the cheeks gently, and leaned in; bringing their lips together once again. They both moaned into each other as the kiss deepened. She gently pulled on Laura’s bottom lip, letting her tongue run across it, tasting it. Katharine’s tongue wanted and got entrance to her mouth; her tongue darting in to taste Laura’s’. Their tongues were soon engaged in a dance of love. The kiss deepened more, their lips crushing each others’, as the desire rose in both of them.

“I….want….you.” Katharine said huskily; her voice becoming raspy with lust, as she placed hungry kisses along the honey blonde’s jaw line

“Oh…Katharine!” she moaned; as the brunette nibbled and licked on her ear lobe. She started to work her way down the blonde’s neck, but was stopped by the stiff high necked collar of her dress.

“Damn collars of today!” she silently cursed.

Laura, feeling the brunette’s hesitation asked; “What’s wrong miss?”

“It’s…nothing…to…worry…about.” She said in between kisses.

She gently nudged Laura’s chin up, and quickly undid the two buttons securing the collar, removing it.

“That’s much better.”

Katharine then reached up and removed Laura’s hat and hairpins, letting the long blonde locks fall freely past her shoulders.

“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you look with your hair down?” she said; as she played with the soft silky curls. Laura blushed furiously at her mistress’ compliment.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed Laura, you are very beautiful.” She remarked; leaning in for another kiss. The kiss deepened as both ladies let their hands roam, Katharine let her hands wander down the back of the blonde’s dress, until it found the knot that held her maid’s apron on. She deftly undid the knot, and pulled the apron off. As her mistress kissed her, Laura rubbed her shoulders, then let her hands slide down to Katharine’s breasts; gently cupping then through the towel, bringing a soft moan from the brunette.

Katharine moved slowly down the blonde’s neck, alternating between soft kisses and gentle nipping as she went.

“Mmmm….your skin is so soft; like the petals of a flower, I want to kiss and touch it all through the night, hon.”

The brunette placed sweet kisses up the blonde’s neck to her chin, then down her throat to the top of the dress. She eased apart the first button, then another and another, leaving no patch of smooth skin neglected as she went. Katharine unfastened the remaining buttons and slid it off, leaving her maid garbed in just her corset and the chemise underneath. She then reached around and unclasped the two hooks that held the bottom of the dress on and pulled it down, exposing Laura’s pretty pantaloons.

She stood back and commented with a cocked eyebrow; “Well don’t we look pretty in all our finery, but I still think you’re overdressed for the occasion. I’ll have to do something about that..hehe.”

Katharine could tell, even with her maid’s undergarments still on, that she had a very nice figure.

With a lusty smile, she said; “I can not wait to explore and taste every inch of your body Laura.” as she pulled out the hairpins, letting her brown tresses fall around her shoulders. The brunette then loosened the towel, letting it fall to the floor.”

Laura just stared at her mistress; captivated by the gorgeous woman that stood before her.

“My lord Katharine, you are so beautiful!” she finally exclaimed, snapping out of her trance. “I do believe….” as she looked down at her clothing, “that I am overdressed.” Laura said; while reaching down to undo her corset.

“Don’t” Katharine said; while moving forward. “Allow me.” She said softly, as she gently moved Laura’s hands away.

She leaned in and brought their lips together in a passionate kiss, as she slowly unfastened the hooks of the corset. As the last one was undone, Laura breathed a sigh of relief, as her mistress removed the restrictive garment.

“Does that feel better now?”

“Much better, I can finally breathe; god, I hate those things.”

The brunette laughed. “I hate them too.”

Laura crashed her lips against Katharine’s in an impassioned kiss, while guiding her back towards the bed. Their lips never parted, as Katharine lay down on the bed with Laura following her. The kiss intensified as she gently rubbed the blonde’s back. Her hands soon wandered under the smaller girl’s chemise touching her soft, smooth skin for the first time. Laura moaned; reveling in the sensations the brunette’s touch gave her. Katharine smiled inwardly at the shivers she was causing, but she was soon moaning too; as the blonde discovered a particularly sensitive spot on her neck. The smaller girl buried her mouth into the crook of the taller girl’s neck; kissing and nipping on the tender flesh, provoking numerous whimpers, and moans from her.

“Hmmm…..” Laura murmured “I think someone’s enjoying this.” As she continued her assault on the brunette’s neck.

“Very……much…….so.” the taller girl stammered.

Katharine was having a hard time forming thoughts, the blonde’s soft lips felt so good against her skin. If this is how the smaller girl made her feel now, she could only imagine how she would feel when Laura got to her aching center.

The blonde slowly made her way down towards the taller girl’s chest, kissing tenderly as she went. She gently cupped the brunette’s full breasts, kneading the soft flesh, causing them to swell with desire. She brushed her lips across the hardening nipples, kissing each one lightly. Laura lightly pinched one nipple as she kissed the other, letting her tongue swirl around it. She felt the brunette gasp as she took a nipple in her mouth, sucking and licking it, drawing it out further. As the blonde pleasured her breasts, first one, then the other, Katharine’s mind and body were reeling; the delightful sensations overwhelming her. Nothing else mattered, the house, the business, the social differences between them, nothing; just the beautiful woman that was making her feel things she had never felt before.

The other girl listened to the brunette’s incoherent mumblings and smiled to her self. Although she was inexperienced, the blonde knew that she was pleasing Katharine, which is all that she cared about.

As she brought their lips together in another fiery, passionate kiss, Laura felt her top being pulled up. She sat up and removed it, revealing her own bountiful chest to the brunette. She then looked down and noticed that Katharine’s eyes were fixated on her breasts. Though slightly smaller than the other girls’ they were just as full and plump, ripe for the taking.

“They are….”.Katharine breathlessly remarked; as she looked at the blonde’s chest. “So beautiful.” For although she had touched her own many times, the brunette had never touched another woman’s breasts. She gingerly reached up and touched them. She heard the blonde’s breath hitch as she did. The brunette then very lightly ran her fingertips over them.

“Is someone cold?” she asked teasingly; as she saw the goose bumps that arose from her touch. The second Katharine touched her, Laura felt a jot that ran thru her body, straight to her center. It awakened feelings and desires she never knew existed. The smaller girl threw her head back and moaned as the brunette kneaded her breasts. She didn’t really know what she was doing, but it felt good when Katharine did it to herself, and from the sounds coming from Laura told her it felt good to her as well.

Katharine slid her arms around the blonde and pulled her close for another kiss. Their lips met and the passion between them erupted once again. They poured every ounce of their newfound love for each other into the kiss. Their lips were becoming swollen and bruised, but neither one cared. The smaller girl reluctantly broke the lip lock and slowly began kissing her way down Katharine’s body. Each kiss brought new sensations to the brunette. The blonde stopped to pay some more loving attention to the taller girl’s breasts. She playfully nipped, licked, and sucked on each nipple, making them hard once again; causing the brunette to moan in pleasure.

Laura slowly made her way down to Katharine’s stomach, leaving no patch of exposed flesh untouched. She smiled as the brunette squirmed, as her tongue swirled around, then in the bellybutton. The blonde scooted down, and tapped the taller girl’s inner thighs. She gently pushed Katharine’s legs apart and nestled in between them, her mouth just inches from the brunette’s glistening center.

Laura placed soft, tender kisses from one inner thigh to the other, completely avoiding the area where Katharine wanted her kisses the most.

She looked up, and asked: “Can I?” The look in the brunette’s eyes told her all she needed to know. She tenderly placed a kiss right above Katharine’s aching center, as she did, the brunette’s hips flew off the bed; nearly knocking her over.

“Settle down there girl.” The blonde said; as she settled back in. Laura tenderly ran a finger down the entire length of the taller girl’s center, making her quiver with delight.

“You are so wet, hon.” Laura remarked; as she lightly stroked Katharine’s center, teasing her. “Is it because of me, do I make you wet with desire hon?”

“You…..you…know…You…do.” the other girl stuttered; as the ache in between her legs worsened. She looked down at Laura and with her voice low with lust said; “Please baby….don’t tease….not now.” The pleading look in the brunette’s eyes melted her heart, she wouldn’t tease her anymore.

“Well, here’s goes nothing.” Laura thought; as she gently licked at the throbbing center. Hearing the brunette’s moans, she licked again. She then slowly dragged her tongue up her entire length, driving the other girl crazy, as Katharine’s moans increased. The blonde then gently parted her, letting her tongue slip into the inner folds, tasting the other girl’s wetness. Katharine’s hips flew up again, pushing her center against the blonde’s mouth, as Laura licked her even more. The brunette’s eyes were half closed, her mouth slightly open, her chest heaving, as the smaller girl kissed and licked her soaking center. Laura flicked her tongue against Katharine’s sensitive clit, making Katharine cry out. ”Ssweet……Jesus!”

This only spurned the blonde on more. She clamped down on the sensitive clit, sucking on it hard, her tongue swirling around the bud. Laura grinned as she felt the brunette thrash above her. As she pleasured Katharine’s clit, Laura gently inserted a finger into her.

“You are so tight hon.” She commented. “Is this your first time?” she asked; as she felt the walls contract around the finger.


“You feel sooo good hon.” The blonde cooed; as she slowly pumped her. In and out, slowly at first, then gradually going faster. Katharine’s eyes were closed, her teeth clenched, her breathing erratic, as the first signs of her orgasm built in her lower abdomen. Laura could feel it too, as she inserted another finger into Katharine. She licked and sucked on the brunette’s aching, soaking wet center, as her fingers went deeper into her. She curled her fingers, scraping the walls, as she fucked the brunette harder, and harder. Laura sucked on the clit roughly, as Katharine moaned, groaned and thrashed around. The blonde drove her fingers deep into the other girl, as she roughly rubbed the sore clit with her thumb. Faster and faster she worked her fingers, in and out, in and out. Laura wiggled her fingers, as she fucked the brunette, driving her nearly over the edge. Katharine’s body tensed, her cheeks flushed, she knew she was close. The blonde reached up and roughly squeezed the brunette’s breast.

“LLAAUURRAAAAAA!” Katharine screamed; as an intense orgasm exploded inside her.

Laura slowed her fingers gradually, bringing the other girl down from her high. She weakly reached out for the blonde. Laura crawled up next to her, and held her close, kissing her lightly on the forehead. Katharine was drenched in sweat, her whole body was limp, but she felt wonderful.

“Thank you hon, you were wonderful!” she weakly whispered.

“Sshhhhh…..you just lay here and relax, baby.” Laura softly cooed.

“Give me a few minutes hon, and then I can return the favor.” Katharine breathlessly purred; as she lightly rubbed Laura’s back.

“Don’t worry about it, tonight was all about you, baby. Just rest now, some other time we’ll worry about me.” Laura replied; kissing her cheek.

As they fell asleep in one another’s arms, Katharine and Laura were content that their newfound love for each other would survive any obstacle thrown their way.

Katharine woke up just before sundown, the remnants of the dream still in her mind. Sadness came over her as she remembered her first and only love.

“Why did you leave me Laura? You promised that we would be together for all eternity.”

She brushed away the single red tear that fell on her cheek. She shook the memory from her mind and began preparing for the night’s adventures. She dressed in one of her hottest outfits and headed for the city. Katharine McPhee, Mistress of the Night, was on the prowl.
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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Tue 27 Oct 2009, 10:35 am

wow The beginning of the chapter with Chris was breathtaking and just a bit sad as he searches for answers. The second part of Ch. 2 is poignant in its longing. Written with great depth and emotion. Love Is shown in so many forms here. Beautifully written, but with a sweet sadness that lingers at the end. Katharine has that melancholy streak that evokes such sadness and heartache that leave this reader feeling for her loss. A lovely chapter, Robyn, wonderfully superb. yahoo devil
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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Wed 25 Nov 2009, 3:13 pm

This is seriously one of the best vampire stories I have read. No lie.
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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Wed 25 Nov 2009, 4:10 pm

Traci and Tia.....thanks for your kind words. I'm glad that you are enjoying this haunting tale of love. hug

Now, for the next chapter of....A Longing in the Night:

Chapter 3:

It was cloudy, and the skies threatened rain. No one paid any attention to her, as she walked down Sunset Blvd. She was just another pretty face in the crowd. Her heightened senses amplified all the myriad sights, sounds, and smells of the busy street. Though she had no desire to feed tonight, the passerby’s life-force beckoned to her, tempting her, as she could hear it rushing thru their veins.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of a female scream from a couple of blocks away. With preternatural speed, the brunette was suddenly at the scene. The fury rose in her, as she saw the man attempting to tear the clothes off a young woman. With a low growl, she roughly grabbed the man, yanking him off the woman, and tossing him aside. As he landed a few feet away with a thud, the redhead looked up at Katharine with a mixture of hope and fear in her eyes.

“Are you alright miss?” she asked; her voice laced with concern. “Did he harm you?”


Showing the woman her warmest smile, Katharine leaned down and said; “Here, let me help you up.” As she extended her hand.

“Thank you.” as she took the brunette’s hand.

With Katharine’s help, the redhead managed to shakily get to her feet.

“Are you sure you’re going to be alright?” she asked; still concerned

Pulling herself together, the woman replied; “Yes, I’m sure.”

“As long as you’re sure.”

As Katharine turned to leave she said; “Well, I must be going now.”

The brunette stopped, feeling a hand on her shoulder.

“How can I ever thank you enough for what you did?”

Katharine smiled at her. “There’s no need to thank me.” As she hugged the redhead. “Just knowing you’re safe is thanks enough.”

Glancing at the slumped figure a few feet away. “What about the guy?” the redhead asked.

“Oh him? Let’s get out of here, before he wakes up.” The brunette replied.

As they left the alleyway, Katharine said; “You take care of yourself, okay?”

“I will.”

As the brunette walked away, the redhead called out to her; “Hey!...I never got your name.”

“Katharine” she replied over her shoulder. “Just Katharine.”

A short time later, as she continued down the street, the skies opened up; unleashing a torrential downpour. Although the elements didn’t bother her, she decided to duck into the nearest restaurant; Ruby’s Diner. She quickly made her way to a back booth and sat down.

Kellie Dawn Pickler had only been in Los Angeles for a couple of years, but she had never seen a storm like this. And she had never seen a woman like the one sitting at the booth in the far corner, she thought as she approached her.

She had a light complexion, and her dark clothes complimented her light skin. Her brown eyes seemed to be fathomless, and as endless as eternity. Her hair was long and wavy and brown, a perfect complement to her lovely eyebrows, and thick eyelashes. Her countenance was lightly beautiful and without blemish, in the way that Satan might appear beautiful as she carefully seduced you down the paths of sin. Looking at her, Kellie thought it might be worth the journey, perilous though it would undoubtedly be to both body and soul.

Katharine remained unmoving under the blonde’s gaze, a knowing smile curving her perfectly sculpted, sensuous lips.

It took nearly all her effort, but Kellie finally drew her eyes away from the woman’s.

“What can I get for you, miss?” she asked; pencil in hand to take the customer’s order.

“What would you recommend?” Her voice was melodic, nearly mesmerizing, and strangely intimate; as if she knew the blonde’s innermost secrets. As if the brunette alone possessed the power to grant her every wish, fulfill her every desire.

Kellie shook her head, to rid herself of those fanciful notions. She wasn’t the devil incarnate, she was just a woman.

“The chicken isn’t bad.” She said. It wasn’t all that great either, but she couldn’t tell the customers that. Kellie thought to herself.

With a small smile, Katharine replied; “I guess I’ll take the chicken then, Kellie” Noticing the waitress’ nametag.

“Would you like lumpy mashed potatoes and gravy with that, or French fries?

“Either one works for me.”

“And for your beverage?”

“Do you happen by chance to have any red wine here?”

Kellie just stared at her. In the 18 months she had worked at the diner, no one had ever asked for wine; red, white, or any other kind.

“I’m sorry miss, we don’t have any.” She replied.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“So, what would you like to drink?”

The brunette’s fathomless gaze lingered on the hollow of Kellie’s throat for just a moment before she answered; “Coffee will work.”

“You want cream and sugar with your coffee?”

“Just plain coffee.”

“Okay, coffee it is then.”

Kellie could feel those piercing brown orbs on her back as she turned and walked away. Knowing that she was watching her sent a shiver down her spine. What was it about this woman that gave her a tingly feeling in the pit of her stomach? She wondered; as she went to place the brunette’s order.

“The woman at booth ten is…..” Ayla Brown, one of other waitresses at the diner, shook her head. “I have no idea who she is, but she’s kind of spooky, don’t you think?”

Spooky was just the right word. Kellie thought. There was something about the woman that was just the tiniest bit odd. If she didn’t know any better, the blonde might have thought that the brunette was some kind of alien. She recalled a mini-series that she had watched years ago as a child, in which the aliens looked just like everyone else; except they were actually lizards.

“Maybe she’ll be a big tipper.” Kellie looked over her shoulder at the booth in the back, only to discover that the mysterious woman was no longer sitting there.

Puzzled, she looked around the diner and then the blonde saw her through the front window, walking down the rain-swept street with Heather Cox. Heather was an attractive blonde who worked at the supermarket down the street. She usually came in for dinner around the same time every night. Heather was separated and it was said that she slept with anything on two legs. It was none of her business though, Kellie thought; as she tore up the woman’s order and went to clean up Heather’s table.

The two walked for awhile, until they stopped in front of a small house.

“Um…this is where I live. Would you like to stop in for a bit?”

“I would like that very much, give us a chance to get to know one another better.” The brunette replied; with a knowing smile.

They walked up to the front door, with Heather unlocking it and stepping inside. When she looked back, the brunette was still standing outside.

“What are you doing standing out there?”

“I just feel uncomfortable entering someone’s home without being asked in first.”

Heather thought that was kind of odd, but she just shrugged her shoulders. “Well just don’t stand there, come on in and make yourself at home.”

“Thank you very much.” Katharine said; as she stepped inside.

As Heather put her purse on the table, she motioned for Katharine to have a seat on the couch. The brunette sat down, never taking her eyes off of the blonde. Heather made her way to the kitchen.

“I’m going to make some coffee, would you like some?”

“Yes I would, thanks for asking.”

While the blonde was in the kitchen, she walked around the living room, looking at the meager furnishings. There was a worn out recliner, a couple of end tables, a couch of course, and an old fashioned console television with a boom box on top. She also noticed some photos of the blonde’s family.

“Coffee’s done.”

“Would you……” as she turned around. “Jesus!” she exclaimed; startled to see the brunette a few feet behind her.

“I’m sorry….” As she moved closer. “If I scared you.” she said in an apologetic voice, as she lightly brushed the blonde’s cheek. Her skin was cool, yet at the touch of her hand, frissons of sexual awareness sizzled thru her body.

Nothing like that had ever happened to her before. Feeling suddenly breathless, she looked up at Katharine. Had Heather imagined that unexpected jolt of sensual heat, or had the brunette felt it too?

Katharine was watching the blonde in return, her eyes dark and hot.

It took Heather a moment to realize that she was staring at the brunette, and another moment to realize that she was going to kiss her. Before she could decide whether she wanted her to or not, her mouth was on hers. The brunette’s skin might have been cool, but there was nothing cool about her kiss! The moment Katharine’s lips touched hers; heat engulfed her, a conflagration that threatened to consume her. The brunette’s arms imprisoned her, drawing her body up against hers. She shivered as she felt her hand slide up the back of her neck to delve into her hair.

Katharine deepened the kiss, her tongue plundering the blonde’s mouth, her arms tightening around her until she could scarcely move, scarcely breathe. Heather’s heart was beating rapidly, pounding in her ears so loudly she wondered that the brunette didn’t hear it, too.

Or maybe she did. Katharine drew back, her gaze lingering on the pulse beating in the hollow of her throat. She placed her forefinger there, ever so lightly, and the blonde’s heart beat even faster.

The brunette backed up towards the living room and with her finger, she beckoned Heather to follow. As they sat on the couch, Katharine smiled at her.

“There are so many things I can show you….” As she lightly caressed Heather’s cheek. “So many things, but most of all; pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. Would you like that, Heather?” she asked, locking eyes with the blonde.

She looked into those mesmerizing brown eyes, and as she did, she saw herself naked on a bed; with Katharine satisfying her every need, her every desire. Heather could feel her heart beating wildly as she answered in barely a whisper.


The brunette leaned in, their lips met, and once again the blonde felt herself being consumed by the heat of the kiss. So much in fact, that she barely felt, or hardly cared that the buttons of her blouse were being slowly undone. Heather gasped, then moaned, as the other woman’s hand slid inside to gently cup her breast; kneading it softly thru the satin material of the bra.

Katharine placed soft, wet kisses along the blonde’s jaw line, until she reached her ear. Nibbling on it lightly, she whispered; “You are so beautiful….” As she playfully nipped. “I could love you all night.” Heather sighed contently upon hearing the brunette’s words. Katharine kissed slowly down the blonde’s neck, her lips loitering over the pulse point for several seconds. She could feel the strong beat of the other girl’s heart; hear the blood pulsating through her veins. She felt the tingling of her gums, as her canines started to grow. Using her strong willpower, she fought the overwhelming desire to plunge her fangs in the blonde’s throat.

She turned away briefly, to gather herself, and then started kissing up the other girl’s neck; eventually reaching her lips. The brunette kissed her hard, her tongue once again plundering the blonde’s mouth. As it did, she cupped Heather’s breasts hard, pushing them up, causing her cleavage to nearly spill out of the deep plunge bra. Katharine then kissed down her throat, slowly heading for the blonde’s chest, with Heather moaning softly as she did. She buried her face in the valley of the other girl’s full round breasts, kissing and licking the tender flesh. The brunette quickly and expertly undid the front closure, releasing the mounds from their confinement. She slid both articles of clothing off the blonde’s shoulders, leaving her upper body naked to her attentions.

Katharine cupped both breasts, kissing one, then the other; her lips cool against the warm flesh. She could hear the blonde’s heart pounding rapidly deep inside her chest, as she became more excited. The brunette wanted so badly to take what she wanted….no what she needed. She buried her face in the other girl’s chest again, hiding the fact that her eyes were changing. The brunette shuddered, then took a deep breath, as the internal battle against the growing blood lust had just been won; for the time being.

Feeling the brunette shudder, Heather asked; “Are you alright? Is there something wrong?”

She lightly stroked the other girl’s hair to soothe her. After a few moments, she looked up at the blonde with her warm brown eyes.

“Nothing…” as she smiled. “Nothing is wrong, my sweet. It was just a chill, nothing more.” Doing her best to reassure the blonde.

“Oh okay”

“Now where was I?” she mused out loud.

“Oh yes….” As she looked at the blonde’s hardening nipples. “Right here.”

Her soft lips kissed the sensitive nub, wrapping around it, the nipple responding to her machinations, as she drew it into her mouth. She sucked on it slowly, her tongue lavishing it with its warmth and desire.


Katharine grinned wickedly as she heard Heather’s garbled words. While the brunette busied herself with the blonde’s breasts, her hand crept slowly down the other girl’s stomach, sliding underneath the short skirt. She smiled as she found Heather’s already wet center, stroking it lightly thru the flimsy fabric. The blonde felt her breath hitch as the brunette’s fingers worked their way inside her underwear, stroking then sliding a finger deep into her.

“Do you like that, my sweet?” as she quickly found the right rhythm to stimulate the other girl. “I think you do.” Hearing the blonde’s incoherent mumbling that came from her mouth. She fucked Heather with varying speed, causing her breath to come in rapid shallow breaths, and beads of perspiration to form on her forehead.

Katharine kissed slowly from the blonde’s chest back to her lips, capturing them in a molten kiss of desire and lust. The brunette fucked her harder and deeper, bringing the other girl to the brink. She felt her canines lengthen as she kissed down the blonde’s throat. She curled her long slender finger up, hitting the g-spot on one last thrust. Heather screamed as she came hard against Katharine’s hand. As she did, she felt the brief sting of a pinprick as the brunette sank her fangs into her throat, and then she was lost in a rhapsody of unadulterated ecstasy.

A few moments later, Katharine withdrew her fangs, completely satiated. She quickly checked Heather’s pulse. It was weak but steady. She then quietly and efficiently got the other girl dressed. As she covered the blonde with a blanket, she said; “I was not here, you will remember none of this. You fell asleep when you got home from work.”

“Fell asleep…..very tired….so tired.”

The brunette licked her lips, savoring the taste of Heather’s blood. She then smiled, and vanished into the night.

With just a thought, Katharine was back at her home. The front door seemed to open on it’s own as she strode inside. She waved her hand and the lights in the foyer came on at her command. The brunette made her way to her favorite part of the house, the media room. She turned on the television, scanning thru the channels, looking for something to capture her attention. She finally settled on an old Christopher Lee movie, “The Horror of Dracula.”

As she watched the images on the screen, her mind drifted back to earlier in the evening. Katharine remembered everything about the cute blonde waitress, from her silky blonde hair, to the subtle sway of her hips. Her body shuddered in delight, as she thought of taking the young girl’s blood, but just as suddenly that thought disappeared. Yes, she had the desire to take her blood, but there was something about Kellie that made her yearn for something deeper than just blood lust.

In her 120 years, Katharine had seduced and bedded many individuals; both male and female. But she had never loved any of them. How she longed to love and be loved. Could this young blonde be the one that she has wished and hoped for, or would Kellie turn out like all the rest, and be horrified and disgusted when she found out her true nature? Suddenly, she felt very weary, dawn was fast approaching. She hurried to her bedchamber and settled in for a long day’s sleep. Before the dawn’s first light dragged her into a deathlike sleep, she vowed that she would see the waitress again, very soon.

Across town, just as the brunette was arriving home, Kellie was helping to close the diner. As she filled the salt and pepper shakers and wiped down the tables and booths; her mind flashed back to the mysterious woman, who had come in earlier. She had never been attracted to women, but there was something about the brunette that was appealing to her. Sure she was drop dead gorgeous, but it went beyond that. Underneath that beautiful exterior, she sensed something that was alluring, exciting, and even possibly dangerous; but Kellie also felt a feeling of vulnerability in the woman. It was this feeling that called out to her. Kellie knew that one night very soon, they would meet again.

The mysterious brunette was back in again the following night, sitting in the back booth, with one arm flung over the back. Kellie noticed that she wasn’t dressed in all black like the night before. Instead, she had on a pair of brown leather pants that looked like they were painted on. She also was wearing a tight fitting tan sweater that accentuated her ample chest.

After taking a deep breath to calm her self, Kellie pulled a pencil out of her pocket and went to take her order.

“What will it be tonight, miss?”

She lifted one shoulder and let it fall in a negligent shrug.

“The special will be just fine.”

“Are you gonna stay around long enough to eat it tonight?”

A small smile appeared on her face.

“I might.”

“Would you like coffee again?”

The brunette’s gaze held hers for a long moment. Something flickered in the depths of her brown eyes, something primal and sensual that made Kellie’s heart skip a beat and sent a jolt of sexual awareness to every nerve and cell in her body.

“That would be fine.” Her voice was soft and low, and far to intimate.

With a small nod, Kellie dragged her eyes from the other woman, and went to hand in her order. Standing close to the counter, she noticed that Heather wasn’t there. She checked the clock, and then shrugged. It was a possibility that the blonde had decided to stay home and eat. Heather did that every so often, though it was a rare occurrence. She had told Kellie once that she wasn’t thrilled about cooking and hated to dine alone.

The blonde took note of the regular customers. In one booth sat old Tom Jackson, who owned a barber shop over on the next block. Next there was Melissa McGhee, who ran the beauty salon down the street. In the adjacent booth sat Brett “Ace” Young, an aspiring singer. In the next booth sat grey haired Taylor Hicks, who owned and operated a car repair shop a few blocks from the diner. Next was Robin Matheson, who was a mid level executive at one of the city’s numerous Record companies.

An attractive raven hair girl sat alone at booth two. Kellie didn’t recall seeing the woman in the diner before, but that wasn’t unusual. A lot of their customers were tourists, taking in all the attractions that Los Angeles had to offer.

She turned away when the cook called her name to inform her that her order was ready. As she picked up the order to carry it to the back booth, she noticed that the mysterious brunette was gone. Tonight though, she had left a fifty dollar bill under her coffee cup.

The blonde glanced over her shoulder and bit down on her lip. It was strange, but somehow, she wasn’t the least bit surprised to find that the attractive raven hair girl was gone, too.
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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Wed 25 Nov 2009, 8:20 pm

wow This really good Robyn. I really like how slow this is going. It doesn't seemed rushed at all. Kat is a seducer, isn't she? yes Wonder what will happen if her and Kellie hook up. Totally awesome! hug wootwave reading
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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   Mon 07 Dec 2009, 4:03 pm

The prose in this story is drawn out wonderfully. Love the way this story flows. Very good blend of emotion and description. Saved, copied, and marked as a favorite. The only thing left is to frame and hang a copy of your autographed book on the wall. You should be very proud of your work, Robyn. hug heart reading up
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PostSubject: Re: A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie   

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A Longing In The Night..................................Kathellie
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