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 How To Write Simple Poetry

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PostSubject: How To Write Simple Poetry   Mon 12 Oct 2009, 7:23 pm

Poetry is a short piece of imaginative writing. It is usually very personal in nature, representing a feeling or emotion. Poetry is probably the most free form of writing, with few restrictions like plot and character. Like any art form, poetry takes a commitment and thrives with practice and knowledge of the craft.

Step 1 - Carry a paper and pen at all times. As all artists know, inspiration can hit at any time at any place. It probably comes most often when least expected, when waiting in the checkout line or sitting on the subway. The immediate feeling of the instinctual emotion felt at the very moment will be forgotten, or at least begin to cloud in memory.

Step 2 - Know metaphors and how to use them. Use them while speaking to hear how they sound. Think of them constantly and try to make them more eloquent and beautiful all the time. After a while they should be able to flow freely and naturally.

Step 3 - Have a wide vocabulary. This comes from reading, writing and speaking. Read avidly, and try to incorporate new words while writing. Practice using new words in conversations.

Step 4 - Use imagery. Imagery is vital to poetry. Know how to describe things in ways that no one else describes them. Be aware of all five of the senses and how to describe effectively what each is experiencing.

Step 5 - Read poetry. Read poetry all the time. Get inspired by other poets. Learn about their style. Read classic poets such as Aristotle. Read Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson and Rimbaud. Read contemporary poets like Nikki Giovanni. Read unknown poetry posted online

Step 6 - Get outside opinions. Talk to friends, join online groups or even enroll for a course. All feedback is constructive, whether positive or negative. Learn to grow from criticism; it will only help. Don't be afraid to share work with an audience.

This is a good general article on writing poetry, but the truth of the matter is, there are no rules to writing poetry. Just write about what you are feeling...If arranged properly, it becomes a poem..do it often enough and you will begin to develop a style. It is not a scary thing to do..about as easy as falling asleep.
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How To Write Simple Poetry
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