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PostSubject: Monster   Mon 12 Apr 2010, 10:44 am

Title: Monster
Genre: Horror/Comedy/Drama
Rating: R to NC-17 for language, sexual content, drug use and intense violence.
Characters: Adam Lambert, Siobhan Magnus, Crystal Bowersox, Lily Scott, Constantine Maroulis, Carly Smithson, Janell Wheeler, Chikezie Eze and more.
Summary: Siobhan is devastated after the death of her boyfriend, Adam Lambert- until he appears at her doorstep, bloody and battered, the result of an evil spell gone wrong. Siobhan must fight to stay alive and find the truth about her past along the way...
Author's Note: This is my very first vampire story. I got the idea for it from the Lady Gaga song of the same title. If thier are any errors, forgive me. Haha.



A cool fall breeze drifted through the small opening in the window, gently rustling the black satin curtains.The setting sun cast a peaceful, orange glow over the tall tree tops. It was the time of day when people were lulled into a sense of tranquility; the stress of an exhausting day was finally over; it was a time to relax. Some people chose to relax with a glass of red wine; or watching your favourite television programme with your significant other.

In Siobhan Magus' case, she usually liked to relax with a glass of Jameson, Courtney Love blaring from her Bose iPod dock. Looking around her tiny room, everything looked normal. The off white paint on her walls were as molded and chipped as ever; her old fat cat, Jackblack was curled into his fluffy bed in the corner. On the opposite end of the room, her black Fender Starcaster lie in its black leather case, collecting dust. And taped to the cracked mirror of her vanity was a photo of herself and her old boyfriend, Adam Lambert. But as the cliche goes, looks could be very deceiving.

Siobhan's life had never been normal, by any standards. But six months ago, her life had been completely turned upside down. It had all started when Adam had been senselessly and brutal murder in what had seemed like a a string of serial killings.

She could still see the his cold and waxen body lying on a slab in Fairfield County Morgue. A terrible sight it had been; his blue eyes were wide open, and despite being completely devoid of any life, the fear was still palpable. His full, pink lips were tinged with blue, and shaped into an "O" of horror. Even more gruesome was how he had been ripped open. Little bits of ragged skin seemed to have been all that was keeping his head attached to his body. Lower down, his chest had been slashed open, his heart ripped clean from its cavity.

Thinking about his mutilated corpse made Siobhan sick to her stomach. What type of sick person did that? To her boyfriend? Sure, Adam was a douchebag sometimes- okay, most of the time- but there was no way he deserved to suffer such a grisly death. It had seemed so unreal that he was dead. She'd seen him a merely a few hours before he was killed. They had gotten into one of their usual fights over something stupid. As always, Adam stormed out of this very apartment, complaining about how difficult she was and vowing to never come back.

To this day, Siobhan regretted taking him for granted. She had assumed, however eroniously, that in several days, they would be back into each other's arms, finding sexy little ways to make each other forget why they had even been angry in the first place. After she didn't hear from him within the usual span of five days, she had began to worry he'd truly called her bluff and moved back to his native California. Or even worse, left her for Janell Wheeler, his beautiful co worker. But after his roommates Kris Allen and Todrick Hall claimed not to have heard from him since he spent the night at her place, she had began to really worried.

About a week later, two uniformed police officers came to her door, thier expressions grim as the weather. A deep sense of foreboding had pooled in her stomach as she lead them into the living room. Once the officers were seated -uncomfortably- in the lip shaped couch, she offered them tea, They accepted, and she went into the kitchen and began brewing the weird tea her sister, Crystal had bought from her last trip to Africa. Hoping it wasn't some crazy psychadelic, she poured it into thier best china- the "Legalise Weed" mugs Adam had given her as a gift. As she walked back to them, she wondered what they were here for. She handed it to them and sat in her favourite bean bag chair. Both officers took a strange look at Siobhan and sniffed the tea before setting it on the handmade wooden coffee table.

The young black officer spoke first. "Ms Magnus, I'm Officer Ruben Studdard. Feel free to call me Ruben, if you're more comfortable with that."

The shorter, stocky blonde Officer nodded curtly. Siobhan thought he looked like a Ken doll on steroids. "Officer Sarver," he grunted.

"I apologise for stalling, ma'am. I'm going to get to the point in a bit, but first I have to ask a few questions. We found your address in the vic's phone, as an emergency contact. Do you know a Mr Adam Lambert?"

The 'vic'? I don't like the sound of that.Stomach sinking, Siobhan nodded. "Yes! He...he's my boyfriend...."

The two cops exchanged a glance. "When was the last time you heard from Mister Lambert?" questioned Officer Sarver.

"Last week. He left my place aroud four in the morning."

"Did he tell you where he was going?"

"No..." Just get to the point already! Siobhan wanted to scream. "He said he was going to his family in California, but he always says that when he's upset. Is everything okay, sir? Is Adam in sort of trouble?" It wouldn't be the first time he'd landed himself in jail. She hoped like hell that was it. But if he had been arrested, would they call him the "vic"?

Officer Studdard's voice took a somber tone. "I'm sorry, Ms Magnus, but we found a body right off of I-95, heading towards New York. Until now, we didn't have a way to identify the vic. Your boyfriend is dead."

He was saying something else, but after those last words, Siobhan's brain quit functioning. Adam? Dead? No, it couldn't be! She could see the cops; thier mouths were moving, but she had no clue what they were talking about. Her boyfriend was dead. She had no one. Images flashed through her brain. A terrible scream filled the room; she was barely aware it was her own. She screamed until her throat bled, until she thought it was going to tear out.

Adam was dead.

It was all her fault.

Little did she know though, dead things don't always stay dead....

YEAH. Comment, please! Hope you guys like it.
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PostSubject: Re: Monster   Thu 15 Apr 2010, 11:14 pm

Chapter One

Adam's funeral was held a week after Siobhan learned of his demise. Since he was Jewish, the black and silver rosewood casket was shut. She was grateful for this; Siobhan didn't think she could see his body again without completely losing her mind. It was a small ceremony, held at Fable Funeral Home in Norwalk, Connecticut. Since the majority of Adam's close friends were in Connecticut, his parents agreed to hold the services there instead of California.

The chapel was decorated beautifully. His coffin was surrounded by photos of Adam in different stages of his life; as an red-cheeked freckled, adorable toddler, to an awkward, overweight red headed teenager with glasses and braces, his high school graduation photo, and finally, as the handsome, gothic man that Siobhan knew and loved oh so much.

Siobhan absoulutely hated funerals. The last one she had attended was that of her grandma's ten years ago. They were all the same; people milled around in thier best mourning clothes, gossiping and creating thier own chain of events. The most annoying thing were the dumb things people could say-for instance, she had overheard someone say "it was a nice funeral" and "it was what Adam would have wanted." She was about to scream at them before her roommates pulled her away.

"You need to come home and get some rest," Lily Scott began. Lily was dressed in a simple black dress, but her almost white blonde hair and giant peacock earrings looked out of place in the sea of subtlety.

"Come home or smoke a nice fat joint in remembrance of your dearly departed lover. 'Cos he's probably smoking one...where ever it is that dead people go." said her sister, Crystal Bowersox. Her long blonde dreads were piled on top of her head in a messy beehive. She'd dressed in a pair of black jeans and an old t-shirt. "I'll even bring out the special occassion bong. You know, the one Jason bought me last year for my birthday."

Siobhan wriggled out of thier grip and stared at them, scowling. "Leave? You guys think I'm gonna leave before the eulogy even begins?"

Lily shrugged. "I mean its all like, sad and depressing here, you know?"

Siobhan stared at her blankly. "Its a funeral, Lily. Did you expect laser lights and glow sticks? Everyone dancing around and dropping acid in the corners? God. I can't leave. As much as I would love to, I just can't. This is going to be the last chance I'll get to be with him. Be in the same room as him," she said, her eyes filling with tears. "Oh my God."

At that moment, her world imploded, as if it were rocked by an 8.5 hurricane. For the past few days, she had been moving in a sort of haze, functioning on auto pilot. Talking it about was crash back into the present. Lily pulled her friend into a hug. Siobhan's slender body convulsed with gut wrenching sobs. "I can't believe it. I have nothing left. Nothing. Who killed him? Who killed my baby? I'm going to find them and cut off thier fucking ball sack with a fork."

"Er, good luck with that," replied Crystal. Several guests turned and looked over at Siobhan with sympathy, exacerbating her anger and grief. She didn't want thier pity or condolences. All she wanted was her boyfriend back. Aside from her sister, Adam was the closest thing to family she'd ever had. He was the first and only person she'd allowed herself to love...the only one she'd ever been intimate with. He always stood by her side, yet she pushed him away at every chance she got. She should have believed him when he swore up and down he was only friends with Janell, instead of letting her insecurities get the best of her once again. She kicked him out of her bed-and ultimately from her life- and into the path of the murderer. Her last words to him were, "I don't want to see you again. I hope you die." Of course she didn't mean it; at the time she thought she did. It was all her fault.

Siobhan wished she could take back every nasty thing she'd said to him. She hated that his last memory was probably one of her on her worst behaviour. Staying at the funeral was the only way she could show Adam she loved him. "I have to stay. I have to." Absently, she touched the heart shaped locket at her throat. Inside was a lock of Adam's natural ginger coloured hair. He had brought it for her last Valentine's Day, but she never wore it until now. She was glad to always have a part of him with her every day, however tiny.

Crystal and Siobhan sat next to her in the pews. She was seated in the far back of the chapel, as she didn't feel like speaking to anyone. Soon, she would have to get up and deliver a eulogy, but she didn't want to think about it the moment. Everyone sat in a solemn silence. After a few moments, the Rabbi took his place at the podium, leading mourners into the Ely Malei Rahamim, the traditional Jewish memorial prayer. "We are all here to pay our final respects to our beloved son, brother, friend and boyfriend, Adam Lambert, who was taken from us far too soon. He was a kind man, full of life and love. He was passionate about many things, but finally found his one true love: musical theatre, an area in which he was exceptionally talented. Adam was the kind of man who cared about others, who was always a great shoulder to lean on. He was most joyous when he was entertaining people, whether on stage or off. In his twenty eight years of life, he has managed to touch many people, impacting thier life in special ways," spoke his mother, Leila, fighting back tears. "What set my son apart from most was his motivation, his confidence and bravery. Where most of us are afraid to show our different, weird characteristics, Adam embraced them. It made him a very happy person. Right now, I'd like to ask the person who probably knew him best, the person who possibly made him happier than anyone else, the woman whom he was planning to marry, Siobhan Magnus, to come and say her final goodbyes."

He was going to marry me? thought Siobhan, as she got to her feet. Instead of feeling happy about it, it made her feel even sadder. He was going to marry her. Fiddling with them hem of her dress, she kept her head bowed, uncomfortable with the way everyone was looking at her. "I loved Adam so much. He was the only man whom I ever loved, the only man who loved me. I have never encountered a person who loved fun as much as he did. He inspired me in so many ways," she said, her voice breaking. "He made me feel like it was okay for me to be myself. I am so saddened, so angry about his sudden loss. There was so much he had left to live for, so many things we didn't get the chance to do. Adam, if you had asked to marry me...the answer would have been yes. Heck yes. Everyone could take a leaf from his book. The best way to commerate Adam is to live our lives with as much compassion and happiness as he did." With those final words she walked off the podium.

"Can I please speak?" piped up a familiar bubbly voice. It belonged to a petite blonde woman, who was wearing a gigantic black hat, and black fingerless gloves. Janell Wheeler.

"Am I just super stoned and hallucinating, or did that blonde ho really have the audacity to show up today?" Crystal whispered under her breath.

"I ain't stoned. How could she show up here? Who does she think she is?" said Lily, glaring at the blonde who was now at the podium.

Sighing dramatically, Janell dabbed at her eye with a tissue. "I was with Adam the day he died. He had been so full of life, so incredibly sexy, and he was probably the best friend whom I ever had. We never got the chance to be as intimate, but he told me that one day, we could be together-"

"Oh no she didn't." hissed Todrick Hall under his breath. The young Black guy had been one of Adam's best friends and roommates.

"Oh yes she did. I am going to kick her ass for real now." Crystal growled.

"She's gonna be the next one in a box, I swear. I will kill that blonde whore." piped up Lily.

Siobhan was far too exhausted to even pay attention to Janell. She didn't have the energy to cry, fight or yell anymore. She was drained. Adam loved her. She knew this. Janell, with all of her homewrecking, slutty ways couldn't get in the way of that. Even though she was blonde, and breath takingly gorgeous, the kind of woman whom every man fantasised abouut, and Siobhan was mousy haired, and strange...

An awkward silence followed Janell's eulogy. Sobbing dramatically, she strutted off the stage, her heels clacking against the floor. Finally, the funeral was over. The pallbearers, which consisted of Adam's younger brother, Neil, his friends, Kris Allen, Michael Lynche and Matt Giraud, and his father, Mitchell. They carried him into the black hearse. Siobhan rode to the gravesite in Lily's vintage gold TransAm. Siobhan just felt numb. Janell's words echoed in her head. Had she really been with Adam? In what sense did she mean? Hanging out, or had they had sex? She tried not to dwell on it too much; it was a question she didn't know the answer to, and never would. The sky overhead was grey, the sun trying to peek through the heavy clouds. It seemed that even Mother Nature was mouring Adam's death.

They arrived at the cemetery much quicker than Siobhan would have liked. The procession filed through Old Jewish Cemetaries. The graves looked lonely and forlorn, some covered in the yellowing, overgrown grass. Adam was buried in the far back of the cemetery, an area shrouded by oak trees and hedges. The ground was still soft from the earlier rainstorm, and her heels sang deep into the earth. Crystal and Lily held her hands tightly. Siobhan was thankful to have them in her life. Janell was a few feet away from her. The blonde made eye contact with her and gave a fake smile. Crystal flipped her off while Lily gave her a death glare and mouthed, "Whore, whore, whore! Slutty whore!" Siobhan on the other hand, ignored her. Today was a day to honour Adam. She would deal with that bitch another time.

Once the coffin was lowered into the ground, Mr Lambert came forward and used the reversed shovel to throw dirt inside the grave. When it was Siobhan's turn, she sank to her knees, hot tears scorching her cheeks. "I miss you. Please come back to me. I love you...I...I need you. Please come back!" she howled. She wanted to throw her self into the cold grave. She would be with Adam for all eternity. She wouldn't have to face living life without him. She didn't want to leave his side, ever.

"Sib, come on," said Michael Lynche, gently laying a hand on her shoulder. "Come on." When she pushed his hand away, he easily lifted her off her feet. For his large stature, he was surprisingly gentle. Siobhan didn't bother fighting him anymore; she allowed him to carry her back to Lily's car. It didn't seem fair that she was able to go to her nice, warm home while Adam lie lonely in his cold and damp ground.

A crow was sitting atop Lily's car. Instead of instantly flying away, the bird looked at Siobhan through its beady black eye.

"You little shit, get off my fucking car. I just watched it." Lily said, shooing it away with her purse.

In awe, Siobhan watched the bird face the wind and gracefully spread its wings. It flew up, up, its feet dangling as it glided expertly through the air. She watched it until it was just a big, black blur into the sky. A small part of her felt at peace. She interpreted as a sign that Adam's soul was free, flying away into the light of the miserable, grey sky.

Chapter Two

Siobhan awakened just after midnight. Still drowsy, she sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Strands of brunetter clung to her flushed, sweaty face. She was alone; Lily had gone out on a date, and Crystal was at work. Both had offered to stay with her, but Siobhan had insisted they keep their plans. She needed to be alone.

How long had she been asleep? She remembered falling a sleep after smoking a joint and polishing off half a bottle of Jameson. She had not been able to drag herself to her bedroom. Sleeping in her bedroom would only stir memories of the many times she'd made love with Adam, anyway. Sleeping on the couch-despite its lack of comfort- meant she wouldn't have to deal with the faint scent of him in her sheets.

Siobhan pulled her blanket around her more tightly. It was too short to cover the full lenght of her body, and much too thin to provide any real warmth. But it was a very special blanket; her mom had made it for her as a baby. Her name, her date of birth and her parents' names were embroidered in the seam, next to a gold heart. The blanket was the only physical reminder she'd had parents. She didn't know much about them; all she knew was that her Dad went crazy and killed her mom and then himself. She had been placed in foster care. The tattered blanket somehow made her remember her mother's love nd gave her security, especially during such tough times.

Did everyone around her have to die? Was she some sort of jinx? Siobhan wiped another tear from her eye, and threw the Kleenex into the growing pile next to the floor.Just as she was about to curl into fetal position, there was a soft rap on her door. Groaning, she pulled the pillow over her head. Another rap echoed through the apartment, slightly louder than the last. Who the hell was it? Lily and Crystal both had keys, and she wasn't expecting any vistitors. She shut her eyes and tried to ignore the knocking, but whoever it was had no desire to give up. It was driving her name.

Sighing, Siobhan got to her feet. The room tilted a bit as she staggered over to the door. Without glancing through the peephole, she swung it open. Her mouth dropped open when she found herself staring into a pair of glowing, black eyes.
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PostSubject: Re: Monster   Fri 16 Apr 2010, 3:21 pm

Chapter Three

"Adam?" His name escaped Siobhan's lips in a terrified, stunned whisper. She could not believe her eyes.

How could this be? He had just been buried, yet here he was, standing in her doorway. It didn't look like him at all; his beautiful blue eyes were black, the pupils large as saucers. The sockets were ringed in black, as if he'd been punched. And he was so pale! Blue veins throbbed at his temples and the freckles he dreaded so much stood out vividly, in stark contrast to his jet black hair. He was still dressed in his linen tachrichim (the traditional Jewish burial clothes), but they were covered in blood and dirt. His hair, which had been perfectly styled into a Elvis-like pompadour, was matted to his head, just as sweaty and dirty as the rest of him.

Siobhan wanted to run, she wanted to scream, she wanted to hide. But she couldn't do any of those things. She felt as if she had been paralysed. "Can I come inside?" croaked Adam, his voice weak and raspy.

She wanted to say no. But before she could stop herself, she felt her lips forming the words and heard her say, "Yes."

Wordlessly, Adam made his way into the apartment. Still rooted to the spot, Siobhan could only stare at him. Despite his haggard appearance, his movements were graceful. He glided through her home, leaving trails of blood in his wake. Perhaps due to his past as professional dancer, but he had always moved so fluidly. However, there seemed to be something inhuman about it; his feet didn't even look like they were touching the floor.

He stopped in the kitchen. Finally, she had regained control her body, and could actually move. She was afraid to get too close to Adam, yet she wanted to touch him, to see if this was actually real. Adam opened the fridge and rummaged through it, throwing the contents on the floor. He grabbed the carton of left of Kung Pao chicken. Voraciously, he ripped the container open and shovelled a fistful into his mouth.

What the fuck? "Um, that belonged to Lily, she's going to be pissed if you eat that-" stammered Siobhan, her voice high with fear.

He cut her off with a loud, piercing bellow. It had to be the most wretched sound Siobhan had ever heard; it was like air being forced through dying vocal cords. Her head felt like it was going to split open. Disoriented, she was once more helpless to move, though it may have been out of fear this time. Then he made terrible retching sounds, coughing up a dark substance all over the white tiles.

This could not be happening. Had his death been a mistake? No; Siobhan knew it was his body in the morgue. Was he a ghost? Suddenly, Adam dashed towards her, as quickly as the Flash. Siobhan's heart jumped into her throat. She was close enough to smell him- an odd mixture of blood, damp earth and formaldehyde. Her stomach turned on its side. His pale freckled hand reached out to touch her. Fearfully, she shivered. For once, she didn't want him touching her. The next thing she knew, his hands were there on her bare arms; cold as death itself. She whimpered.

For a split second, he stared her, his evil eyes empty and unblinking. His teeth were stained crimson; was it blood? He kept his gaze locked upon hers while slowly running his wintry up and down her arms. Goosebumps broke out across her flesh; it was from fear or cold, she didn't know. Maybe it was both. Hot tears ran down her face, and waves of nausea rolled in her stomach. She used to love for him to touch her; now she wished he would stop. "Adam," she spoke, her voice trembling.

He ignored her. Siobhan sucked in a long breath when he moved one hand to her breast, stroking it gently. Adam had her pinned to the wall with his knee between her legs. Still trembling from head to toe, she struggled against his iron grip. As she did so, razor-like nails dug deeply into her skin.

"Are you scared?" Adam whispered, his hands slithering the lenght of her.

Pulse throbbing wildly, she whispered, "Yes. Please leave me alone. Please?"

For a few more seconds, he nuzzled his fast against her neck. She felt sharp teeth grazing her throat. Was he going to bite her? Saliva dripped onto her skin and his body trembled where it touched hers. A hot, hungry glint flashed in them. Siobhan wanted to look away, but she couldn't. "Adam! Stop. Please." She felt breathless, like she'd ran for miles. Bile rose in her throat. Abruptly, he whirled around and excited the apartment, moving quicker than anyone should have been able to.

Minutes passed. Unsure of what to do, she hugged herself tightly, crying. She looked around. Evidence of Adam's prescense was all about; the carnage on the floor, the bloody footprints, the dried blood on her arms. Reaching up, she touched her neck, rubbing the spit into a cold spot on her neck. She could still feel his clammy hands against her skin. Strangely, the only thoughts to fill her head was, I should clean up. But I can't. Suddenly very exhausted, Siobhan collapsed on the sofa. Wishing like hell it was all a nightmare, she drifted off to sleep.
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Chapter Four[/u]

ou look like shit," announced Lily the next morning. The two women were seated at the small round table in the kitchen, having breakfast.

"I just buried my boyfriend yesterday, Lily. I think that gives me a pass," yawned Siobhan. A boyfriend who was in my apartment last night. To distract herself, she took a swig of coffee.

"I love you, so I'll give you that one," chuckled Lily, absently twirling a strand of hair around her finger. "What was all of that...dirt and blood outside our door last night, anyway? When I came in, I was expecting to find you dead or something."

Siobhan bit her lip. A little before Lily came in, she had finally mustered the strenght to clean up. She hadn't bothered checking the hallway. "I don't know," she said, shrugging nonchalantly. "I...didn't go out."

"Really? Damn. You had to see it. It was so gross. Looked like some sick shit went down here." said Lily, shuddering. "It freaked me the hell out."

You know nothing about being freaked out, darling. thought Siobhan. "That's weird." Weird was the understatement of the year. She had tried chalking it up to an incredibly trippy dream- maybe Crystal was mixing mescaline with the weed again or she'd wanted to see Adam so badly, her mind conjured the image. But no; freaky as it had been, she knew it was real. Staying up way past dawn cleaning up the foul smelling vomit off the floor had definitely been real. A better question was...What the fuck was going on? Adam was supposed to be six feet under, so how had he been standing in her kitchen looking like a demented Jesus? And those eyes...she shuddered, remembering how cold and hungry they were, the way they glowed like a wolf's. How cold his hands were. She had taken a long hot shower, but she could still feel his clammy hands touching her...

Lily was still rambling on about something random. Siobhan forced a laugh and said, "That's crazy."

"Okay, you totally weren't listening to a word I said." Lily scowled and tossed a balled up napkin across the table at Siobhan, who swatted it away with ease.

"I totally was. Hung on to every word liek a stripper does to her pole."

"Yeah? Because 'that's crazy' was not an appropriate response to what I said. We all know that's the 'I'm blowing you off' answer."

"Lily, that response describes about 99% of what you say." replied Siobhan dryly, getting to her feet.

Lily chewed on her hair and grinned. "True. Where ya going?"

"To the cemetery," replied Siobhan, pushing in her chair.

"Seriously? The guy hasn't been buried twenty four hours. I doubt if he's even cold yet!" exclaimed Lily.

Oh he's cold. Frigid, actually. "I need to go. You know, just to see if its actually real...it feels like a trippy dream."

"I see. Do you need a lift?"

"No. I need to go alone. Think I'll take my bike out for a spin. Its been awhile."

Within the next hour, she was dressed and out the door. The sensations of the vibrations between her legs and the wind whipping through her short brown hair made Siobhan feel incredibly alive and free. Riding her Yamaha TW200 always helped take her mind off things, and today was no exception. At least until she sped through the iron gates of the graveyard. It wasn't that Siobhan was afraid of cemeteries; she visited her parents' graves often. No, she was afraid of what she just might find upon reaching Adam's grave.

Dead orange and yellow leaves crunched under the heel of Siobhan's boots as she walked through the rows of stately tombstones. It was easy to spot where Adam had been buried; he was the only one who didn't have a headstone. A green wooden marker with his name, date of birth and date of passing printed in gold ink was staked into the ground. A crow was sitting beside his grave, pecking at the dry graves. When she stepped over, the bird flew away and perched on the wide oak tree.

What is it with crows and cemeteries? thought Siobhan, kneeling down. Everything looked exactly the same as it had yesterday. The fresh pile of dirt that covered the grave was still neat. 'Kay...so there's no signs he rose Jesus Christ style from the grave. She felt only slightly relieved. The gravekeeper was only a few feet away from her. "Excuse me!" she called out, beckoning him over.

"Yes?" The older man turned around.

"Was there any strange activity around this grave last night? Was it ever uncovered? Was there an actual body inside?" Siobhan asked.

The man looked at her as if she'd lost her mind. "No, ma'am. I can safely say it wasn't. I covered it myself last night. And yes, a body is isn't. The coffins are sealed tightly."

"At what time?"

"I don't usually keep track, but I'ma say it was 'round three this mornin'." the gamekeeper responded, sounding slightly annoyed.

That left plenty of time for Adam to have come to her house. "Thank you," murmured Siobhan, getting to her feet. Confused, she hopped back onto her bike. She felt a little crazy- dead people didn't suddenly come back to life, and they certainly didn't come barging into your fridge. She knew all too well; countless times, she would wish her parents would come back to life. Especially when she was either in between foster homes, or when her late (and deranged) Aunt Jennifer was beating the living shit out of her to "rid her of the demons".

What other explanation was there to Adam's reappearance, though? Had his death been a complete mistake? Some kind of hoax? Was he in a federal witness protection programme? Or had last night simply been an illusion? Yes, the last was so much more tangible. She had been hitting the bottle pretty hard. And the weed had been some of the strongest she'd ever smoked. It was highly possible it had been her own sick all over the floor.

Yes. Yes. That was it. Siobhan told herself. I was messed up last night. I wanted to see him, so I imagined it all. He wasn't there. He's dead.

But there was a tiny part of her that hoped he was still alive, and wished he would visit her again...
Chapter Five

His hands gently caressed the smooth skin of her thighs. Sighing softly, Siobhan spread her legs wider, a silent invitation. His other hand was massaging her breast, tweaking her rosy nipples into hardness."Do you like that?" whispered Adam, his voice husky with lust.

Speechless, she nodded. Shivers shot down her spine as his hands slid up her body, resting at her hip. "I've missed you so much. I never thought they we'd be able...to do this again," she whispered, reaching out to stroke his cheek.

"I'm here now," replied Adam, moving back before her hand could connect. Smiling devishly, he leaned down and kissed her throat. Her pulse kicked up a notch. Beads of perspiration beaded at her brow. Slowly, he slid a finger inside of her, the pads of his thumb brushing her clit. "You're so wet. I want a taste." He moved lower. Without further ado, he slid his tongue over her clit, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

Siobhan gasped softly, her hips rising. His tongue slipped inside her pussy, cand he closed his mouth over her, sucking hard, the cold metal metal of his tongue ring creating a wonderful sensation. Tension rose in her gut, craving release. Electricity roiled through her body. "Oh, baby," she gasped, her slick walls contracting against his tongues. She tossed her head back, gripping the sheets in her clenched fists as she came hard. Her orgasm went on forever. When it was over, she lay back, spent, her deep brown eyes glazed over.

Adam tenderly smoothed her hair back and kissed her temple. "I love you," said Siobhan weakly. "You're amazing."

"So are you." he answered, nuzzling his head against her neck.

"Look at me, baby," she said. Siobhan loved gazing into his eyes as they made love. She loved seeing his white hot desire, the way his beautiful blue orbs darkened when he was turned on. Most importantly...the love she felt was mirrored in his eyes. It made her feel like she was the most beautiful woman in the world, like she was the only one he'd ever want.

"I'd rather be inside of you right now." replied Adam, before kissing her tit, his mouth cool against her heated flesh. "Don't you want that?"

"Yes. Of course." She longed to feel his thick cock inside of her, to be connected to him once more. To feel complete.

Head bowed, Adam positioned himself over her, his erection pressing against her inner thigh. Gripping the shaft in his hand, he guided it to her glistening pussy. Teasingly, he rubbed the engorged head against her slit, sending her into a frenzy, until she thought she would die. Finally, he plunged inside of her.

Sibohan screamed in pain. She didn't recall his dick being quite so large. Her walls stretched and burned around him, trying to accomodate his girth.

"Does it hurt?" asked Adam, his eyes shut tightly.

"Yes, but I'll get used to it. Ow...you're so big."

"I know. Isn't it just great?" grinned Adam. He grabbed her hips and tilted them back slightly, pulling out with an excruciating slowness, his nails pressing deeply into his skin.

Siobhan squirmed. The moonlight shone through her window, bathing the pitch dark room into a ghostly glow. Adam's face was still concealed in the shadows. Leaning down, he kissed her neck again and she shuddered. He slowly inserted himself into her once again. She felt every inch of his cock until he'd filled her to the hilt. The pain turned into a delicious friction, and she shut her eyes, as he began thrusting inside of her. "Fuck...that feels great," she panted, wrapping her legs around his back.

"You know what else feels great?" grunted Adam, his face scrunched up in pleasure.

"What?" asked Siobhan, panting. Excitedly, his cock twitched inside of her as he increased the pace of his thrusts, the bed squeaking in protest.

"This." Grinning, Adam leaned down; finally, Siobhan could see his eyes. She wished she hadn't. They glowed black, like the fiery depths of hell itself. A pair of sharp, white teeth glistened in the dark, saliva dripping from his mouth. Siobhan screamed; though not in pleasure or pain, but in fear. She tried to move, but realised her limbs were immobile. "Ssh, its okay." Instead of his light, musical tone of voice, he know sounded hungry, maybe even a little demonic. Her screams echoed around the room, mixed along with the soft sound of his laughter. He sank his teeth into her neck. Siobhan knew no more, as she felt the sting of his bite, then fell into a pit of darkness.
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Chapter Six

Siobhan woke the next day, sunlight streaming through the window. Weakly, she sat up, wincing at the soreness between her legs. Her head was pounding, and she felt like needles were being pricked in the backs of her eyes. She felt very drained.

What the hell was wrong with her? Then with a jolt of fear, last night’s events flooded back to her.

Adam had been here. In her bed. They’d had sex. At first she had thought it was just a dream. Until she realized she could feel his heavy weight upon her, feel him slide his big, hard cock inside of her. The scent of their combined musk lingered in the air.

Siobhan touched the still sore spot on her neck, where he had bitten her. She recalled feeling a prick of pain when his teeth penetrated her flesh, followed by an intense wave a pleasure. Then she’d fainted. Reaching over, she grabbed the handheld mirror on her nightstand. She held it up, examining her neck. There was a very faint red mark that looked like a hickey.

What in the name of fuckery is going on? she thought, frowning, Adam was alive- now there was no doubt about it. She hadn’t drank or smoked anything before going to bed last night, so she couldn’t chalk it up to another chemically induced hallucination. She wondered if he was a ghost…but ghosts weren’t solid, were they? And a better question was…how the hell had he gotten into her house?

Gathering her strength, the young woman got to her feet and checked the windows. They were locked from the inside, and there was opened just a tiny bit. There was no way he would have been able to fit through there. She made her way to the front of the apartment, and saw all of the windows were locked, and the door was deadbolted.

Crystal was sitting at the table, having a cup of coffee. “What are you doing?”

“Making sure everything’s locked…I heard a strange noise last night.” explained Siobhan, tightly wrapping her arms around her body.

“Yeah?” Crystal’s eyes widened in alarm. “Some strange shit’s been going down around here lately.”

You’re telling me. “Like what?”

“Murders. Have you seen the paper?” her sister asked.

Siobhan shook her head.

“Right. I forgot you died two weeks ago. Anyway, in Stamford, they found a dead woman in her apartment, She was naked in her bed. Someone broke in, possibly raped her, then killed her. Well, that’s what it seemed like initially. There was like…no sign of forced entry, and the victim didn’t appear to struggle against the assailant. They’re thinking it was a sex game gone wrong.” Crystal told her.

“How did she die?” questioned Siobhan.

“That’s another weird thing. She bled to death. Like, she was completely drained of blood, and there was a chunk ripped from her neck. Isn’t that some sick shit? People are in a tiff, claiming it was a vampire. I thought people quit believing that shit in the 1600’s. I blame it on Twilight.”

Vampires. A chunk ripped from the poor woman’s neck. Drained of blood. Siobhan touched her neck. “When…when did this happen?”

Crystal shrugged. “Yesterday, I think. I dunno. My co workers told me about it.”

Siobhan felt the colour drain from her face. It was so weird to think vampires could actually exist. Was that what Adam had become? And a thought even more disturbing was that…could he have possibly been involved with this case?

“Siobhan. You alright? You’re spacing.” said Crystal, her voice jolting Siobhan from her thoughts.

“Oh yeah. I’m fine. I was just thinking.” she answered.

“About Adam?” Crystal’s hazel eyes lit with compassion. She reached out and rested her hand on top of her sister’s.

“Yeah.” the brunette nodded. Briefly, she considered telling Crystal about the events of the past two nights. Crystal was the only living person she could trust unconditionally. Biologically, they weren’t sisters, but their bond ran deeper than one of blood. They’d met at the Fairfield County Home for Girls. Siobhan had been fourteen, Crystal sixteen. The two had been through a lot together, and Siobhan knew she could count on the other woman for anything. However, telling her that she’d had sex with her dearly departed lover last night went well out the usual realm of problems. Her sister would probably have her committed.

“I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. Especially after what that bitch said at the funeral.”

Actually, Siobhan hadn’t really thought about Janell Wheeler’s claim to have been with Adam before he died. She had been too preoccupied about his sudden rise from the grave. “That was fucked up. Why would she disrespect his funeral like that? And his family? And me?”

“’Cause she’s a cum guzzling bitch. The mind of a whore works differently from a normal person’s. I think it’s from all the blow jobs. I don’t know. But my offer to kick her ass still stands. Me and Kelly will drive pass her house, wait until she comes out, and freakin’ body that ho.” answered Crystal, her expression serious.

Siobhan couldn’t help but laugh, “I love you Crys. You’ve seriously put some thought into that, haven’t you? But don’t trouble yourself with it. Adam loved me. He was going to marry me. Janell was probably lying.”

“For her sake, I hope like hell she was.” Crystal yawned. “Shit. I’m tired. Work has been kicking my sorry ass lately.”

“That sucks. Do you have to work tonight?” asked Siobhan.

“Naw, thank God. Tonight I’m gonna go over to Kelly’s. Its been ages since we’ve had any alone time. I need to get laid. I’m so horny, I could probably hump a doorknob.” grinned Crystal.

Siobhan held up her hand and blushed. “Whoa, now. TMI.”

“Oops. I forgot you were a prude. On that note, I’m going to bed. I have to be beautiful for my lady tonight.” The older girl got to her feet.

“Sleep well.” Siobhan waved. A few minutes later, her mind wandered back to Adam and vampires. It all seemed so….purple. Being an avid fan of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer (as well as closet Twilight lover), she knew a little about the undead stalkers of the night. She knew they needed blood to survive. She knew direct sunlight was harmful to them…except for Edward Cullen, who freakin’ sparkled. But it was all Hollywood’s idea of vamps- and everything in Tinseltown was warped from reality.

Exasperated, she shook her head. She had quit believing in myths, folklore, fairytales, and Bible stories long ago. The young woman couldn’t believe she was actually entertaining the idea of vampires. But the pieces seemed to fit. She needed to find out more, so she retrieved her MacBook from her room and resumed her seat at the table. She fired the computer up, and entered “vampires” in the search engine. The first page read “2,390,000 web results for vampires”.

Good thing she didn’t have anything better to do this morning.

Settling into the wooden chair, she began to read. The first few hits provided quite a bit of interesting information about those who had been accused of vampirism in the 1300’s and later.

Anything that couldn’t be easily explained was attributed to vampires. In the 1300’s, “Black Fever” was believed to be caused by the undead, which of course was the bubonic plague. If an illness swept through a town, and affected many members of the same family, it was thought one of the relatives were bloodsuckers. In New England, this had been rampant. The most recent and famous case of such was that of nineteen year old Mercy Brown, who had died back in 1892, in Exeter, Rhode Island. Her family suffered a sequence of tuberculosis infections (or “consumption”, as it was then called) and her father, George Brown, had been persuaded to exhume his family’s bodies. The mother and sister were in the expected states of decomposition, but Mercy still had blood in her heart. George and the family physician cut it out of her chest, and burned it to ashes. The ashes for fed to the youngest son, Elwin, who had also fallen ill. They had hopd to cure his tuberculosis, but was unsuccessful; the boy died two months later.

Siobhan was astonished at how easily people believed such tall tales back then. The world seemed so naïve and afraid of anything different or unknown.

Another site told how those who were never seen in the day, those who had no appetite, or had pale skin and long nails were thought to be vampires. She frowned. Adam only appeared to her at night. She recalled how he’d tried to eat the Kung Pao chicken and immediately regurgitated it all over the floor…

In ancient times, a baby born with a caul, teeth or a tail was considered doomed to be one of the undead. As was the seventh son and anyone born out of wedlock, Siobhan laughed out loud at that one. If that were true, especially in this day and age, the human population would be grossly outnumbered by vampires. According to Slavic legend, red hair and blue eyes were the marks of a vampire. Adam was naturally ginger haired (yes, the curtains matched the drapes, the carpet and everything in between[/i], and had eyes bluer than the Southern California skies.

The next site explained about serial killers who behaved in vampiric ways. Once such was Countess Erezebet Bathory, who had tortured and killed hundreds of young women and bathed in their blood, believing it would retain her youth and beauty. Thank the Lord for Botox. And we thought people today went too far for beauty! Siobhan thought, scrolling down. Richard Trenton Chase was another serial killer in this category; he murdered and mutilated his victims before drinking their blood. He had been nicknamed “The Vampire of Sacremento”.

Siobhan was disturbed by this, as it reminded her of Adam’s murder. What the hell had his killer done with his heart? Or whomever the body she identified belonged to…

She sighed and shook her head and clicked on another site. She found the tales of how vampires were created very interesting. In the Chinese, Greek and Hebrew cultures, they believed those who lived sinful lives were likely to become one of the undead. Some cultures believed vamps were possessed by demons. She read one theory that stood out from the rest. It said vamps were not supernatural, but humans with a mutation in their DNA.

And of course, there were medical and scientific explanations. People who sufferered of acute anemia, which left its victims pale, and weakened led to assumptions of vampirism. The serial killer, Peter Kurten was affected by Renfield’s syndrome, the mental illness that made the victims obsessed with drinking blood from humans or animals. Catalepsy was a condition where the sufferers were temporarily paralysed; they could not speak or move, but they could see and hear just fine.

Siobhan shuddered at the thought of being buried alive, and made a mental note to write in her will that she would like to be buried a week after of her “death”.

Porphyria was a rare blood disease with symptoms nearly identical to vampire traits. People with this illness were unable to produce heme, an essential component of red blood cells. They were sensitive to sunlight, allergic to garlic and had tightened skin around the lips and gums, making their incisors more pronounced.

By the time she reached the third page, her brain felt like it was going to explode trying to process all the conflicting information. She shut the computer down and gazed out of the kitchen window.

Siobhan had no clue what to believe. The nightly visits, the biting, the resurrection and…those demonic eyes all seemed to fit the criteria of a vampire. Plus, Adam hadn’t exactly lived a reputable lifestyle (especially his frequent excessive indulges of street pharms and alcohol)…so there should have been little questions left.

Will he come back tonight? she wondered. Do I want him to? Last night had been wonderful…well, until he opted to go all scary-demon-from-hell on her ass. Before that, though, it had seemed like old times. Even better, actually. Siobhan sighed and ran her hand through her hair. She knew one thing for sure though: she had officially lost her damn mind.
Chapter Seven

Adam didn’t return the next night. Or the one after that. In fact, an entire week passed without any strange happenings. Once again, Siobhan began to believe it had all been one long acid trip. That, or she had been in an enchanted sleep, and the entire ordeal had been a dream. Or was it more like a nightmare? She couldn’t determine which. It didn’t matter, though; she wished it would have continued forever. A hundred years, in fact, just like in Sleeping Beauty.

The visuals had been a tease; it only made her miss him even more. She hadn’t known that was even possible. To get things back to some semblance of normal, Siobhan tried getting back into her usual routine. She returned to work the following week at Ink, the trendy tattoo parlor downtown Stamford.

Even being in the shop conjured memories of Adam. It had been where they’d met. Siobhan had just began working there as an intern, when he had breezed inside, inquiring about a new tattoo. The moment she had laid eyes on him, she felt like all of the air had left the room. He carried himself with such confidence; some may have even found him arrogant. Her nineteen year old heart had swooned.

“You’re back!”

A chipper voice jolted Siobhan from her memory. “Hello, Tim.” She said, politely.

Tim Urban was her co-worker, a young, handsome Texan. Tim was an art student at the University of Connecticut- Stamford. He had only began working at Ink about six months ago. She enjoyed his company; he had a light, fun personality, and a smile that could light the whole town. In addition to that, he was a great artist and had quite a large group of regulars.

“How have you been?” questioned Tim, his soulful brown eyes lighting up with concern.

Siobhan smiled weakly and shrugged. “As good as I can be, you know…:

“Yeah.” The young man nodded. “I’m very sorry about your loss.”

“Yes. I am, too.”

Awkwardly, Tim shoved his hands into the pockets of his brown cargo pants. “I’m sure you are. I just thought I’d let you know…if you need a shoulder to lean on or…someone to hang out with, I’m here for ya.”

Aww. “Thank you, Tim. That’s very sweet of you. I’ll definitely keep that in mind.” Replied Siobhan, her smile brightening.

“Great.” Tim smiled back and returned to his work station.
The rest of the day went by surprisingly fast. Siobhan barely had time to think about anything- she was far too busy to even rest. She closed the shop around nine. It was later than usual, but she’d had to finish a very detailed tattoo, which netted the shop a hefty amount of cash. All in all, it had been a good day, the best she’d had in weeks. She was exhausted; for the past week, she’d been staying up past midnight, wondering if Adam would return. Hoping.

She was fully aware of how ridiculous it was. The nights without him felt so long, so lonely. No, she and Adam didn’t spend every waking moment with each other-God knows, they would have killed each other if they had- but it was comforting knowing he was there. When she missed him, she could go over to his house, or call him. Now, she didn’t have those choices, and she felt it more than ever.

Her heart was heavy with grief. Maybe she hadn’t seen him at all; maybe they hadn’t made love. It had all been a kind of waking dream. She hadn’t wanted to accept his death, so her mind had simply conjured the image. Deep down, she knew that wasn’t true. Adam was out there somewhere, somehow. Why had he not come back? Had he began haunting Janell Wheeler?

She tried not to think about that. Instead, she thought about what his mother had said about him wanting to propose. They were supposed to get married, be together for an eternity. It was so upsetting how she was robbed of that. Siobhan and Adam had been together for three and a half years; that was not long enough at all. Often, she wondered how he would have proposed. Would he have gone all out and been incredibly romantic? Or would he have done it in his normal brisk, cooler-than-crushed-ice way?

Those were just more questions to add to her ever growing list of what if’s, could’ve been’s and maybe’s.

The cool night air whipped her face, making her tears feel like icicles rolling down her cheeks. A bolt of lightening struck across the inky sky, followed by a deafening roar of thunder. Rain began to pour from the sky as if someone poked a hole into a cloud.

Shivering, Siobhan picked up speed, cursing the shitty New England weather. Why couldn’t it wait at least ten minutes? When I’d be in my nice, warm home? Mother Nature is a slutbag.

The headlights of her motorcycle beamed on a dark shape a few feet ahead. She realized it was the blurry silhouette of a person. “Move!” she screeched, blowing the horn. “Get out of the way, asshole!” Siobhan swerved into the next lane to avoid hitting them. The roads were still slick from the earlier storm, and she lost control of her bike.

Panic seizing her, she gripped the handbrake furiously. The tires skidded to a halt- right as she smashed against the tree. She screamed as she was catapulted off the shoulder. Her body felt weightless as she cartwheeled through the air. I’m dying. It was her last thought as she smashed into a the trunk of an oak tree and ricocheted off some rocks. As her head hit, she heard the sickening sound of bones breaking.

“Are you okay?” A familiar voice asked.

Dazed with pain, she couldn’t answer; the salty scent of blood filled her nose. Was it her own? Looking up, she gazed into a pair of glowing blue eyes.

Then she saw nothing at all…
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