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PostSubject: Lovesick   Sat 03 Apr 2010, 1:00 pm

Hello all Smile Traci asked me to join this, so here I am haha This is my first attempt at a one shot and a Clarkwood fic. I hope you all like it Smile


Her eyes raced over the updated information on the arrivals to the airport. From Washington, from Washington, from Washington... Her heart began to beat a little faster and a huge smile spread across her face when she read "arrived" and "2:08 p.m." After taking a calming breath, Kelly walked to the area in front of the escalator. She tried her best to casually lean against one of the pillars as she watched the moving stairs disappear as they continually rotated.

A vibration coming from her pocket took her out a small trance she fell into while watching the escalator. Her hand dug for her phone as if she was about the miss the call. Kelly suppressed a giggle when the picture on her cell confirmed who was calling. "Hello?"

"Hey!" She could practically hear her smiling over the phone.

"Hey," she said, trying not to sound overly excited. "So, you're here?"

"I am. The plane is just taxing."

"Sounds good. I'll be at the bottom of the escalator when you come down to get your luggage." Kelly couldn't help but start to watch the people as the appeared from the top of the escalator to see if she was one of them.

"Great, I'll see you in a few."

Kelly smiled as she put her phone back into her pocket. Two years too long… she thought to herself. She could still remember reading Carrie's story four years ago. Kelly had immediately felt the emotion of her own struggle all over again as eyes raced over the girl’s losing fight. She knew that she needed to contact her in some way, and give her the inkling of hope that Kelly had needed at one time.


She sat forward on the seat as she watched the plane move towards where they would be exiting. Her hand clutched the phone that she had only seconds before flipped shut. Her knee began to shake as the plane slowed to a halt and the seat belt sign turned off. She looked around as people began to stand and take their luggage from the overhead compartment. Her stomach flipped as she stood and put her phone back into her pocket, realization hitting her that she was actually here.

Carrie watched each row empty as the passengers exited the plane to the terminal. When the people from the row in front of her began to file out, she quickly reached into the overhead compartment to grab her backpack. She carried it in her hand in front of her, not wanting to delay anyone by swinging it onto her back, before walking towards the front of the plane.

She smiled politely at the flight attendants before stepping onto the terminal. She walked to the side and put her backpack on before continuing. Carrie chewed nervously on her lip when she entered the airport, looking up to see where the arrow pointed for baggage claim. She veered to her right to one of the seats on the side. Taking out her hair tie, she ran her fingers through her blonde hair, and smoothed it into another loose ponytail. Her hands traveled over her hair once more to ensure no bumps were there.

Carrie realized how long her hair had gotten since the first time she and Kelly met two years ago. She remembered the anticipation and excitement of waiting for her in the Washington airport, the girl who had been her support, her rock. She couldn’t have thought of a better reason for them to meet than to participate in the walk near her hometown together, both in remission by that time.

She hadn’t wanted Kelly to leave after the week they had spent together, becoming even closer to each other. She wiped her hands against her jeans when she realized that her palms were sweaty. Carrie shook her head and snickered at herself as she continued to follows the arrows. No reason to be that nervous; this is my best friend, she thought to herself. Her feet subconsciously moved slower when she spotted the escalator.

As she stepped onto it, her hand clutched the railing as she descended and waited to be able to see faces at the bottom.


Kelly shifted from one foot to the other as she was too nervous to calmly stand still. Her hands were planted in her pockets as she watched various people descended the escalator and their faces brighten when they found the person in the crowd they knew.

There was a break in groups of people, and her eyes watched as each new face appeared. She saw smiles spread across their faces and their eyes fixed when they spotted who was there for them. Kelly wondered how her meeting with Carrie today would compare to two years ago. It would be a little different since Carrie was visiting her this time.

Kelly continued to look through the passengers. She spotted blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. She eyes traveled to the girl's face and realized it was Carrie. The sides of her mouth began to turn up as her eyes gazed over the blonde hair, admiring how long it had gotten. When they returned to Carrie's face, she realized the blonde was looking back at her. Kelly grinned as she saw recollection wash over Carrie's face.

Carrie smirked at her, trying her best to fight the grin emerging that would match Kelly's. She looked down for a moment with the excuse of getting close to the bottom and not wanting to trip. She let out of small, calming breath trying to stop the blush that was creeping up her cheeks before looking back up and meeting her eyes again.

Kelly stood still and brought her hands out of her pockets as Carrie approached her. She felt the urge to run the few feet left between them and meet Carrie, but her feet stayed planted.

Carrie's smile grew as the distance shortened between them, and she could get a closer look at the hazel eyed girl.

Kelly let out a small giggle as Carrie came within a foot of her. Her arms instinctively rose when she willed her feet to move to close the distance between them. She felt Carrie's arms wrapped around her back as she encircled Carrie's neck, immediately taken over by her scent.

As they hugged each other, Carrie was reminded of how Kelly fit nicely against her neck as she felt her warm breath from her giggling. Carrie's "hey" came out muffled as she was right against Kelly's face with their height difference. Kelly greeted her back as they squeezed each other a little tighter before pulling their heads back to look at each other.

Carrie took in the girl in front of her, her eyes traveling her face and hair, before their eyes connected. "Hey," Carrie said breathlessly, not being able to suppress her grin.

"Hey," Kelly replied matching her grin as she fought with her eyes to stay with the others instead of roaming the other girl's face.

Before she could help it, one of her hands came up and smoothed over Carrie's hair. "You look great."

Carrie smiled and wrapped her arms tighter around Kelly to pull her closer and into another hug, tempted to lift her from the ground. Her hand met with soft brown hair as it traveled upward, and she couldn't help but run her fingers through the few inches at her shoulders. "So do you," she said.

"How was your flight?" Kelly asked while they continued to embrace. She wasn't sure when it was appropriate to pull away completely, and didn't know if she wanted to.

"It was fine," Carrie told her as she rubbed her back with her hand as a subconscious thank you for caring. "Pretty quick when they break it into two flights." She chuckled as she pulled back to look at the brunette. She smirked when she was met with a smile.

"Should we go get your luggage?" Kelly asked as her hands traveled to her shoulders.

Carrie nodded and her thumbs stroked Kelly's sides where her hands slid to. "Yeah."

They stood there for a moment before moving. Carrie wasn't quite sure what to do, so she continued to smile at her.

Kelly squeezed Carrie's shoulders before slipping them down her arms and away. Carrie took is as a cue to bring her hands to herself as well, and they turned and walked towards baggage claim. Kelly's hands found her pockets once again as she fought the urge to take the hand of the girl next to her. Carrie had her thumbs in her pocket as they walked, leaving her hands on the outside of her jeans. Kelly removed her hands and accidentally brushed over Carrie's when they reached baggage claim #2.

"Sorry," Kelly said quickly as they stopped and waited for the bags to begin coming down the ramp.

Carrie glanced at her and smirked when she saw Kelly's cheeks getting pink. She reached over and took Kelly's hand in her own. "Thank you for picking me up."

Kelly took a calming breath, and hoped her palms weren't as sweaty as they felt. "Of course," she said. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Carrie broke into a grin and gave her hand a light squeeze as she thought about how true that was. She had felt taken care of by Kelly since the moment she read her message of hope. Carrie was taken aback by the concern of the other girl for a perfect stranger and at how quickly she felt comfortable opening up to Kelly. There was nothing corny about it; Kelly had simply wanted to be there for her. Carrie had wanted to meet her much sooner than the two years it had taken, especially when she had found out that she was cancer free. She remembered crying on the phone with Kelly, half relieved by the news, but still afraid that it would come back one day. Kelly had known exactly what to tell her because she had needed it during her own battle and recovery; encouraging words about overcoming it, putting all focus on how strong Carrie was and had been.

After recalling the memories, Carrie subconsciously leaned into Kelly as she described her luggage so both could spot it. Kelly glanced at her as she spoke and let her eyes roam her face once more while Carrie was distracted with watching for the luggage. Her memory from two years ago and various pictures since simply didn’t do this girl’s beauty any justice. Carrie caught her eye after describing the luggage, and Kelly simply smiled before turning her head towards the baggage claim.

After watching about twenty pieces travel around and pass them, Kelly spotted the black, rolling suitcase. "There it is," she said before letting go of her hand and stepping in front of Carrie, pulling the luggage to the ground.

"Sweet, thank you," Carrie said as she extended her arm to grab the handle. She looked at her questioningly when Kelly pulled it to the opposite side and out of her reach. She was met with a smile.

"I got it," Kelly said simply as she took Carrie's hand bank in her own.

Something told Carrie not to protest as they began walking towards the automatic doors at the front of the airport. So she settled with a thankful smile.

They stopped at the crossing outside, waiting for it to turn green for them. "So, do you think you have enough clothes in here for the next few days?" Kelly asked while looking at the rather large suitcase.

Carrie jokingly bumped her arm against Kelly's. "Shush you," she said through a laugh.

"I was just asking," Kelly said innocently, smirking at her.

"Are you saying that you packed less when you came to see me?" Carrie asked with a raised eyebrow.

Kelly shrugged as she glanced at the traffic light. "It's green."

Carrie looked at her confused when Kelly started to walk away with a smile on her face, but when she felt a pull on her hand, she walked quickly to get back into stride with her.

They stepped onto the sidewalk together and entered the lot where she assumed Kelly was parked. "You think you're pretty cute, don't you?" Carrie teased, looking at her.

"I don't know, do you?" Kelly bantered back, meeting her eye.

Carrie opened her mouth for a retort but sheepishly smiled and looked forward again.

Kelly did the same when she realized what she had said. She almost walked past her own car as her mind went over the short incident. "Here we are," she announced while letting go of Carrie’s hand and getting her keys out of her purse. Kelly unlocked the trunk and lifted the suitcase in it.

"Nice ride, Kel," Carrie said as she looked at it while Kelly closed the trunk.

Kelly only smiled at her while walking to the passenger door. She reached for the handle as she turned to face Carrie. She gripped it tightly, but didn't turn it as she contemplated what had been playing in her head since she got on the plane back to Los Angeles two years ago. Her eyes met the blonde's, and Kelly smiled at the calmness of the girl in front of her, trying to feed off from it.

Carrie wasn't sure the reason for the delay, but was more than willing to wait for Kelly. She reached out and took Kelly's free hand in her own, tangling their fingers.

Kelly felt her heart beat quicken as she felt Carrie’s fingers brush against her own. She studied the girl in front of her as she adjusted her hand to take a better hold hers, hoping it would increase her confidence. The longer she looked into her eyes, the more Kelly felt drawn to her. After letting go of the handle, she took a step forward and leaned upward, pressing their lips together.

Carrie’s eyebrows rose as she barely had a chance to react before Kelly pulled away. She could still feel the sensation of Kelly’s lips on her own.

Kelly quickly untangled their hands and looked down at the pavement. When she looked back up, Carrie was blushing. As she felt her cheeks start to burn as well, Kelly said softy, "I'm really glad you're here." She offered a nervous smile before quickly looking back down when she saw Carrie chew on her bottom lip. Kelly pulled on the handle to open the door for Carrie to get into the car.

Carrie watched her as Kelly's trembling hand came off of the door. Once Kelly took a step back, Carrie got into the car. She turned and offered a smile at Kelly as the other girl closed the door for her. In the few seconds that she was alone in the car, Carrie realized how fast her heart had began beating. The sound of the other door opening brought her out of her thoughts.

Kelly wasn't sure if she should wait to say something as she got into the car. Should I apologize to Carrie? She shut the door as she thought about the different options. Kelly didn't know how to read her since the girl had looked nervous after the kiss. Maybe I should just start the car and turn on some music. She stared through the windshield as she thought about how they had gotten too close to ignore something like this. She had to do something, anything, and then realized she hadn't even started the car.

Carrie watched Kelly as she put her purse down. As Kelly’s brows furrowed, Carrie tried to figure the right time to say something. She wasn't even sure where to begin. She looked Kelly over, her eyes roaming the girl's face as Kelly fiddled with her keys.

She shifted in her seat, trying to scoot herself closer to the driver's side. She leaned over the remaining space as she reached out and placed her hand on the side of Kelly's face that was away from her. Kelly turned to face her, and breathed in sharply when she was met with Carrie's lips pressing against her own.

Carrie smiled into the kiss when she heard the keys drop to the ground and felt Kelly's lips move against hers. She pressed forward, kissing her properly as she felt the softness of her lips between her own.

She let her other hand slide up Kelly's arm. She felt Kelly exhale into her mouth, and she moved her hand to her other cheek, cradling her face. As Carrie gave her a series of small kisses, she felt Kelly's hands encircle her wrists. She leaned into her, kissing her firmly, and felt Kelly's hands tighten.

Carrie pulled her head back to take a breath before the kiss got too heated. She smirked when she saw Kelly's hands continue to grip her wrists. The girl's eyes were still closed and her mouth parted. Carrie stroked her cheek with her thumb, and Kelly opened her eyes and licked her lips. She could feel the heat rising on Kelly's cheek.

"I'm really glad I'm here too," Carrie said as she looked into Kelly's eyes. She chuckled as she felt Kelly pull her closer, though it turned into a soft moan when Kelly kissed her confidently this time. Carrie matched it as she kissed her back, sliding her hands to Kelly's neck, one implanting into her hair.

Kelly’s hands went to Carrie’s shoulders, trying to get her as close to her as possible. She thought her heart was going to beat out of her chest when she felt Carrie’s tongue against her lips. She let her mouth open to deepen the kiss, feeling their tongues slide together. Kelly let one of her hands fall and grasp Carrie’s waist. She pushed forward into the kiss and pulled Carrie closer wanting to feel more of the girl against her.

Carrie removed her hand from Kelly’s neck and slipped it around her waist, earning a moan from the brunette. She let her other hand rub up and down her back as she slowed their kiss down, making each one last a bit longer rather than heated. She felt Kelly's hand gently cradle the back of her neck. She sighed contentedly into the kiss as Kelly’s thumb made small circles.

Kelly slowly pulled away from the kiss, but rested their foreheads together. She smiled when she felt Carrie’s accelerated breath against her lips knowing that hers was at the same pace. She hadn’t opened her eyes yet, and leaned in kissing Carrie softly once more.

Kelly opened her eyes when she felt a thumb against her bottom lip, still a little dazed. "Wow," she heard barely above a whisper. She saw Carrie staring at her lips, and she smirked before kissing the girl’s thumb. Carrie didn't think her heart could start beating any faster when it did. She grinned as she tilted Kelly’s head down and placed a slow kiss on her forehead.

Kelly’s hands traveled to Carrie’s hips, and rested there. She leaned her head against her seat as she gazed at Carrie with a serene smile on her lips. “You don’t know how…” she trailed off, letting out a small chuckle and shaking her head.

Carrie smiled at her, and pulled her into a hug, pressing her face against Kelly’s neck. She leaned up and kissed Kelly on the cheek. “Two years,” she said softly before kissing her on the cheek again.

When she pulled back, Carrie saw a huge grin on Kelly’s face. She couldn’t fight her grin either. “Do you want to get out of here?”

Kelly bit her lip and nodded, trying to keep her smile from growing. She pulled Carrie into another hug, feeling herself sigh happily against her. She pulled her head back and kissed Carrie quickly but firmly, knowing she needed to have her head on straight for the drive home.

Carrie watched as Kelly turned around to sit properly, and reached to get her seat belt on. She didn’t realize she was staring until she heard a soft giggle from Kelly. She smiled sheepishly turned in her seat to get her belt on. She felt a soft hand against her own, and she turned to see Kelly smiling at her.

Kelly picked up her keys off the ground and put them in the ignition, starting the car. She glanced over and saw Carrie staring out in front of her with a goofy smile on her face. Carrie looked at her with the same smile on her face. “What?” Kelly asked through a chuckle.

“I’m in L.A.,” Carrie grinned.

Kelly placed her hand over Carrie's as she smiled. “You’re in L.A.”

Carrie bit her lip to keep a squeal from escaping, but it didn’t work. Kelly laughed loudly at it, and gave her hand a quick squeeze before putting the car into reverse.
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welcome Christina, glad you decided to join us, FINALLY! wootwave
You did a great job with your first one shot, and this has all the makings for a piece of work that could very easily be continued someday. I enjoyed it immensely because it was written beautifully, so realistic and identifiable to what so many of us have felt at some point and time in our lives. Whether it be someone we are meeting for the very first time or someone we are reunited with after a period of time, the anticipation, longing and desire was captured accordingly. Great job to you , and since I hear Lone had her hand in this as well...congrats to you both on a job well done. You should be very proud. Now....when can we expect the next one? write notes up hug
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