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 Narration of the Heart

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PostSubject: Narration of the Heart   Sat 26 Dec 2009, 2:10 pm

Title: Narration of the Heart

Author: Voice in the Darkness

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own Chris Daughtry, Katharine McPhee, Kellie Pickler or Brett (Ace) Young. This story is purely the result of my imagination and should be read as such.

Summary: Tensions erupt when the tangled lives of four individuals from different backgrounds converge in the diverse metropolis of Los Angeles, California. They are brought together by a serendipity that forces them to acknowledge their essential connectedness and confront the one thing that unites us all … love.


The climate is mild and pleasant, welcoming views are large. Candidly a pair of inquisitive, dazzling orbs gaze out the window to an amiable horizon defined by snow capped mountain peaks, radiantly bright sunrises and spectacular sunsets that frequently bring tears to Brett Young’s appreciative hazel eyes. His long cherished dream and love of music carries this twenty six year old man of German, Irish ancestral background into the tranquil enhancing beauty that illuminates from deep within the heart of the Colorado Mountains. Here he is given the advantageous chance for a dignified and lucid parting, an opportunity to enjoy his native land as he enters the realms of fantasy. To escape regret and profound despair, and turn these strong desires into reality, sufficing a dream come true.

With vigor and energy this 6’1”, well built gentleman sits quietly, satisfied and happy, looking fixedly for hours at the vibrant rays of sun extending high above the clouds. This is an affirmation and friendly reminder to him that when he works energetically hard at something, there are no limitations. Even during the bleakest times when all likeliness of success is lost and unfavorable obstacles stand amidst. His courage and conscientious determination conquers all and there is no greater gift than to see his hopes and dreams revitalized.

One of the things Brett has always derived pleasure from throughout his life is music. Both listening to music and making it have always been a source of great satisfaction for this young man. Momentarily he closes his eyes and imagines the possibility of achieving this dream … the dream to become a famous American pop rock, rhythm and blues singer / songwriter. Night after night sequences of images appear. Fostering feelings of pride and looking exceptionally impressive he stands upon the stage creating a vivid positive mental picture of his performance. With the ability to feel humane and altruistic feelings this talented gentleman pours his heart and soul into every song he sings, telling a story to thousands of fans all across the globe. He stands proudly; tall with broad shoulders which extenuate his well-built body. Brett smiles at his fans as frantic young women pant and squeal breathlessly in lusty disbelief. This is an inexplicable feeling, letting him know just how badly he wants to feel such intense pleasure while performing.

Smart and poetic, he runs his calloused hands through his long wavy dark hair and with unhurried appreciation savors the moment. Next he reaches into his back denim jean pocket and retrieves his distinctive gray beanie cap and places it firmly atop his head, quickly pulling it down for added warmth. Here in the mountains Brett finds a quiet vulnerability that is luminous. Holding on to the belief that the window can open once more before closing forever he begins to hum the tune to “Father Figure.” Impeccably coiffed and outfitted, barely moving his lips he projects the full emotional depth of composure under siege, running through every emotion in the human spectrum. Music of the wind in the trees is satisfying to his senses, bringing forth a smile upon his chapped lips. It is during this particular moment as the clouds part that he is able to understand fully the significant meaning of his impressive gift and the remarkable skill he has to touch lives through is words.

Brett’s intellectual thoughts become heightened feelings, feelings become strong emotions, and emotions turn into brief utterances. Utilizing contrary motion, words begin to fill his mind. Beautifully composed and transformed into music. Soft melodies, rich harmonies, distinctive tunes. Melodious ones that touch lives and offer happiness, comfort and healing, bringing much joy and satisfaction to all. Captivated by the intrinsic quality of nature’s enhancing beauty meshing perfecting with his good voice he sits contently for quite some time composing a piece of music, perched on that prominent historical place of native legends, mountain men and tradition. A place where the Wild West is still very much alive and kicking. This is home … an endearing place where Brett Asa (Ace) Young comes to get away from it all. And this is what his heart always yearns for … a place where he can appreciate every day of his life, cherishing those he loves unconditionally, and remembering the small, yet meaningful details of his discernible wish; his desire to become the next American Idol.

A swirl of emotion floats in his eyes as a cool breeze envelopes his body. The sensations caress his flesh like an old, familiar lover. Brett closes his eyes, head tilts slightly back. The world around him brings him instantaneously to a deeper sense of peace. It is such a perfect day, he soon drifts off to peaceful slumber, oblivious to everything but the sensual feel of nature.

He dreams, and it feels so real; so real indeed that Brett does not want to wake himself from it. He slides further into the languid sensations of firm hands brushing gently up and down his arms, raising goose bumps on his heated flesh. With a deep exhale and mindless necessity, he sinks further into his fantasy, savoring each gentle caress upon his flesh. Aroused Brett awakens with sudden strong movement, feeling as if his ex lover’s presence is upon him. The sun is nearly gone from the sky and the air has cooled drastically, letting Brett know he has dozed longer than anticipated. Startled at the late hour he sits up and surveys his surroundings. “I’d better get home.”

Suddenly and solemnly his thoughts carry him back to her …they always do. Brett can feel his body tense, his eyes begin to water, as he struggles to regain his composure. “Why can’t I just put her out of my mind?” Every waking and non waking moment her presence is felt. Memories that will never be erased. Such strong, compassionate feelings. He wants her, he needs her, and will do whatever it takes to get back what he once had…no matter the cost. “Adelyn Fischer” Her name escapes his lips. A past love, a faded memory, a part of his life that will no longer never be. “Some things are just not meant to be….”


The view is a captivating sea of blue mountain peaks, bordered above the turquoise sky, disturbed only by a short blank of clouds at the horizon. The sun shines vibrantly through the clouded haze, illuminating much warmth on this pleasant day. Green foliage of trees runs along the edge of the pristine, bountiful waters, reflected in the rippling river as it snakes around the rocks.

Good natured and very appreciative of this tranquil atmosphere rests easy a young woman. With a nice disposition and a smile lighting her face, she savors the peaceful rural countryside. Priggishly this 5’1”, attractive blonde sits for hours, remaining lost in deep thought. Inquisitively sparkling hazel eyes gaze at her surroundings. Recollections of past scenes reminiscent of her childhood surface, opening up deep wounds, then gradually fade to black. Tears well in her eyes at the memories. Secretively silent and unwilling to talk about her feelings, she hastily writes poignant and deeply; adding personal words to her journal; revealing the details of her earliest years.

Vigorously she inhales, and then exhales, taking yet another deep one shuddering breath as the clouds begin to cast shadows on the mountainous terrain below. Farms and crossroad communities, punctuated by opulent plantations serve as a constant reminder of a turbulent time, far long ago. Angst ridden, this southern country bumpkin’s weary eyes grow tired and her eyelids slowly begin to shut. Listening closely she hears the river calling, putting the sun to bed at the end of another delightful day.

Despite living amid a relaxed pace of life and being exceptionally proud of her heritage and land, life is anything but easy growing up in Albemarle, North Carolina. Especially when you are a nineteen year old, roller-skating waitress and aspiring songwriter/performer who is struggling to put a troublesome past behind. A raw, emotional past that has haunted Kellie Dawn Pickler since she was two years old; the day her mother, Cynthia Malone-Pickler made that crucial decision to abandon her daughter. Even as darkness surrounds her she can feel her mother’s presence; forbidden to remember, terrified to forget. Leaving a void in her life and a hole in her heart that has yet to heal.

Not displaying any concern and incapable of assuming responsibility, Kellie’s estranged father, Clyde “Bo” Raymond Pickler, Jr. has been in and out prison his daughter’s entire life. Prone to exaggerate the seriousness of his crimes; (they range from drug and alcohol abuse, aggravated assault and battery to larceny) his stories are shared by a raconteur with warmth and cheeky charm. The only stability Kellie’s ever known has come from her grandparents, Clyde Sr. and Faye who stepped out of the shadows and became Kellie‘s Mom, Dad and best friends. Through the years they brought love and laughter into her life and her heart began to thaw like spring snow.

Kellie Dawn has spent much of her life building walls, to keep herself safe. Very seldom does she allow people to see the “real” Kellie Dawn Pickler. The frightened little girl who keeps herself hidden from the world, the one who tries so desperately to protect herself from being hurt. Again, it is much easier this way. Despite the trials and tribulations of her painful past, Kellie has never stopped dreaming. Because when you stop dreaming, you stop living. “If grinding poverty was Dolly's cross to bear as a child, then being a motherless child and a father who was in and out of prison was mine. I've seen my whole family struggle — with money, with relationships, with alcohol…” she said aloud, “There must be a better way.”

Repetitively Kellie has had the same reoccurring dream since she was a little girl. “I’m not sure how I will go from small town Carolina girl to big time country star overnight, but I will go deep into the roots of country music…despite my painful past.” These dreams are pivotal to the evolvement of Kellie Dawn’s music career. Music and laughter is how this fiery, fair haired and light skinned young woman deals with everything. “I’d much rather laugh myself silly in the face of adversity than cry about it.”

With her vibrant vocals, boundless energy, bubbly eccentric personality and refreshing honesty, Kellie yearns with a persistent strong desire to chase her ambitious dreams; the hope of success. To find strength and inspiration through her music which allows her dreams to take root as she reflects on her past. “What I’m learning is that no dream is too big. You can let things bring you down, or you can use them to make you stronger. I want to be the one who uses everything that happens to me as fuel, to get me where I need to go.” Kellie meditates calmly and seriously on these words, letting them stimulate her thoughts. This is her passion, her desire; music is her best friend. Performing her songs is the one thing she is good at and does unaided, something she can always fallback upon, and the one thing that no one can ever take away from her.

Symbolically and intellectually profound, Kellie inadvertently exposes the darker side of her character. As her distinctive qualities surface the blonde conveys meaning, making her reasoning power, thoughts and feelings known to others. And so, her deepest darkest emotions are expressed. Her artistry gift of music is safe and it cannot hurt her, renounce or abandon her, nor utterly break her down like so many things in life do.

“You can’t give up on your dreams because sometimes, that’s all you have. Always give yourself the benefit of the doubt, Pickles.” her beloved Grandmother advised. The dream Kellie has inside her music is to revolutionize the culture, to change people’s hearts. The real Kellie Dawn Pickler will become more real to all and the pure essence of her heart will be portrayed more vividly for everyone to know. And the underlying passion that she speaks of will start to unveil through her very own healing.

Mother Teresa said it best, “Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand”. She also said, “We don’t have to do great extraordinary acts but just do small acts with great love.” This is where Kellie Dawn Pickler’s gift of music comes in.

“There is no denying sweetheart that you’ve endured much pain in your life, but if you can go out there and make a difference through your music, it will make all your hardships more bearable.” Said Grandfather Clyde. “So go out there and let your words reach out and heal the hearts of children and families who have been touched by poverty, broken homes and shattered dreams. Touch one heart, one soul, one life …” Added Faye Pickler. Wise words that have remained with Kellie Dawn since the day they were spoken so profoundly, with much love and admiration.

Night is falling fast, and already the twinkling of the evening’s starlight is daring to greet her. Suddenly and intensely memories of that cold autumn day in late October flood her mind; a time when everything seemed so perfect. Before fate stepped in, stripping her of everything that once meant so much, leaving her cold, empty, alone, and facing the biggest struggle of her life. She has never known this kind of heart wrenching pain. Her heart is obliterated and these feelings she does not like. No longer can she push them to the back of her mind, opting to hide behind the mask of a person who pretends to feel but in actuality doesn’t. “I must close the flood gates, dry my tears, and move on. But how….”

Kellie feels a vast array of uncertainty as she thinks about her journey. One that took her where she came from to where she is today. How far will she go to beat the odds, digging down deep, holding onto dreams and testimony to the enduring power one person’s love can have. “There’s a difference in running from your problems and overcoming them.” Will she summon the courage? Is Kellie Dawn Pickler’s faith, love and passion enough to triumph over what could have easily been her destiny?


Bright lights overwhelm the big city; nightlife dominates. The sun sets at nightfall, granting a dark sky, cluttered with a vast array of twinkling stars. The Big Dipper is to the north and millions of other stars twinkle, filling the remaining space of the heavens. Los Angeles, California is the entertainment capital of the world, and the streets of Hollywood often feel like the world’s biggest reality show. But the city also sits squarely at the center of many global enterprises; including the fashion industry, culinary arts, international trade, science, medicine, technology, and visual and performing arts. The United States' second largest city, Los Angeles is also one of its most diverse. In this city that never sleeps, with its blinding lights are a plethora of sun, shopping and sightseeing.

From beachfront properties and hillside estates to modern lofts and artfully restored bungalows in tree-shaded neighborhoods, growing up in Sherman Oaks, California; the nicest most prestigious part of Southern California is every girl’s dream. Especially when you are a 22 year old, drop dead gorgeous brunette who is majoring in musical theater, while also focusing on an acting career. You are the scion of an acclaimed show business family: your mother, Peisha, is a respected voice teacher and celebrated cabaret singer who recently opened a new studio in Manhattan. Your father, Daniel, is a television and film producer, and sister, sultry Adriana Burch McPhee recently returned from sold out shows in Paris where she shared the stage with legendary cabaret artist Julie Wilson. You are dating 41 year old, Broadway performer, Nick Cokas, who you met while performing in the musical “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” in Hollywood. Your union began as a friendship and blossomed into something very special.

As perfect as your life seems, every single night you find yourself staring at four walls, tears streaming down your face, haunted by forbidden secrets, and demons within. Very few people know the “real you”, the Katharine Hope McPhee who struggled with dyslexia, bulimia, and a childhood fear of your own father. “Those years and experiences in my life are the foundation for the years to come.” The 5’7” young woman of Irish, Scottish and German descent reminds herself.

You have the best of both worlds, yet crave more. Born into a family like this, where success is present everywhere you turn, how can you ever live up to their high expectations? You have no one to talk to, no where to turn. There is no room for failure; it is not an option, and will not be tolerated. You spend long days and cold lonely nights walking in the shadow of someone else’s footsteps. You no longer want to be referred to as “Peisha’s daughter”, “Daddy’s little girl”, or “Nick’s girlfriend”. You have a name! Katharine Hope McPhee utters a few choice epithets as she longs for the perfect opportunity to break away and be free, to be somebody and make a name for herself.

There are many sides to your talents as an interpreter and songwriter, and your lifelong wish is to show everyone just how special you are. Your passion, desire and childhood dream has always been to get married someday, raise a family and become a successful American pop singer, actress, model and television personality. Most importantly to feel a sense of pride, success and accomplishment; knowing you did it without help from others.

You love older men and each experience you grow with and learn from. But deep down inside you know and understand now that you have a strong desire for more. This yearning is tinged with sadness. The intimate, romantic things are no longer adequate. Fictitious extravagant and glamorizing gestures only last so long. The verifiable fact is … authentic words, heightened feelings and intellectual thoughts are what matter most; these are what carry into people’s hearts forever. What will you be left standing with when the intimacy wears off?

Your philosophical mind is always tangling with your emotions. Seldom do you really know what you want. You have strong desires you can’t measure and look to others to point you in the direction of contentment. It feels like a no win situation because contentment can only come from within. Oftentimes you have this fable idea that men know what you want and just hide it from you. The truth is…want cannot be satisfied. You can and do attain for a moment but another want takes its place. The only true fulfillment you can offer to another is understanding and patience. Communication is a strong value to you, yet honesty is only a possession of its owner. It isn’t a tangible thing one receives from another. Perhaps you are not truly aware of all the dynamics at play in your current relationship. Unconscious processes are powerful, but enigmatic.

You find yourself having foolishly fallen for the illusion of love; breaking the rules of truth and wondering why you are suffering. Katharine Hope looks into the glistening shine of the twinkling stars, the fresh breeze of air coming from the window. Sliding over to her side to get a better view, thoughts of Nicholas pop in her head; suddenly leaving her with more questions, and so very few answers.

“Where is the one who wants my nurturing fingertips, loving lips, protective arms …forever and always? Is Nick that man?”

Saying these words aloud admittedly catch the inquisitive brunette off guard. “Nick provokes fear, and hunger and desire.” Her proverbial expression changes. Warring with each other, a look of apprehension and bewilderment appear in Katharine’s solemn brown eyes. As she opens her heart, exposing her soul, she claims to seek happiness; yet absent-mindedly continues to have doubts about her current relationship with Nick Cokas. Pondering many things, Kat shies away in fear, when she is just one step away. Therefore this leaves her continuously wanting more …she always wants more. Mind and body sated, her essential character very strongly desires a solid foundation, something to fall back upon.

Singing and acting is where her heart is. All her life that’s all she’s ever wanted to do. Every night the brunette closes her eyes as an imagined sequence of events enter her mind. Full of life, she stands proudly on stage, delirious with joy as she performs her debut CD for thousands of screaming fans. “This is every girl’s dream come true.”

“Wow, this life would be so, so perfect”, her mind imagines.

Now is the time for Kat McPhee to assess her life and dreams for the future. Throughout all past time she has been depended upon to be emotionally resilient for everyone else. “But when I fall, there is certainly not anyone to catch me!” Devoid of vitality, the brunette exclaims in dissatisfaction. “Nothing but another…” All emphasis is placed upon the word ‘another’, indicating her magnitude of difficulty while speaking. “Just damn empty promises…shattered dreams…” Trembling, her voice resonates unsteadiness and tears begin to fall. “And …and a…multitude of lies.” It pains Kat to hear these words spoken aloud. Her bloodshot eyes sweep around the room as her left hand gently brushes across her eyes, wiping away her fallen tears. “One …one after another.” Pitiable and deeply overwhelmed by a feeling of existentialist dread, the saddened brunette stifles a sob and soon succumbs to sleep.

Unfortunately a life of severe mental anguish and physical pain is one Katharine Hope McPhee is impertinently all too acquainted with. Will the scenario of becoming the next American Idol enter the realm of idealized existence and erase these dormant feelings of uneasiness? Otherwise being the one contingent thing that will cultivate her interest in music, granting the stunning brunette a long successful career? Along with the path to freedom and independence will she take advantage of the perfect opportunity to unburden herself of restricted exasperation, caused by thwarted goals and unfulfilled desires? Or will her unpleasant feelings of anxiety and apprehension of the unknown cause Katharine to flee loyal commitments, tender love and affection and reality? An ambitious dream or a synthetic vision…one lingers; the other is just a myth of the imagination. “Which is which? And which am I?” Katharine’s inquiring mind wants to know.


A vast landscape, glistening jewels of light, snowflakes fall conjuring winter across the ridge. Snow lies in thick layers on evergreens and coats the bare branches of deciduous trees. Every twig is outlined in white. Smoke rises from chimneys, gently billowing from thousands of homes on Christmas morning. All is silent.

A small boy rouses and climbs out of bed. From atop the stairs, decorated with beautiful garland, he stands. With very inquisitive bright brown eyes, alive and moving dreamily he slowly creeps down the stairs to see if Santa has come. His smile grows with each movement. With eyes wide open in amazement he looks fixedly around the room. Large boxes, pretty Christmas wrap with bows are piled neatly under the decorated tree. Lights twinkle and glow in the early morning light and the four year old boy momentarily stands admiring how fascinating it is. His brown orbs flicker open and then close as his delightful eyes search indistinctly for that one special gift to open.. Christopher Adam Daughtry loves Christmas!

Excitedly the little boy runs his fingers through his dark brown hair and rubs his eyes. A fleeting glimpse of something from behind the mound of packages catches his attention. His initial reaction is that he’s dreaming, therefore he pinches his olive skin toned cheek to make sure he isn’t. “I’m not dreamin!” Christopher cannot help but be smitten. The living room grows very still and for a brief moment the only sound is his heartbeat and tiny breaths. This young boy beams proudly and leans forward, his eyes lighting up.

Amidst a wooden train set, some books and hot wheels is his very own acoustic guitar, with a nylon gig bag and extra strings. Everything Christopher Adam needs to get started playing. “This is the best Christmas present….ever!” He shrieks with amazement and wakes up his parents, Pete and Sandra, who then come downstairs to join their son.

Years later ……

His left hand clutches the guitar that was placed in his hands as a young child, his right runs swiftly through his nicely styled goatee. Staring fixedly at this memento, this man acknowledges that he is destined to become a famous rock star someday. Music is in his blood. It is this handsome 5’8” bald headed gentleman’s lifelong passion, his ultimate desire and childhood dream. The wish of 29 year old Christopher Adam Daughtry.

Born in Roanoke Rapids, Chris now resides in McLeansville, North Carolina with his wife, Deanna, 8 year old step-daughter, Hannah Price, and 6 year old adopted son, Griffin.

At the age of 16, Chris began taking singing seriously as a professional musician and became a popular performer with other rock bands during his time in high school. He was depicted as a young rocker with southern hard rock influence. Also a gifted artist, he loves to draw and paint in his free time. But deep down inside it is music; playing his guitar and singing, that brings this rocker the most joy, the most satisfaction, fulfilling every waking hour. A fan of rock music, Chris knows his destiny; to be lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, on stage, performing with the very best.

Chris’ well tuned heart, values life and knowledge the most. A tenacious man, he is highly motivated by knowing he has lived to the utmost of his ability. Committed by an inner need to do the right thing most of the time, the wrong only when absolutely necessary, and always for a greater good which is usually the good of his family. Chris Daughtry’s greatest asset is being able to enjoy himself no matter what his circumstances are, and his ability to supply his family and friends with truly meaningful things that no amount of money could ever buy. Chris truly believes he has already exploited all his gifts, yet does keep hidden away wisdom others may value. With great significance this southern gentleman’s vision for his life is to see his home full of love and laughter. “This always makes the holidays seem sweeter and the new year brighter!”

And when he eventually leaves this Earth, that the places, things and people whose lives he’s touched are at least no worse off, and hopefully a little better, for him having been here. Whether any of these things make Christopher Adam Daughtry impressive to anyone isn’t really an issue for the 29 year old because these qualities make him attractive to himself.

Unquestionably there are still times in Chris Daughtry’s life where his feelings run low, his insecurities begin to take control, as he fights desperately to regain balance. Always giving his best, the determined rocker rides the roads, hills, valleys and speed-bumps of life with optimism. Because there is no finer ride than life with his most prized gift ….Deanna and his kids. “Life is not perfect, but, when God gave these three to me, it sure felt that way!”

“Home life is awesome, and these are the best days of my life“. Standing at the window,
the silhouette of a man grins cheekily as he stares intently at Griffin and Hannah. Chris’ kids are playing with Chloe, the toy poodle, and Harlow, the Shi Tzu. “They are the sweetest and cutest kids ever … and the dogs …well my little girls are pretty cute too!” Exclaims this proud father.

Chris thinks about his upcoming journey; the manifestation of his dreams. A divine experience that will surely take him from innocence to the role of a mature southern gentleman with a successful career behind him. He quickly loses himself in deep thought. “My family…especially Dee, Grif and Hannah keep me alive and well in this journey we call life.” He pauses momentarily, overcome by emotion. “They … they keep me going…inspired to do what I love.” A deep blush starts to warm Chris‘ face as he smiles proudly. “Together with them, I …I feel like I can do anything. And as silly as it sounds, my kids make me feel like a super hero.”

Torn between his family and career, this is a matter for serious thought. He thinks about a past mistake, a very big painful one and bows his head in shame. “Chris listen to me.” Deanna’s voice breaks his reverie. “I can’t allow you to throw away this once in a lifetime chance.” He looks up and smiles, staring passionately into his wife’s warm brown eyes. Orbs that sparkle with compassion and understanding for the love of her life. Oh baby, if you only knew what I’ve done. His eyes begin to water as he fights to regain his composure. “It’s been your dream for so, so long baby.” Showing an upright and virtuous character, Deanna persuades gently. “Chris, you’ve given so much to the kids and I. Now its your turn…your time to shine, to chase your dreams.”

Somehow in the back of his mind, he never really did let the dream die. “Dee, my place is here with you and our kids.“

“And we’ll be right here when you come home sweetheart.” Imparted, Chris listens to his wife’s soft spoken voice and is deeply touched by her generous disposition. He smiles and looks down as an awkward silence ensues, filling the space between them with a tension that is almost electric. A short while later, shyly grinning at his wife and with the sincerest eyes, meticulously Chris responds. “You’re always very good to me.”

“Because I love you. Griffin and Hannah love you too. And we’re very, very proud of you, Chris.”

“I’ll go, but only if your sure about this, baby?” he said in an inquisitive tone. Deeana smiles at Chris with a huge toothy grin. Her deep hazel eyes met his once again. “I’m sure, 110%. I believe in you, and us. We can weather any storm baby. We’ll make it through this time.” With good merit Chris reluctantly admits and accepts pursuing his dreams and striving to gain success in the music industry … but this means one thing. Life on the road … the band traveling from place to place, spending countless, tiring days and cold lonely nights away from the people who matter most. His wife and kids. Three individuals he lives for. The ones who give hope, grant unconditional love and inspiration, and bestow intimacy and desire. Diverse attributes that allow Chris an ample opportunity to change and grow; becoming the best man, husband, father and successful musician he can possibly be. A wish that pushes him into the future; days full of many prosperous opportunities, yet many unanswered questions.

Chris sits quietly, his mind whirling with questions and possibilities. His heart is racing. He starts to wonder what the future could be like as he stares at tendrils of smoke drifting upward from the glowing ember of his cigarette and contemplates this last point with much thought. Our days are filled with more tension and bickering than normal. Maybe some time away will do us both some good. Lighting a second smoke, Chris sits back and reflects on his infidelity. Why can’t I just forget and put this behind me. Continuing to ponder his future, Chris’ thoughts incessantly become more tedious, causing him to grumble in frustration. “Please Chris!” Deanna’s voice intones deeply. “Don’t make me beg.“ she said, with a playful lilt in her voice. Chris’ smile widens as he nods. He didn’t realize he was leaning closer to her until he felt her quickening breath against his lips. “Okay baby.“ He takes her lips in a passionate kiss, wrapping his arms around her tightly. Please and contented with her words, he opts to put his wife’s mind at ease. He smiles diligently. “Okay…okay, I’ll do it. If Bo Bice can do it, Christopher Adam Daughtry can surely rock Los Angeles and become the next American Idol.”

These words bring a smile to his face, but in the back of his mind troubling questions continue to flirt with uncertainty. “Will time away from my family strengthen this bond as our love deepens? Or will it be the one thing to intensify and destroy my past; leading me down the road of eternal loneliness?”


Here we have four very distinctive individuals from different backgrounds; all sharing one common interest … their love of music. Seconds, hours, moments lasting forever; with spirited determination they dream. Vigorous dreams filled with overpowering emotions, each wishing strongly to hold on to and cherish this once in a lifetime opportunity as their quest to audition for American Idol is about to begin.

In the very back of their minds each aspiring singer considers carefully the uncertainty as personal demons living within meshes with their ambitious dreams. Each had once signaled such tensile strength, and inherent temperament, yet now seem lodged in a foundation of weakness and irrational fears. Caustic forces leave the four feeling at times as if they’ve somehow, someway lost their way. Each question whether their chances are already gone. Every breath they take makes it that much harder to have confidence in their range of ability. Yet something deep down in the very essence of their souls rejuvenates their ambitions, revitalizes their hearts and minds, giving them the ability to think clearly and coherently. This gives them a good reason to make a strenuous effort to fight, to hold on, and to never walk away from the childhood dreams that once meant so much.

Every step of the way, Ace, Kellie, Katharine and Chris will undoubtedly be challenged, forced to climb another mountain, confront and ascend obstacles that will question their faith and test their commitment. Each step forward, as hard as it may be, will offer opportunities to satisfy their ambitions, bringing forth much harmony and contentment. So intense are these feelings of success; defying indescribable joy.

When darkness falls and the four writhe to escape renouncement, will they be emotionally resilient and overcome these feelings? And strive towards ultimate joy? Or will they succumb to the mounting pressures? Will the urgency, powerful and stressful demands lead to temptation and evil desires? Or will they embrace their passion and loyalty to music while fostering relationships that bring forth hope, confidence and courage? Is becoming the next American Idol worth the sacrifices? Will they sit back and dream from afar? Will they be physically and emotionally powerful enough to endure the pain? Able to weather the hurricane? Or will they succumb to darkness; frightened and apprehensive as they face their fears, insecurities, and the unknown of what tomorrow may bring? For some there may be no tomorrow, for today is all we have. Today is the day each aspiring artist must leave their vulnerabilities behind them. They must summon the strength and courage, realize there are no boundaries, above and beyond, because nothing is standing between them and their dreams.

In the days to come you will see how these four lives are entwined, so different, yet alike in many ways. As they live life, seeking happiness and fulfillment, they follow their hearts, their dreams, no matter the cost. Almost certainly tensions will erupt when their tangled lives converge in the diverse metropolis. They are brought together by a serendipity that forces them to acknowledge their essential connectednessand confront the one thing that unites us all … love.

Destined to dream and believe, their quest to become the next American Idol begins.
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Narration of the Heart
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