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 Human Nature

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PostSubject: Human Nature   Sun 13 Dec 2009, 4:17 am

Title: Human Nature
Rating: Read the forum title, honey.
Genre: Erotica/Romance/Fan fiction
Characters: Adam Lambert, Carly Smithson and Michael Johns.
Summary: Three people break the boundaries of sexual orientation and gender to seek both love and pleasure.
Disclaimer: I do not own neither the Michael Jackson song or respective characters. If I owned any of them, they'd be with me instead. Smile
Author's Note: This was originally slated to be a one shot, but ran a little long, so I will post part two soon. If you're reading...please comment and let me know if you enjoy it. Thanks!! <3

Human Nature

"What a crowd we had tonight," murmured Carly Smithson, gazing at her reflection in the mirror.

"Wasn't it absolutely fierce?" agreed her best friend and Adam Lambert, removing his green wig and placing it on the wig stand.

"I love this time of year." Carly sat in the director's style chair and began removing her heavy blue eye shadow.

Every Labor Day weekend, the Southern Decadence Festival (also known as Gay Mardi Gras) took place in New Orleans' French Quarter. It was the city's second largest event, and gays, lesbians and transgenders from all around the world attended. Tonight, the two had performed in front of a sold out crowd at Rainblow. Together, they formed a cover group called the Dick Chicks. Adam took on the alias of "Madame Glambert", and dressed in full drag. Carly's role in the band was much simpler; she performed under the alias of Passion, and dressed as a dominatrix. Still, the dynamic between them were amazing. They had such chemistry on stage together; they put on an amazing show.

"Me too." Adam plopped down in the chair and kicked off his skyscraper platform boots. "My feet are killing me. God. I need to be massaged by a nice, strapping young man." He complained, turning to look into the mirror.

Carly laughed. "Being beautiful isn't painless, darling." She smirked. "I'd easily give you a massage...I'm young and strapping...and if I bring out my strap on...I could be a man."

Adam looked at her under his layers of fake eyelashes and sparkly mascara. He laughed. "You never give up, do you?"

Carly shook her head, her long rave coloured hair fanning as she did so. "No, I don't. When I have my eye on something...you know I don't give up easily." This was true. Over the past couple weeks, she'd developed a strange attraction towards the man. They had been friends for five years. In fact, they'd met at this exact event. They were both flirtatious individuals who often touched each other in passing, even shared a few innocent make out sessions after drinking far too much. She was fully aware of Adam's sexuality, of course. Still, it didn't stop her from lusting after him. He was a very beautiful man; pale skin, a straight nose, clear, deep set blue eyes, fringed with naturally long lashes. His easy going charisma and confidence gained him attention everywhere he went, from males and females alike.

Adam just laughed and shook his head in response. She shot him a saucy look. Keeping her eyes firmly locked onto his, Carly slowly pulled off her tiny black tank top. Her breasts sprang free. They were full and perky, with big, pink nipples that jutted out, asking to be drawn into a hot, wanting mouth and be sucked. His eyes lingered on them for a few hot, long seconds, but he tore them away. "Tease. Now, why don't you try and find someone else to go and fuck? You've got boys and girls lining up for you."

Carly sighed. "I know. And...I'm definitely up for a good fuck. But they're all so...desperate. I'm getting a little bored with it." She tugged off her red fishnet stockings. "No, I want someone who can challenge me. Satisfy me. It’s so hard finding good cock these days." She finished undressing.

Now she was standing there, in just a pair of thin red lace thong. It fit snugly between her firm thighs, and he could see the outline of her bald pussy. "Yeah, you're telling me," he snorted, quickly looking away.

"Which is why it’s time to try something different, A. Duh." Carly smiled at him.

"I tried the vajayjay once, sweetie. It was a disaster...if anything, that one experience cemented the fact that I am a lover of the dick." answered Adam, carefully removing each false eyelash.

"That was once. And I can assure you...my vagina is clean. I make sure to wash it every night."

"Thank God. I would hope so."

"You mean to tell me...that you haven't even once...thought about what it would be like to bury your cock into a tight, hot pussy? You never fantasised about holding a nice set of tits in your hands and playing with them?" inquired Carly, her voice low and seductive.

A chill shot down his spine at the bisexual woman's dirty words. Images filled his mind and he shut his eyes briefly before fluttering them open. "I have. Yes. But you know, only in passing. I've wondered briefly what it would feel like..." admitted Adam.

Carly smiled smugly. "You know, a cock doesn't know gender...neither does a cunt. All it knows is feeling. The owner of the cock might care...but the cock itself...does not." she continued.

"I dunno if that's true." argued Adam, though Carly could see a hint of curiosity in his eyes. "I mean...part of being turned on, at least for me, is the visual. You're bi, Carly and I'm simply gay. There's a difference."

"Is there, though? Sexuality isn't that rigid." she went on.

Adam sighed. "You are so not gonna drop this, are you?"

"Nope. You know me well enough by now." she laughed, leaning over to kiss him on the cheek, her boobs pressing against his bare arms.

Tiny sparks shot down his spine at the contact. "I do..."

"Why don't we test the theory then?" Her ice blue eyes sparkled mischieviously.


Carly dragged her lips down his neck. A flash of heat jolted thorugh Adam, and he sighed softly as she suckled on his pulse point. "See what I mean? You like it. Imagine if we went farther..."

He didn't answer; he was lost in thought. Or, he would have been, if Carly hadn't began nibbling on his neck, her hands running up and down his toned chest. If he wanted to admit to himself, he had been feeling a little curious lately. And he'd also confess that most of his newfound curiosity could be attributed to Carly. They'd shared a dressing room for over a year. Adam had seen her naked plenty of times, but recently...something had been began to stir within him. Yes, he had wondered what it would be like to hold a nice pair of breasts in both his hands. The thought of making love was exciting and erotic. A little scary as well. But if he was ever going to experiement with a woman...Adam wouldn't want it to be any other than Carly. She was absoulutely gorgeous; flawless, pale skin, a nice, round ass, and shapely legs.

"We could even invite another guy to join us...if you're more comfortable with that," offered Carly.

Adam's eyes lit up in amusement, then his luscious lips curved into a wicked smile. It wasn't as if he'd needed much more persuasion...but now he was completely sold. "Oh, now you're talking."

Carly grinned. The two didn't speak as they cleaned off their stage make up and dressed in their clubbing attire. Carly dressed in a tight silver corset and dark jeans that laced up the front. Her feet were clad in a pair of above the knee spike heeled leather boots. Adam had dressed in a pair of stretchy grey and black striped pants, ankle boots and a white button down shirt, with frayed edges. "You're a hot bitch," remarked Adam, as they headed out of the club.

"The hottest." chuckled Carly. They were walking down the world famous Bourbon Street. It was well past two in the morning, but for most, the party was just beginning. A group of transvestites dressed as French Can-Can girls stumbled from a small gay bar at the intersection of Bourbon and St Ann Streets. Dozens of drunken tourists stumbled down the streets, carrying Hand Grenandes. A couple was making out against a street lamp. Trance music echoed from one of the dance clubs.

Finally, the pair reached their favourite chill out spot, an underground dive bar named Mickey's. It was a small, trendy place where tourists and locals hung out. "Hey, guys," greeted Chris Richardson, smiling brightly. Chris, along with his wife Mikayla, owned the bar. He was a very attractive guy, with bright green eyes and classic All American features.

"Hey, sexy," cooed Adam. He reached out and pulled the guy into a hug and kissed him on the cheek.

Chris turned beet red and pulled away. "Dude. You can't keep doing that." He laughed.

Chris was straight as a rod, to Adam's chagrin. He still loved flirting with him, though. He thought it was cute how embarassed the green eyed man got. He simply didn't realise how sexy he was. "Sure I can. One of these days, Christopher, you shall join my team. I'm always recruting." Winking, Adam smacked the guy's ass.

Carly playfully punched her friend on the arm. "You are so bad. Stop." She laughed. "What's up, Chris?"

"I know what isn't up..." grumbled Adam. Carly hit him again as Chris flushed even more.

"Just the usual stuff. You know." replied Chris. "What can I get you guys?"

"A Screaming Orgasm. The real thing or a drink. I'd be happy for either."

Chris chuckled and shook his head. "I'll be sure to tell my wife you said that."

Carly and Adam followed the guy to the bar, and sat down. Tonight, Mikayla was behind the bar. "Hey, ya'll," she smiled. "Adam. I saw you bothering my husband over there."

"Yes. I was. You're a lucky bitch, you know that? Lord only knows the things I would do that boy." Adam licked his lips and smirked. "Mmm. Mmm. Mmm."

"Keep your nasty thoughts to yourself. Here's a hint: don't proposition the husband of the woman who's fixing your drink." winked Mikayla, laughing. "You'd better whip your horny friend into shape, Carly."

Carly laughed and glanced over at Adam mischievously. "I'll whip him plenty later."

In response, he waggled his eyebrows suggestively. "Try it. I dare you."

Mikayla looked at them curiously, then her lips curled into knowing smile. "So how was your show today?"

"It was great. Huge crowd." said Carly, her eyes scanning through the crowd. "What's your scene like tonight, Mickey?"

"Oh, its you know...how it usually is? I guess? I'm too focused on my man to notice anyone else," the bartender admitted shyly, her gorgeous eyes sparkling.

"I'd be focused on getting him in bed, too. See, Kayla? We do have something in common. Let's go have sex now." quipped Adam, daintily taking a sip of his drink.

Mikayla shot the man an annoyed look. "I don't have a penis, so I doubt you'd enjoy it much." she said, smiling.

"I'm expanding my horizons." retorted Adam, leaning across the bar. His face was inches from hers. "So, I might enjoy it very much."

Carly just laughed and shook her head. She couldn't blame him for hitting on the woman; she was attractive. Creamy pale skin, hazel-green eyes and full, kissable lips. The emerald streak in Mikayla's short, dark hair brought out her eyes more.

"I'm going to hit you in a way you're not used to or will enjoy. I'm serious."

"Ooh, fiesty. Save the passion for your husband when you're in the bedroom." giggled Adam, as Chris walked behind the bar.

"She will, man. Don't hate." chided Chris, kissing his wife's cheek. The woman leaned into him, beaming.

Carly smiled, something tugging at her heartstrings a little. She wondered how it would feel if she'd had a lover who was so tender towards her, who looked at her with so much admiration? She shook the thought away quickly.

"Now you're just giving me fucking diabetes." stated Adam, rolling his eyes.

"Did we serve you Hate-orade, Adam?" laughed Chris.

Carly listened to their idle chatter, her eyes scoping out any potential lovers. After an hour of no success, she opted to get on the dance floor. "Adam...I'm going to dance. Do you want to join me?"

"When I'm done with my drink. I'll join..." responded Adam, holding up his Huge Ass Beer.

"Keep drinking, you won't be able to perform," laughed Carly. "But fine. I think I'll...have better luck dancing alone." A man was more than willing to approach a sexy woman alone on the floor, rather than one already coupled up. Not many people were dancing, which she thought was better; she would be the main focus.

A remixed version of a Jay-Z song was playing. It wasn't exactly what she was used to dancing along to, but she began nodding her head and moving her hips. Eventually she found her rhythm.

From his seat, Adam watched her, slowly sipping on his beer. Carly ruled the scene. Her hips swayed in perfect rhythm; her hair a black curtain of silk flowing around her. A tall, skinny black guy approached her after a couple minutes. A little spark of jealousy flared up in Adam, but he thought nothing of it. He watched as the guy pressed himself against her, and wrap his arms around her slender waist. For a moment, Carly ground herself against the guy, though the look on her first showed she wasn't enjoying it very much. But when the guy went to grab her ass, Adam sprang to his feet, prepared to jump to her defense. Carly turned around and gave the stranger a steely glare, and the guy backed away. Adam resumed his seat. Carly was fierce; she could hold her own in any situation.

About five or six more men approached Carly, and none of them were any better. She sighed, shaking her head. She was so over impatient and inconsiderate men...men who treated her like an object. Because she carried herself in a certain manner, most males always assumed she was a slut. Yes, she enjoyed sex immensely. And she knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to go after it. That didn't make her a slut in the least bit, but a powerful, modern day woman. She wished she could find a man who could accept that, and treat her like a human and not a blow up doll.

Then she saw him.

A tall, thirty-ish man had just walked through the door of the bar. He had an athtletic build, and tanned skin. His dark curly hair was unruly, and curled just above his forehead and down the sides. He was dressed nicely, in a pair of charcoal coloured neatly pressed slacks, a crisp white shirt underneath a vest. Instead of a tie, he wore a dark purple ascot. These days, mostly everyone who wore ascots came across as either posers or squares. This man didn't look like either. He carried himself with a quiet confidence. Seemingly unaware of the many heads turning in his direction, the man strode through the bar, taking a seat at one of the few tables. Licking her lips, Carly flicked her gaze back to him Adam. He'd noticed the man as well, and was smiling. He caught Carly's eye, gave her a thumbs up and made an obsene gesture. She rolled her eyes.

He was the one. She pondered how she should handle the situation. Should she approach the man? Or allow him to approach her? Discreetly, she turned and looked at him. To her pleasure, he happened to be watching her too, the ghost of a smile playing along his lips. Carly returned his smile, and danced with renewed fervor. A Britney Spears song was now playing on the bar's sound system. Keeping her eyes locked onto his, she slid a delicate hand over her rib cage, then up, up towards her breasts. Her fingertips teased her nipples through her shirt. The stranger's eyes grew a little slack. And just like that...she was dancing for him, each move designed to command his attention, to tantalise him...

Michael Johns sat in the corner booth, his eyes glued the woman on the dance floor. There were about five other beautiful women on the floor, but he couldn't take his eyes off of the petite, raven-haired woman. The way she danced was very erotic, not to mention hypnotic. His groin tightened a little as her hands dropped between her legs. She stroked herself in time to the music, her hips swinging.

Incredible. Ever since his divorce, Michael had thought he was immune to such blatant sexuality. But something about this woman...had sparked an interest in him.

He had come to New Orleans for one sole purpose; to find the inspiration to complete his erotic novel. His deadline was rapidly approaching, and except for a few drab pages, crossed out in red, he had nothing. And it was no accident that he opted to come to The City That Care Forgot during Gay Mardi Gras, either. Michael was definitely straight- he had been with many women in his lifetime and enjoyed everything a woman's body offered. However, for awhile, he'd been mildly curious about...an alternative lifestyle. He wasn't looking for a boyfriend. He just wanted to test the theory that sex could be enjoyable no matter the gender of your partner. The idea of getting it on with another guy scared him, grossed him out (just a tiny bit) and thrilled him all at once.

Michael pushed the thought to the back of his mind, and instead focused on the woman on the dancefloor. His mouth went dry as he watched her womanly curves arch and retract. Yes, she was very sexy. She seemed to be challenging him, actually, trying to gauge whether or not he was worth her attention. He was debating whether or not he should offer her a drink when she suddenly walked off the dance floor. Surprised, he watched her walk away, enjoying the way her ass wiggled with each step she took. The bar had gotten crowded suddenly, and he could no longer see her. He craned his neck over the dozens of heads blocking his view. The woman had made her way back to the bar, and was sitting next to tall, slender man with perfectly styled jet black hair. She kissed him on the cheek and whispered something in his ear. Feeling disappointed, Michael sank back into his seat.

"We have got our guy." announced Carly, resuming her seat next to Adam.

"I know. I saw him! Wasn't he fucking hot? Man." Adam said. "Did you see his ass? I'd love to tap that. Allll night."

"Cockhound." teased Carly.

"It was your idea! Besides, I take that title with much pride." giggled Adam, smacking her arm. "You're as big a cockhound as I am. Don't even play..."

"Shush." Carly chuckled. "Now, I'm trying to figure out how we're going to play this." There were many ways to play the situation, but she wasn't sure of the best angle. She saw no indicators that he was gay-he was definitely looking at her like any straight man would.

"You go out there and finish teasing the shit out of him." suggested Adam, absently picking at his black nail polish. "And...when he comes up to you...we wait a few moments and then I began dancing with you at the same time. If he leaves, we know what to do. If he doesn't....well, we can both count on getting lucky tonight."

Carly bit her lip thoughtfully. "When you think with the big head, you can be quite smart."

"Clarify that, sweetie. Both my heads are pretty big. I'm going to just assume you mean the one upstairs though." Adam joked.

"Nothing can be bigger than your ego. And we shall leave it at that." replied Carly, laughing as she made her way through the now crowded dance floor. Bodies writhed together, their shoulders rolling, hips swinging. Confidently, she strode over to the man's table. "Hi."

He looked up at her, mildly surprised. He smiled. "'Ello." he spoke in an Australian accent.

Ooh, nice. A foriegner. His accent shot chills down Carly's spine."I'm wondering if you'd like to dance with me," she said, her eyes roving his face. He was just as handsome upclose. His eyes were a deep blue, so dark they were almost navy.

"I'd love it, actually." He smiled again. He stood, and extended his hand to her.

Carly said nothing as she guided him to the centre of a dance floor. Over the speakers, Lady GaGa invited her to play a "LoveGame". Emboldened, she wrapped her arms around her partner's neck, sidling her body against his. "Are you going to tell me your name, or do I have to guess?" questioned the stranger, his arms snaking around her waist.

"Tell me yours first, Aussie."

He grinned, displaying even white teeth. "Its Michael."

Carly smiled, grinding her hips into his. "Carly."

Let's have some fun, this beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
Don't think too much, just bust that kick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

"Hmm..." Michael smiled, shutting his eyes and enjoying the feel of her breasts pressed up against his chest. Her low cut top left very little to the imagination. "You're sexy."

"I know." Carly gave him a sultry smile. "And for the record, so are you."

His eyes sparkled. "I know." Michael ran his hands over his hips, and lingered on the small of her back.

Carly liked how he was a little shy to touch her; her attraction grew. She took his other hand and placed it square on her ass. "It's fine. You can touch me. I want you to."

"I want to touch you, too." he said, feeling heat flare through him as Carly ran her hands down his sides and swung her hips harder against his. She was satisfied when she felt the low grumble of a groan in his chest.

"So...what brings you in town?" inquired Carly.

"Work." replied Michael, shrugging slightly. "Are you a local?"

Carly nodded. He was being mysterious. It was quite sexy. He ran his fingers through her scalp; she shivered. "I moved here from San Diego."

"Nice. I'm from Atlanta, myself."

"Southern boy," giggled Carly.

"I guess so." laughed Michael. "I'm an Australian at heart."

"I was going to mention that. Your accent is very sexy."

"Yeah, well, its how I hook the girls." Michael winked.

Carly laughed. "I'll bet. I can imagine they'd love hearing you whisper dirty words into thier ear." she said, her voice low and flirtatious.

"Yes. They do." Michael pressed himself closer to her, lust rolling through his body. He lowered his head down and whispered, each breath tickling her earlobe, "Would you like hearing some of those things?"

Oh, yes. She grinned saucily. "Play your cards right, Michael, and we shall see."

Michael grinned again. Not only was Carly attractive, but challenging and easy to talk to. He liked her a lot already. The song switched to a slower tempo and she naturally fell into the rhythm. He wasn't much of a dancer himself, but he found it easy to fall into the rhythm. Dancing wasn't much different than having sex; you were just drawing out the rhythm in other ways. Carly gripped his shoulders tighter, and he incresed the pressure on her hips and lowered his head to kiss on her neck. She sighed softly.

"Hey, sexy. Mind sharing?" Adam's voice suddenly spoke behind Carly. She wasn't sure if he was talking to her or Michael.

She turned and grinned. "Certainly not."

Michael was a little upset they were being interrupted, but he was even more surprised; it was Carly's friend. What was his deal? "Hey, mate, you can have her." He said, smiling thinly. He released his grip on Carly.

"No." Carly reached out and touched his shoulder. "Stay. I want you both." Her eyes flashed and her voice dripped with lust.

Michael grinned and touched her again. Her friend moved to the back of her and wrapped his arms around Carly's waist, his hand grazing Michael's ever so slightly.

Carly smiled, resting her head on Michael's solid, flat chest. Behind her, Adam was pressed against her. Both men were wearing a musky cologne; their scents enveloped her. "I love being the meat in this sandwich," she said, giggling.

Both guys laughed. "You are such a cheeseball, Carls." Adam playfully swatted her arm. "A sexy cheeseball."

"A very sexy cheeseball..." agreed Michael, chuckling and nodded. He was a little confused as to what was going on here, but decided to roll with the punches anyway.

"Thank you for stroking my ego, fellas." Carly leaned back so she could kiss Adam's neck, her hand brushing against Michael's crotch as she did so. Adam expelled a soft sigh at her touch before leaning in to nip at her neck. The scent of her spicy perfume went straight to his head, making him a little dizzy.

"Anytime." said Michael, chuckling softly, attraction flowing freely flowing through him.

"Dancing gets me all hot and sweaty. I'm gonna sit this song out and grab a cold drink." said Carly.

"That's cool. Because I hate Lil' Wayne...he always sounds like he's rapping with a dick down his throat." commented Adam.

Michael snorted and laughed. Adam looked at him and grinned. "He does, right? Like he has a seven incher down his throat. I ought to become a rapper and sell a million copies. Record the album while I'm having sex...Just use my cock as my microphone..."

"Good luck with that." laughed Carly, shaking her head. "So, Michael, you gonna sit with us? Or...?"

Hell, Michael probably would have followed her anywhere. "Sure. I can hang for awhile."

"I was hoping you'd say that," murmured Carly, leading him towards a table to the back. It seated just three, and provided plenty of privacy. Each of them took a seat.

"I really shouldn't have another drink. But I'm so gonna have it anyway." said Adam, licking his lips. He felt a little nervous.

"Careful. Long night ahead of us, and I'm not carrying you home again." warned Carly.

"Like I've never carried you home. Bitch, please." Adam rolled his eyes. "Let's get some shots."

Michael grinned, enjoying the banter between these two. "Shots would be nice."

"Fine. I'll order a round of Blow Jobs. I'm sure you both like those...right?" Her voice suggested she meant more than the shooter.

"I love Blow Jobs." Adam turned to Michael and smiled brightly. "Don't you?" He shifted in his chair so his leg brushed the other man's.

"Yes. I do." Michael grinned, a bit shyly. Then he added, "Both kinds, actually."

Carly and Adam exchanged looks and laughed. "So do I!" squealed Adam, laughing.

Michael looked over at him curiously. "...Yay?" He laughed and shook his head. Subtly, he gave Adam a once over. He was...an attractive guy, he could admit that. He was tall, though a little shorter than himself, and broad shouldered, around maybe 6'1" and roughly 180 pounds. There was little questioning his sexuality- in Michael's book, no heterosexual male would wear eyeliner, foundation or mascara, nor would he go through the pain of painting his nails black. Despite all of this, he could have passed for one of those Panic At The Disco/My Chemical Romance wannabes. The other man had an intriquing mix of masculinity and femininity. Most of the gay men Michael had encountered during his time here were either too queenie, or way too muscular. Neither of which he found attractive in the least.

"You boys play nice. I'm going to order. I'll be right back." Carly patted Michael's shoulder as she stood and sauntered off.

The two guys sat in an awkward silence. Adam caught Michael's eye and smiled. "Talk to me. I don't do silence well, and I only bite in certain moments."

Michael chuckled. "I'm not normally so quiet," he admitted, drumming his fingers on formica table top.

"Am I making you nervous?" Adam arched his eyebrow, his lips curling into a wicked little grin.

"No, but you are kind of confusing me. You came and interrupted my dance with Carly. Why?"

"I was bored." Adam absently picked at his nail polish and shrugged. "And I wanted in on the action, too. I wasn't trying to like, cockblock or anything."

Michael nodded slowly. Simple enough explanation. "I have another question, too. What are you? I mean, are you gay? Bi? Or just a straight guy with a love of Maybelline?"

Adam laughed, a deep, belly guffaw. "I can honestly admit its been ages since someone asked me that question. But yes, I am gay." He sat up a little straighter. "Why do you ask?"

Michael bit his lip, butterflies flaring up in his stomach. "I'm straight. Definitely. But..." He hesitated again. "I've been a little curious lately. I'm working on a collection of erotic short stories. And my editor has been up my ass about the realism factor of some of my work. She says...certain kind of scenes needs to be more detailed."

"I'd be up your ass, too, but that's a different story. What are you trying to say to me? I don't beat around bushes, just get to the point already."

"You're not gonna make this easy, are you?" Michael sighed and looked Adam straight in the eye. "I'm wondering if...shit, thankfully I am better with women." He shook his head. "I'm proposiitoning you, alright?"

Carly caught his last words and raised her eyebrow. "Well, I hope you two weren't having much fun without me."

"You came back just in time." grinned Adam, his eyes sparkling excitedly.

Before the woman sat the tray on the table, Michael snatched a glass and quickly downed the contents. "Easy there, big boy. Adam, what did you do to him?" she laughed.

"I did nothing. You seriously don't give me props for good behaviour." Adam rolled his eyes and grinned, kicking Michael's foot under the table. "Tell her what you just told me. Exactly how you said it!"

"You're a lot better looking when you're mouth is closed, d'you know that?" The man looked up at Carly, who'd resumed her seat. He explained his situation to her, and found he felt a little more comfortable now that she was back.

She listened intently, and nodded. Her blue eyes sparkled under the lighting, but Michael couldn't quite tell what she was thinking. "That's... interesting. I thought you were interested in me. I am confused," said Carly finally.

"I am...very. You're beautiful, and I've not met a female like you in a very long time. I think you forgot that I mentioned I'm straight-"

"That's what they all say until they've spent a night with me," quipped Adam.

"Shut up." Carly punched her friend's arm. "I see. Now...I was wondering if...you know...to make things more comfortable for you, if you would mind if I joined you two."

"You mean like a threesome?" asked Michael. "I've been involved in those before...but I've always had two women."

"Oh my God, you dirty whore!...I love it." giggled Adam, resting his head on the table. "I've honestly...never had a threesome before." His head felt light and fuzzy from all the drinks.

"You're drunk. Maybe we'll just go and have our own fun, right?" Carly leaned over and rested her hands on Michael's chest and kissed him deeply.

Heat blazed through his body, and he kissed her back passionately, his hands moving down to cup her bottom. His underwear tightened across his sex as Carly trailed her hands over his fly.

"Oh, you two bitches are so not gonna-oh, shit, dude, this is my jam!"

Carly pulled away. "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" was playing over the loud speaker. "Adam, don't-" Before she could finish her sentence, though, the man was already up on the table. Clapping and doing the exact dance from the hit video.

Michael looked up at him and laughed. He had to admit, the guy could move. He wished he posessed such natural rhythm. Carly looked at him and licked her lips. Yes, he did look ridiculous up on the table doing that damn dance, but he moved with the fluid grace of a professional. She wondered if he'd be as graceful between the sheets. Everyone in the bar turned to watch him. Clearly enjoying the attention, Adam added a little more flair and precision to his moves.

"Does he always do stuff like this?" Michael asked Carly.

She nodded. "Everytime this song comes on. Every. Time. I'm going to murder Mickey and Chris for playing it."

Michael laughed and reached for another shot. He wasn't drunk, but he wasn't exactly sober, either. A nice buzz flowed through his body, but he still felt a little nervous.

"Careful with those shots." said Carly, though she too knocked back another. The alcohol flowed straight to her head.

"I'll be fine. I'm Australian; I know how to drink."

"Alright. Just try not to embarass yourself in the bedroom." giggled Carly winking.

"Oh, that'd never happen." assured Michael. "Trust." Papa Johns delivers all night long, baby.

"We'll just have to see." She patted his thigh.

Desire burned within him. "I'm ready to leave, actually," he murmured, stroking behind Carly's ear with the pad of his thumb.

She shivered under his touch and nodded. "Yes. I am, too. Beyonce, we're about to leave." She tapped on the table.

Adam looked down and nodded. "Cool." Grinning, he allowed himself to fall into Michael's lap. "Oops!" He giggled at the other man's expression. His eyes had gone wide in surprise, and a hint of a blush was creeping up on his ivory cheeks. Carly laughed at him, and Michael grinned good naturedly.

"Get off my lap, please," he chuckled, jostling his leg a bit. "Before I drop you."

"Meanie." Laughing, Adam stood up and was a little wobbly on his feet at first.

Carly stood up. She felt nervous and excited about what was about to transpire. "Ready now, boys?"

"I was born ready." said Adam, giggling.

"I'll...be ready in the second. I'm just gonna go to the loo, and...I shall be back." announced Michael.

"Ooh, can I come with?" asked Adam, grinning eagerly.

"Hell no. Be patient."

Once Michael was gone, Carly turned to Adam. "He's nervous. Don't scare him," she said.

"I'm just teasing him. Preparing him." He was nervous himself, for many reasons.

Carly smiled, her eyes twinkling. "You're so pretty," Adam murmured, reaching out and gently grabbing a lock of her raven black hair. He sniffed it; her coconut and vanilla perfume filled his nostrils. "So beautiful." he breathed, smiling.

"And you're drunk. Sooo drunk." Carly laughed. "But....thank you." She didn't consider herself as "pretty" or "beautiful". Sexy and hot, yes. But never beautiful. Many men had never called her beautiful either, and it felt kind of nice hearing it...even from a drunken gay guy.

"Hey, I'm not that drunk. Okay, maybe I am. But...I can still pop a woody. See? I have one now..." Adam grabbed Carly's hip and rubbed himself against her.

Carly's eyes widened. "Well, hello, there." His demin covered erection pressed against her hip, sending a pool of moisture between her legs. Nice. Niiice.

He leaned over and kissed her neck. Adam was delighted when he felt her shiver at his touch. He gently sucked at her pulse point, moving his hands upward to cup her breast. "These are pretty nice," he murmured against her skin.

"Mmm...glad you think." Carly tangled her fingers through his long-ish hair and arched herself into him. Her breasts grew heavy, and her nips hardened at his touch.

"Hey, partying without me, eh?" Michael had returned, and was now leaning his muscular frame against the wall.

Carly reluctantly pulled away from Adam. "You're invited to join anytime." she purred, sending the other man a sultry grin.

Michael grinned and slung an arm around the woman's waist. Even with heels, Carly was tiny. It was adorable.

"I actually need to...fix up my make up before I step out this place. I've been sweating and I'm sure I look something terrible...Hand me your purse, Carls."

Carly rolled her eyes. "You look fine...but here." She handed him her huge tote bag. Since he was far too lazy to carry his own bag, he always shoved his cosmetics and other junk in her purse.

Michael snorted and shook his head, watching the guy tottle off towards the bathroom. Carly saw his face and grinned. "Adam's a trip. He's a lot to handle, but you get used to it after awhile."

"Yes, he is...very extra. I like him, though, he's annoying, but kinda funny." Michael shrugged, and pulled Carly closer to him. "But I like you a lot more, of course. You're hotter." He rand his sturdy hands up and down her back, sending thrills through her body.

Carly smiled slightly. Yes, being called "pretty" certainly felt nicer than being called "hot". But a compliment was a compliment, so she wasn't exactly complaining. "Kiss me, then."

"Whatever the lady asks for." Michael's boyish grin was very at odds with the grown up way his hand was on her ass. He leaned down, their breaths mingling. He pressed his lips against hers, and she kissed him back with equal passion.
Adam wandered into the men's bathroom, Carly's purse dangling from his arm. Yes, he did need to fix his make up, but he needed a few moments alone to clear his mind.

Chris was the first thing he noticed as he stumbled into the brightly lit bathroom. "Well, Christopher...what a pleasant surprise," trilled Adam, smiling.

Chris looked up. He didn't look very pleased to see Adam, and that made him laugh. "Hi..."

Adam dropped Carly's purse on the sink, rummaging around for his eyeliner. "That's quite a leak you're taking, huh? Guess it...has a long way to travel, eh?"

The guy didn't answer; Adam could see he was fire engine red from the corner of his eye. He giggled, trying to steady his hand enough to apply a straight line. He laughed again as Chris attempted to cover himself quickly. "You're so shy, its adorable."

"Here I was thinking you'd leave me alone if I ignored you." Chris said, chuckling as he stepped up to the sink to wash his hands.

"That just...en-cour-ageses me more." Adam pronounced each syallable carefully. Clearly, he was more dunk than he'd initially thought."It saddens me that God would waste such a great ass on a sraight man. If you were gay...I would seriously wreck you. You would not walk straight when I am done."

"Well, that's too bad." Chris laughed and shook his head. "Nice fantasy though."

"Chris, have you ever had a threesome?"

"Whoa, whoa, what?" Chris turned off the tap and blinked.

"Have you ever have a threesome? I am about to have sex with a girl. And I really have no idea what to do. I don't do pussy." blabbed Adam, moving his hands around frantically. He hadn't even quite registered how much he was freaking out inside until this moment.

"TMI, man, TMI. I don't know what to tell you...I mean...its just sex. It comes naturally. Human nature." Chris shrugged, trying not to laugh.

"Is it really? What do I do, exactly? I mean, like..."

"What do you do with a guy? Wait." Chris threw up his hands. "Please don't answer that. I'm sure it won't be that different, though. Every woman likes it differently. Some like it rough, some kinky, some like it gentle. Its not really much you can do wrong. Touch all the right spots, a little dirty talk, eat her out, you know." A flush grew on his own cheeks, though this time it wasn't from embarassment. "Don't get in there in just start pounding away, because its totally inconsiderate and selfish. No woman likes that. A little circular motion here, back and forth there, switch up how deep you wanna go and..." Absently, he tugged at his collar. "That's it, really."

Instinctively, Adam's glassy eyes honed in on the other guy's crotch, and he giggled and licked his lips. "Ooh, are you thinking about me or your wife?"

"You just wish I was thinking of you." Chris snorted and shook his head. "I have to go now. Good luck."

"Mmm. Yeah. Go find that hot wife of yours, and tell her that I said she must give you the best blow job in all fucking eternity and treat you well. She is a lucky bitch. Remind her of that. If she doesn't, I'd have her ass for it, and not in a way she's uh...used to or will enjoy." called Adam, taking in the view of the guy's retreating backside.

Chris turned around and grinned. "I will. And you know you'd rather have my ass." With that, he walked out of `the bathroom. Adam busied himself with reapplying his make up. He was still spazzing a little. He never felt the need to question his sexual prowess. He knew he was amazing in bed. But Carly was different. The difference went far beyond her gender, but he actually cared about her. What if he absoulutely sucked at pleasing her? What if he didn't measure up to her standards? In the past, he'd heard Carly rip into her many lovers for a lot of different reasons. Shaking off these negative thoughts, he finished fixing up his make up. Holding his chin up, he spoke his mantra, the one that always made him feel better; "I am...Adam Lambert, and I am fucking fabulous." Grinning cockily, he snapped his fingers, held his chin high and strutted out the bathroom like he was walking a runway in France.

A few moments later, the three were heading out of the bar. Michael suggested they go back to his hotel room. Carly thought it was a great idea; it was much less personal this way. Since the hotel was so close, they opted to walk. All of them were silent, except for Adam, who was dancing down the street, singing along to the Michael Jackson song that played on his iPod Touch. She looked over at him and smiled. She wondered if what they were about to do would change thier relationship drastically. What if this experiment turned out so terribly, they couldn't look at each other? Thier friendship was something Carly valued very much. Once they crossed this line, there would be absoulutely no going back. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she began having second thoughts about actually going through with it. She cast a glance over at Michael; he too appeared deep in thought. She leaned over and touched his shoulder. "You're quiet."

"You are too." smiled Michael.

"Are you sure you still want to go through with this? You seem a little...nervous." asked Carly.

"I am, kind of." the Australian confessed, shoving his hands into his pockets. They pulled tighter across his groin.

"You'll be fine." Carly slipped her hand into his, flicking the tip of her finger along the inside of his palm.

Sparks flashed through Michael's body. "I know. Its just a huge change, that's all. I dunno how far I want to go, to be completely honest with you." Could he really allow a guy to slip his cock into his ass? And could he really suck on another man's dick? He wasn't sure.

"Hey, you don't have to do anything you don't want." Carly squeezed his hand reassuringly. "In fact, if you...just want us to leave, we will. Its no big deal."

Michael looked at her curiously and then shook her head. "Nah. Its cool. I'm intrigued, and its either now or never. I trust you, and I've not been so incredibly attracted to a woman in awhile. Nor have I seen another dude I'd even consider doing anything with. So...yes, I'm completely sure."

Carly nodded, running her tongue across her lips. A small part of her was hoping Michael would have declined. It was unlike her to be so hesitant about anything, especially when it came to a man. She enjoyed sex tremendously, and had had a good amount of partners in her lifetime. Some of them she'd been in relationships with, others had been one night stands, or people she hooked up with on a regular basis. She was never afraid to make the first move. However, things were different tonight, for so many reasons. Where would she and Adam go from here? She couldn't simply not see him again; he meant too much for her to ever do such a thing.

"You look like you're having second thoughts youself," observed Michael.

"I'm not." Carly looked up at him and gave him a suggestive grin. "I'm thinking about what I'm going to do with you once I get you naked."

"Really now?" Michael quirked an eyebrow, and grinned. "Well, I'm very excited for you to make those thoughts into reality. I have a couple things planned for you, too."

"Mmm, can't wait. I hope Adam's willing to share, though."

"He'd fucking better. But we'll just have to see, because we're here now." Michael stopped walking once they approached Loft 523, which was located in the Central Business District. It was a very posh, expensive boutique hotel. Adam stopped at the bar ocassionally, when he wanted to avoid the tawdriness of his usual hangouts.

"Oooh, nice accomodations." Adam commented, removing his Skull Candy ear buds.

Michael's lips curved into a smile. "Wait until you see the bed. Its big enough for three."
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I totally already read and commented on this elsewhere, so I'll not repeat my entire reply, but this totally rocks! AND OMFG Tia your picture is so adorable, ha, ha. Because that's totally relevent to this.

So, moar plz? xD
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Mikayla wrote:
I totally already read and commented on this elsewhere, so I'll not repeat my entire reply, but this totally rocks! AND OMFG Tia your picture is so adorable, ha, ha. Because that's totally relevent to this.

So, moar plz? xD

Thanks, darling!! I'm working on part two now. *twirls*
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Great work from a great writer! 3 hug
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Totally awesome, tia! I love it! yourock goodjob waytogo
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I was just thinking that there will never be a part 2 LOL!
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Human Nature
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