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 Summer paradise

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Night's Sweet Caress

Night's Sweet Caress

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PostSubject: Summer paradise   Wed 25 Nov 2009, 5:37 pm

Author - Night's Sweet Caress

Rating - NC-17, for plenty of sex and language.

Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Summary - A special contest is being held on a tropical island. Who will be the one to claim the prize?

This tale I wrote several years ago, and have decided to post it here. Parts of this were originally posted on IFF. I do hope that everyone here will enjoy it.

Chapter 1

Finally, the time was at hand - the girls were arriving today! This past week was spent getting everything on the island ready for the six young ladies who would spend the summer here with me. I worked upwards of 12 hours per day getting the mansion ready, putting in all the wiring and video equipment, and finally stocking the supplies for the six girls and myself with plenty to spare for emergencies. The supply boat would only come once a week, so if there was a storm or unforeseen disaster, we'd be stranded - but with the reserves, not without food. Now, everything was as ready as it was going to be. In a few more hours, I'd have to take the big boat to the mainland and pick the ladies up at the airport. I could hardly wait!

Before leaving, I decided to take one last look at each individual file/portfolio of the girls. All of them had been carefully screened for this ten-week-long excursion. I tried to get a good representation of different looks and personalities. Their individual profiles looked perfect. All of them were selected to maximize physical appearance as well as brains and temperament. A great deal of time and money had been invested on it. Six months of planning and preparations were at stake, beginning with the thousands of flyers sent to campuses and health clubs around North America offering ten weeks of summer relaxation and fun and a cool payment of $50,000 at the end. One of the six girls was to receive something even better - $500,000.

The inquiries flooded in and then the applications. Going over them resulted in three-fourths being rejected right away, but then it got tougher. A requirement for supplementary information, including pictures, was sent out and as a result, some of the ladies replied. From those, the finalists were chosen subject to telephone interviews. The chosen six would finally be arriving today.

Who were these ladies? They ranged in age from 18 to 26, and all of them were bi-sexual - that was a top requirement for acceptance. It obviously turned a lot of potentials away, but I was only interested in bringing bi-sexual women with me to the island. As for who they were...

Torrie was a gorgeous goddess who had high aspirations of running her own business - a dance studio, located in her hometown. The 25-year-old, who now resided in the city of Los Angeles, was a frequent visitor of the famed Southern California beaches. In fact, she was a lifeguard at one. With long blonde hair and a very curvaceous, physically-fit figure, one could easily assume the sight of her, in her lifeguard swimsuit, was a slice of heaven.

The dancing queen of Baltimore, Pamela was a 24-year-old stunner who had made quite a nice living for herself in the world of adult entertainment. More specifically, Pamela was a stripper. This golden-haired seductress had a long list of varying interests, but sex seemed to be her top priority. No one could argue with such a hobby.

The only woman of the group which came from outside the United States was Trish, a 24-year-old enchantress who hailed from Canada. She was, in fact, a life-long resident of Toronto. Aerobically inclined, to say the least, Trish was a certified fitness instructor. She was blonde and buxom, and even had some experience as a free-lance model.

Gianna was a 21-year-old temptress who hailed from the state of Rhode Island. The sizzling-hot Italian-American had a personality as charming as her smile, and dark, flashing eyes which could paralyze with one look. Gianna, who went to college part-time, found work in a pizza parlor. The shapely beauty had a submissive nature, but could also be quite feisty and sassy on occasion. I liked that.

One look at Lindsay, and the term "tight little teen" always seemed to come to mind. A petite 18-year-old who weighed less than 100 pounds, Lindsay had long-flowing blonde hair and a sweet, friendly demeanor. She was also, quite obviously, the youngest lady in the group. A true "party girl" type, Lindsay worked in the world of cosmetics and planned to use her summer earnings toward college.

On the opposite end of the age spectrum was Amy, who at 26, was the oldest of the ladies. She was employed as a waitress for a steakhouse. However, serving food did not seem to be the right career path for her. You see, Amy had the type of body whose destiny was to be showcased on television - particularly, the world of adult films. Amy, a hot red-head from Ohio, had a luscious figure, and with her flirtatious, playful nature, was not afraid to show it off.

All six of these women were bi-sexual, beautiful and very unique, in their own special way. The next ten weeks surely promised some explosive fireworks as these ladies began to compete for the grand payout of $500,000.

The problem, however, was that none of the girls knew the criteria for winning the big prize. I was not about to tell them, either. All they knew and all they would be told was that at the end of ten weeks, one of them would receive a cashier's check for $500,000. The remaining five would also receive a cashier check, but for $50,000.

A short ten minutes after I arrived at the airport on the mainland, the jetliner approached and touched down. I watched it taxi to the terminal building and stop 50 feet short. In a minute, it moved forward until it reached the gate. There were about 200 passengers aboard, but six of them were for me... for the summer. My body started to tingle as passengers began filing out into the airport gate.

It was easy to pick out which of the travelers belonged to me. All I had to do was pay attention to my cock - it had an excellent memory of all the photographs and profiles saved on the computer system back on the island.

As the passengers exited the airline, I held up a sign to let the six girls know that I was here to meet them. In five minutes, all six of them were standing around me. "Welcome ladies," I announced to them. "My name is Jeremy and I'll be your host for the next ten weeks. We'll have your luggage taken to the boat and then we'll head for our island paradise. Are there any questions?"

"Can we stop and have something to eat? I'm starving."

My mind played through with the six photographs/profiles and tried to put the name with the face. "Sure... Torrie, isn't it? There is plenty of food and refreshments on the boat... you'll have all you can eat there."

Several of the girls laughed. I headed for the door to the terminal building and the group followed in tow. I could tell that they had already developed some friendships as they got to know each other on the long airline trip here. They were bound to find each other - since all of them were instructed to wear black wristbands around their right elbow. It had been my plan for them to develop friendships on the flight; now, I knew it had worked.

In 15 minutes, all of their luggage was gathered and we were taken by bus to the dock where the big boat was at. A quick five minutes later, we shoved off.

The boat was a 62-foot-long catamaran, which had cost yours truly quite a pretty penny (lots of them, in fact). It was big enough to comfortably fit all of us inside, as well as our luggage. I had dubbed the catamaran as the "Pussywillow Express", for obvious reasons. An insignia saying so was stylishly painted on the right side.

A couple of the ladies had gathered in the lower cabin, where they were relaxing while snacking and sipping some refreshments. The other girls were all on the top deck, working on their suntans. The respective conversations between both groups had become quite friendly and animated; everyone was having a great time. That made me feel good.

Past the barrier reef, the waves became larger and some of the ladies squealed with delight at the roller coaster ride, while others held on tight, looking scared and pale. Fortunately, the cruise was a little over an hour, not enough to get really seasick except for those rare few who get extra sensitive about motion sickness. Fortunately, there was no one like that aboard.

As we approached the island, I turned toward the girls and announced, "This is our home for the next ten weeks. I hope you come to love it, just as I have."

I heard "oohs" and "aahs" from them as they scanned the sharp crags of the volcanic mountains rising 3,000 feet into the air, almost from the water's edge. The sides of the mountain walls were a lush, dark green, with tiny waterfalls trickling downward in several spots. Later, I would show the girls the best pools under those waterfalls, in the shade of overhanging trees, with the fragrance of tropical flowers in the air. Next to most of the pools were patches of grass, which were perfect for relaxation. There, one could listen to the water cascading down the steps of volcanic rock, while gazing wondrously at the perfect sky. The strong air currents rising up the sides of each mountain brushed away any insects which may have been otherwise troublesome.

It was literally an island paradise and I was bringing these six angels to it. The stirring of my cock reminded me to keep my mind at the task at hand, or the run the risk of foundering on the barrier reef. I quickly pulled the big boat in the opening of the reef left by the fresh water pouring into the ocean at that spot, and docked at the pier.

"Ladies, we have arrived. There are also food and drinks at the mansion. Please leave your luggage here on the boat. We can come back later and pick everything up with the Jeep.

No use carrying the luggage all the way to the mansion."

They all seemed in agreement. After I secured the boat, the girls jumped out and we headed up the narrow path to the main house about 500 feet away. The last 50 were steps which had been laid with slabs of volcanic rock. The mansion greeted us with its open design that allowed the ocean breezes to pass through and carry the scent of flowers and the fresh, tropical air.

The girls looked around at this part of the house and expressed pure delight at what they saw.

"Help yourself to anything you want," I told them. "This is all here for you to enjoy. I have drinks in the walk-in cooler... and lots more from where that came from."

Louisa, my 75-year-old housekeeper, had set up a large table with baskets of fruit and now had added the containers of chilled drinks and assortment of snacks, including a variety of smoked fish, breads and cheeses. "In a little while," I said, "we'll get your luggage, then your room assignments. I see most of you have already made friends, so if you find someone you want to share a room with... let me know. If not, you'll share with someone of my choosing for now... but you can always pick someone else later."

The girls ate and drank, chatted and got acquainted. About an hour later, when everyone seemed to have settled down and found a room-mate, I asked for two volunteers to help me in getting the luggage. Trish and Pamela were very quick to offer their services, so I took them to the main carport and we hopped into the Jeep. Driving to the dock was longer in distance than walking to it, but the amount of time was basically the same.

In a few minutes, Trish, Pamela and I had the luggage loaded up, and we were on our way back up to the mansion. Once there, all the girls pulled their suitcases off the Jeep and quickly headed for their respective rooms.

I drove the Jeep back under the carport overhang and went up to my personal suite on the front side of the building. There, I had a small kitchen, a large living room that faced the sunrise and a huge bedroom equipped with an oversized, round bed. The room had everything a horny young man such as myself could ever dream up.

But that wasn't my destination at the moment.

I headed for the "secret" room sealed completely off from the rest of the mansion, with its entrance behind a panel which gave no hint that it was hiding anything. I turned the little knob that was part of the wood carved tiki decoration, punched in a security code on the wall, and then the panel opened.

Inside, I turned another knob and the panel slid back to its former place. On the far wall was a spread of large television screens, each showing a different room. Others were trained on the hot tub, the pool under the roof, the meeting room, and various places in and out of the mansion. Others showed different areas elsewhere on the island.

Yes - I had built myself quite the voyeur room. With the help of a UNIX server and a large satellite dish which was also hidden, I could literally see any part of the island - at any time. There were all types of video cameras, large and small alike, scattered throughout the island.

For now, I decided to focus all of my attention on the first bedroom - which Amy and Pamela were occupying. Pamela was seated at the small table reading a magazine, while Amy was busy chattering. I quickly decided to turn the hidden microphone on for that room, and 'eavesdrop'.

"This island is so beautiful!" Amy exclaimed. "I can't wait to explore and find the hidden places. Think we'll get to do that? How about we ask at dinner tonight? Want to?"

Pamela smiled softly and replied, "Sure, we can do that."

"Boy, I want to take a shower," Amy commented. "That long airline flight, from Ohio to Minnesota to California, then all the way to South America... I need a shower, real bad. Want to take one? I see a bunch of towels in the closet. There's some other stuff in there, too. Like some colored sheets, or something. Have an idea what it is?"

"Those are to dress in, like the natives," Pamela said.

"Oh, neat," Amy responded. "Maybe we should dress up in them? What do you think?"

Pamela began to unbutton her blouse. It was silky-white and made of sheer lace, and showed her bra straps through the thin fabric. "Maybe we can, later. First, we have to figure out how to put them on." This blonde was loaded; a chance at seeing those bare breasts made my cock stir awake.

"Yeah... sure. Maybe we could just experiment? That would be fun... wouldn't it? Just like when we were kids, dressing up. That would be real fun." Amy sure was the chatterbox today. She was talking up a storm.

Pamela simply slipped her blouse from her shoulders, then opened her jeans. "I'm taking a shower."

"Oh, good idea," Amy returned. "Wait for me!" Amy took her t-shirt over her head, and pulled her shorts down.

Pamela was now in her sexy bra and tiny G-string, but not for long. She reached back and unhooked her bra, which allowed her large, firm breasts to spill out into open view. Now I definitely had an erection.

Once the bra joined her blouse and jeans upon the floor, Pamela hooked her thumbs into the G-string and guided it down her shapely hips and thighs. She lifted each leg gracefully to step out of her G-string, then stood up at full height, completely nude. Blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders and across her luscious breasts. Pamela swept it back with a quick motion of her right hand.

"Wow, you're beautiful..." Amy said, in awe. "I wish there were more bi girls who looked like you." Then, Amy returned her attention to undressing before once again, looking at her room-mate. "Pamela, could you unhook my bra?"

Pamela stepped around to Amy's back and undid all four hooks, allowing the red-head's fabulous breasts to pour out. Amy immediately rubbed them and said, "I hate wearing bras. They're so tight. Look at the impression that thing left on my skin." Amy continued to rub her own breasts, before giving Pamela another lustful glance while stepping out of her little bikini panties.

"I wonder if Jeremy will like the way we look?" Pamela asked. "Hopefully he will."

"If Jeremy is a real man, he will," Amy replied.

"Speaking of Jeremy," Pamela said, looking over at her new room-mate, "do you have any idea how one of us is going to get paid $500,000? The information packet I got said we were all going to be paid $50,000 each, except one. That one gets $500,000. Have any ideas on how we get that big money?"

Amy giggled and replied, "It will probably be the girl who gives him the best fuck." She laughed again, while Pamela looked at her with a surprised expression. It was obvious she did not expect her friend to use such language. "What?" Amy snickered. "It's likely the truth. The packet made it very clear that we were going to be used as sex objects this summer. The $500,000 prize will probably go to the girl who fucks him the best."

Pamela shook her head and laughed in mock disgust. "I do say, you're terrible, Amy!" She paused and added, "But then again... you may be correct."

"I could use a half-mil," Amy remarked. "All I know is that I'm going to do everything that Jeremy tells me. Obey, obey, obey. Hopefully, I'll get that money."

"If I get the five-hundred-K, great," Pamela told her. "But if I don't, I'll gladly take the fifty-K. I could use it towards college tuition, and perhaps a new car."

"When we get the chance, let's ask him how we get the big money," Amy said. "He probably won't tell us, but maybe we can sneak it out of him. You know, trick him."

Pamela turned and began walking toward the door. "Well Amy, you can stay here and wonder about the five-hundred-K if you want. Me, I'm going to take a shower."

"Wait for me!" Amy exclaimed.

Both ladies giggled as the red-head grabbed some towels and followed Pamela out of the room, then began walking down the corridor, toward the shower area.

None of the guest rooms were equipped with showers. There was only one place to take one - and it was like a big locker-room. This would promote togetherness among all the girls. That was my intent, at least.

In my "secret" room, I had stared at those two gorgeous women and was sure glad that the video tapes were running for future reference. I had the cameras set to a motion detector and when activated, the tapes would kick in and start recording automatically.

I glanced at some of the other screens and noticed that in room three, Trish and Lindsay were having the same idea. The long flights and airport waiting had the same effect on all of the girls. Some, more quicker than others.

Shortly thereafter, Pamela and Amy came into view on the screen which surveyed the shower room. They chose the second and third showers in the room. There were four total, but with there being a total of six girls, they would have to share if they all wanted to take a shower at the same time. That, of course, was the general idea.

The water sprayed from the two shower heads and within seconds, it was obviously warm enough for them. The duo stood under the spray, soaping themselves from head to toe. Pamela caressed her breasts gently with lathered hands, squeezing her nipples and rubbing them briefly before venturing downward to the cleft between her thighs. Her movements were slow and sensuous, applying the soap in a thick, lush lather. Then she slid her hand between her thighs and caressed herself gently. I zoomed in and watched intently as Pamela ran her finger back and forth along the slit of her pussy. Zooming out, I noticed Pamela sighing as she held her face directly in line with the spray. Her rounded hips swayed in a gentle motion and her nipples stood even more erect than before.

Under the shower nozzle next to her, Amy had soaped her breasts into a creamy lather. She watched Pamela, trying not to be obvious about it. She turned toward the spray of water and let it pour over her breasts, rinsing off the thick soap, while her right hand slipped between her thighs and began frigging her pussy with an ever-increasing rhythm. Amy then rubbed her nipples with her left hand until they became even more firm and erect.

Amy looked over at Pamela and watched with a mix of pure lust and fascination as her hip movements were faster and more rapid than before. Amy then increased her own motion with her right hand, massaging her silken pussy harder.

Pamela's breathing was coming in raspy sounds as her face appeared flushed. Her hand went further back between her thighs, which were now spread further apart. Her long, slender middle finger disappeared into the pink crevice while the ridge of her thumb kept rubbing the hard nub that was about set to explode. Her left hand reached for her pussy and massaged her clit more vigorously. It was obvious that the tension rose in her, until she let out an audible moan which resulted in her body shaking with orgasmic lust.

Next to her, Amy was building to the point of release as well. Her hand reached for her slit and she shoved three fingers deep into herself - as far as they would go. She let go of her breasts with her other hand and used it to massage her engorged clit. Amy squealed with passion as she too, experienced an earth-shattering orgasm.

When their sensations settled down, Pamela strolled over to her new friend and embraced her from behind, cupping her large breasts with both hands in the process. "Wow Amy... I really needed that."

The red-head giggled and placed her hands upon Pamela's. "I needed it, too, honey." The two stayed together for a couple of seconds, grinding their bodies as one, until an unknown voice came from the entrance of the shower room.

"You guys weren't the only ones who needed it."

The two girls looked toward the source, as I panned the camera, and found Torrie standing at the entrance. The 25-year-old blonde was leaning against the door, using it for support, as she massaged her pussy with her right hand.

Amy looked at her and smiled. "How long have you been watching us?"

"Long enough," Torrie replied, in a sigh. "Seeing you two like that really made me hot."

Trish appeared in the doorway behind Torrie. She, much like Torrie, was already completely nude. Trish looked at Torrie as she masturbated, then at Amy and Pamela, before smiling in a playful way. "I guess some of us can't wait to get fucked." She paused and added, "I know I can't."

"We're all horny, thinking about the summer," Amy said.

"I definitely agree with that," Pamela said, releasing Amy from her embrace.

"That was one long plane ride," Amy commented. "I could have had five or ten orgasms in that time."

"I could have had twenty," Trish smirked, one-upping her.

Torrie continued to lean against the door and masturbate as Trish slipped by her, and into the room. She took the shower stall next to Amy and turned its water on. Next, the blonde looked at Amy and said, "I don't know what I'm going to do for ten weeks without a man."

"Maybe we're all going to turn into lesbians!" Pamela snickered, grabbing her towel from a nearby rack.

"Not me," Amy snorted. "I like pussy, but I love cock TOOOOO much to give up men."

Trish laughed. "I know what you mean. There's nothing like a big, hard cock in my pussy."

"Except a tongue licking it," came another voice from the shower room entrance.

They all turned their heads and found Gianna, the fiery Italian-American with brownish-black hair. She looked at Torrie for an instant, who was still masturbating near the entrance, before strolling into the shower room.

"You've got a point there," Pamela said, as she let her towel linger between her thighs, before rubbing herself at that spot once again.

"How about a threesome?" Amy asked. "You know, with a man AND a woman. That way, you get the best of both worlds. A nice pussy AND a nice cock."

"That's the best idea I've heard yet!" Pamela laughed.

Gianna had a towel wrapped around her. All of the girls watched with interested eyes as she let it drop to the floor. Gianna eyed her audience and grinned. "Hot, eh?"

"Yes!" Amy exclaimed. "You're very, very hot!"

"I know that," Gianna grinned, showing a perfect row of white teeth. "All of my lovers will agree with you."

"But are you hot in bed?" Trish asked, grinning widely.

"You'll find out soon enough," Gianna snickered, turning on the shower above her.

"Hopefully," Trish smiled in return.

Still masturbating fiercely, Torrie let out a shrieking squeal, which made everyone in the room look at her. The young woman clenched her thighs tightly around her fingers as she leaned against the wall for support. Her body began to tremble as she squealed again; it was obvious Torrie was experiencing an orgasm.

Trish giggled and looked at the others. "I think SOMEONE just got off, real good."

Torrie sighed and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. "I'm sorry for making such a scene," she offered. "It's just... thinking about being here for the summer with all of you... it is making me so horny."

"There's no reason to be sorry," Amy said, which everyone obviously agreed with.

"No need to be modest, either," Pamela offered.

"That's right," Gianna agreed. "We're going to be here for a whole ten weeks. There's no need to be modest. We're going to know everything about each other."

"What about that guy... Jeremy?" Trish asked.

Gianna's nose crinkled as she returned, "What about him?

As I understand it, he's going to be the only man we see for the next ten weeks."

"He can't possibly satisfy all of us," Torrie sighed, still recovering from her orgasm.

"He better," Trish remarked in a stern tone, which made my body shiver with lust.

"What happens if he is not interested in us?" Gianna said to the group. "Maybe all he wants to do is watch us have sex with each other. Some guys are like that."

"I guarantee you that he is interested," Torrie responded. "I saw the way he looked at us. If anyone wants to fuck him, all they have to do is go up and tell him so."

Pamela shrugged her shoulders, which caused her breasts to bounce about in a enticing manner. "What about if seducing him is against the rules?"

"You can always ask," Gianna offered.

Once Lindsay made her way into the shower area, all six of the girls were in there. The duo of Amy and Pamela, who had both entered first, decided to move on while the others stayed to soap and wash up.

I watched from my little, hidden corner of the mansion with my hand wrapped around my rock-hard cock. No way did I want to get off like this; I needed to save it for later. Six luscious women; and all of them obviously wanted a piece of me. I'd run dry soon enough - that was for sure.

It would be senseless to waste it on my palm.

I watched the rest of the girls take their shower, but the mood switched from lust to camaraderie as they finished up.

As the time for the official reception grew closer and closer, I realized I needed to get things ready. I really hated to miss any live action on the television screens, but knew that the video machines would record everything for me.

All of the girls showed up that evening at the right time - 7:00pm. The buffet table was set up with the dishes that had been prepared in advance by the caterer and frozen for storage. The preparation took little time or effort and the cleanup was only a matter of putting dirty dishes into bins to be picked up when the next shipment was delivered.

In addition to fruit juices of all varieties, other beverages, such as bottled water and club soda, were available as well. My goal was to keep the reception as informal and as friendly as possible. Tomorrow, I figured, my plan for the summer would actually begin.

For this evening, I chose to mingle and meet all the girls, trying not to give any impression of favoritism. Right now, though, I found myself feeling attracted most to Pamela, the 24-year-old from Maryland with the long blonde hair and loaded, top-deck figure. Not only was she very exquisite to look at, but there was something in the way Pamela carried herself which was just as enticing.

When I approached her, Amy was at her side.

"Are you two lovely ladies enjoying yourselves?" I asked, trying to be friendly and casual.

Amy jumped in even before Pamela could even try to answer. "Oh, yes. This island is wonderful. And the food is absolutely delicious. Can we eat all we want?"

"Of course. You can eat all you want, and ANYTHING you want." I put more emphasis on the 'anything' to see if there would be a reaction. Pamela smiled and giggled as she caught the double meaning, but Amy kept talking.

"Oh, okay. I just didn't want to mess up my chance at the big prize - the five-hundred-grand. I mean, I don't know the rules or anything - so I thought I'd ask. It is okay to ask, isn't it?" Amy was really laying on the sweetness now. She was trying to seduce the answer out of me. Little did she know that due to my eavesdropping on the conversation she had with Pamela earlier, I was fully prepared for it.

"Yes, you can ask," was my response.

"I bet there are lots of rules... aren't there?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I can't answer that."

"I knew it!" Amy huffed. "But I wish I knew what they were. I mean, a girl does have certain needs... but I would not want to break any of the rules."

"Needs?" I asked, eyebrows raised.

"You know," she said. "Different things. Like how a girl feels, what she wants. Needs."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I'm not sure I do."

"I don't need to talk about it in front of everybody,"

Amy replied. "But if I asked you in private... would that be okay? Could I do that?"

"You can ask me anything, at any time."

“Oh, good!" she chirped. "I'll be sure to remember that."

I looked around and said, "I must be going now, before the other ladies start think I'm playing favorites. Both of you, Pamela and Amy... enjoy the party."

I began walking toward another group, but heard Amy say to Pamela, "Do you think it was okay for me to ask him that? I hope it was..."

"Sure," she replied. "I mean, he SAID it was okay."

After two hours of meeting and mingling, I called for everyone's attention. "Ladies. This has been a delightful evening but I know you are all very tired from your long airline flights and wish to rest. Sleep late tomorrow if you like. We'll get together for awhile at ten o'clock and then the afternoon is all yours to enjoy the island. As you may already know, my personal suite is upstairs... so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to knock at any time. Your comfort is my goal." I smiled and ended, "Good night, and sleep well."

The girls began to drift off to their own rooms while I cleaned up and cleared the reception room. The whole job took less than 10 minutes. I then went to my suite and locked the door. Then I opened the secret panel and scanned the television screens. All the rooms showed up with the girls in various stages of undress, getting ready for bed.

In room two, Torrie and Gianna were seated on the first bed with nothing but oversized night-shirts on. Gianna was facing the camera with her legs widespread, her bare pussy in full view. I zoomed in on it and my cock immediately sprang to attention. I then zoomed out, getting a glimpse of the entire room.

After a minute, Torrie got up and put her dirty clothes into the room's hamper. She then got a few things from her suitcase and strolled over to the dresser-drawers with them. The 24-year-old stacked them neatly and closed the drawer. Then, she began opening the other drawers, one-by-one, until eventually getting to the nightstand. When Torrie opened that one, she let out a loud gasp.

The blonde reached in and took out a large box and held it up for Gianna to see. Even without the microphone on, I could tell she said, "Mine." I quickly turned the microphone on, so I could hear all of their words myself.

Gianna went to the other nightstand and found a similar box inside it. The two girls began to rip away at the fancy cardboard. Inside one, there was a vibrator. The other box; a gigantic, cock-like dildo. Each lady held their toy up and grinned.

Torrie had the vibrator and turned the knob at the end. She held it in her hand, obviously feeling its vibrations against her palm. Gianna then encouraged her to use it in the way it was intended. Torrie smiled, then laid back on the bed and spread her thighs wide and far apart.

She placed the point of the vibrator against her clit and immediately flinched with passion. Torrie's face turned red as she arched her body high and upward, grinding her pussy harder upon the vibrator.

She eventually moved the end from her clit to her sweet pussy. Torrie slid the tingling tool inside and then back out, obviously enjoying the sensations it provided. She slid it back to her clit and held it upon her pussy, while writhing her hips in arousal.

Gianna was watching her, a hand between her own thighs. She then laid back and held the dildo upon her pussy and pushed hard. Her lips stretched and soon, the big dildo was all the way inside her depths. Gianna screamed with delight as she soon began thrusting the dildo in-and-out of herself, at rapid-fire speed.

When Torrie let out a hoarse moan next to her, Gianna looked over at her and sighed. She pulled the dildo out of her pussy and then moved over to Torrie, obviously with an idea in mind. She pressed the rubber dildo upon Torrie's pussy and jammed it inside. Torrie, still pleasuring herself with the vibrator, really started to cry out her lust and passion.

"Yeah! Shove it in!" she screamed. "Fuck me with it! SO GOOD! GIVE IT TO ME!" Her hips rose off the bed with a faster and faster rhythm while Gianna jammed the object in-and-out of her at an ever-increasing speed. Torrie had the vibrator pressed upon her own clit, while thrashing about on the bed in convulsions of obvious pleasure.

She then arched her back and became rigid with heated desire. A series of cries ensued as a white-hot, thunderous orgasm shredded its way all throughout her.

Gianna pulled the dildo out of Torrie's pussy and laid back down, then shoved it inside herself again. Torrie sat up and rubbed the vibrator against Gianna's clit, moving it down to her dildo-stretched pussy. Torrie pushed the end of the vibrator upon her friend's pussy and Gianna cried out, "Yes! Yes! Shove it in there! Rip it apart! Fuck me with it!" Gianna's pussy lips were really stretched, but she nonetheless continued to buck and thrust herself upon the two tools of erotic pleasure.

Torrie leaned over and slipped her tongue into the fray, licking and sweeping away at Gianna's quivering pussy. She flicked her tongue over and across her clit at a fast pace, while Gianna continued getting pounded by the large dildo and vibrator, alike.

The Italian-American screamed with pleasure once her little pussy was overtaken by not only the monster-sized dildo and vibrator, but Torrie's hot mouth as well.

Gianna kept screaming as wave after wave of orgasmic lust spread throughout her sole. Torrie continued lapping away, being the lucky recipient of Gianna's sweet cum.

When it was all over, Gianna moved up in the bed and let out a content sigh. "That was so good. SOOOOO good." Each girl curled up next to the other in bed and cuddled for several moments before falling asleep. Their naked bodies entwined, they would share the same bed tonight.

I was going out of my mind with my cock throbbing in my trousers. I left the secret room and closed the panel. I thought I'd go to my private little bar and pour myself a stiff drink... everything about me was stiff at the moment. One more day like this and I'd be forced to spew my load or fill my trousers with it.

I took the first sip of my drink with my cock still hard and throbbing when there was a knock at the door. When I opened it, there was Amy. She had a sheepish grin on her face, standing there in a sheer nightie and nothing under it. My cock responded with a painful, knowing ache.

"Hi, Amy. What can I do for you?"

"Can I come in for a minute? I gotta talk to you."

I stepped aside to let her in. "Sure. Come on in. Can I get you a drink?"

"Ahh, sure. That would be nice." She looked around the suite. "This sure is a nice place. Great view you have."

"Yeah, I like it." I finished making the drink, and gave it to her. "It takes care of my needs."

"Really?" she said. "Don't you get kinda lonely here, all by yourself? I mean before we came, there was no one here, right? Except for Louisa, of course?"

"That's right... just me and the housekeeper."

"I mean, you're a normal man, right?" she continued. "I mean, you have... needs, right?"

"I sure do." I looked at her and couldn't keep my eyes off the full mounds on her chest pulling up the front of her nightie with each and every breath. Her nipples were visible through the sheer material and her bush was in full view every time she inhaled. My cock was about to cream the inside of my trousers - it was so hard.

Amy caught that bulge with her eyes. "Oh, I'm sorry. Am I making you uncomfortable? I really should've put more on, but then again, we're all friends here. Aren't we? You know, we're going to be here for ten whole weeks and well... we might as well be comfortable. Know what I mean?"

"Sort of," I choked out. My throat was raspy and my pulse was racing.

Amy stepped closer to me until I could feel her warm breath upon my neck. She pushed her large breasts against my chest and reached downward, finding the pulsating bulge hidden in my trousers. "I can see you're uncomfortable. I can feel it, too."

"If you keep that up," I whispered, "I'll get much more uncomfortable with sticky, wet pants."

"Well, let's take care of that." Amy grinned and reached for my zipper, then tugged it down. Her hand slid inside and immediately wrapped itself around my erection. Her hand felt SOOOOO good - it was difficult not to just let my full load loose, right there.

"Oh my..." was all I could say.

"Does this make you feel any more comfortable?" Amy asked quietly, in a teasing way. Her hand was very busy, squeezing and releasing my full erection, in rapid-fire succession. I didn't know how much longer I could hold out.

"I... I... I feel much more... comfortable."

"Oh... that's good," Amy purred, an instant before she pressed her lips to mine for an erotic kiss. The sultry red-head continued to stroke my erection as we quickly made our way over to the bed. I took a seat on the edge, and Amy immediately hopped into my lap and wrapped her legs around my waist, her lips never leaving mine.

The 26-year-old Ohioan brought her hands to my shirt, and quickly unbuttoned it. A short time later, she ripped it off and tossed it elsewhere, and rubbed my bare chest with her hands. Then, Amy pressed her large, heavenly breasts upon my chest, squishing them against me. The only thing between our naked flesh was that flimsy little nightie she wore - and it would be off, soon enough.

Amy continued to frig my cock as I brought both hands to her face, and caressed it gently. We were still kissing very deeply, but my breathing was becoming rather ragged.

I changed things up by breaking the kiss, allowing myself an instant to catch my breath, before showering her face and neck with a series of quick-hitting kisses. I then slipped my arms around her body and pulled her even closer to me.

It was at this time I realized that somehow, Amy had managed to get my trousers and briefs down, to my knees. How did she do that, since I was sitting down? I was so lost in wanderlust that I had no idea.

I really didn't care, either.

"Is this for me?" the vixen asked, continuing to tease me with her words, as she stroked my cock with her right hand. "Is this big monster for lil 'ole me?"

"I think you know it is," I growled, full of passion, as I now splayed her neck and shoulders with kisses.

Amy giggled and then pulled away. Still in my lap, she placed both hands upon the bed, behind her hips, and reclined backward. She then looked at me, her eyes awash with lust. It was quite obvious that Amy would not be satisfied tonight until I gave her what she wanted - my cock.

The little white nightie she wore had now ridden well above her waist. As a result, Amy's little pussy was now pressed against my quivering erection. Her legs were all snug and secure, wrapped around my waist, with her pelvis shoved against mine as she leaned back on the bed.

The little tease sighed with arousal when I brought both hands to her breasts, and squeezed them. Amy giggled some more, still eyeing me, as her head rolled about in pleasure. It made me feel good to know I was making HER feel good.

Despite the fact that Amy looked scrumptious in her little nightie, it being white and see-through, I knew the time was at hand. I had to get rid of it.

Without any resistance, I slipped the nightie up and over Amy's head. At the same time, she leaned forward and yanked my trousers and briefs all the way down, and off. Now, both of us were completely nude.

Amy's right hand grasped my cock once again, then she gave me a puppy-dog-eye expression. "I need to get fucked tonight," were her words. "I think you do, too."

That last sentence was an understatement.

I responded by grabbing a hold of her breasts, and then re-attaching my mouth to hers for another kiss. Amy reacted to my action by moving slightly upward, until her pussy was hovering directly over my throbbing erection. With my cock nudging her, Amy wiggled back-and-forth, obviously enjoying the sensations. Then, she took a seat and in the process, let out a deep moan as I slid into her.

Amy's little pussy was swollen and tight, but also wet. Once my entire length was embedded in her, she began rocking her hips to an unheard rhythm while moaning out her lust and delight. I held my flood in, letting her ride me like a stallion. I too, was letting loose with my verbal use.

"Oh yeah... oh yeah... this is what I need," Amy said, as she bounced up-and-down upon my burning cock. "Yeeeah. This is what I need. OOOOOH YEAH."

I grasped her hips with my hands, and helped increase her bouncing motion. "It's what I need too, sweetheart."

"Hmmmmm..." the tease moaned, enjoying the moment. "Oh God, yeah... Yeah... HMMMMM, YEEEEEAH."

This was incredible. I was having sex with one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, and she wanted nothing more in the entire world, at that moment in time, than my cock. Watching this red-headed siren bounce upon my full erection was truly a sight to see.

However, I was running low on staying power.

"I'm going to cum, sweetheart," I told her in a breathless whisper, which was immediately followed by the event.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Amy screamed as she jammed herself downward, completely burying my cock within the confines of her pussy. I screamed as well, as my shaft simply erupted within her. I could feel the sperm gushing out from within its tip, and flooding her insides. Then, I realized that Amy was having an orgasm of her own.

Both of us held the other tightly while experiencing the profound lust of release. My cum was flooding her pussy as she gasped and cried, while letting out sounds of passion.

When Amy settled down, she glanced at me with a wild, far-away look in her eyes, while smiling meekly. She slid off my cock that was semi-hard and laid her head on my stomach. Then, Amy reached for my quivering, soaked shaft and frigged it gently.

Next, the 26-year-old moved her head to my cock and swiped its tip with her tongue. A soft, gentle licking soon changed into a hard sucking. I could feel the head of my shaft deep within her throat as she swallowed it whole.

Amy then started a slow bobbing motion with her head, sliding her velvety lips up-and-down my cock. With every movement up my prick, she sucked it into her mouth with her tongue sliding along its base, lapping my cock's underside.

She then reached between my legs and slid her fingers over and across my balls. My cock was at full strength yet again, and was aching for release. Amy played with my balls for a short time longer, her mouth working pure magic on my shaft, until I could not simply take any more.

A fire shot from deep within me and went straight for my erection, which exploded within the confines of Amy's hot mouth. Amy pumped and sucked until she had taken nearly every last ounce of sperm down her greedy, little throat.

When Amy finally let my cock go and looked up at me, she had that same far-away look in her eyes, with a drop of semen running out of the corner of her mouth. I reached out and wiped the drop away, then she immediately licked the finger dry I had used to do so. Amy made me feel so good that my body actually ached. Personally, I love sex like this.

"Are you more comfortable now?" was her question.

"Oh yes, much more comfortable," I responded. "How about you, sweetheart?"

"Just fine..." she winked, before getting up and reaching for her nightie. She slipped it over her body, covering her luscious, heaving breasts. Next, Amy leaned down to me and planted a warm, inviting kiss upon my lips.

"Are you going to leave me?" I asked, somewhat depressed. However, it was probably for the better. I really needed to get to sleep. This woman had worn me out, in a hurry.

"I'd love to stay and fuck the night away," Amy said.

"But I told Pamela that we could stay up tonight, and talk.

I want to get back before she goes to bed."

"Understood," I said, nodding my head. "Remember, though, there is a meeting tomorrow morning at ten o'clock. It is mandatory, so don't stay up too late."

Amy giggled and nodded her head, then blew me a kiss before opening the door and exiting my private suite.

I closed and locked the door behind her, then headed for my secret room. There, I turned on the monitor for the camera in my personal suite. The tape had stopped recording, so I re-wound it a bit and then pressed the PLAY button.

There was Amy and I, on the television screen, her on top of me. She was bouncing about wildly, upon my cock. I fast-forwarded and then watched as she bobbed her head over my cock, seconds before I filled her mouth with my sperm.

I took the videotape out and replaced it with a new one. The original would make a good keepsake for the future, maybe 10 years from now, when I would like to re-live a moment from this summer. I told myself right then that by the time the summer was over, I'll probably have truckloads of videotapes which I will want to keep. One can only hope...

I made sure everything was in order, then decided it was time to go to bed. I needed rest, for tomorrow.

It sure was going to be an interesting summer.
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computer Are you trying to overheat our pc's with your sexy little tales, NSC?

A story with romance is always a welcome addition to Writer's Fortress, the seduction the play of characters, their interaction that brings you deep into their worlds and brings forth a hungry desire is a delicious read. Look forward to reading more. wootwave tongue hug
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bed hubba computer That was super steamy and filled with all kinds of goodies! yahoo bravo icecream
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Summer paradise
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