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 Don't Matter (Three Part Romance)

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PostSubject: Don't Matter (Three Part Romance)   Wed 25 Nov 2009, 2:38 pm

Don't Matter

Part One: Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number

"U r a disgrace to this community and Christians around the world."

"Pedophiles such as yourself deserve to be castrated."

"You have decieved the entire town with your hypocrisy. Jesus will never forgive you. You will forever burn in hell..."

"Pervert. Stop touching little girls, Gropey."

Unable to read anymore of the hate mail that flooded his inbox, Danny Gokey shut off his labtop.People were unbelievable. Always so quick to judge someone before they knew all of the facts. What hurt the most was that he'd known these people his entire life. These were the people he'd grown up with, the people who'd supposedly been his friends.

Riverwest, Wisconsin was a small suburb of Milwaukee. Danny had lived in this town his entire life. And like his forebearers, he thought he'd live here until he died. Now, he couldn't wait to leave the state. Everyone in town knew everyone's business. They weighed heavily on your decisions and judged you to no end. He'd always found it suffocating, but now it was overwhelming.

He was being treated as if he'd commited savagery on par with draining the life's blood from their first born sons or drowning infants in the river.

The only thing Danny had done was fall in love.

With a student.

He knew romantic relationships between a teacher and his student were considered a taboo. Danny was well aware of the fact he could lose his job-and ruin his reputation-when he decided to become involved with Allison. Still, it didn't stop him. He'd been unable to resist the young woman's moxie and charm. Allison was eighteen years old, and a senior at Riverwest Christian School. Her bright, technicolour red hair and even brighter smile lit up any room she stepped in. He'd known the Iraheta family for years. They were members of St Johns The Evangelist Church where Danny's father was Pastor. While he was in college, Danny had taken a job at the church as a worship director. Allsion had been a shy, awkward twelve year old with a big voice.

Of course, Danny hand't harboured any romantic feelings toward the young girl. At the time, he'd been happily married. But a year and a half ago, his wife, Alexis, had passed away due to complications from a heart surgery. Her death had taken him by surprise. He'd been devestated, and didn't think he'd ever see himself out of the dark place he'd fallen into. He saw no reason to live.

Then Allison came along. No longer the awkward teenager, the young woman had been the light that guided him. As if it were yesterday, Danny remembered the day she'd come to his apartment, laden with sympathy cards, cakes and flowers-gifts from his students. She'd been dressed in the school uniform-navy blue opague tights, blue and white plaid skirt, white blouse and a navy blazer. Though about a hundred other girls wore the same exact uniform, Allison stood out. She didn't roll the waist of the skirt to shorten it or leave most of her blouse undone like many of his other students. Her accessories and combat boots gave her a cool, unique edge.

Allison had wound up staying at his place until late in the night. She and Danny had talked for hours, which surprised him, since he hadn't been in the mood to talk to anyone for weeks. They talked about everything under the sun, and academics never came up once. That was how it began: as a beautiful friendship. Allison had been his shoulder to lean on and vice versa. It was so easy being around the quirky young woman. She confided her deepest, darkest secrets. How she didn't think she'd be able to afford college because of her dad's gambling problem. That she was bulimic. Just as Allison had helped him, Danny helped her conquer the eating disorder.

Somewhere along the line, he fell in love with her.

To him, Allison was much more than a girl. In his eyes, she was a woman. A strong, beautiful, intelligent woman. Age had never been an issue in their relationship. In many ways, they were on the same level. The eighteen year old had touched his heart in a way Danny didn't think anyone but Alexis could. Of course, others didn't understand the dynamics of their relationship. He was a creepy old pervert whi was taking advantage of a naive teenage girl. The headlines had been awful. The Milwaukee Journal had cleverly dubbed him as "Man-Kay"- the male version of Mary Kay Letorneau. Reporters had been making his life a living hell ever since the news broke. They called his cell phone relentlessly, banged on his door at all hours of the night.

Three weeks ago, his life had been so peaceful and easy.Before Allison's father, Jose Iraheta, discovered a letter Allison had written to Danny. It had been a steamy email, full of sensual promises and naughty photos. Allison had been completely oblivious that her dad had found the email. That Sunday morning, Mr Iraheta called Danny, asking him to come over to discuss plans for the upcoming party at the River Lodge. Since they were both on the town party planning committee, he hadn't found it suspicious.

Until he felt the cold metal barrel of a shotgun pressed directly over his heart the moment he stepped on the Iraheta doorstep. Never in his life, had he been put into a situation like that. Alexis' parents hadn't been too keen on him, but they hadn't tried to blow his heart from his chest! And that was only the beginning. From there on, everything went completely downhill. Mr Iraheta had threatened to press rape charges against him, despite the fact Allison's reassurances their relationship had yet to progress to a sexual level. Surprisingly, Mrs Iraheta had been calm, but she'd promised Danny he would be losing his job. Allison had cried, begged, and pleaded with her parents not to do so. They didn't listen, and forbade Allison from ever seeing him again.

It was the last time he'd seen her. The only positive thing Danny could draw from the situation was that he couldn't get arrested, since he hadn't slept with her. Danny lost all the things in life that truly meant something to him, everything he worked so hard for. First, he lost his wife. Though he did finally move on and briefly found happiness, there would always be that empty, hollow space within the deepest chambers of his heart. Times like this, he missed the woman even more. She always knew exactly what to say, but he couldn't help but wonder what she thought of him right now. Did she feel as if he betrayed her memory by moving on so quickly? Did she, like the rest of his family, think he was a disgrace? Probably. He felt like a disgrace. Because of this, he could never get another teaching job again. Four years of college, completely down the drain. Teaching was the only career Danny had ever considered.What on Earth would he do now? He couldn't afford to go to college for another four years.

Danny couldn't believe he allowed himself to get into this mess. He was always the one who did the right thing. Why had he allowed himself to fall for Allison? Better yet, why even allow himself to love anyone in the first place? Love hadn't brought him anything except pain. Playing Russian Roulette with his heart wasn't worth it. It was a losing game. Oh, what a mess he'd made.

With a heavy sigh, the man looked over his suitcase, making sure he had everything he would need. He needed a fresh start, and leaving town was the first step. He was leaving everything behind, though he knew he would never escape his past. He doubted anyone in this town would miss him....anyone except Allison.

Danny hated leaving without telling her goodbye. But it was easier for them both. If he just disappeared, Allison would forget about him within time. She was eighteen; she had her entire life ahead of her. She would find love again, someone who didn't carry so much emotional baggage. Someone who was more appropriate. He took a final look around the small apartment, making sure he left nothing behind. He'd packed only the things that mattered most to him. His pictures, clothes to change in, and various other sentimental knickknacks. His steps heavy, he rolled his two suitcases to the door.

Leaving was the only option. He didn't feel at home in this town anymore. The townsfolk weren't very forgiving, and this was a scandal they wouldn't forget anytime time soon. He wasn't sure where he would go. He would just drive until his heart was content. No matter where he went, Allison would always be in his heart. Always on his mind. He would always love her.

He opened the door, and the cool, spring breeze rippled through his brown hair. The sky was black as ink, dotted with stars. It was a beautiful night to hit the road. He'd be out of the state by morning.


Startled, the man looked up. Squinting against the darkness, he saw a figure dashing toward him. At first, he thought it was a reporter. But as the person got closer, he saw it was Allison. What was she doing here?

Breathless, the redhead threw her arms around him. "Oh, Danny," she murmured, standing on tip toes to kiss him. "I miss you."

Danny did his best to conceal his emotions. He was overyjoyed at seeing her. His stomach flip flopped, as it usually did when they touched. It was all he could do not to return the embrace. "What are you doing here, Allison?" he asked cooly, reluctantly pulling away.

Allison looked at him through her whisky brown eyes as if the answer was obvious. "I came to see you," she answered in her raspy voice.

Danny sighed, quickly looking around. This wasn't supposed to happen this way. "Allison, we're not supposed to see each other. We-I-could get into trouble."

"You've already been fired. How much more trouble can you get into?" She raised an eyebrow, her eyes landing on the suitcases. "Where are you going?"

Danny shrugged. "I dunno. Somewhere that's not in this state."

"What? Why? You weren't even gonna say goodbye?" Allison's eyes filled with tears. "Were you?"

"I was going to call you," lied Danny. Had someone followed her? A reporter? Her dad? He didn't see anyone, but his night vision wasn't the best. "Come in." Quickly, he ushered her inside.

Wordlessly, Allison followed him. She took a seat on his couch, and Danny sat in the armchair across from her. She wondered why he wouldn't sit next to her. "When are you coming back?" she asked.

"I'm not coming back." Danny stared down at his feet. Looking at her would just make him whimp out.

Allison jacknifed upright, feeling as if she'd been hit over the head. "What? You're breaking up with me!" she exclaimed. She couldn't believe it. After all they'd been through, Danny was ready to just throw it away?

"Yeah." Danny continued to avert her gaze. Unease settled within his stomach.

Pain sliced through Allison. "You're not even going to try and make it work?"

"It can't work, Allison," said Danny, his tone solemn. "The odds against us...they're too high."

Allison stared at him, tears cascading down her cheeks. "How do you know that?" she demanded, her voice rising with emotion. She may have been a number of things, but she was not a quitter. "How can you be so sure unless you try?"

"We've already tried. Trying to have a relationship is what got me-us- in this whole mess." Every emotion Danny had been holding within threatened to burst out at once. Fear. Sadness. Anger. Confusion. Unable to sit still any longer, the man began to pace the floor. "I lost my job. These past weeks have been miserable. Reporters stalking me. I've got people calling me a child molester. My family won't even talk to me. I can't go to the grocery store without people staring and heckling me. Eggs have been thrown at my house and car. I can't do it anymore. I can't."

"Do you think I've had it easy?" Allison exclaimed incredulously. "I have to go to school here for a couple months still. I've found notes in my locker with people calling me a slut. Guys have been coming on to me constantly, making very derogatory comments. They're considering taking the scholarship from me because the school administration thinks you may have tampered with my grades. I need that scholarship to go to college. Life hasn't been easy for me, either! But I'm not ready to give up, and here you are."

He was a loss for words. Once again, he felt like a selfish jerk. As always, he was unloading all of his emotional baggage onto this young girl. She was far too young to deal with this type of stress. "You see? I'm just ruining everything for you. All you're doing is proving to me why we can't continue seeing each other. I've brought you nothing but strife."

"I brought it upon myself, too." Allison reminded him. Many people believed Danny had forced her into having a relationship with him. In reality, it was so far from the truth. He'd never once pressured her into doing anything she didn't want. She'd recieved far more sexual pressure from boys her own age. He hadn't once touched her someplace she didn't want. He'd been weary about even kissing her the first time. It had been Danny who refused to take things to the next level. There was no imbalance of power, as many people said of student-teacher relationships. Outside of school, he treated her as his equal. In class, he yelled at her and would put her in detention quickly as any other student.

Danny shoved his hands in his pocket. Allison was so strong...stronger than him. "I'm not what you need right now."

Anger burned inside her. Allison was sick of people telling her what she did and didn't need. Hearing it coming from the man who knew her better than anyone, the man she loved was even worse. She let out a frustrated cry. "Obviously, you don't know what I need," she spoke in a low whisper, "You claim you love me, but you're giving up. You don't leave the people you love. You don't quit when everything gets tough."

"Really? Is that true? Alexis loved me, and she still left." A lump grew in his throat and he placed a hand over his aching heart.

"That's different. She didn't choose to leave you. She didn't want to die." Allison wanted to reach out and hug him. "This...its different! You're choosing to leave!"

Danny shut his eyes briefly. "I'm doing what's best for us both. Now is not the time for us." Tears pricked the backs of his eyes, but he refused to let them fall. He stared up at the ceiling.

"Danny..." Allison crossed the room, placing her hands on his shoulders. She knew how much he was holding back. She understood his fears, his doubts. "We can do it...don't you want us to work."

"What I want and what will work are two completely different things, Allison." He looked into her eyes. His tone was flat, defeated.

He looked as stricken as Allison felt. The young woman hadn't seen him like this since the days after his wife's passing. "You're afraid. I get that. I am, too. This...us...this connection we have is so strong, so precious," she said, her voice breaking, "you'll be hurting me more than anything by leaving. I love you."

Danny drew in a deep breath. "No one is going to let us be together, Allie. You're going off to college. We won't have time." He knew these sounded like excuses. They were. Deep down, he was afraid. He was trying to protect Allison, but himself as well. Alexis had only passed away a year ago, and here he was, already in a new relationship with someone. Someone much younger. He felt guilty. He didn't want to insult his wife's memory anymore than he already had.

"We can make time...as for people, I don't care. I love you. People can say what they like. I'm grown. I can do what I want. I decide who I want to be in a relationship with. My mom and dad...I don't care. If they truly cared for me, and wanted what's best, they would understand that I chose you." argued Allison.

"You say that now."

"I say it now and I'll say it five years from now, Danny. I choose you. I want you."

He just looked at her, his heart swelling with admiration. This was one of the many things he loved about her: how she found positivity in even the darkest situation. Alexis had been the same way. Unable to hold the tears back any longer, he allowed them to flow freely. This was why he didn't want to see Allison. Because she already had his defenses weakening. "Its just gonna be too hard."

"Its always been hard. If anything, I'm glad we won't have to hide anymore. It used to be murder, sitting in that classroom for an hour and not being able to kiss you. I had to pretend I hated you just like everyone else. At the holiday dance, it was so hard having to dance with Jorge Nunez when I wanted to be with you. It was even harder seeing you dance with Mrs Rounds. But we got through all of that. We can get through this. Am I right?"

"Yes. You are." Danny smiled wryly.

Seeing him smile incensed Allison. "Nothing that's worth having is ever easy to keep. If you leave me, people will automatically assume they're right. They'd love it. Everybody would think you're just this old dude who likes to swim in the kiddy pool. They'd think I was just the dumb, attention starved slut who fell for it. That's something I wouldn't ever live down."

Danny listened to her. "Right again." At thirty years old, Allison was still more insightful than him.

"It also wasn't easy getting out of the house tonight. Jasmine and I had to beg my parents to let me sleep at her house tonight, so we could look through stupid prom magazines. I think my dad suspected something fishy, but my mom gave in. She said I 'needed to return to some sense of normalcy'." Allison rolled her eyes. "So we like, had to wait until Jasmine's parents were asleep before I could sneak out and come here. I wanted to see you so badly, it was killing me. But I did it! I did it!"

"You're bad." Wiping his eyes, he laughed softly. He was so caught up in his own self, Danny had forgotten to even ask how she'd gotten here. He also forgot that her prom was a few weeks away. Why the hell did she put herself through so much for him? "You shouldn't have done that. You should want to be with someone who can take you to your prom." What the hell would it take for her to see how completely wrong they were for each other?

Allison stared at him for a long moment before roughly shoving him. It was too forceful to be playful, but hard not enough where it could hurt either. She wanted to punch some sense into the man. "Yo, stupid. For the past thirty or so minutes, I've been standing here trying to tell you that I don't want anyone else. I just want you. I'm going to prom alone. Others have doubted how I felt about you, and you'd better not be one. I love you, Daniel Gokey. And I am telling you, I'm not going." Her dad had told her she was confusing lust for love. Her mom said she wasn't in love; it was only her girlish pride, that she was too young to love anyone. They weren't inside her heart. They didn't understand her feelings at all. Allison had crushed after Danny for years. In her sophomore year, a group of girls had been teasing her about her thick glasses, braces and unruly hair. Danny had overheard them, and gave them a few choice words before giving them detention. Aside from making sure she was okay, the man hadn't given Allison a second look. But her fifteen year old heart had swooned. Except she hadn't known the difference between puppy love and true love then.

Love was when someone brought out the best in you. Around Danny, Allison felt beautiful, like she could do anything she desired. Love was when seeing that person made you happier than you'd ever been. He was the first thing on her mind when waking, the last before going to sleep. She loved everything about him. The way he'd look at her with the twinkle in his eye, something reserved for only her. She loved how safe she felt in his arms. She'd be a fool to let him go. Yes, she was only eighteen. She was glad she'd found love at an early age and was spared from obsessively chasing it. She was glad she didn't have to play the dating game and deal with creeps before finding Mr Right. She'd found him on her third try.

She'd be damned if she would let him go.

"I know you love me. And I love you, too." replied Danny, running a hand through his hair.

"Then don't break up with me," stated Allison, softly, "Please. Please don't. I need you. I know you need me, too." She wrapped her arms around him tightly, and finally, he reciprocated.

Looking into her eyes, his heart flipped over. She was fighting for him. For them. How could he do anything less? How could he walk away from her now? Softly, he stroked her cheeks, bending down slightly to kiss her forehead. Allison was the only good thing in his life right now. The only person he had left that truly cared about him. She was everything. He didn't know what the future would hold for them. But it seemed so bleak without the feisty redhead in his life. Allison had given him reason to live when he'd lost all desire.

Most people said true love came around twice. He was a lucky son of a gun to have found it twice. There would be no third time. Allison was right. It would be incredibly stupid to throw away something so precious. "I never thought I could love someone so quickly after my wife's death," said Danny, smooothing back a stray lock of hair.

Allison's smile brightened. She knew she could never replace his late wife. She didn't want to. "I don't expect to replace your wife. And I don't want to. I'm sure she'd want you to move on and be happy. She'd want what's best for you, Danny. And...I'm what's best for you. Open your eyes and see it."

It was his turn to smile. It was comforting hearing those words from her. "You are what's best for me. I can't leave you, especially now that you've convinced me to stay. You seriously ought to pursue a career in law. You make a damn good argument." Danny grinned slightly. However, one thing still stood. "But I am still leaving town."

"What?" Allison's face fell. "But you said-"

"I know where I'm going now." Danny gently caressed Allison's scalp; she sighed softly. "And I won't leave tonight, but tommorow morning. I'm going to Atlanta."

Allison seemed puzzled, then shrieked excitedly. "I'm going to UGA! Oh my god, are you serious? You're gonna live with me?"

He laughed at her reaction. Mature as she was, she could still be so girlish. It was adorable. "A fresh start is what we need. We need to be away from the negativity. Someplace where it could truly be just us, without everyone gossiping and talking outta their neck. I've been here long enough." Leaving town would do wonders for them both. Being away from the bad memories would help Danny mend his heart completely. He could truly come to terms with his wife's death when there weren't constant reminders everywhere he turned. He could be free. Allison would live on campus, and they could continue seeing each other, but it would be at a slower pace.

Lovingly, Allison stared up at him, relaxing for the first time in weeks. Everything was going to be fine. She still had the love of her life. They would be together even when she was away at school. "I love you. You're selfish and stupid, but I still love you."

"Backhanded compliment." Danny rolled his eyes and smiled. "You're a brat. A sassy brat. But I love you. In fact, I have something to give you."

"What? Is it what I have to give you, too?" Blushing slightly, she looked up at him. They'd waited long enough. Allison was ready for him to truly claim her as his own, especially if this would be their last night together for awhile. She wanted it to be something special, something to remember.

"I dunno. Why don't you see?" He quirked an eyebrow and grinned coyly, leading her into the back.

"I hate surprises." Allison gripped his hand tightly and giggled nervously.

"You'll love this, I promise." When they reached his bedroom, Allison sat on the bed, her stomach fluttering in anticipation. However, he didn't join her. Instead, he began rummaging through his nightstand drawers. Dunno why I didn't think of it sooner. Finally, he found it, and climbed next to her in b ed.

Allison's eyes widened as she saw what he was holding. Incapable of words, she sat still as he took her hand.

"I'm giving this to you as a promise," explained Danny, slipping his old high school ring upon her finger. "that no matter what, I'll stay committed to you. That I'll always be there whenever you need me." It was too soon for an engagement. He wasn't ready for another marraige, and he was sure Allison wasn't, either. This ring would be a sign of their love, a sign of the hardship they overcame. A reminder that nothing else would stand in their way. "I love you."

Allison held her hand up, the blue stone glittering in the dim light. It was almost as if he gave her a diamond. Flinging her arms around him, she kissed him deeply. A zing shot through her like a power surge. "Now, I have something to give you," she whispered, pulling away, her eyes twinkling. "something no other guy has gotten. I'm yours. All yours." She kissed him again. It was a slow, burning kiss.

No longer able to resist, he pushed her gently down onto the bed, never making contact. "I know. I'm lucky," Danny chuckled deeply, before tangling his hands through her hair. He kissed her forehead, her eyelashes, the pads of his fingers gently stroking behind her ear. It was a beautiful kiss, one that brimmed with hope, excitement, desire. The same emotions that brought them together.

And most importantly, would keep them together.

The next part will feature a gay couple, third part, interracial couple...Smile I told Traci about this one ages ago, haha!
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PostSubject: Re: Don't Matter (Three Part Romance)   Wed 25 Nov 2009, 3:20 pm

That was very beautiful, Tia. I loved everything about it. The tenderness, the romance, the apprehension and indecision, the threat of violence, and finally, the realization...as they understood that they did belong together. I only wish that you had gone on with this...showing Allison going to my alma mater, and Danny living close by. Maybe I can convince you to continue this? stretcher hug yahoo wootwave heart bounce yes love
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PostSubject: Re: Don't Matter (Three Part Romance)   Wed 25 Nov 2009, 3:37 pm

Thanks! Continuing...idk! I don't know what else I would do with this storyline here...But thanks a lot! *hugs*
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PostSubject: Re: Don't Matter (Three Part Romance)   Sun 20 Dec 2009, 8:14 pm

That was very nice Tia. I like your writing style. yourock
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Don't Matter (Three Part Romance)
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