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 Til Death (Erotic Psycological Thriller)

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PostSubject: Til Death (Erotic Psycological Thriller)   Mon 16 Nov 2009, 1:56 pm

Til Death

Chapter One

A group of five men were seated in the back of Test Flight, L.A.'s newest and hottest clubs. Bright strobe lights coloured the dance floor, which was surrounded by a well stocked half moon bar. The candy painted walls were decked out in pictures of various A-List celebrities and abstract paintings by Mikayla Schiffer, a hip up and coming artist. Throngs of sweaty bodies gyrated against each other on the packed floor. DJ Blake Lewis spun a remixed version of a Lady GaGa song. The beat pounded through the floors, the strobe lights echoing the rhythm.

Like most Hollywood clubs, you either had to be rich, beautiful or famous to enter. Together, this group of friends fit the bill on each count. They were some of Hollywood's most notorious and powerful players.

"I'm so tired of trying to please her. I work constantly to assure there's food on the table and a roof over our heads. Yet, she feels the need to bitch and moan about me not being home with the baby enough. Mind, I don't hear her yapping off when she's out shopping." complained the oldest of the group, Danny Gokey, finishing off his third shot of Patron Silver. Or was it his fourth? He never had much of a head for such strong spirits, so he'd lost count after his second.

Danny was a successful talent agent, whose clientele included some of the most successful actors in Hollywood. He owned his own agency, GDGA, along with his mentor, Kara DioGuardi. After much hard work, the agency was beginning to rival CAA, which was a very notorious and renowned agency. His career was blossoming.

He wished he could say the same about his marraige. Danny and his wife, Alexis, had not been on the best terms recently. She complained about him hardly ever being home, and when he was, usually he'd be holed up in his study, still working. "You never spend time with Aidan," she would complain, "When was the last time you took him to the park?"

Aidan was the couple's six year old son. Danny wished he had more time to spend with his family. Hell, he wished he had more time to sleep. His job commanded most of his attention-there were always scripts to read, dailies to watch. Money to be made. Alexis needed to be more considerate, to understand that everything he did was for their family. He didn't like being away from them so much.

"If anything, she should be glad you have a job," drawled Adam Lambert, Danny's friend and client. Adam was a very famous actor. Two years back, he starrred in the film version of the Broadway play, Wicked. The critically acclaimed movie had been a huge commercial sucess, becoming one of 2007's highest grossing movies. It garnered a great amount of buzz for Adam, earning him a Golden Globe nomination and landed him on People's Sexiest Man and Most Beautiful People lists. However, Hollywood was fickle. A great movie can make your career as quickly as a bad one could ruin it. A year ago, Adam had taken a costarring role in the remake of Hard To Kill. The movie tanked. Instead of nabbing another Golden Globe nod, he'd won the Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor. Because of this, no director wanted to give the man a decent starring role anymore.

"I'm working on that. I suppose it would be pointless to lecture you again on this, but I ain't got a clue why you let that deadbeat agency handle you anyway. Seacrest couldn't even carry my fucking sperm sample, let alone book me for a goddamn job." stated Danny. He was referring to his former assistant and rival, Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest worked for Starlight Agency, which was run by Paula Abdul. "Anyway....yeah. You'd think she'd be glad. But no. I'm keeping her in Tiffany jewelry and riding around in a Range Rover, and its still not enough. I don't even know what to do." He and Alexis had been married for nearly ten years. She knew how hard he'd worked to get to the place he was. Why couldn't she accept that?

"Women." Anoop Desai scoffed, shaking his head. "I swear, being around you is enough to keep me reminded why I will never marry. Its a maximum security prison sentence." Anoop, who was a record producer, always bragged about his exploits with women. Danny and the others didn't believe him, as he was known to exaggerate often.

"Aw, come on you guy," chuckled Kris Allen, the youngest of the group. Kris, a multiplatinum selling recording artist, recently married his girlfriend of six years. He was still sporting a tan from his month long St. Tropez honeymoon.

"This coming from Mr.-I-Just-Married-Two-Months-Ago. Please. You're still in the honeymoon phase.When the sex stops and the complaining begins, you'll see." snorted Matt Giraud. Matt was the writer of the group. He penned everything from novels, songs and screenplays.

Kris rolled his eyes. "This coming from a man who's been married twice and still won't admit he likes men." he retorted, smirking.

"Fuck you, Krissy!" said Matt, scowling.

"I told you not to call me that-"

Adam sighed and shook his head. "Anyone up for another round?" he questioned, signaling for the bartender.

"Why the hell not. Though there's not enough damn tequila in the world to make me forget about the five hundred thousand lawsuit over my head." Matt sighed miserably. He was going through a nasty divorce at the moment. His ex-wife, Jesse Langseth, complained that Matt had left her broke and was now trying to get half of all he earned the duration of the marriage.

Feeling slightly better that he wasn't the only person having trouble, Danny nodded. His vision was already blurry and his head was spinning in fast circles. It had been awhile since he'd hung out with his boys like this, and what the hell, he deserved to lose his head for a bit. He'd drink a vat of water before going to bed and he'd be just fine tommorow. "Bring it on, Lam-Chop."

About an hour and a half later, Danny found himself quite along at the table. Anoop had probably gone off to find someone to screw. Adam was probably in a stall shoving half of Bolivia up his nose, and Kris was probably in a quiet corner calling his wife. And Matt...who the hell knew what he was up to.

Damn. He really shouldn't have taken those last few shots; he was feeling them quite strongly at the moment. Removing his titanium polished platinum Cartier glasses, he rubbed his eyes in a futile attempt to clear his vision. He needed to get home. He couldn't see his watch, but he was sure it was quite late. Alexis was going to throw a huge fit when he did come in. Not only was he late, but was piss drunk as well. No, she wouldn't like that at all...

Groaning, Danny scanned the area for his friends once more. He saw no sign of them, but something-rather, someone-caught his eye. It was a young woman, dancing. She was short and curvy, dressed in a sparkly, tight, gold minidress. Long, curly dark hair cascaded down her back. From where he was sitting, Danny could tell she was very pretty. The way she danced was mesmerising. She spun around in slow circles, her hands splayed across her breasts, her hair whipping around. Transfixed, he watched as she dipped and arched to the rhythm, trailing her fingers to her neck. The woman danced as if she were making love. It was very arousing.

Only when he lungs began to ache, Danny realised he hadn't been breathing. Slightly ashamed of himself, he tore his eyes away. He had a wife and child at home-he had no business oogling another woman. But he couldn't help himself from stealing another glance. The woman was intoxicating. Besides, looking wouldn't hurt anyone. It wasn't like he was going to act on the lust he was currently feeling. Lust stronger than anything he had experienced in years...

I need to get home. Slipping his glasses on, Danny slowly hoisted himself from his seat. His legs felt like jelly; he stumbled slightly with the first step. Where the hell was his cell phone? He patted around his pockets, but came up empty. Shit. He needed to call a limo. "Where the hell is that damn phone?" he grumbled, dropping to his knees and feeling around on the floor. Finally, he found it. Cautiously, he scrambled back to his feet, taking baby steps so he wouldn't fall. However, he forgot all about the step that lead to the dance floor. Stomach lurching, the man lost his balance and fell flat on his face, the back of his head painfully colliding with the metal leg of the stool, sending his glasses flying.

"That's going to hurt in the morning," cooed a female voice, accented with a soft Spanish lilt.

Dazed, Danny looked up, blinking. Slowly, eveyrthing came into clearer focus...and holy hell, he was staring up at a pair of lacy pink panties. He blinked and quickly averted his gazed. At least she's not pulling a Britney, right? "Er..." Danny stammered, looking up at the woman again-this time at her face. She handed him his glasses. Once they were on, he recognised her as the woman who'd been on the dancefloor. Dare he say it, she was even sexier up close. "Thanks. Alot."

Dark brown eyes were fringed by long, sooty lashes. Full lips painted a deep, sensual red that begged to be kissed. The dress revealed plenty of creamy porcelain skin. Skin that invited a man to kiss and lick...Only when she chuckled and raised and eyebrow, Danny realised that once again, he was staring. "Let me help you up." She offered a hand and he saw her nails were painted blood red.

He took it, allowing the woman to help him to his feet, ignoring the twinge of embarassment. A tiny spark that had nothing to do with embarassment jolted through him as well. "Uh. Thanks." repeated Danny, aware that he sounded like a broken record.

"I'm Tatiana, by the way," announed the woman, shooting him a sultry smile.

"Daniel." Danny purposely kept his gaze on his polished Prada shoes.

"I know who you are." Tatiana giggled softly.

Danny was about to ask how, but rolled his eyes at his stupidity. Everyone in Hollywood knew his name. "Are you an actress or something?"

Tatiana smiled brightly, displaying even white teeth. "I'm an actress, model and singer. I know, I'm short to model, but I can do print, right?" she said eagerly.

Danny chuckled. "Oh, definitely. You're a very attractive woman," he agreed.

Tatiana's eyes sparkled. "Oh, thank you!" She moved closer to him, and trailed a finger over his arm. "You're pretty damn hot yourself. Has anyone ever told you how much you resemble Robert Downey Jr.?"

Danny swallowed hard. The area she touched felt like a match had been dragged across his skin. He caught a whiff of her perfume. It smelled like vanilla and something else his drunken mind couldn't name. Suddenly, everything felt too hot. He was too hot. The room was too hot...she was too hot. "Yeah," he said, his voice husky, "Many times." Looking down, he saw her hand was still on his arm. He needed to leave before he did something incredibly stupid. After a night of drinking, Danny didn't trust himself to make wise decisions. Shrugging out of the woman's grasp, he said, "Nice meeting you...but I have to go now. There's a car waiting for me."

Tatiana's lips turned up into a pretty pout and she sighed dramatically. "Aww, that's too bad. Things were just getting interesting. Oh well. You'll be seeing me again. Soon." She winked, leaning over and dragging her lips down his stubbly cheek.

Heat rolled through him; his groin tightened. Without giving her words a second thought, Danny smiled weakly. "Yeah. Well, goodnight." He strode out of the club and into the night, the cool air whipping his face. Hopefully, the fresh air would clear his mind. He was determined not to think of Tatiana. Instead, he thought of Alexis. Man, she was going to scream at him for staying out partying so late when he could have been home. Danny sighed. Inadvertantly, his mind wandered back to Tatiana and all of the places she could have kissed him. He tried stopping the thoughts but it proved impossible. Tommorow, he'd probably forget all about Tatiana. For now, he'd enjoy the naughty images his mind conjured. Because thinking about hot sex definitely triumphed mulling over the verbal assualt he would get once he returned home...
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PostSubject: Re: Til Death (Erotic Psycological Thriller)   Mon 16 Nov 2009, 1:58 pm

Chapter Two

"Morning, honey," said Alexis, smiling slightly as Danny walked into the kitchen the next morning. She was dressed in a pink silk robe, a flimsy short nightgown underneath. The smell of bacon, eggs and sausages filled the air, making his stomach rumble.

"Morning," he grunted, sitting at the crystal dining room table.

Alexis handed her husband the steaming cup of coffee she'd just prepared. "What time did you get in last night?" she inquired.

Thankfully, he'd managed to slip in quietly without waking his wife. Still, there was no point in lying. "Around...four o' clock in the morning. Or maybe it was five. I really wasn't keeping track." Danny replied, trying to mask his yawn. He'd gotten somewhere around two hours of sleep, and had a pounding headache. He was going to need at least three lattes to get him through the morning.

Disappointment flashed through his wife's grey eyes. "I see," she said, stiffly, "I'm glad I didn't wait up for you, then."

"Yeah. I am too." Danny shrugged. "What are your plans for the day?"

"I'm meeting Lil for a day at A La Mer, and then we're taking the kids to the park," Alexis informed, setting his plate in front of him.

"Sounds nice."

Alexis nodded. "Yep. What time are you coming in tonight?"

"I don't know. Schedule's packed today. I've got a meeting at ten with Miramax. I've got to review a script for a new show. And then I have to take care of a few things for Adam," Danny answered, shoving a forkful of eggs into his mouth.

Alexis sighed. "Of course. Its always work. All day. Everyday."

"Oh, come on, not this shit again," Danny dropped his fork with a clang.

"What do you mean, not again? When was the last time you came home before midnight? Since you spent time with your son?" demaned Alexis, placing her hand on her hips. "The last time we even made love?"

"Look, Alexis," said Danny, his voice a low hiss. Trying to keep his temper under control, he said, "You know how hard I've worked to get where I am now. You fucking know how Hollywood is. The moment I slow down, there's gonna be some fresh facedm eager twenty something year old failed actor ready to take my damn spot. Everything I strove for will be down the damn crapper. I'll be taking time off soon. Just not when I have so much on my plate."

Alexis scowled. "You know what? Whatever. You spend more time in the office than you do with your damn family."

"Goddammit." Danny pounded his fist on the table and glared at the woman. "I work so you don't have to. I don't see you complaining when you're out using my Black card or rolling around in a Range Rover. So come off this shit right fucking now, because I'm tired of feeling like I'm doing something wrong. We'll talk more about this when you're being reasonable." He snatched his briefcase and stormed out.

Alexis slumped into the chair, shaking her head. Unfortunately, most of the couple's conversations ended on this note. Danny never took her feelings into consideration. She understood where he was coming from. But it still felt like he cared more about his status and job than he did anything else. Their marraige had been perfect for a long while. Danny ad been so loving, so attentive. He'd lavish her with affection, making her feel like the most desirable woman on the planet. They'd spend hours on end in bed, with him completely devoted to her needs. Tasting her. Touching her...

Somehow, it all changed. Alexis was at a loss for an explanation. She knew it wasn't that she was no longer attractive to her husband-she was in the best shape of her life after giving birth to Aidan. No, it had to be something else. Or someone else.

Minutes later, Danny was walking into the lobby of his Beverly Hills office.Gokey-DioGuardi Agency was tall, Art-Deco styled building located on Sunset Boulevard.

"Good morning, Mr Gokey," greeted his receptionist, AnneMarie Boskcovich, wearing a bright smile.

Danny nodded in her direction and strutted through the atrium.

"Good morning, Mr Gokey!" exclaimed the newest intern, David Archuleta, bounding toward him carrying a stack of papers. The young man managed to trip over his own two feet and fall flat on his face. Papers flew in every direction.

Danny look down at David and sneered. "Get up. I wouldn't even let you carry my dog's shit. Once you pick up and rearrange these papers, you are to go the Starbucks on Rodeo Drive and fetch me a triple caramel macchiato with soy milk and low fat cream. Understood?"

David blushed and nodded. "Yes, sir," he stammered, scrambling to his feet. "Will do."

Smirking, Danny continued to his office. His work day wasn't complete unless he screamed at five or more people. It was all part and parcel of being a high powered, well respected Hollywood businessman. Besides, how else would these interns grow hair on their balls? Tinseltown was a completely different America. If you weren't man enough to suck it up, you's fall flat on your ass. He knew this first hand.

As he neared his corner office, he wondered what his new assistant would be like. Since Danny was constantly busy in meetings, he didn't have time to sift through applications and interview dozens of people. He delegated the task to his former assistant, Danny Noriega, who was relocating to Paris. His namesake had been a good assistant (for one, how could he forget his name?)- when he wasn't busy primping, Noriega got shit done and proved to be as much a son of a bitch as his boss. Danny hoped someone competent had been hired. He'd had his share of inept assistants.

Once inside his large, modern office, his noticed there was already a cup of coffee on his long chrome and glass desk. Nice, he thought, a small smile curving his lips. He sniffed it. It was his favourite caramel macchiato, made perfectly.

"I heard that was your favourite." spoke up a female voice.

Danny looked up and froze. Standing in the separate work space was a woman. Long black hair, luscious curves, lips made for sin...the woman from the club last night. What the hell was she doing here? "Yes, it is. Thank you," he said, once he found his voice."You...you must be my new assistant."

She crossed the room until she was standing next to him. She gazed into his eyes, her lips curving into a sultry smile. "I am. My name is Tatiana. Tatiana Del Toro...in case you don't remember."

"I remember." How could he not? The woman's scent, her panties, had filled his dreams last night. Danny looked her up and down. She was dressed in business attire, but it may as well have been sprayed on. Her white blouse was so thin and low cut, it was just shy of indecent. He could see the edges of a yellow lace bra poking from the top. Her navy miniskirt clung to her curves like a glove, and on her feet were a pair of strappy, red wedges...a favourite of his. His palms began to itch and his blood ran hot. Cursing himself, he took a step back. "Welcome to Gokey-DioGuardi Agency. As you know, I am Daniel Gokey, your boss. Are you familiar with the job requirements?"

"Yes. I am." Tatiana smiled.

"Good." Danny absenty tugged at the collar to his shirt. The less time he had to spend with this woman, the better. "A few more things you should know...don't steal my ink pens or anything else. Do not talk to me unless its necessary. Mean and quiet, its how I like my assistants. Stay on my good graces, I'll keep you around. Get on my bad side, you'll be out the door quicker than you can say 'fuck me'. Are we clear?"

Tatiana laughed. "Clear as crystal. I look forward to working with one of the best agents in Hollywood." She then grinned impishly. "One of the sexiest, too."

Danny kept his expression stoic. He was used to people constantly kissing his ass. Deciding that ignorning her would be best, he sat behind his desk. The man tried to focus on the pile of scripts before him. Having a woman like Tatiana working for him wasn't going to be good for his mental health. He didn't like the way his body responded to the mere sight of her. Shaking his head in an effort to clear it, he flipped through a script.

The task at hand was to find the perfect script for Adam, his prize client. The young man needed a role that would put him front and centre, in a movie that was a guaranteed blockbuster. Adam was a movie star. He needed to reclaim his title from Robert Pattinson. Danny browsed through four scripts-all teen comedies-before coming across Batman Beyond. He remembered how badly Adam had wanted the role of the Joker in The Dark Knight but ultimately lost out to the late Heath Ledger. The role was for Mr Freeze, which would be the main villain of the movie. It would be perfect to get Adam back into the spotlight. Mission accomplished, he thought proudly. Just as he picked up the phone, his office door swung open. In walked Jessica Sierra.

If Adam was his favourite client, Jessica was his least favourite. "Don't you know how to make fucking appointments?" snapped Danny, frowning.

"Figured I'd surprise you." The woman took a seat on the brown leather couch.

"This had better be fucking important, Jessica. You do realise I have other clients. A hundred and fifty others. So make it quick," growled Danny, frustrated.

"Actually, it is important," declared Jessica, "because unless you've found me a fucking job, you'll have one less client!"

Believe me, I won't miss you. "I have found you dozens of jobs, Jessica. You always refuse them," Danny reminded her.

"Because I don't want the bullshit little jobs you give me. I don't want to do daytime. I don't want small roads. I want to do a goddamn studio movie!" exclaimed Jessica, sitting up straighter.

Danny didn't have neither the time or patience to deal with this woman. She had the ego of a movie star, but not the clout to back it up. Obviously, she didn't realise you had to kiss ass in this business until you were somebody. "You know how many people started out in soaps? Eva Longoria, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kevin Bacon, loads of 'em. Two of them are my clients."

Jessica rolled her eyes. "I need something bigger, Danny. Something more serious than playing yet another long lost Buchanan on One Life To Live. There's a new Colin Farrell movie coming out- how about I get an audition for that?"

"If you're willing to blow half the crew, fine. Even then, you still won't get it. They're casting Katharine McPhee," explained Danny.

"What? Are you freakin' kidding me? She can't even fucking act!" exclaimed Jessica angrily.

"You think that matters?" Danny laughed and shook his head. "You've got a lot to learn about Hollywood, dear. You think Beyonce gets roles based on talent alone? No. She gets them because she's fucking hot. Now, unless you want to deliver pizzas for the rest of your life, I suggest you take this fucking script, read it, let me know if you're interested and I will give you a date for their next casting call. Until you do that, don't march into my fucking office looking to star in the next Chace Crawford movie!" He barked, sliding a script over to the blonde.

Jessica sent him one last scathing look before snatching the script. She stomped out of the office, slamming the door behind her.

"That didn't go well, huh?"

Heaven, help me. Danny sighed, his gaze falling on Tatiana. "No, it didn't. She's the client from hell. I'm one of the best agents in Hollywood, yet she never takes my advice. Who kicked off Jennifer Hudson's acting career? Me."

Tatiana tsked and shook her head. "Ridiculous. She should listen to you..."

"Yeah. She's got the attitude of a movie star and nothing to go with it. She wants all these big roles...truth is, she's fucking ugly and I haven't a clue what to do with her, since she fits in nowhere." ranted Danny, going through a few more files. "I need you to set up an appointment for Syesha Mercado with the cast director for Grey's Anatomy. Then you need to button up your shirt, because its distracting and very unprofessional. I don't like my employees looking as if I snatched them off the corner of Rodeo Drive. Move along-this shit isn't going to file itself!"

If Tatiana was taken aback by his sudden outburst, she didn't show it. Instead, she grinned. Slowly, she buttoned the top two buttons of her shirt. "Better?" she questioned, raising an eyebrow.

Before Danny could answer, his alarm chimed. "I have to go to a meeting now. If I get any calls, do not direct them, even if they're from my wife. No, wait, especially if they're from my wife. Do you understand?" he sternly commanded, grabbing his steal grey Ralph Lauren jacket.

Tatiana nodded. "Yes, sir. That's my job after all." She said, watching her boss hastily leave the room. God, he was so sexy. She admired-no loved- the way he filled a room with his presence, the cocky, self assured way he carried himself. Men who carried themselves in such a manner usually had the uh...goods to back it up. She could spot small dick syndrome a mile away, and she was sure Danny wasn;t affected by it. Her attraction to the man startled her; she preferred athletes and rockstars, maybe an actor. They had to be at least 6'2" and muscular. Danny didn't fall into any of those categories. He was the epitome of a successful, hard driving agent, and she thought it was wildly sexy.

He'd hardly spoken to her. He hadn't even asked how she knew his favourite coffee. He hadn't smiled much. In fact, Danny had been downright surly. Despite all this, Tatiana knew he was attracted to her. What man wouldn't be? Giggling, she stared at her reflection in the glass doors. She had blow job lips and ass that didn't quit. She felt such a connection with him already, especially when their eyes would meet. He always gave her such hungry looks...she shivered at the thought. Yeah, he wanted her alright. She definitely wanted him.

And they both always got what they wanted.

The brunette sauntered over to his desk. There was a picture lying face down. Curiously, she picked it up. It was a family photo. There was Danny, casually dressed in a pair of faded jeans and green Lacoste polo. He wasn't wearing glassy, and though Tatiana preferred him with, he was sexy either way. Tearing her eyes away from him, she looked at the small child whose hand Danny was holding. He appeared to be maybe three years of age. She remembered Danny Noriega saying he had a son. The child had his eyes. Absently, Tatiana placed a hand on her stomach. Her eyes then fell on the woman who held the child's other hand.

The wife, she realised, enviously. She was pretty, but plain. Not what she expected. She expected a high powered man like Danny to have a more glamourous, exotic wife. Or at least a sexy one. This woman had no curves! She looks like a twelve year old boy, Tatiana thought giggling. Carefully, she placed the photo back in its place. She didn't know how long Danny would be in his meeting. She didn't want to get caught poking around his belongings the first day on the job. Especially after he just stated he didn't like people touching his stuff. As always, though, curiosity got the best of her.Surreptiously, she glanced toward the door as she rummaged through his drawers.

In the first drawer, there was nothing remotely interesting. Pens, pencils, paper clips, Wite-Out-...she yawned. The next contained memos, half written scripts and other work related documents. Thirs time's the charm, she thought, opening the third. Finally, things were getting interesting. There were a few issues of Penthouse, Stuff, and Playboy magazines. A porno- When A Stranger Cums. Tatiana supressed a giggle. The poor man probably need porn and dirty magazines to get crank one up for his boring little wife. Continuing the search, she came across a bottle full of blue pills. Viagra? This time, she laughed out loud.

She'd never hooked up with a non-starter before. However, she was sure Danny wouldn't need Viagra when they slept together. She would show him what a real woman was made of. There was also a full bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue, a bottle of aspirin and a Ziploc bag. The plastic bag was full of a green, grass like substance-marijuana. Nearly everyone in California smoked pot. No biggie there. Tatiana decided she was done snooping-for now. She always thought you could learn a lot about a man from his personal spaces. What she'd discovered about Danny was something she already knew- he wasn't the hard assed, straight laced business man he appeared to be. He could loosen up and have fun- which she'd seen last night, when he was at the bar, downing shot after shot with his friends.

She could think of a lot of fun things for them to do together...

The phone rang, interrupting her train of thought. She ran into her office to answer. "Danny Gokey's office," she said, breathlessly.

"Hi. May I speak with him please?" It was a woman.

"I'm sorry, but Mr Gokey has instructed me not to forward any calls to him. He's in a very important meeting. May I take a message?" Tatiana wondered if it was his wife.

"This is his wife, Alexis. I need to speak with him, its important-"

Knew it. Tone suddenly icy, Tatiana responded, "I'm sorry, Alexa. You'll have to call him back after one. I can't direct any calls, under no circumstance."

Alexis mumbled something inaudible, then said, "Thank you. Tell him to call me when he can." She hung up.

I'll just forget to tell him. Tatiana sat behind her desk. She'd better get down to work. His former assistant warned her that Danny didn't fuck around in the work place. She didn't want to be get fired on the first day, and she didn't want to be the target of his wrath. Unless it ended in him throwing her against the desk and fucking her hard....unlikely, but it was a nice thought to keep her entertained until it became reality. Because it definitely would. It was just a matter of time.

"Listen up, you fucking skidmark, if you want Ace Young in your damn movie, you're taking Constantine Maroulis as well. Its a damned package deal, which we agreed upon! If you don't want that, then get fucking Sanjaya Malakar. Goodbye!"

Tatiana poked her head out the door at the sound of Danny's voice. She watched as he angrily marched across the room, throwing his cell to the floor. He exuded power and masculinity in spades.

Danny could feel the woman's eyes on him. "Well? Did you get any work done? Did I miss any calls?"

"Yes, and no." Tatiana beamed. Putting a little extra sway in her hips, she walked up to him. "I made the appointment for Miss Mercado. Its on Friday, at noon. No calls came." Sexily, she leaned over his desk, placing the papers in front of him.

The man blinked. Did she have to lean so far over? Her cleavage was almost pressed against his face. He could see her hardened nipples poking through her blouse. He took a deep breath, inhaling her sweet perfume. A spark of awarness started in his gut and zoomed lower. She was driving him insane. Danny was sure it was intentional. "Thank you. I'll let you know if there's anything else I need." Danny striggled to keep his expression and tone casual, as if he weren't affected in the slightest.

Straightening up, Tatiana nodded. "Yes, sir. I'll be in my office." She smiled again and strolled away. Yeah, he could act all nonchalant....she could see right through him. She could feel his eyes burning into her backside. Once inside, she smiled, satisfied. "Two weeks," she whispered, "two weeks and he will be mine."
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PostSubject: Re: Til Death (Erotic Psycological Thriller)   Mon 16 Nov 2009, 2:02 pm

Warning! Sexual Content!

Chapter Three

The next week was quite stressful for Danny. He'd fired two employees, gave almost the entire office warnings, and was in and out of meetings with studio heads and directors.

A man would like to think he could go home and simply relax. But no. The instant he walked into the door, Alexis would begin nagging him about something completely inane.

Then...there was Tatiana. She was driving Danny crazy. She got the job done well, which was a plus. But he couldn't handle her constant flirting. The way she sashayed around the office in her skimpy clothing wasn't good for his concentration.

The moment he hung up with Constantine Maroulis, Tatiana was standing before him. "You seem tense," she observed.

Danny looked up from the memo he was currently writing. He shrugged. Today, she was dressed in a tight, cherry red pencil skirt a sleeveless black blouse and incredibly high peep toe pumps. Her lips were painted their trademark red. Each time he looked at her lips, he couldn't help but imagine how they would feel wrapped around a particular organ. He wanted to slap himself; he had no business having these sort of thoughts, desires. "I am tense," he responded. "everyone in this fucking town is tense. Only ones that ain't tense or miserable are the losers. I'm tense and miserable-its why I'm rich."

Tatiana giggled. "You're so funny, Mr Gokey."

"Don't you have work to do?" asked Danny, folding his arms cross his chest. The less time he spent around her, the better.

"Its lunchtime. I was wondering if you wanted me to order something for you." explained Tatiana.

Was it really? Danny glanced at his Audemars Spiguet watch. Indeed, it was a little past noon. He swore. "Thanks, but no thanks. I'm going to In and Out Burger to get something. They won't even deliver for me." He hardly ever left the office for lunch. He viewed it as a waste of time, when he could easily order in. However, he felt suffocated and needed air. Nothing could clear his head like a nice drive in his Beemer.

"Ooh! In and Out! God, I've not had the chance to go there yet. Can I please come with?" exclaimed Tatiana, her dark eyes sparkling with excitement.

The whole reason he was going out was to escape the woman. Yet, he felt himself relenting as he met her gaze. She didn't seem like the overtly sexy woman she usually was; there was something surprisingly innocent in her eagerness. Danny sighed. "Sure. Why not."

Tatiana felt accomplished. She let out a girlish squeal and clapped. No, it wasn't an invitation to a hot date, but it was good enough for now. In due time she told herself. In due time, it will come. "I'll go get my purse." She flashed one of those mega-watt smiles and dashed to her office quickly as her five inch heels would allow.

Danny wondered if he was making a mistake by allowing her to tag along. It was too late to take the invitation back. It's nothing wrong. Its just lunch. I used to take Noriega to lunch all the time. The only difference was...Danny wasn't into cock, and his previous assistant hadn't looked like he walked straight from a Spanish porn magazine.

"I'm ready," announced Tatiana happily, a terrible Louis Vuitton knock off on her arm.

"In a second. First, I have to find my intern." Danny pressed the intercom button. "David Archuleta, get your ass in my office stat."

The young man appeared so suddenly, he may as well have teleported. "Y-yes, sir?" stammered David, twiddling his fingers nervously. As he always did in Danny's presence, he looked like he was going to puke.

"You get a special treat today. You get to man the phones while we're out at lunch." informed Danny.

"Really?" David's eyes lit up, like Christmas had come a season early.

"Don't get too used it. Like a lunar eclipse, it happens once every so fucking often. Fuck up, you will be forever fetching coffee. Wax on, wax off, move your ass." instructed Danny, clapping his hands. David nodded and scurried off.

Tatiana watched Danny in awe. He was always in control...she loved it. In silence, they rode the elevator down to the parking lot. The valet already had Danny's car waiting. He drove a silver BMW 650i. "Nice car," she complimented, climbing in the passenger side.

Danny said nothing as he started the ignition and pulled off. It was a beautiful day; the sky was clear, and the sun shone brightly. He pressed the button to drop the top.

"Can I turn on the radio?" asked Tatiana, reclining into the plush white leather seat.

What Danny wanted was silence. To try and sort out his mixed up feelings. It was hard though, with the source of his confusion sitting next to him. Her legs were crossed, revealing at least six inches of thigh. He felt his temperature rise slightly. "Go ahead."

Tatiana fought back a grin as she watched him squirm in his seat. Usually, Danny was so secure. Seeing him so unsettled was amusing. She giggled softly flipping through the radio station.

"Something funny?" inquired Danny, an eyebrow raised.

"Oh, well, I was just thinking...what we're doing here...it's so California. Riding in a Beemer convertible, crusing, having fun...you are having fun, right?" asked Tatiana.

Fun. Danny couldn't remember the last time he'd actually had fun. Even when he was out with his friends, he was never fully in the moment. He was always fretting over something work related. "I don't have time for fun," he stated.

"Everyone has time for fun! What's the point of being alive if you don't allow yourself to have fun?" Tatiana leaned over and placed a hand on his knee.

Sparks of awareness zoomed to his belly. "There's no time for fun if you want to retire at an early age and live comfortably. I have a son to worry about. I have to pay for him to go to the best private schools and then college. If you want to live in fucking Fresno, drive a Saturn and send your kid to a shitty public school, there's plenty of time to have fun. Fun won't get you a house in Hollywood Hills, a country club membership or nine weeks a year at a vacation home in St Barts." ranted Danny.

"Retirement? Aren't you kinda young to be worrying about that?" Tatiana knew exactly how old he was; Danny Noriega had informed her of this over Cosmos.

"I'm thirty nine. Almost forty soon." Danny almost cringed. Forty...when he was twenty, forty seemed like grandpa territory. Now that he was one year away from hitting the big four 0...it felt a little strange. Scary, even. "I'm a grown man with grown up responsibilities."

"You're almost forty? No way." Tatiana playfully slapped the man's shoulder. If she couldn't stroke other parts of his anatomy, she figured she may as well work his ego.

Danny turned to her and grinned. It stole the woman's breath away. This was the first time she'd seen him smile. He was already handsome...but smiling transformed him. His dark brown eyes came alive; they crinkled at the sides and lit up. He looked a good ten years younger. He didn't look uptight; on the contrary, he looked very carefree. "You flatter me too much, Tatiana," he chuckled, shaking his head. The compliment shouldn't have meant so much to him. But this morning, he'd discovered a grey patch of hair.

Tatiana just smiled. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, enjoying the wind rippling through her hair. She envisioned the two of them driving off to Las Vegas and getting married by a tacky Elvis impersonator. Then, they'd go back to their suite at the MGM Grand Hotel and make wild, passionate love all night long...She had gotten completely lost in the fantasy when the car came to a halt and Danny killed the engine. "We're here already?" asked Tatiana.

Danny nodded. They were at the In And Out Burger on Sunset Boulevard. Hollywood had plenty of expensive five star resturants. But none of them had better burgers than In And Out. The burgers actually had a taste and Danny liked how the cooks cut fresh potatoes in front of you. It was almost good as home cooked food. Tatiana followed him inside. The place was filled with harried looking executives, making deals while sipping on milkshakes.

"Hey, Mr D!"

At the sound of his name, Danny turned to see Chris Richardson, waving from a booth towards the back. He was easted with his girlfriend, singer Kelly Clarkson. Danny smiled and waved back. With his emerald eyes, dazzling smile and easy going Southern charm, Chris was one of Danny's most successful clients. He was the star of the hit CW show Fail, which was about a poor kid named Sean Harris (Chris' character) attempting to fit in with a group of rich New York City kids. Danny packaged the entire show-which meant he was responsible for the writers, directors and actors- so GDGA earned a larger than average commission. "How's it going, Christopher?"

He chatted with Chris for a few minutes. When he was done, Tatiana said, "Wow...I can't believe you were actually being nice."

"I'm only an ass in the office, and that's because I have to be, in order to get shit done. Its only okay to be an asshole in negotiations-you never know if today's gaffer is tomorrow's studio heads." explained Danny, winking. Though according to Alexis, he was just an all around douchebag.

Tatiana wanted to swoon. Instead, she said, breathily, "Nice philosophy."

"You can thank Kara-Ms DioGuardi to you- for that." Danny moved up in queue. Kara had been his mentor when he'd started out. Almost everything he knew about this industry, she'd taught him. The older woman had, and still did, consider herself his "West Coast Mommy".

"I will." Tatiana ran a hand through her hair as they stepped up to the counter. Truth be told, she wasn't very hungry...for anything on the menu. Her hunger was soley for the man beside her. "I don't know what I want," she whined.

"The cheeseburgers are the best. And you gotta have fries. The fries are seriously the best thing about the place. Oh, and the milkshakes are to die for, too." Danny told her. "Trust me." Trust me. Trust my man tits. "Unless you're on a diet."

"A diet? You trying to say that I am fat, Daniel?" giggled Tatiana, her lips forming a pretty pout.

"No. Of course not." Danny was used to Alexis always going on some fad diet.

"Good. Because...real women have curves." quipped Tatiana, returning her attention to the menu. Unlike that bony ass wife of yours, she thought bitterly. "Alright. So I guess I'll have a number two, with a chocolate shake."

"You know, that actually sounds good." He ordered the same, though with a soft drink. Tatiana took out a tattered leather wallet, but Danny stopped her. "No, I have it."

"Thank you!" Tatiana threw her arms around him and hugged tightly. Her breasts squashed against his chest. Feeling those strong tingles of attraction again, Danny bit back a moan. It had been far too long since he'd last had sex...yes, that was the reason he was feeling so damn hot for Tatiana. What the hell was up with that anyway? He was married. Granted, he was hardly ever home. But it would have been nice of Alexis to wake him up one morning with a blow job. Or at least a hand job.

Pulling away Danny said, "No problem." He took a step back.He laid his Visa on the counter, thinking about the last time he'd seen Alexis smile like that. And immediately felt like crap because he couldn't remember.

"How did you get into this kind of work, anyway?" inquired Tatiana. She wanted to keep the conversation going.

"Long story. I kind of...fell into it." Danny shrugged. He didn't feel like going into full details with her about his personal life. "You?"

Tatiana was interested in hearing this long story, but didn't push. She had plenty of time to find out more about him. "I'm doing it to network. Make connections so I can be famous. This face and body"- she trailed a hand from her breasts to her hips-"is not made for behind the scenes work. What do you think?"

Danny looked her up and down. As a man, he couldn't help the constriction in his groin. The agent part of him, who often had to evaluate women's physiques to help them find parts, appreciated her curves. She would be absoulutely perfect in a soap as the sexy bad girl, or a femme fatale in a box office smash.

And as a husband...he cursed his weakness. All he could manage to say was, "Yeah."

Tatiana grinned. She almost shivered at the heat in his gaze. A few seconds later, their number was called, and they picked up their lunch. Danny was sure to choose a seat in the far back of the small resturant, away from all windows and prying eyes. He couldn't shake the feeling that he was somehow doing something his wife wouldn't approve of. He wasn't, of course, but there was no point in starting any trouble where there wasn't any.

Much to his relief, Tatiana sat in the chair across from him. "Thanks again," she spoke, crossing her legs.

"Its nothing. If I like my assistants enough and they do a decent job...I treat them to lunch every once in awhile." Danny didn't want her reading into this far too much. "I mean, they put up with my constant harassment for a little bit of money...it's the least I can do." He laughed again.

His laugh was deep and rich. It reminded Tatiana of sweet, decadent Belgian chocolates. "Oh, come on. You're not that bad." She gave him a seductive look and added, "And especially not on the eyes."

"Stop with the compliments. My head is already large enough." Danny grinned. Changing the subject, "How long have you been in L.A.?"

"About three months. I was living in San Juan. I was having...some rough times, so my best friends, Kristen and Nate, offered me to stay with them for awhile." As she said this, she didn't meet his eyes. Danny was curious to know what type of rough times she'd had, but he didn't ask. It wasn't any of his business, after all. And he really didn't care.

"What'd you do back in Puerto Rico?"

"I was going to school. And at night, I worked at this exotic dance club." replied Tatiana smiling.

Alrighty then. So she was a stripper. That explained a lot about her, didn't it? From the way she dressed and behaved, to how she danced. "I...see. You have an impressive resume...stripper, aspiring agent...I see how you can kinda tie those two things in, you know. If someone's being shitty and not wanted to make a deal with you, just start ripping of your clothes. That'd change their mind."

Tatiana smirked. "Are you saying that's how I can have my way with you, Mr Gokey?"

An image of her standing completely naked and straddling him entered his mind, and while Danny couldn't respond to that vocally, he definitely had a physical response. Instead, he took a big bite of his burger, so he would be spared from answering.

"Let's talk about you now, boss. Are you from California?" Tatiana broke the silence.

"Nope. Wisconsin. A small town." replied Danny.

"What made you come out here?" asked Tatiana, taking a small sip of her milkshake.

Tearing his eyes away from her mouth, Danny focused on his fries intently. "Eh..well, again, its another long story. You don't want to hear it."

"I do, actually."

Annoyance clouded his features. "I don't feel like telling it. Its nothing interesting. Its small where I came from, and there wasn't anything left there for me. I went to college there for a bit, then came out here for law school. And now, I am here. That's it."

Sore subject. "You're ambitious. That's sexy." cooed Tatiana, reaching under the table and placing her hand on his thigh. She felt him tense, but noticed he didn't move.

They ate the rest of the meal in silence. She noticed him glancing taround surreptiously every so often. He seemed nervous, as if he was expecting his wife to walk in any second. She took it as a good sign that he didn't want to be seen with her. "You look nervous. Afraid someone's gonna see us and tell your wife?"

"Tell her what? I'm allowed to have lunch with a coworker." But she'd hit the nail dead on the head. He couldn't understand his anxiety; he wasn't doing anything wrong. Maybe if Tatiana was someone completely dowdy and frumpy, he wouldn't mind who saw them together. But since she was the exact opposite, he knew someone would automatically assume he was fucking her. His BlackBerry chimed, knocking him from his thoughts. "Gotta take this." Danny got up from the table and walked away. "Hello?"

"Daniel. I've been trying to reach you all morning."

Speak of the goddamn devil. "Hi, Lexie. Is this important? I'm in a meeting right now."

Alexis was so quiet on the other end, Danny thought the call had been dropped. Then she said, "Really? The guy who answered the phone said you were out with your assistant."

Danny ground his teeth. Fuck fucking fuckery. He made a mental note to perform a Saw IV style dismemberment on David the instant he got back to the office. "Yes, that was true. I had an emergency meeting with Underwood," he lied, calmly. "Anyway, is there something wrong? Is Aidan okay?"

"Everything is fine. I was just calling to see when you were coming home." Alexis didn't sound entirely convinced, but Danny was glad she didn't press the issue.

"I don't know. These assholes at Warner Brother's are giving me hell, and I'm trying to snag this role for Adam. And there's still a shitload of scripts I gotta review for Fail."

Alexis sighed. "Alright. Well...I'll probably be asleep when you get in, so I may as well say good night right now." She hung up.

Swearing to himself, Danny tucked his phone in his pocket. Why had he just lied to his wife? Lying came completely natural to him; he earned millions of dollars telling half truths and flat out lies. But he never lied to Alexis before about such a trivial matter. He didn't have an answer, and that disturbed him.

Inviting Tatiana to lunch had been a bad idea.

"Are you ready?" he asked, once he'd marched back to the table. "I can't trust that goddamn moron to answer my phones for one fucking hour."

"I'm done." Tatiana snatched up her purse. "You looked stressed again," she observed.

"I'm married. Of course I'm stressed." remarked Danny as they walked back to his car. Instead of "'Til Death do us part", he was beginning to feel like the vow should have been, "'Til stress do us part." Then again, the stress would eventually lead to an early grave, so maybe the vow was right after all.

Tatiana giggled. The wheels of her mind began to turn. "Was that your wife?" she asked, casually.

"Yes. She's badgering me about coming home." Danny blurted. He should have told Tatiana it was none of her fucking business. "Its annoying, because she's acting like I'm out getting drunk and just fucking about instead of staying home. I'm looking out for the financial interest of the family."

Tatiana's expression was symphatic. "I think that's really selfish," she said softly, touching his arm lightly.

"Its like...she doesn't appreciate me or anything I do." continued Danny, looking at Tatiana's hand.

Once again, he didn't move it. Feeling encouraged, she placed it on his upper thigh. "That's terrible. There are so many women out there who would appreciate having a fine man like you as a husband. She's a lucky woman."

Danny looked down at her hand again. He felt no desire to move it. What the fuck did that say about him? Heat flared through him, his cock growing heavy and hard in slacks. It was comforting knowing that a woman felt the same way as he and his friends. He felt like a weight had been lifted from his chest. "I thought I was wrong for feeling that way..."

"You're not. You're not wrong at all." purred Tatiana. Excitement poured through her. This was the perfect time for her to make a move. He was obviously very frustrated with his wife. He was vulnerable, more willing to take what he obviously wanted...what they wanted. She scratched her nails against his inner thight. A muscle jumped at her touch. She smiled.

He was wrong. There was no way he should be letting another woman touch him so intimately. Danny cared about Alexis. She was the mother of his child, for Christ's sake! On the other hand...it had been too long since he'd been touched like this by someone else. His cock twitched eagerly.

"Are you attracted to me?" asked Tatiana, her voice low and sultry.

Finally, Danny found his voice. "I'm married."

She laughed throatily. "I know that. But you didn't answer my question.:

"I think I answered it well enough, Tatiana. I'm married. Even if I were attracted to you, there's nothing I can do about it. I committed to one woman for the rest of my life." His voice had become more raspy than normal, and his heart pounded in his chest. His protest sounded weak to his own ears.

"Oh, come on. Live a little, Daniel. This will be...fun." Her eyelids drooped to half mast, Tatiana ran her hand over his clothed erection. It wasn't the biggest she'd seen...but it was still impressive.

Shivering, Danny gripped the steering wheel tighter. His body was close to giving in...too close. He was almost painfully erect and his pulse thumped eratically.

"Do you love your wife?" questioned Tatiana, tugging his zipper down. She touched him through his black silk boxers. "Huh? Do you, Daniel?"

Did he? Why the fuck did he even have to ask himself this question? Dumb ass. He slammed on his brakes so suddenly the car in back nearly crashed. Flipping the driver off, Danny abruptly pulled over to the side. "What the fuck kind of question is that?" he snapped, pushing her hand away. His pulse pounded furiously, but this time it was from sheer anger. "You know what? Just get the fuck out my car."

Tatiana stared at him her mouth forming an "o" shape. His face was flushed, his jaw tight...and despite his anger his erection was still raring to go. His eyes held a don't-mess-with-me look that was so incredibly sexy. Moisture pooled in her panties.

"I mean it. Get the fuck out of my car right fucking now." he growled.

Fine. She would do that. It was still appeasing to invoke such a strong reaction from him. Score one for her. Tatiana threw him a sly, knowing grin. "Your loss, honey," she commented.

Before she could even close the door, Danny sped away.

He was losing it. He was certifiably insane to even consider screwing around on Alexis. She was his wife. Before he even realised it, he was half way home. He couldn't go back to work, anyway. His head was far too scrambled to sit in such an important meeting. In negotiations, he needed to have his wits about him. He made a few phone calls before he pulled into the driveway of his clifftop home. He burst into the front door.

Alexis looked up, clearly surprised to see him here so early. She was reading the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. Setting it aside, "Daniel!"

Danny couldn't tell if she was happy to see him or not. Seeing her, though, only heightened his confusion. This was the woman he loved. He wanted-no needed to feel the same lust and heat he'd felt for Tatiana. He said nothing as he strode towards his wife. He grabbed her by the neck and kissed her fiercely, his mouth crushing against hers in a take no prisoners urgency.

Alexis let out a surprised little gasp. She tangled her fingers in his hair and kissed him back.

Her kisses weren't as ravenous as he own, but Danny didn't care. He used one hand to yank down her black Betsey Johnson leggings, taking her panties down along with them. He had no time for foreplay; he just wanted to channel everything he was feeling into a bout of quick, rough sex.

Alexis was stunned by her husband's agression. She fumbled with his belt, moaning softly as he parted her swollen, wet folds. Roughly, he drove his fingers inside of her. Liquid heat slid through her as his skilled fingers probed her pussy. The pads of his thumb pressed against her clit. Tension rapidly built, and she called out.

Danny pushed her down on her back and climbed on top of her, a flowery scent filling his nose. Gritting his teeth, Danny pushed Alexis' thighs apart and thrust into her in one swift savage motion. For the first time, she looked up into his eyes. There was a hard, angry glint...and behind that was an emptiness she found almost scary.

It was so foriegn from the looks of love and tenderness he used to give. His nails dug deeply into her flesh as he pounded into her again and again. Whimpering, Alexis crossed her legs around his hips, her ankles locked around his back. It was almost a subconcious gesture to ensure he would never, ever, leave.

Each stroke was rougher than the last. Perspiration dripped off his forehead, and Danny's breathing became labored. He searched in his heart, for what, he didn't know. Finally, his climax built low in his belly, drawing more and more energy until it exploded in a ray of dark light. He spilled inside of her in a hot, hard rush, cursing softly.

Alexis panted squirming underneath his weight, panting. This had been the first time they'd actually had sex in months...yet, she still felt disconnected from her husband. He had done nothing to please her. She may as well have been a random woman he'd picked up on the street to get off with. She winced as he finally pulled out of her and rolled over.

"Wow," gasped Alexis, trying to ignore the uncomfortable soreness between her legs. "you didn't even need the Viagra."

Danny said nothing. His glasses dangled around his nose, but he made no effort to fix them.

Alexis frowned and propped herself up on her elbow. "Aren't you even going to talk to me?" She sounded needy...desperate, even.

"I'm trying to catch my breath," responded Danny, staring up at the ceiling. He was disgusted with himself. The entire time...he'd been thinking of Tatiana. What was wrong with him? "You know...I like to relax after making love."

Alexis snorted. "That wasn't making love." She sat up and winced again. "At all. Ow."

"Did I hurt you? Why didn't you say anything?"

"Its fine...I didn't say anything because it seemed like you needed it," murmured Alexis, shrugging. Danny hadn't been home this early in over a year. And who knew when he'd do it again. She didn't want to waste time arguing with him. Changing the subject, she said, "It kind of reminded me of the time we spent in Cabo? Do you remember?"

He did. Clearly. It had been before they'd even been engaged. Danny was still working in the mailroom at Starlight agency. Alexis was still vying for a successful career as a dancer. At the spur of the moment, he'd suggested they drive to Mexico for the weekend. They wound up staying for over a week. So much had changed since then. Danny wondered where his reckless side had gone.

"Yeah. We stayed in that shitty motel room for most of the trip." he said, slowly.

"Sure did." Alexis siddled closer to him. "Good times." She kissed his ear and rested her head against his chest. He was still fully dressed from the neck up. She didn't quite like that, as she felt like it took away from the intimacy of the act. "How about we try and relive those times, hmm?" She began unbuttoning his white blouse.

"I love you." said Danny, suddenly, kissing her forehead. "I do."

Alexis loved hearing Danny say those words. But not like this. He sounded so unsure. Sadly, she looked over at him and smiled. She kissed his lips. "Love you too, baby."

Danny reciprocated. The kiss lacked any kind of passion and heat. But passion and love weren't one in the same, were they? Eventually, passion faded. And once that happened...love was what you had left.

Okies! Very Happy that's my fic. If this is posted in the wrong place, sorry! It wasn't mixed season, and its like, erotic and stuff, so I didn't know where excactly to put it,
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PostSubject: Re: Til Death (Erotic Psycological Thriller)   Mon 23 Nov 2009, 12:15 pm

Well Tia, what can I say? Bloody Hell! That was one intense story! I could picture everything that was happening. You captured everyone's personalities perfectly. Especially Danny and Tatiana's. Danny, being his self assured, borderline arrogant self, and the sultry, sexiness of Miss. Del Toro. She sure knows to to make ole Danny boy respond doesn't she? The hotness was off the scale during this story, Tia. I loved the way that Tatiana teased and flirted with him. An excellent tale, and we hope to msee more of your talent here at WF. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. wow censored censored stretcher hubba great devil
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PostSubject: Re: Til Death (Erotic Psycological Thriller)   Tue 24 Nov 2009, 1:39 pm

wow Very impressive writing and a compelling storyline, Tia. Til Death has it all - mystery, intrigue, intensity, controversy, emotions and sexual content. I'm looking forward to the next update. tongue up devil reading
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PostSubject: Re: Til Death (Erotic Psycological Thriller)   Wed 25 Nov 2009, 1:05 pm

You guys...!! Guh, thanks. Seriously, it means so much to me that ya'll like this, because I seriously admire you both as writers so much. I learned the ropes about adding emotion from reading both of your stories...so thanks. A LOT. I had fun writing those two...because I love Danny (I admit it, I do..hahaha.) but like, he can be a total arrogant shithead at times, so it was fun bringing that part out. And Tatiana is just incredibly sexy, despite her unstableness. But yeah. So glad ya'll like it. It seriously makes my day, because like, no one on IFF is reading, yet here are two of IFF's most brilliant writers enjoying this. Its amazing.

Here's chapter four...I have loads of chappies written in two notebooks, so updates can be quite speedy, but I have no internet in the house, so I have to like, come to the library to post. I wish you both a super Happy Thanksgiving. With loads of love. Yeah. (I'm hyper, sorry, lol.)

Chapter Four

Danny returned to work the next day with the intention of forgetting about the incident. He avoided Tatiana as much as possible and when they had to speak, he kept it brief and strictly professional.

Pretending Tatiana had all but jerked him off in his car seemed to be the best approach. For one, he couldn't allow her to see just how much her actions had affected him. If she'd knew exactly how much she got to him, there was no way she would leave Danny alone. He'd felt a little guilty about it at first, but he kept reminding himself that nothing had actually transpired. If anything, he should applaud himself for posessing enough willpower to resist Tatiana. Not many men, married or not, could have declined sex with a woman who looked like that.

He was reviewing a spec script when the mailroom guy, Clay Aiken, stepped in his office. Along with the usual assortment of envelopes, the young man was carrying a FedEx Box. "I have a package for you," he announced in his Southern drawl. He set the box on Danny's desk.

"Thanks. And I swear, if its a dick in the box, I'll let you keep it," snickered Danny,

Clay rolled his eyes and strutted out the office. Chortling, Danny picked up the box. He frowned when he saw the senders' name. Grabbing the Tiffany letter opener from his desk, he cut the box open. A box of Godiva chocolates fell out.

Danny eyed them suspiciously. Every so often, Ryan Seacrest sent him a gag gift. Seacrest was his worst living enemy. When Danny was still employed at Starlight and had been promoted to an agent, Seacrest had been his assistant for all of two weeks. Danny fired Seacrest, because (in addition to being far too confident in his abilities and acting like he was boss) he'd stolen an ink pen. And in turn, a few months later, Seacrest had gotten Danny fired from the agency. Both men were successful in their own right, but their rivalry was still strong as ever.

Danny ripped open the box and a dead mouse fell out. The rancid scent made his stomach nose. "Motherfucker!" he barked, putting his hand over his nose. The small mouse was decayed and its blank eye stared up at him accussingly.

Last time, Danny had sent Ryan a rotten piece of steak in return of the jar of piss. Nose turned up, the man used nearly half the box of tissues to pick up the dead rodent and toss it in the trash. Of course, it did nothing about the foul stench.

"What the hell is that smell?" Danny looked up to see Tatiana standing in his doorway. She was fanning a hand across her face.

"Fucking Seacrest. I'm ten seconds from going over there and kicking his sorry ass." Danny refused to look at her. "He thought it was amusing to send me a fucking dead rat. Business much be really slow over there at Shitlight if he has time to think of such clever schemes."

Tatiana rolled her eyes. "Asshole," she said, shaking her head.

"Call the matienence guy and tell him to get here ASAP." commanded Danny.

"Sure thing."

While he waited, Danny tried to think of a clever way to get Seacrest back. He couldn't believe he was wasting precious time on something so immature, but it was high time he showed Seacrest-and all of Starlight Agency-that Daniel Jay Gokey was not one to be fucked with anymore.

"You have a phone call," announced Tatiana, over the intercom.

He pressed the button to the speaker phone. "Danny Gokey," he spoke.

"Ayo, Danny! Found me any work yet?" It was Nick Mitchell, an actor-comedian who went by the stage moniker of Normund Gentle. The thirty year old was one of Danny's more successful clients. He had just wrapped up the second season of his hit MTV show, A Gentle Experience, which was one half Punk'D and one half Boiling Point. He played crude pranks on unsuspecting people, and if they endured it without losing their temper for at least fifteen minutes, they earned fifty dollars. Now, the man was looking to star in a movie alongside Dane Cook, Will Ferell or Jonah Hill.

"Got some leads on a few things. Call me back in a few. I'll let you know how it pans out."

"Cool, cool. I'm looking for some sidework, too, you know. Parties, and shit like that. Hit me up if you got anything."

And suddenly, a light bulb went on in Danny's brain. "Actually, man, I got something for you," he said.

"What? What it be?"

"I need you to go to Starlight Agency, dressed in full drag, and under the guise you're an ex of Ryan Seacrest's. Claim he was supposed to pay for your sex change or something. Whatever. Don't bring any cameras. You'll get five grand."

"Me thinks this is a personal thing..." said Nick, in a sing song voice.

"Smart guy."

"You know what? It's free. You'll just get ten percent commission next time." Nick hung up.

Danny grinned from ear to ear, marveling at his genius. Revenge, payback, vengence...petty behaviour that could make a man feel great. This was going to be excellent, since every Thursday, Starlight held meetings with its top agent and studio executives.

Now that was out of the way, Danny resumed going over his scripts and making neccessary phone calls. As for Adam's role in Batman Beyond, he was still awaiting a call from Lythgoe to let him know when their meeting could be rescheduled. He was still kicking his ass for cancelling yesterday; it was a bitch trying to get in touch with the studio head, and it had been a foolish thing to do. He never let anything in his personal life get in the way of his job.

Lunchtime rolled around quickly. Danny had decided to stay in today, as he had to catch up on stuff form the previous day. "Are you ordering in today, Mr G?" asked Tatiana as she walked in his office.

Danny rolled his eyes and sighed. "Yes. I am." he replied, clearly irritated. For the first time, he looked up at her. She was dressed more demurely than usual, in a simple pair of black pants and a tuxedo styled shirt, with ruffles. Instead of her usual stripper heels, she was wearing a pair of cheap black sling backs with a short heel. "From the Ivy. I want a house salad with dressing on the side, and a mineral water."

Tatiana nodded. "A model's meal..." She commented. Danny nodded, and went back to his script.

She hadn't given up on her quest to seduce the man yet. Yesterday had only incensed her. She'd decided to take a different approach, though. Obviously, cutesy sex kitten wasn't working. His wife certainly didn't fit that description. She was more All-American Girl Next Door than pin up girl. "I actually wanted to talk to you...about yesterday." she began. Everything was just hanging in the air, like the elephant in the room, if she wanted to use a cliche.

"If you're going to bring up yesterday or to apologise...save it. I've thought about it, and I have decided how I'm going to handle it," began Danny.

"You're going to fire me, aren't you?" she screeched, suddenly. "Please, please don't! I really need this job...you know, after you kicked me out the car, I had to walk for miles in stillettos! Do you know how painful that is? Do you?!"

Danny stared at her, quite taken aback by her outburst. He blinked and said, "Um...no. I do not know how painful it is, as I've never worn a pair of slut shoes in my life." For a nanosecond, he felt a little bad for kicking her out. It quickly faded away. "And you know, I should damn well fire you after you nearly fucking molested me in my car. But I am not. I'm going to give you a warning. If you ever try some shit like that again, you'll be back humping the pole in no time. Am I clear?"

"Thank you...thank you so much. God, I spent all last night nursing my feet and thinking of how I'd be living in a cardboard box on Sunset Boulevard...I really, really don't want to go back to stripping." Tatiana sniffled and took the Kleenex he was handing her.

Danny was still rendered practically speechless. Every sane and rational part of his mind had told him to fire the woman. Lord knows, it would have been best for his sanity. It wasn't as if he had a problem with firing people. If he'd let someone go for stealing a pen, and another for simply giving a client the wrong script; Tatiana had done something far worse. But he had a policy of not allowing his personal life become intertwined into his career. He wanted to keep things this way. Plus, he'd had his share of incompetent assistants, and this woman actually did her job well. Despite driving him crazy. "Yeah, well...you do your job."

Tatiana nodded and went back to her cubicle. Once inside, she smiled to herself. Of course Danny wasn't going to fire her. He was far too attracted to her. He'd kept his distance to her for the entire day. She sensed it was because he was weakening. Yesterday, he had been so fucking close to giving in. If only she hadn't mentioned his wife; that was what had set him off. But whatever. There would be plenty more oppurtunities ahead. One day, his wife would finally piss him off so badly, he'd come running to Tatiana.

She would just have to be patient....
Danny didn't arrive home until eleven o' clock that night. He was dead tired, as he'd been up since around six that morning and busy throughout the day. He was surprised Alexis was still awake; she was sitting on the couch, a glass of red wine in her hand.

And even more surprised to see the elaborate heart shaped flower arrangement in his living room. "What the fuck is that?" he asked, taking off his suit jacket.

Alexis looked at him, her expression steely. "I was just about to ask you the same." When he looked confused, she added, as if it were obvious, "They're for you."

"What?" Danny frowened and marched over her. "Let me see." He snatched the card from her hands. He opened it, and the song "Bleeding Love" began playing. "Stained the colour of my heart. I love you," he read the handwritten message aloud.

"Any idea who they're from?" asked Alexis, her eyebrow raised.

"No." Danny closed the card and tossed it on the couch. He looked at the flowers as if they were a grove of Venus Flytraps. He felt a little creeped out. Something about the card was a little eerie.

Alexis looked at him disbelievingly. "Why are you looking at me like that?" he snapped. "Its got to be a joke or something."

Who would spend so much money-especially these days, on a joke? She voiced this him.

"Are you accusing me of fucking cheating?!" exclaimed Danny. "We're in Hollywood, babe. If you haven't noticed, most of us are recession free, and people waste money on frivalries all the time."

"No, I'm not...I just..." Alexis sighed, wrapping her arms around herself. She didn't want to believe Danny was cheating, but the signs were becoming more and more palpable.

He scowled at her. "You need to stop tripping. Anyway, I'll bet its from Seacrest. The fucker thought it was funny to send me a goddamn dead rat in a Godiva chocolate box. He's so fucking pathetic, he needs to die." He pulled out his phone and dialed Ryan's number. How dare she accuse me of something like that, he thought angrily. A pang of guilt hit him straight in the gut. He hadn't actually cheated, but he almost had.

"Hello?" Ryan answered after the third ring.

"Enough with the pranks, Seacrest. Practical jokes are for friends and we ain't motherfuckin' friends, alright?" Danny exploded into the phone. "Now, I want you to get on the phone and tell my wife that you sent these fucking flowers."

There was silence. And then Seacrest laughed. "What? You're calling me this time of night to ask about flowers? Wow. I only send flowers to women. It must have been your boyfriend or something. Now if you'd excuse me, I'd like to return to the Laker Girl in my bed." He hung up.

Danny ground his teeth and bit his lip. Alexis stared at him expectantly. "Well?" she asked.

"He didn't send them," Danny mumbled. He shrugged. "And honestly, I really don't know who did."

"Weird." Alexis frowned. He didn't appear to be lying. He seemed as befuddled as she. "Maybe someone else did it."

"Well, obviously." Danny shrugged again. Had Tatiana sent them? She could have easily found his address. The handwriting looked familiar, but he couldn't place it. It was small and very neat. He racked his brain trying to place where he'd seen it before. He drew a blank. Why am I even freaking out over this? he wondered, shaking his head. He ripped the card into small pieces. It was someone's idea of a joke.

These days, he was seriously too uptight. He needed to relax. "Where's Aidan?" he asked.

"Asleep." replied Alexis.

"Good." grinned Danny. "Meet me upstairs. I'm going to prepare the bong. Be naked by the time its done." He tossed his wife a saucy grin before heading up the steps. There was no better way to relax that with some premium Colombian weed and making love with his wife....and trying to get his marraige back on track.

Tatiana and the flowers would be the farthest thing from his mind by the end of the night....


It was short, but I hope you enjoyed this one, too. Next chapter, chapter 5, is quite...interesting. It kinda takes off then.
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PostSubject: Re: Til Death (Erotic Psycological Thriller)   Wed 25 Nov 2009, 2:17 pm

Tia...very well crafted chapter. You really do have Danny's persona down pat. I like Alexis' character as well. I like the rivalry between Gokey and Seacrest, and Danny's response to the dead rat prank had me rolling. I could see him actually doing that. laugh1 And what can be said about Tatiana? She's just doing what she does...and while I would never advocate for someone to cheat on their spouse...there is an obvious connection between Danny and her. And who did send the flowers to Danny at his home? thinking Looking forward to the next update.....so make it soon! yes icecream tongue smilie excited hug wave smile
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Thanks a lot! Smile Haha, its fun writing Danny...he's a very angry and agressive man, at least he is in here, lol. xD And yeah, they do have quite an...intense connection. I don't want to spoil anything, but...it gets kinda hot. *twirls*
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Chapter cinco!! Very Happy Enjoy! I like this one.

Chapter Five

Every two months, Gokey-DioGuardi Agency threw an after work party for its employees and their clients. To keep things fresh and interesting, they were always held at a different bar in the L.A. area. The parties were a good oppurtunity to relax and network. Danny and Tara would take turns comping the bill. This time, it was Danny's turn.

The party was being held at the Standard Hotel's Cactus Lounge. The place had the same ambiance that most L.A. establishments had down to an art: casual and comfortable, yet luxurious and trendy. The wrap-around mural made Danny feel like he was in the desert, drinking Ayahuasca tea and listening to trance. The sand coloured carpet, as well as the various types of potted cactus along the walls, completed the effect. Low slung black chairs was scattered around the large room. To the left, was a full view of the pool.

He usually enjoyed the parties, because after a few drinks, people loosened up and showed thier true selves. Once Antonella Barba, an intern, had drank one Flirtini too many and gave an impromptu lap dance to her lover, Sundance Head in plain sight of everyone...including Sundance's wife, Sabrina. Sabrina had slapped Antonella clear across the face. It had been a moment taken straight from the Jerry Springer Show. And one of the reasons Danny never had no more than two drinks at formal parties; he had a ridiculously low tolerance for a man of his age. He to keep up his image as Hollywood's most respected.

He was sipping the dirty martini he'd been nursing for an hour and talking to Taylor Hicks, another agent, when a waitress approached. "Excuse me, Mr Gokey? Can you please come with me to the bar?" she questioned in a crisp Australian accent.

Puzzled, Danny nodded. "Sure." He excused himself and followed the woman.

"We're having a problem processing your payment," she explained, once at the bar.

Danny frowned. A problem? What problem could there be? "Excuse me?"

"Your card has been declined, sir. Can I see it again, please?"

Danny pulled out his Hermes Kelly wallet and handed her his platinum Discover card. The waitress swiped the card again. A few seconds passed before she shook her head. "I'm sorry, its not accepting this card. We will need another form of payment."

"What the fuck? I so don't understand this." mumbled Danny, rhetorically. "Is there a problem with the machine?" Had to be. He hadn't had problems with his cards in years.

"No, sir. I have been taking credit and debit all day, without any problems. Would you like to call up your card company and sort this out?"

Embarassed, Danny nodded. "Thank you." Of all times for this to happen...it had to be in front of his entire fucking office. He stood near the men's room and listened to the psuedo pop hits as he held for a representative to answer. After what seemed like an hour, a woman with a Middle Eastern accent finally answered. He gave his information and held once more. A few minutes later, he was informed that his account was past due...and in negative amounts.

Since he barely had time to sleep, Danny had given the payment to Alexis to send off weeks ago. Tapping his foot impatiently, he dialed his home number. After two rings, thier nanny, Brooke White answered. "Is Alexis there?" he demanded, in lieu of a formal greeting.

"No. She left a few minutes ago," said Brooke.

"Know where she went?"

"I think she went to La Mer with Lil. I doubt she's there yet, so you might wanna hurry and call her...she told me no cell phones are allowed-"

Danny hung up before the young woman could finish. Of course Alexis was out spending his money. How many fucking times can she go to the spa in a month ? And still look the damn same? he thought angrily. He listened to the ringing of the phone, trying to stay calm.

"Hey, Danny, what's up?" Alexis answered. She sounded chipper and sunny. It irritated him.

"Did you ever mail in my credit card payment? Because the fucking thing just declined. The company says my account is past due and negative."

Alexis was quiet for a second. "Um...no. I forgot what it was for until after I'd use it. And I had used it to buy new decor for the house-"

"For fucking Christ's sake, Alexis! Seriously? You seriously did that. And didn't even fucking tell me? Fuck me. I can't even trust you to pay my fucking bill, because every penny I put in your money grubbing hand, you spend on something frivolous. What the fuck?" exclaimed Danny, pounding his fist into the wall.

"I'm sorry, I should have told you. I forgot-"

"Bullshit, Alexis. I give you money constantly, and its still not enough? You always bitch and shit about me not being home, and 'Oh, you're always working' or 'You never spend time with your son'...you don't spend time with him either, since you're always out a damn spa or shopping! You don't think I want to get a deep tissue massage, too? You don't think I want to soak in one of those fucking mud baths? Hell, I'd even like a goddamn morning blow job once in awhile! I work so you can live this way! So just cut the fucking bullshit. I have to go now and figure out how I'm going to pay for a party that I hosted. And woe betide, if you do this shit again, I'm going to fucking cancel every card you possess and you'll be wearing shit from Costcos!" barked Danny before disconnected the call.

People were staring at him. He hadn't realised he'd been shouting, but whatever; he didn't care. He had bigger issues on his mind. Just when he thought things were getting better between him and Alexis, his wife always did something to prove him wrong.

"Dude? You alright?" asked Adam. He must have arrived a mere few moments ago.

Danny scrubbed a hand across his face. "I've been better...fucking Alexis spent the money for my bill."

Adam shook his head and wiped at his nose. "Too bad, man."

Danny looked his friend over. The younger man was dressed in a pair of skinny Diesel jeans, a dark American Apparel t shirt over a silver biker jacket. His jet black hair was usually strategically messy...today, it was just plain messy. His blue eyes were glassy. It was obvious he'd been partying all night. "You need to stop with the fucking blow, Adam." remarked Danny. "As your agent, its my job to say that you look like fucking death warmed over." It was almost true; the guy had always been thin, but now his clothes just hung on his frame.

At least the man had the nerve to appear humble. He nodded. "I know, you're write...I'm just stressed. I can't find work, I'm almost broke..." He trailed off.

"You sound like Matt. Enough with the pity party. I'm stressed, too. I'm running a business and I have a nagging wife. Am I fucking shoving powder up my nose? No. And I have a script for you to read. You know no one is going to hire you if you show up looking like this, right? Clean yourself up," said Danny.

His words may have sounded harsh to anyone else, but Adam was used to his agent's brutal honesty. "I will, I will..." he shook his head and sighed. "I'll quit cold turkey...I need a fucking drink right now, though."

"You and I both." Danny lead him over to a table and sighed. "How the fuck am I gonna pay this bill? Shit." He had other credit cards, of course, but he only carried one at a time. To get another, he'd have to trek all the way home...granted, he didn't live far, but it wasn't fair for his evening to be disrupted over something his wife did.

"I'd help but...I really can't afford it," offered Adam, lamely. He shrugged.

"If you didn't spend what is it, a grand or two a week on drugs and drinks, you'd be fine." snapped Danny. "I don't have my checkbook with me. Shit. I'm gonna have to ask Kara." Danny hated asking anyone for favours. Kara was one of the few people he actually trusted in Hollywood. Sighing, he got to his feet. He found Kara sitting with two junior agent, Kellie Pickler and Kristy Lee Cook. "Hey, K, when you're done, I really need to speak with you."

Kara immeditaely excused herself. "What's up?"

"I hate asking this. But my wife didn't pay the credit card bill when she needed to, which means my card wouldn't go through. Can you take care of this? I'll write you a check quickly as I can."

Kara nodded without hesitation. "I've got it. Don't worry." She assured him.

"Thanks, K. I appeciate it. I swear, Alexis is going to make me go bankrupt."

Kara gave him a warm pat on the back. "Talk to her about it."

Danny snorted. "I can't. Everytime I do, she's accusing me of caring about money too much. I'd get farther talking to a fucking wall."

"I feel you there." Kara smiled sadly. The woman had been married four times. "Why don't you try and enjoy yourself? You've been at the office all week. I'll catch you another time."

Danny opted to take the woman's advice. He wasn't exactly in a festive mood; but he wasn't ready to go home, either.

"Hey, baby, you okay?" A slender, feminine hand appeared on his shouder. Tiny sparks ignited.

Tatiana. How the hell did she always do that? The woman always appeared out of nowhere. Today, she was wearing a bright yellow and hot pink floral sundress. On here feet were a pair of bright yellow, pink, black and white extremely high platform sandals. As always, she looked tacky, yet still incredibly hot. The shoes lenghtened her legs, and they had a nice, feminine curve-"I'm fine," said Danny, breaking his reverie.

"I heard you screaming on the phone. Wife troubles again?" she asked.

"That's none of your business," pointed out Danny, his long, straight nose turning up slightly.

"You made it everyone's business when you were shouting. But there's probably one person in Sacramento that didn't hear." retorted Tatiana.

Danny scowled, then his expression softened slightly. She had a point. "Its just the same shit over again. Nothing headline worthy. Why don't you go try and mingle with the other employees? Make friends around the office, find a date. I hear Bobby Bennett is single."

Tatiana scowled as if insulted. "I wouldn't touch him. Ew." She took a sip of her Cosmo. "The only person I am interested in at this party is you," she said, smiling seductively.

Danny didn't answer. Tatiana loved how she could leave the meanest man in Hollywood speechless.

Danny didn't need this right now. Not when he was so angry with Alexis. Because he might just give into temptation. "Well...I'll see you around. I have a client waiting." He finally said, pointing to Adam.

"Okay..." Tatiana smiled somewhat sadly. Danny looked at her for a long second, and her breath hitched. His eyes were such a dark, smoky brown. A mass of emotions swirled behind them; for a second, she thought he was going to kiss her. Abruptly, he turned and walked away.

She sighed. Tatiana couldn't understand why Danny was being so stubborn. Okay, the man wore a wedding band. But it wasn't as if he were happily married. She had "accidentally" overheard many of Danny's phone calls with Alexis. They almost always ended up in him hanging up on her. He'd even instruct Tatiana not to put any of his wife's phone call through.

He should have been eager to dip his dick in a free and very willing well. Tatiana knew she could treat him far better than Alexis ever could. And she was tired of waiting to show him.

It was time to take more drastic action.


"Who was that?" inquired Adam. "That you were talking too?"

"Kara," replied Danny, taking a seat across from his friend.

Adam shook his head. "Not her. The hot bitch with the ugly dress."

For someone whose got more drugs in their system than a pharmacy, this fucker doesn't miss a beat. "That 'hot bitch' would be my assistant, Tatiana." answered Danny.

Adam had been watching the two the entire time. He could see how close they were standing and Tatiana's flirtatious behaviour. "I'm surprised Alexis allowed you to have a female assistant." he commented, taking a sip of his Corona.

Danny looked at him under his glasses. "Alexis doesn't allow me to do anything," he said stiffly, "and especially when it comes to my career. I didn't even hire her. My former assistant did."

"No need to get defensive, bro." Adam threw up his hands. He decided to change the subject. "How long will this one last? A month?"

Danny shrugged. "Until she pisses me off. I don't know. Or until either you or Anoop fuck her and I have to fire her to keep things from being awkward." He was referring to two incidents that had taken place with the last two female assistants he had-Shyalmali Malakar and Ryan Starr. Anoop had engaged in a drunken one night stand with Shyamali. The young woman had quit after Danny refused to give her Anoop's address. Then, Adam had a fling with Ryan Starr, and after she caught him with another woman, she'd purposely sabotaged a role that Danny had worked his ass of for the actor to get. Since then, he'd made a point of hiring only gay men.

Women proved to be too much trouble. However, Danny had a niggling feeling that if he fired Tatiana, it would be for far more personal reasons.

Adam grinned sheepishly. "Good point."

"Very." Danny finished his martini. "How come you haven't found a woman yet?"

"After Gina...I haven't really tried." About a year ago, Adam had gone through a nasty, high publicised break up with singer Gina Glocksen. The woman had written her entire album about the split, and the CD ended up going multi platinum. The entire ordeal made Adam vow never to get involved with another celebrity. He did have someone he was incredibly attracted to, but he didn't tell Danny this. "Its hard meeting girls that aren't interested in money or fame. Nothing out here in Hollywood except for golddiggers."

"You're telling me. I'm married to damn golddigger." snorted Danny, signaling the waiter over.

Adam raised his thick dark eyebrows. "You were married to Alexis before you were rich."

"Yes. I was. And she wasn't like that then. Now, she's all like, her favourite word is 'more'. More, more, fucking more. Unless its in the bedroom. Then its a different story." replied Danny. "All she does is spend my money and complain."

Adam finished his beer. When he'd first met Danny and Alexis, he'd never seen a happier or more in love couple. Flashforward a couple years, all Danny did was bitch about his wife. "If you're so unhappy with her...get a divorce."

Danny bit his lip. As much as Alexis grated on his last nerve at times, divorce never entered his mind. At least, not until now. He wasn't a quitter. "Just because I hit a rough spot in my marraige doesn't mean I'm ready to end it." His parents had been married for over forty years. They were firmly against divorce, and Danny knew they would view him as a failure if he gave up on his own marraige so quickly. He couldn't have that happen.

A waitress came over and the two friends each ordered Long Island Iced Teas. This was Danny's second and last drink. The drinks were pretty strong at this place, and before he was even half way done with it, he was feeling slightly tipsy.

After about an hour, Danny noticed that Adam seemed twitchy all of a sudden. "Are you okay?"

The guy shook his head. "I'm...I'm coming down," he replied, his teeth chattering. Danny noticed he was shivering. "I need to leave."

Danny swore under his breath. "You need to quit that shit, man. Go ahead. Try not to get photographed. I really don't need the stress of doing damage control once this appears on the Planet cover or on Perez Hilton or some shit."

"I won't. I'll see you later." Adam bade his friend farewell and Danny watched the young man leave. He shook his head and sighed. He realised he had a headache; whether it was from stress or the drinks, he didn't know. Whatever the case, a little bit of fresh air may have done him good, so he stepped outside and took a seat by the pool.

The clear blue water sparkled in the moonlight. Except for the strains of music from the party going on inside, it was relatively quiet. Quiet was something that Danny hadn't the luxury of experiencing in awhile. The chilly breeze felt pleasant against his face, and he shut his eyes, trying to block out the fight he'd had with Alexis. He knew he'd said some pretty fucked up things to her. Of course, he hadn't meant them. Alexis knew that. She knew that she was the blame for them fighting, anyway. If she had gone and paid the bill like she was supposed to, Danny wouldn't have had to yell at her.

He didn't want to think of anything right now. He wanted to relax, turn his mind off for a little while.
Tatiana had been watching Danny and Adam the entire time. Like a bird honing in on its prey, she had been waiting for the right moment to pounce. Finally, Adam left. Smiling, she turned to the bartender, whose name was Justin. "I'd like to order now," she purred, sweetly.

"Would that be the Ketel One and tonic?" asked Justin, winking.

Tatiana giggled and nodded. "Yes. A special drink for a special man."

Justin grinned at her, and turned his back to her as he carefully prepared Danny's drink. After about a minute, he slid it towards Tatiana. "Good luck with that fella," he said.

"To hell with luck. I'm relying on the good ol' power of my feminity...with a little alcoholic courage mixed in, of course." Tatiana laughed. She made sure to leave the bartender a larger than normal tip. Smiling to her self, she strode outside to where Danny was sitting.

He was sitting in one of the clear plastic lawn chairs by the pool. His eyes were closed, and for a moment she thought he'd been asleep. Until he cracked open one eye and looked at her. "What do you want?" asked Danny, a twinge of annoyance in his voice.

"I brought you a drink," she explained. "You don't look like you're having much fun."

"I'm not. I'm going to leave soon. I'm tired." replied Danny, sitting up.

"Aw, come on. Stay a little longer." Tatiana handed him the glass. She leaned down, and Danny's eyes widened slightly. She wasn't wearing a bra, and he caught a shadow of her pink nipples.Immediately, he felt himself growing hard.

"No thanks. I've already had two." said Danny, casually crossing his legs. "Give me a third..." I'll do something very stupid. "I won't be able to drive home."

Tatiana giggled. "Its Friday, Daniel. You have been busting your ass working all week. Have a drink, unwind for awhile. An hour, and you'll be fine to drive. Its only vodka."

Danny's lips formed a line, but his posture relaxed slightly. "If anyone deserves to relax, its you." continued Tatiana. "Don't make me waste my money. I'd drink it myself, but I have already had three..."

Danny sighed. Just to shut her up, he took it. If she kept going on, he would have snapped and probably threw the drink at her. "Thank you," he grumbled, taking it.

"No problem." Tatiana smiled. "So...did you think I'm trying to get you drunk so I can take advantage of you or something?" She laughed.

Danny snorted and took a sip, wincing slightly. It seemed a little stronger than the others. "How do you know I won't take advantage of you?"

Tatiana's eyes lit up in amusement. "Touche."

Danny grinned again. "Take off your jacket," ordered Tatiana, suddenly.

"What? No."

"I didn't say take off your pants." She rolled her eyes. "Relax. I just want to give you a massage. That's it."

"Oh." Really, Danny shouldn't allow Tatiana to touch him at all. The alcohol must have been affecting him far more strongly than he'd thought, because he found himself slipping out of his Ralph Lauren jacket. And truthfully, a massage really did sound nice.

"You don't trust me, do you?" asked Tatiana, resting her palms on his shoulder blades.

"I know probably thousands of people. I trust less than ten." At the moment, Danny didn't trust himself either.

"You're so deep," cooed Tatiana, gently kneading her knuckles into his skin. Shivers shot down his spine. "I love it...when men get all deep."

Her words were deliberately provocative. Danny finished the remainder of the drink. When people kissed his ass, he always questioned it. Everyone had ulterior motives, and he was never 100% sure exactly what they were. In this case...he knew Tatiana just wanted him in her pants. Admittedly, it felt good. He would never confess this aloud, but he had began feeling he was no longer sexually attractive to his wife. He'd put on a few pounds since they'd met. His hair was greying, there were more laugh lines around his eyes. He felt like a pussy even thinking it, but he felt at ease knowing that he was still desirable. "You flatter me too much."

"Are you not used to compliments?" Tatiana asked, increasing the pressure of her touches.

"I can take compliments just fine." Danny blinked. His vision was starting to blur. "I...I just gotta wonder why sometimes...people always got reasons for doing things. Most of the time, they ain't pure."

Tatiana nodded understandingly. "Sometimes, that isn't the case..." she murmured, scratching her nails along his back.

"No, not always. But...you won't ever know until they've already fucked you up the ass. So...'til then, its better to look at everyone with a crooked eye." replied Danny, shutting his eyes. Everything spun around him, making him nauseous.

Tatiana made a soft clucking sound. She abandoned her massage and sat in the chair next to him. "So young and jaded."

Danny opened his eyes and looked at her. Her dark ringlets looked like thick snakes, coiling and uncoiling around him. Whoa. He shut his eyes again, but felt like he were being sucked into a black hole. "No...not...young."

Tatiana leaned over him. "But definitely jaded."

Her perfume assulted his sense of smell. He felt even more dizzy; all of his blood seemed to have flowed south. "If you ask me...that's no way to get through life. You just need to stop thinking sometimes, Danny."

"And...fuck shit up? No." replied Danny, slurring. His tongue felt heavy, like it was made of lead.

"Hey, you feeling okay?" asked Tatiana, her eyes wide.

"I'm drunk. Really, really...drunk." Danny blinked. He'd had three drinks, but he felt as if he'd had more than six.

Tatiana laughed. "No kidding. I'll take care of you..." She ran her fingers through her hair. He shuddered at the touch; his scalp had always been an erogenous zone.

"Mmm...yes." Danny couldn't enjoy the sensations long. The nausea intensified, and he felt the bile creep up his throat. "I'll be back." With great effort, he pushed himself up. The world seemed to tilt. His limbs felt heavy, like he was bogged down by three sacks of bricks. He lurched forward.

"Whoa..." Tatiana grabbed his hand to help him stay steady.

Her voice sounded far away, as if she were at the opposite end of the tunnel. What the hell was wrong with him? In a technicolour burst, the scenery swirled around him. He retched violenty, and Tatiana jumped back, avoiding any puke getting on her shoes. Last thing he he heard was her shrieking something unintelligible; her voice seemed scrambled.

And then he was submerged into a sea of darkness.
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PostSubject: Re: Til Death (Erotic Psycological Thriller)   Sun 20 Dec 2009, 8:19 pm

That was wonderful. Lots of drama and plenty of sexual tension. When's the next chapter, Tia? waytogo yourock
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PostSubject: Re: Til Death (Erotic Psycological Thriller)   Mon 25 Jan 2010, 1:22 pm

Thank you! Very Happy Did Danny act on that tension? Hmm. Next chapter? I think now!

Alright, here's a new chapter. Smile I do apologise for the long wait in updates, but I hope you lot enjoy it anyway. Please be nice and comment! :lol: Smile

[u]Chapter Six

Alexis tangled the phone cord around her wrist. She tapped her feet anxiously as she waited for Danny to pick up. She had already called him about six times, and had yet to get an answer. Alexis figured he was ignoring her calls, until she tried his business cell-he always answered that, no matter what. To her surprise, that too, went to voice mail. Alexis didn't see the point in leaving yet another message, so she hung up.

Why the hell wasn't he answering? Perhaps he was still at the party and didn't hear it ringing. Alexis decided to dial Adam; perhaps they were together.

Adam answered on the third ring. "Hello?" His voice sounded flat and tired.

"Hey, Adam is Danny with you? I've been trying to reach him all night and haven't been able to get an answer. Is he with you?"

Adam hesitated. Should he lie? Tell the truth? "Um..." Why would he lie anyway? He had no clue what was going on. "No. He isn't."

"Oh. Well, do you at least know where he is?"

"Nah. I left him at his party earlier, and haven't heard from him since," replied Adam. "Is something wrong? Are you okay?"

Alexis sighed. "No, no, everything is fine. I...I just thought he'd be home by now."

"I wish I could be more helpful. But I don't know where he could be." Adam told her. He hated the disappointed tone in her voice. His mind flitted back to the interaction between Danny and Tatiana. It still didn't sit right with him. He pushed the thought away, though. He knew Danny. He wouldn't cheat on his wife.

"You're fine." Alexis glanced at the clock on the wall. It was nearly one in the morning. There was no way Danny was still working or at an after work party. "I just wish I knew where he was. I'm worried."

"I'm sorry. But I'm sure he's fine. Maybe he got caught up with something. You know how Danny is. He never stops working." reassured Adam.

"I hope. I'm sorry for calling so late." said Alexis.

"Its okay. I can't sleep anyway. I ran out of my Ambien, so I'm just sitting her trying to figure out what to do. You're keeping me company right now, actually."

Alexis could hear the guy's smile in his voice. "Glad I didn't wake you." She giggled weakly. "I was bored, too. Aidan's already in bed, so I'm just sitting here all alone."

"That's a shame. Why aren't you out with your girlfriends?"

"I don't know. Danny doesn't quite like when I go out to clubs. I think he's worried that some other man is going to steal me." chuckled Alexis. "Why aren't you out at some party? Or with some groupie?"

"I'm getting a little bored with that lifestyle. Its all the same," admitted Adam, sniffling. "after awhile, it loses the glamour."

"I see..." Before she could reply further, the door bell rang, followed by someone knocking. "Adam, I have to go. Its been nice talking to. Good night. I think Daniel is here."

Adam didn't want to hang up, but it was clear the conversation was over. "Good night." He hung up...

Alexis threw the phone to the floor and dashed to the door. The knocking grew more insistant. If it was her husband, why didn't he just use his key? Pulling her robe tighter, the woman looked through the peephole before yanking the door open. "Danny! Why haven't you been answering my calls? Be careful!" Alexis grabbed his arm when he tripped over the threshold. "Are you alright?"

Under the bright track lights, Danny was white as a sheet of paper. The eyes behind his glasses were very glassy and bloodshot, his pupils slightly dilated. His normally neat hair flew in every direction. The first few buttons of his Prada shirty were undone. "Baby, where have you been?" Alexis questioned, leading him over to the couch.

Either Danny couldn't or wouldn't respond; he just clutched her arm tighter and stared into the distance. She guided him over to the couch. Alexis had seen the man drunk or stoned (sometimes both) on many occassions. But he'd never been this out of it. Was he on something much more potent than weed? Gently, she pushed him down on the couch and removed his glasses. Like a junkie, his head nodded off to the side, and his eyelids drooped. Brows furrowed, Alexis shook him gently. "Daniel, can you hear me? You're scaring me."

Danny remained unresponsive. Alexis tamped down her rising panic. She shook him more roughly. "Answer me!"

He jerked and grunted before mumbling something incomprehensible. "'lone," he mumbled, shutting his eyes and shrugging out of his wife's grip."

Alexis was slightly relieved. "How much have you had to drink?"

Clearly disinterested, Danny shrugged.

"I'm going to get you some water. Stay there." Alexis ran into the kitchen. How did he even get home? There was no way he could have driven himself in this state without wrapping his Beemer around a lightpost. She grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and a some saltine crackers from the cabinet. She returned to the living room and realised Danny had moved from the couch. "Daniel?" She sat the items on the glass end table and table. "Danny?" Alexis looked around and noticed him in the corner. "What the hell?" He was standing by the crystal vase in the corner. His hand was at his fly, a confused look upon his face.

Danny cocked his head and stared blankly at his wife."Huh?" he croaked, swaying.

"Nothing. You need to sober up. This is ridiculous." Alexis grumbled, shaking her head. "Come on." She slid her slender arms around his shoulders, gripping his side tightly.

They staggered down the hallway. It was hard. Danny wasn't walking, so Alexis was dragging his dead weight. He rested his head on her shoulder, drawing her attention to the red marks on his neck. What the hell? They appeared to be scratch marks. Leaning into him, she realised he didn't stink of alcohol or marijuana. He smelled more musky than anything. Where in the hell has he been? Alexis wondered, opening the door to the first floor bathroom. She sat him on the stool in front of the sink. As she did so, something fell from his pocket. He made no move to pick it up.

Alexis realised it was a type of card. Turning it over, she saw the Motel 6 logo on front. It was a key card. "Danny. What the hell is this?" she questioned, holding it up.

Danny didn't answer. It seemed as if he'd fallen asleep. "Daniel!" screeched Alexis, anger quickly replacing any concern. She turned on the cold water in the sink. The nerve of him, she thought, scowling. First, he calls her up about something completely stupid, saying a bunch of horrible things. He ignores her phone calls the entire night while he was off doing God knows what. Now he comes homes completely trashed with a fucking motel key. She scowled, and grabbed her husbands head and dunked it into the icy water.

He sputtered and coughed. Alexis held his head under for a few more seconds before pulling him up.

Danny's eyes sprang open. "Lexie, what the fuck? Are you attempting to drown me?" he slurred, looking around the bathroom. "Did I fall asleep or something?"

The bastard is fine. Alexis threw the key at him and placed her hands on her hips.

He looked down, his eyes widening. "What's this?"

Alexis stared at him. She wasn't in the mood for this. "I don't know. You tell me. It was in your pocket after all."

"It was?" Danny picked it up and turned it over, his brain still too groggy to process everything. "I don't know what it is."

"Really now? Well, maybe this will help you remember!" Before she could catch herself, Alexis drew back her hand and slapped him with all the strenght she could muster.

"OW!" screeched Danny, toppling off the stool. "What the fuck was that for, huh?" He glared at her.

Alexis glared back, her anger growing stronger. She marched out of the bathroom.

"Crazy fucking bitch," mumbled Danny, grabbing onto the edge of the sink to hoist himself up. The room seemed to shift as he did so. Looking into the mirror, he saw he looked as badly as he felt. His head was pounding, and the bright bathroom lights only made it worst. Shutting his eyes, Danny reached over and flipped the light switch. He ran his tongue around his mouth; the bitter metallic taste made him feel ill. His throat felt raw and scratchy. He gripped the sink tightly, shutting his eyes. He felt like vomiting, but didn't think he had the energy to do so. Instead, he eased himself down to the floor, cradling his head in his hand. What the fuck is wrong with me? he thought miserably. This was his last thought before falling into an uneasy sleep.
Alexis sat under the hair dryer at Rene's Hair and Nail Salon. Rene's was the trendiest, newest salon on Sunset Boulevard. Its clientele included Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Megan Fox and many more. Only A-list models and actors were able to get a booking without calling a month in advance. Since Alexis was married to the man who happened to behind most of the A-Listers' careers, she had clout. She treated her three best friends Lil Rounds, Megan Joy and Haley Scarnato.

A day at the salon was just what she needed. Alexis had already filled them in on Danny's behaviour the previous night. Her best friends always gave great advice, and wouldn't hesitate to tell her if she was overreacting.

"I don't think he'd be that careless if he really was cheating. But its a fact he wasn't with Kris last night, because he was in the studio until this morning." informed Megan. Megan was the wife of Danny's close friends. Their friendship had the benefit of them both being able to keep tabs on their husbands. Megan and Kris' marraige reminded Alexis of how things used to be between her and Danny. Before he became so invested in the material things. Kris made time for Megan despite his schedule, which was even more hectic than Danny's. He was almost always touring in the studio, but Kris still made time for his wife.

Newlywedded bliss, Alexis thought, enviously. That's all. "I guess. But I'm telling you, Megan, he was beyond trashed last night. I doubt if it would have even crossed his mind to toss it out."

Lil made a noise in throat fiercely concentrated on the issue of Essence she was reading. She had been silent the entire time Alexis spoke, but the blonde knew her best friend was holding back an insult. It was no secret that Lil hated Danny. In fact, thier mutual dislike was the only thing Lil and Danny could agree on. Lil, a high ranking publicist, was just as sharp tongue and hot headed as Danny, which was something he didn't like one bit.

"I think you need to talk about it when he sobers up." suggested Haley. "You should be able to tell if he's lying or not."

"True." Alexis nodded. She had not spoken with him since last night. Before leaving the house, she'd peeked in the bathroom and found him fast asleep with his head in the toilet. Still angry, she didn't even bother to wake him. "I haven't spoken to him this morning. When I left this morning, he was asleep."

Lil snorted. Megan glanced over at her and grinned. "You're uncharacteristically quiet, Lil."

Lil shut her magazine and looked up. "You know the saying, if you ain't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? I'm trying to practice that. I'm sure the last thing Alexis needs to hear right now is that I think Danny is a self absorbed, self indulgent no good motherfucker. Or if he'd come home piss drunk at four in the morning after ignoring my calls, I would have left his ass right out there, or sent him to hell with a one way ticket." she replied, her Southern twang.

Haley winced and laughed. "Damn, Lil."

Alexis couldn't even argue. Lil was right. She respected her honesty. Danny was selfish. He constantly put his needs before anyone elses'. He hadn't always been that way. He would go out of his way to make her smile....was he now making another woman smile? The idea made her sick. Ignorance is bliss, she thought, shutting her eyes. I don't want to know. I just don't know what I'd do.
Back at the house, Danny sat on the patio, puffing on a cigar. He felt considerably better than he had last night, but still a little faint and foggy. His neck ached, but that was to be expected, as he'd fallen asleep in an awkward position.

Last night was a huge blur. The last thing he remembered was getting sick at his party. Next thing he knew, woke to a drowning sensation and found a very angry Alexis standing over him. Not being able to remember a huge portion of the night both scared and embarassed him. He hated being out of control, and even more hated someone witnessing it. How the hell had he even gotten home? He was far too old to get intoxicated to the point he experienced black outs. That hadn't happened to him since high school.

Danny looked down at the motel key in his hand. A feeling of guilt crept over him, and he couldn't explain why. He had nothing to feel guilty over, and he certainly didn't have a clue where the key came from. It didn't stir any memories. The logical explanation was that he must have picked it up someplace by accident. There was nothing to worry about.

He reached up and ran his hand across his neck. The small scracthes had scabbed over. Those were a little harder to explained, and freaked him out. He raked his brain for a sensible answer and was unable to come up with anything. Maybe he'd done it himself somehow.

Annoyed with himself, Danny shook his head. Even to himself, it sounded like a lousy explanation. Still, he couldn't shake the niggling suspicion that Tatiana was somehow involved.
"Is Daddy home, Mommy?" asked Aidan as Alexis pulled her Range Rover into the driveway.

After leaving the salon, Alexis had gone to pick up the child from his sleepover. "I don't know, baby," she said, giving him a small smile.

"I hope he is. I miss him." Aidan continued as his mother began unbuckling the restraints of his safety seat. She kissed his forehead and helped him climb out of the SUV. The little boy frowned. "Mom! I don't need your help. I'm not six." Aidan rolled his eyes.

Alexis giggled. "Well, I'm just trying to make sure you don't get hurt, Mr Man." She smiled warmly.

"Why is Daddy never home?" questioned Aidan.

I don't know. "He has to work," responded Alexis, unlocking the the front door.

Aidan didn't hear. He dashed over to his father, who was sitting in the brown leather recliner. "Daddy!" he exclaimed happily, throwing his chubby little arms around him.

"Lil' Man," grinned Danny, hugging his son and ruffling his hair. "What's up?"

"I'm coming from a sleepover at my friend Sam's house," Aidan told him.

"Sam?" Danny's smiled faltered. He felt stupid not even knowing the name of his child's friends.

"He's in my class."

"Oh. Well...er, did you have fun?"

"Yeah. We played the Wii and Xbox, and we had pizza. His mom is cool; she let us stay up til twelve o' clock." said Aidan, excitedly.

Danny grinned. "Neato."

Alexis rolled his eyes. "Daddy. No one says 'neato' anymore. You're old."

"Haha. Very funny." Playfully, Danny sank his fist into Aidan's belly. The little boy laughed. Looking up, Danny saw Alexis' disapproving expression, but always ignored it.

"Aidan, take your bag upstairs," she said. "and you didn't clean your room before you left, so I suggest you do that now before you're grounded."

"You're no fun, Mom." Aidan stuck out his tongue and ran up the steps.

"Danny, I've told you not to play with him like that. You're making him think violence is acceptable." Alexis scolded once thier son was out of earshot.

"Oh, this coming from the woman who left her handprint etched in the side of my face last night." retorted Danny, shaking his head. "Let's not be a hypocrite."

"That was well deserved. We both know that." Alexis responded cooly. "Are you going to tell me where you were last night?"

"If I could remember, I would." Danny gritted his teeth. He was more frustrated at himself than the question.

Alexis shook her head. "You expect me to believe that?"

Danny looked her square in the eye. "Yes. I do. It is the truth, after all."

Alexis shook her head. "Why wouldn't you take my calls? I called you loads of times, I left messages, I texted..."

"I lost my keys and phone." answered Danny. He realised this a few minutes ago. "I don't know where they are. I must have left them in the bar or something."

"Maybe you left them at Motel 6."

"I wasn't at fucking Motel 6."

"Then how'd you get the fucking key, Daniel?" demanded Alexis, stamping her foot.

"I picked it up by accident at the bar." lied Danny, leveling his wifes's gaze once more.

Alexis looked at him. He knew she didn't believe him, but he stood his ground. It was a weak lie, but the best he could come up with. "I mean, come on. Motel 6? Why would I even go near one of those tacky places? Even before I was rich, I wouldn't stay there if my life depended on it." continued Danny.

Alexis threw her hands up. "You know what? I don't care Danny. I don't care where you got the key from or where you were last night." she cried, a tear running down her cheek. She knew he was lying. Did he think she was an idiot? If he had concocted a wild tale about an alien invasion, she probably would have even bought that quicker than the lame story he was now selling. Even he did pick up the key, what about the marks on his neck?

Damn. Danny hated seeing her cry. It made him feel like a huge dick. "Lexie, baby," he said, standing. "You gotta believe me."

Alexis didn't answer. She wiped at her eye with the back of her hand. Danny wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and pulled her close. "You do trust me, right? I've never lied to you about anything. Remember the time you asked me if those Diesel jeans made your ass look flat, I said yes and you wouldn't speak to me for a week? I didn't lie then, and I'm certainly not lying now. You gotta believe me."

Did she trust him? It was something Alexis never had to question before. Everything about Danny was so familiar. The scent of him, the way he held her, his voice. Something wasn't the same, though, and Alexis couldn't place it. "I do. I do trust you..." she whispered weakly.

"That's good. You need to believe me. I wasn't at Motel 6. It was really stupid and immature on my part to even drink to that extent. I was stressed over our argument, and one drink turned into two, two turned into three..." explained Danny, leaning down to kiss her behind her neck. That was how it happened. It was just everything that transpired after that was a blank space.

Alexis let out a tiny laugh and said, "Its hard to stay mad when you kiss me there."

Danny grinned. "I know." His warm breath tickled her neck; she shivered.

Alexis smiled, allowing herself to fall into him. He seemed sincere. But she knew what a good liar Danny was. That gift was what helped him become a millionaire, after all. None of what he said was sitting right in her gut. For now, she opted to let it go. He was here with her now. Where he belonged.

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Til Death (Erotic Psycological Thriller)
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