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 6 Years Passed

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PostSubject: 6 Years Passed   Sat 17 Oct 2009, 8:43 am

Since Traci spread the word (grr you haha) I said I'd post this. I recently re-read it the other day and I'm completely embarassed by the first few chapters because, they were the first things I've ever written. The first chapter is all jumpy and cliche, honestly, I think the whole thing goes too fast. It'll get better (I hope) as the chapters go along, I just hope you enjoy it Very Happy

Title: 6 Years Passed
Pairing: Adison
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Adam is just a another aspiring doctor on House's diognostic team, until one day, he meets a little girl with a strange quirk about her.

6 years passed

Chapter 1

“Adam Lambert”

House stared at Adam’s face with a vengeance.

“So you think you’re cut out for this job?”

“Yes sir.”

House narrowed his eyes, “politeness will get you nowhere Lambert,” said House as he tapped his fingers impatiently on the desk.

“Do you want me to be rude?”

“Try me.”

“I’ve heard interesting things about you House,” Adam remarked as he leaned on the chair, “I’ve heard that cane of yours does all the thinking for you.”

House snorted.

“You’re a pretty big talker for a gay man.”

Adam's eyes widened, “How did you-“

“You don’t do a very good job on covering your hickeys Mr. Lambert.”

House smirked as he watched Adam's hand slap over the space on his neck revealing part of a bigger red mark. House stared him down for a few moments before continuing, “Too big to be from a woman, but you never see husbands walking around with revealing hickey’s on their necks. But you realized this and decided to wear a high collared shirt to cover up most of the evidence. Normally you would just cover it up with makeup but I suppose you ran out this morning. Such a shame. Now do you think my cane caught on to this and told me fast enough so that I could make a smartass retort to you in time?”

Adam just stared at House dumbstruck, mouth open.

House decided to continue, “If you want different boyfriends every Friday when you go to that gay bar I’d suggest you’d take away all the signs that you’re unavailable.”

“I’m not a slut!” Adam snarled back.

“Gay men are so fun, aren’t they Wilson?” House said smirking slightly.

“House, stop traumatizing him.” Wilson said spinning slightly in his chair. “Just ask him the questions were instructed to ask.”

House remained silent, rubbing his chin occasionally.

Wilson sighed and turned his chair to face Adam. “Where did you go to collage Lambert?”

“Well, first I went to the Collage for Creative Studies in Detroit for a year to become a graphic designer, but it wasn’t really working out, so I transferred to the University of Michigan to become a doctor, I was there for 2 years.”

House tapped his cane on the floor, “ooh gay and artsy, imagine that.”

Wilson ignored house, “Hmm the university gave you a pretty high recommendation for only being there for 2 years...”

After that House didn’t know what the hell they were talking about, he was too bored to actually listen. He stared at the wall for a while, intent on burning a hole into it. When it seemed that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon House stood up from his chair.

“Well, I’m leaving now.”

House started to head for the door of his office, quickly stepping around his desk slapping Adam’s legs in the process.

Adam looked over at House and raised an eyebrow.

“And what was that for?”

“No, you’re supposed to say that you’re sorry. This is the part where you’re supposed to feel bad for me; an old man accidentally hit you with his cane and just wants to be forgiven!” House remarked, being sarcastic.

“You obviously did that on purpose so I have no right to feel sorry you.”

“Oh cry me a river,” House said walking out the door.

“So that’s it then,” House glanced behind him to see Adam following him, “You’re just walking out on me because I’m gay?”

“No, I’m walking out because its 5:00 and I want to go home to take a bubble bath. I’m sure you’re familiar with the scenario.”

Adam shook his head before replying, “So I’m not hired.”

House turned around and looked at him. “I never said you weren’t. You start tomorrow. 9:30 don’t be late.”

Then House turned around and walked into the elevator, “You’re going to be fun Lambert, I can tell.”

House smirked at Adam as the elevator doors closed.


“Well, Dr. Lambert, since House’s team doesn’t have a case at the moment we normally put him and his teammates on clinic duty. So here is your file for today.”

Adam took the file from Cuddy gratefully.

“Exam room 2, and welcome to the team,” Cuddy seemed to have a wave relief wash over her as she said, “We needed more people so I’m glad House hired you, he doesn’t hire many people.”

Adam laughed. “Yeah I noticed. House isn’t exactly a walk in the park. How do you handle him everyday?”

“Well after awhile you just get used to him I guess,” Cuddy seemed to be a little distracted, “I was the one who hired him after all.”

“Wait, you-“

“Dr. Cuddy!” House’s voice seemed to echo around the clinic, “Stop sweet-talking the gay boy!”

Cuddy rolled her eyes. “Speak of the devil,” she muttered.

She spun around on her 3-inch heels, the floor squeaking slightly, as she turned to face the limping doctor.

“What do you want House?”

“I see you assigned him to a patient, what gender is the lucky winner?”

Cuddy’s face darkened as if she knew where this was going. “Male.”

“Oh no, that will never do,” House replied with an unimpressed face, “I would have to send Foreman to baby-sit. Just to make sure they don’t play with their tinker toys.”

Cuddy looked at him disgusted. “Go back to your patient House.” She seemed to hiss every word.
“Change his patient.”

“House if you-“

“It’s okay.” Adam licked his lips before continuing, “I get it a lot. Just give me the other patient.”

Cuddy looked from House to Adam for a few moments before sighing and handing him the other file in defeat. “Exam room 1,” she said angrily.

Adam nodded before walking off, “Thank you.”

As soon as Adam’s lab coat disappeared behind the Exam room door, Cuddy turned on House instantly.

“What the hell was that?!” House could practically see the fire in her eyes. “Are you so biased that you would never be able to trust him with any male patient?!”

“I’ll trust him when I see it done.”

“Then why didn’t you watch him when he was originally assigned to the male patient?!”

“Do you think I have the time to follow some gay doctor around all day? I have much better things to do.”

House started back to his room as quick as possible but he grimaced as he heard the familiar sound of the heels clacking behind him.

“Better things to do?” Cuddy spat each word out like venom. “Oh right, sitting in an exam room playing General Hospital is a much better use of your time!”

“Just give me the security tapes if he checks any males.” House glanced at his watch before returning his eyes to Cuddy. “Ah yes, my soap is back on so if you don’t mind I’m going to fulfill that good use of my valuable time.”

House turned and limped back to his exam room.

“Oh yeah, Cuddy, while I’m gone I’d appreciate you taking that pole out of your ass!”

Adam’s eyelids drooped as he shut the exam room door behind him. He could hear Cuddy and House having a full out war in the lobby. Probably about him he had guessed.

Adam never cared about what people thought and he certainly wasn’t going to start now.

“Hey, who are you?”

Adam turned around to see a small brown-haired girl sitting on the examining table. Her eyes were curious and she seemed to bounce around ecstatically.

“I’m your doctor today sweetie,” he replied smiling.

“I’ve never seen you here before.”

“I just started yesterday,” Adam said looking at her.

“I knew it!” The girl seemed excited, “I knew you were new! No doctors here have red hair!” She seemed smug about her accomplishment. “I’ve always wanted red hair; I want to dye my whole head red!” She touched her head lovingly before moving along. “My mommy takes me here every week to make sure I’m healthy! And see this?” She dove her hand into her pocket and held out an inhaler proudly. “This makes me feel all better, one time I was playing outside and it was really really hot so I got-“

“Whoa!” Adam laughed and laid a hand on the girls shoulder. “I just met you! How about giving me your name before telling anymore of your stories.”

The girl’s hand shot up and she pointed to herself with glee.

“I’m Allison!”

Allison seemed excited to tell him the next part, “And I’m 10 and three quarters! My grandma told me that it makes you sound older when you add the three quarters.”

Allison giggled and crossed her legs like a business woman.

Adam chuckled at her, “I’m Dr. Lambert, but you can call me Adam.”

Allison’s eyes widened as she squeaked, “Only me?”


“Well, only you can call me Allie then,” she said beaming.

Adam smirked as he played along, “Only me?”


Allison giggled at their little inside joke before asking, “Adam, how old are you?”

“I’m 20”

The look on Allison’s face was a mix between pure shock and a total spaz.

“Oh my gosh! You’re old enough to sit in the grown-up seat in a car!”

Adam assumed she was talking about the passenger seat and smiled at her lightly.

“Yes I am, and get this; I’m old enough to drive too.”
Allison looked as though she died and went to heaven. “I can’t wait to sit there! But my mom says I can’t because I talk too much but I just can’t stop! That’s why I was sent here in the first place, my mommy thought something was wrong with me.” Allison laughed to herself as she studied Adam’s face with mind-blowing awe.

Adam sat down and looked at her, “she’s quite naïve for a 10-year old,” he thought grinning.

Suddenly the exam room door opened and a blonde-haired woman walked in.

Judging by Allison’s load shriek of, “Mommy!” He guessed it was her mother.

“Hi,” The woman seemed surprised to see Adam, “I’m Sara Iraheta, Allison’s mom. It’s nice to meet you Dr..?”

“Lambert,” Adam replied shaking her hand.

“I hope Allison wasn’t too much trouble, Cuddy and I were catching up.”

No, she was fine Mrs. Iraheta.”

“Yeah mom,” Allison retorted, “Me and Adam are best friends now!”

“Well Adam-“

Allison cut her mother off with a snap of her fingers, “No mom, only I can call him Adam.”

The child turned and winked at Adam with a “We know something she doesn’t know” face.

Adam grinned for about the seventh time, this girl was simply adorable.


The little brunette seemed to talk nonstop about anything and everything, this was both enjoyable and refreshing to Adam. It helped him get his mind off of the earlier conversation with House and Cuddy.

“Alright Allie, you’re all done.”

Adam watched as Allison did a happy dance and leapt off the table.

Sara grinned at her daughter before beckoning her out the door. She turned her head and looked at Adam.

“I have to set another appointment, do you mind entertaining her while I’m waiting in line? My daughter seems to have developed quite a liking for you.”

Adam felt as happy as he’d ever been; his first day wasn’t all that bad.

“No, not at all.”

Allison squeaked out of happiness and dragged Adam excitedly out of the exam room, her mother following them out.

Allison engaged Adam in conversation once again when they walked into the lobby. Adam listened, entertained, occasionally he laughed and looked fondly at the youth.

A few moments later, Sara touched both of their shoulders lightly.

“Thank you Dr. Lambert,” Sara said politely, “It’s been a pleasure meeting you.”

“It’s wonderful to have met you too Mrs. Iraheta.”

Allison’s eye twitched as she heard this exchange of words, she knew what was going to happen next.

Sara looked down at her child and said softly, “It’s time to go kiddo.”

Allison frowned at her mother and looked as though she was about to protest but thankfully she decided not to make a scene. She stood up and glomped onto Adam.

She looked up at him and beamed.

“Thanks for taking care of me today, Adam.”

Adam hugged her back tightly, “No problem sweetie.”

Allison’s expression suddenly changed from overjoyed to slightly depressed.

“I want to see you again.”

“Sure, I guess if we see each other around.”

She looked at him determined, “I will see you again.”

Adam’s lips curved up into yet another smile, “Then I guess I’ll be seeing you around Allie.”

She let go grinning like an idiot and clasping her hands in an excited manner. She grabbed her mother’s hand and they headed for the exit. He watched her skip out the door gleefully and sighed to himself. He’d wished life could be as carefree as that.

“So how is the little gay jay doing on his first day?”

Adam turned around and scowled at House, “Fine thanks.”

“You know, some people who see 20-year old men flirting with 10-year old girls often classify them as pedophiles. Others classify them as just plain creepy.”

Adam gave House the dirtiest look any gay man could manage before replying, “What gives you the idea that I was flirting with my patient?”

“Hot mom? No wait; it would be hot dad now wouldn’t it?”

Adam stared at House with such calmness it was haunting.

“I don’t know if anyone’s told you, but you’re a real ass.”

House watched silently as Adam strutted away.

“Yeah, I get that a lot.”

Tell me when to post the next chapter!
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A Whisper In The Night

A Whisper In The Night

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PostSubject: Re: 6 Years Passed   Sat 17 Oct 2009, 12:03 pm

As a fan of House, I must say that this was a delightful read. You have House's mannerisms and personality down to a T. I found myself laughing out loud several times. The interaction between him and Dr. Lambert were priceless. For this being your first story, you are to be commended on a well written chapter, with hopefully, many more to follow. Very Happy cheers
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Night's Sweet Caress

Night's Sweet Caress

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PostSubject: Re: 6 Years Passed   Sat 17 Oct 2009, 8:43 pm

OMG!! What can be said about your first chapter Hayley. I laughed so hard at times while reading this...that I nearly peed myself several times. Like Whisper commented on...you certainly have Dr. House down very well. While reading this, I could envision him saying everything that you wrote, facial expressions included. You also have Dr. Cuddy down as well. This is amazing! Count me in as a devoted fan of this story. I love you Very Happy cheers
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Voice In The Darkness
Voice In The Darkness

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PostSubject: Re: 6 Years Passed   Sat 17 Oct 2009, 10:57 pm

Haley, Haley, Haley, I loved this! Fabulously written. I’ve always liked the sense of humor underlying this story and this is a thoroughly enjoyable chapter. The development of characters, especially House’s made the chapter so believable. What an endearing character he is, please write more about his antics with Dr. Lambert. Thank you so much for bringing this over Haley, I knew everyone would enjoy it. As for being embarrassed by the first few chapters ....you shouldn't be. Jumpy, cliche, too fast ... guess thats the way we like it. Very Happy As for posting the next chapter ... NOW! *poke* Very Happy cheers And bring over those one shots :bounce:
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PostSubject: Re: 6 Years Passed   Sat 17 Oct 2009, 11:25 pm

Great chapter Haley! House is quite the guy! I think Adam has got his hands full with this one!

Can't wait for your next chapter....i'm anxious to hear what else could possibly come out of House's mouth!

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Avenging Angel

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PostSubject: Re: 6 Years Passed   Sun 18 Oct 2009, 10:58 am

Hayley, this was totally awesome! We love House, and we just have to say we were pleasantly surprised at how you depicted him in this chapter. It was so......House, :lol: If your other chapters are as good and hilarious as this one, we know that they will be plenty of belly laughs coming from our dorm room. We loved it!! I love you Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: 6 Years Passed   Sun 18 Oct 2009, 4:03 pm

Thank you for posting this, Hayley. I want you to know that I now have soda all over my computer from laughing so hard. So thank you for that, haha. It was great, and Adam and Allison are so cute together. Dr. House and Dr. Cuddy are just like they are on the show. I wonder how Drs. Forman, Cameron, Spence, and Wilson will be portrayed. Is 17 in this story to? This rocks!

Amanda Very Happy
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PostSubject: Thank you! <3   Sun 18 Oct 2009, 4:47 pm

Bob: Thank you very much! I'm overjoyed by the fact that you liked it and thought the characters were well played, I remember really focusing on that. Many more yes! I don't think writing is ever a bore Very Happy I've never read any of your work, I'd very much like to!

Robyn: Oh thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Really it just happens when you rent out all the seasons from the library and waste your life watching them all. Very Happy It's very flattering to hear such a wonderful comment from you. I really enjoy reading your work!

Traci: I love you Thank you so much again! I had no idea everyone would enjoy it so much, you're a mind reader I'll give you that! Haha, I see you brought over the poking! *poke* How about you and Robyn post LND so I can read it at a slower pace! *POKE* Very Happy We will see about the one shots!

Missime66: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it! Very Happy What is your name by the way? I'm always curious :3

Avenging Angel: Thank you! I think House's personality makes the show, so I knew I needed to make him perfect! Haha, I still have to remeber that you aren't one person! I got confused at the "we" What are your names again? As I said, I think it's polite I love you

Cupid's Crooked Arrow: Ah, I'm sorry about that! Call me over and I'll clean it up Very Happy Haha, thank you very much! I'm super happy you enjoyed it! All of those people and more will be there! It's just not house without them! Oh and what is your name? As stated in the last two replies haha.
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PostSubject: Re: 6 Years Passed   Sun 18 Oct 2009, 4:49 pm

6 years passed

Next chapter! I hope you all enjoy it!

Chapter 2

“Oh ewie! That guy just ripped his girlfriend’s head off!!”

“Ugh! If that was my boyfriend I sooo would have dumped him already!”

“But dating a mutant would be totally cute! Could you imagine giving wolverine a blow?”

A chorus of giggles and a couple “Oh no you didn’ts” echoed across the house.

Allison rubbed her temples in frustration, and turned over in her sleeping bag. Why was she invited to this party? These girls were disgusting.

She clutched her stomach whimpering slightly.

‘I’m as sick as hell. Why did I even come?’

Allison mouthed her mother’s exact words angrily, “Please go to the party Allison, you should meet new people. I’ll bet you’ll be telling secrets and painting each others toenails in no time.”

Uh yeah mom, because I’m such a Barbie.

Allison crossed her arms staring murderously and her stuffed panda. Her mom could make a damn good puppy dog face, and besides, she probably bribed the girl’s mother into inviting her.

Allison sighed and looked up at the conveniently placed clock on the wall. 1:00 AM. Her 7th hour of this hellhole. She buried her aching head underneath her pillow and balled her hands into fists.

Ever since she moved six years ago she hadn’t had time to make friends. Even less time for stupid prep parties. Her father’s job seemed to move every month and she was always in a new place. She was the new girl with the weird brick red hair. She absolutely hated it. And she was most definitely not going back to her natural color, no matter what anyone thought.

Every night Allison had silently prayed to just set foot back in her hometown. God was going to pull through for her someday, just not today.

Allison wriggled out of her sleeping bag grimacing as a wave of nausea hit her.

‘Oh god’.

She stumbled quickly past the giggling girls into the bathroom; her hands gripping the sides of the white porcelain bowl as crimson spew forced its way out of her stomach. I told you so, raced through her mind as she gagged again and threw her head down into the bowl. She started to shake uncontrollably as the violent spasms racked through her body.

Her mouth was watering and it had a sharp metallic taste. Allison’s head spun, ‘Why am I throwing up pennies?’

The room started to blur around her as she looked down into the bowl. Blood. She was throwing up blood.

‘Oh damn it.’

Her breath caught in her throat as she sunk further down into the scratchy carpet. She felt her head crack against the counter before landing in a broken heap on the floor. Blood trickled out of her slightly open mouth as the door opened revealing a high-pitched scream.

Allison’s head pounded as she felt herself losing consciousness. The world seemed to freeze as her vision went black.


House limped into the clinic unexcitedly, black circles rimming his eyes as he hobbled over to the elevator, praying no one would notice him.

He pushed the up arrow button and tapped his cane repeatedly on the floor impatiently. House propelled himself into the elevator eagerly as he heard the familiar “ding”, pressing his floor button. He sighed in relief and looked over to see Wilson staring back at him unimpressed.

“Oh don’t tell me, Cuddy sent you to baby-sit.”

“No, she sent me to hunt you down,” Wilson said sighing slightly, “It’s not like I have anything better to do.”

“Aww you care.” House muttered sarcastically, eyeing the file in Wilson’s hands scowling.

Wilson followed his eyes and raised an eyebrow at him, “Do you always expect no work while you’re here? Cuddy-“

“Cuddy expects too much,” House growled as the doors opened, “Why do you think she always struts around here in those low-cut tops?”

House snatched the file out of Wilson’s hand, stubbornly hopping to his office.

“Children!” House exclaimed throwing the file at Thirteen, “You have homework!”

Thirteen caught and opened the file anxiously while Foreman and Adam shot annoyed glances towards each other.

“Sixteen year old female, has trouble breathing, throwing up blood….,” Thirteen’s eyes scanned the file with interest as Foreman reached over to grab a paper from the thick stack.

Foreman’s eyes narrowed, “It says here she used to come here all the time when she was younger…her last appointment was six years ago.”

“Did they move?”

Foreman nodded at Thirteen slowly, “They must have.”

Adam leaned forward, suddenly interested. “They must’ve moved far, the nearest clinic is two hours away. Maybe-“

House snorted obnoxiously. “It sounds like a severe case of strep, just give her meds and a bowl of chicken soup. She’ll be healthy enough so we can kick her out.”

“I don’t know House, something about this girl seems strange to me.” Thirteen muttered gazing at the file with a sympathetic look. “Besides, we can’t just kick a girl out if three other hospitals couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her.”

“Well they must’ve looked past the obvious, she’s fine, give her meds!”

“You can’t just assume she’s fine!” Foreman growled quickly taking Thirteen’s side, “You’ve never seen her before and probably never will!”

Adam watched the three of them bicker back and forth for a few moments, his polished fingernails tapping on the table as he pushed a few strands of black hair out of his eyes.

He had learned not to interfere in their squabbles quite a while back. He’d always focus his attention on something else; it always made the fighting cease quicker. After six long years of working at this circus, he was surprised it hadn’t driven him crazy yet.

Adam rested his head on his palms and stared absentmindedly at the phone on the other side of the room, studying the black coils in contrast to the white walls. He was so deep in concentration; the sudden noise of his pager freaked him out.

Adam jumped and clumsily gripped the table, pulling the beeping device from his back pocket.

House narrowed his eyes at his own pager and said nothing as he hobbled out of his office, Thirteen and Foreman close behind.

Adam shook himself out of his daze and ran out behind them towards the screaming room.

“Please, someone, get a doctor!!”

“What’s wrong with her?!”

Adam rounded the corner into one of the various look-alike hospital rooms, his eyes falling immediately on the red-headed spazzing girl in the bed.

“She’s seizing,” House said vaguely, his eyes shooting up to Adam, “Took you long enough Lambert,” he growled.

Adam ignored House and rushed to the girl’s bedside helping Thirteen turn her onto her side while Foreman pumped various antibiotics in her bloodstream.

Adam sighed with relief as he saw her heart rate return to normal, watching as the involuntary jolts raging through her body died down.

House limped over to the edge of her bed and smirked slightly.

“This just got interesting.”


Adam spent the next 20 minutes in the girl’s room having one of the nurses’ babble to him about the girl’s health and whatnot. The nurse really only wanted Adam to stay in there so she could stare at him wildly, perhaps thinking she was turning him on. Adam inwardly cringed. He always saw the particular gleam in women’s (and men’s) eyes whenever they happened to lay them on his lanky form. It made him slightly uncomfortable, but all the same he was still flattered, but this nurse was getting ridiculous.

Adam was just about to say something when he felt a sudden weight crash into his back. He whipped around to see an older dazed woman, obvious worry and regret was painted on her face as she looked past him seeing the young girl, sleeping in a pained position.

When she tore her eyes away from the sight she looked at Adam, her eyes tearing up. Adam had to strain to hear her pitifully small voice.

“What’s w-wrong with my daughter?”

Adam bit his lip softly as he stared at the woman with sympathetic eyes. Over the years he’d heard this question about a thousand times and hated answering it. But he always forced the answer out somehow.

“We don’t know. But were working as hard as we can to find out what,” he looked at the daughter and then back to the mother studying the resemblance. There wasn’t much, but he had to admit the two women looked familiar to him.

The mother wiped at her eyes and laughed bitterly. “That’s what they all say,” she spat angrily, “Just tell me, just tell me...” The mother looked up at him with cold eyes, “Just tell me if she’ll live or die. Not now, just at that time. P-Please just promise me...”

The woman started crying again and hugged herself pitifully. Adam wrapped his arms around her trying to stop her sobs. He slowly turned his head around and shot the nurse a look as if saying, ‘get out’. The nurse huffed like a five year old and strutted out of the room, her nose up in the air.

Adam breathed a silent thank you to the gods once she was gone and redirected his attention to the sobbing mother. He let go of her and was about to murmur something comforting when a large voice boomed from the hallway.

“Adam Lambert! My office!”

Adam rolled his eyes at the sound of House’s voice and looked back at the woman, her face was shocked.

“Dr. Lambert?”

“Yeah,” he said confused, “That’s me.”

The woman made a sort of excited gasp and held her hand out excitedly, “Sandy Iraheta (A/N: I still don’t know her name damn it! xD) remember? It’s been a long time, I didn’t know if you still worked here!”

Adam’s eyes widened, “Mrs. Iraheta?”

All traces of tears went away as she nodded and started to talk in a rushed voice. Adam wasn’t listening. He craned his neck around to look at the girl, crumpled and broken on the bed. His breath caught as he saw her bright red hair with new eyes.

“I’ve always wanted red hair; I want to dye my whole head red!”

“Me and Adam are best friends now!”

“Thanks for taking care of me today, Adam.”

“I will see you again.”


Adam turned his head back to Sandy, who looked as though she thought she had Adam’s attention for those moments, and he gripped her shoulders and gazed down at her determined.

“She’ll live. I promise.”
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Night's Sweet Caress

Night's Sweet Caress

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PostSubject: Re: 6 Years Passed   Sun 18 Oct 2009, 7:22 pm

You are very welcome Hayley.

This chapter was just as good as the first. I felt so bad for Allison. She really is sick. House was his usually obnoxious self. I'm happy that Adam recognized her, though it took some time. When's the next update coming? I love you Very Happy
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Wiccan Muse

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PostSubject: Re: 6 Years Passed   Mon 19 Oct 2009, 6:24 pm

Awesomely funny stuff you've written here Hayley. Like others have commented on, you've have House down very well. He's at his crabby obnoxious best here. Adam's character is well portrayed. My heart goes out to Allison, she really seems to be suffering so much. You have a faithful reader here. cheers Very Happy

BTW, my name is Amy.
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Wolf's Lonely Cry

Wolf's Lonely Cry

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PostSubject: Re: 6 Years Passed   Tue 20 Oct 2009, 7:22 pm

lol! wow lol! wow The most hilarious thing I have read in quite some time. Hayley, you have a knack for storytelling. As I read this, I could just imagine this being on an actual episode of House. It was brilliantly written, and am eagerly looking forward to your next update. cheers Very Happy I love you
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PostSubject: Re: 6 Years Passed   Sun 25 Oct 2009, 3:14 am

Haley!!!!! Do you remember me? Allie/crunchypasta from IFF? (its totally okay if you don't haha). But anyways - I remember this story! It's really fantastic, I love it. You're doing a really great job capturing the pacing and flow of a House episode - especially with this second chapter Smile I'm glad you're bringing it over here
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Avenging Angel

Avenging Angel

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PostSubject: Re: 6 Years Passed   Tue 27 Oct 2009, 8:45 am

This is so cool! Like WOW. You're doing a great job with this Hayley. Can we have another chapter please? I love you

BTW, We're Alexandra and Melanie
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Voice In The Darkness
Voice In The Darkness

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PostSubject: Re: 6 Years Passed   Tue 10 Nov 2009, 8:17 pm

Another very enjoyable chapter, Haley. Great job. cheers Update soon and tell us more about Allison's illness and the role Dr. Lambert will play in her recovery. As for Dr. House .... well carry on, let him be his obnoxious self, because he sure does add a lot of humor to an otherwise dreary situation.
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6 Years Passed
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